Unreal. New York Times Is Now Promoting Shariah Law

Wow. Now this is crazy.
Just when you thought the anti-American New York Times could not get any nuttier they start promoting Sharia Law.
The New York Times reported:

MORE than a dozen American states are considering outlawing aspects of Shariah law. Some of these efforts would curtail Muslims from settling disputes over dietary laws and marriage through religious arbitration, while others would go even further in stigmatizing Islamic life: a bill recently passed by the Tennessee General Assembly equates Shariah with a set of rules that promote “the destruction of the national existence of the United States.”

Supporters of these bills contend that such measures are needed to protect the country against homegrown terrorism and safeguard its Judeo-Christian values. The Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has said that “Shariah is a mortal threat to the survival of freedom in the United States and in the world as we know it.”

This is exactly wrong. The crusade against Shariah undermines American democracy, ignores our country’s successful history of religious tolerance and assimilation, and creates a dangerous divide between America and its fastest-growing religious minority.

The suggestion that Shariah threatens American security is disturbingly reminiscent of the accusation, in 19th-century Europe, that Jewish religious law was seditious. In 1807, Napoleon convened an assembly of rabbinic authorities to address the question of whether Jewish law prevented Jews from being loyal citizens of the republic. (They said that it did not.)

In case you were wondering what exactly they are promoting here.

Under Sharia law, the clothes you wear, music you listen to, and television you watch would all be censored. Behavior in public is legally restricted and controlled. And Sharia is the ideal social system for those that preach Radical Islam. Sharia is an Arabic term referring to a legal framework to regulate public and private aspects of life based upon specific Islamic teachings. Sharia is an intolerant system that threatens the western ideals of “liberty and justice for all”. Sharia views non-Muslims as second class citizens, sanctions inequality between men and women, prescribes cruel and unusual punishments for crimes, and promotes a restrictive business environment that strangles the freedoms of capitalism.

Then again these nuts at the NY Times did support Barack Obama so really anything is possible with these kooks.

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  • MrGoodWench

    So NYT wants sharia law even when CAIR says that muslims DO NOT WANT SHARIA IN USA ?
    Do I have that right ?

  • Patty

    Here’s more from the N.Y. Times…..I believe the Slimes wants to rile things up on the right.

    I realize the Slimes needs some subscribers and for sure the Muslims and some Big Islamic contributor is keeping the Slimes afloat.

    They will get a rise or two on this one and I can only hope whoever weighs in will use common sense and not fall victims to the Slimes barbarism. They are in trouble of going Bankrupt but if and when they do they will love to take out a few republicans who are attacking Mr. Obama.

  • MrGoodWench

    I’d like to see Krugman and Friedman justify Jaazia .

  • Since Sharia law violates the Constitution, in fact wishes to supplant the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and replace them with centralized control, wouldn’t advocating such constitute treason? Since Islam sanctions the violent overthrow of opposing governments/countries/societies, it sure looks like a duck to me.

  • Tool up.

  • bg


    can’t say we weren’t warned..


  • Patty


    the above is one enormous lie about Congressman Issa. The Slimes will stooped to anything and this is just the beginning of the Elections. Trust me they will go to any extremes to stir it up and make Obama look good.

  • Taqiyyotomist


    An anti-abortion song — that you’ve heard a thousand times, if you listen to classic rock:

    Lyrics: http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/Mama-lyrics-Genesis/C9328EA3F950477E48256960001F13F1

    Listen: http://grooveshark.com/s/Mama+long+Version+/3EJVjI?src=5

    Listen and read at the same time, and you’ll see. Phil Collins, you rock. I heard this song at work today on XM (for the thousandth time…), never could understand what he was singing. Looked it up and, if you listen while reading, you’ll understand why he sings this one so emotionally.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    …and I don’t care what Wikipedia says about the song.

    I pray that God will use it for his ends, despite what Genesis and Phil thought that it was really about.

    Read it and know that this song is saying: “Mama, don’t kill me. Don’t go away.”

    Mysterious Ways, indeed.

  • bg


    Opaobie #4 September 3, 2011 at 7:34 pm

    Breaking Free from the Constitution


  • Taqiyyotomist

    Read the whole thing, while listening on Grooveshark.

    You’ll be stunned, if you have ears to hear.

  • MrGoodWench

    Anyone here who has a twitter account, can you please ask Ann Coulter what she thinks about sharia ?
    Since Chris Christie said that sharia law business is crap , just a few days ago when he appointed a sharia judge ?

  • Moonbat_One

    I’ve noticed the contradiction of the liberal media in regards to Christianity & Islam. Fresh Air on NPR about a month or two had an interview with a journalist about the conservative activist who was campaigning against Sharia law in the US. The tone of the interview was that Sharia is no concern or threat, and that lobbying against it was irrational and hyperbolic.

    Then a few weeks ago, Terry Gross had a reporter from The New Yorker who wrote a piece about the dire scary threat of Christians bringing their religious views into government, media, and business, something called Dominionism. The tone of this interview was one of a subversive, dangerous threat to secular society.

    It’s just galling.

  • Tjexcite

    successful history of religious tolerance and assimilation

    Just like what the Borg will do. “We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Resistance is futile.” and “You will be assimilated”

    Not that they will assimilate to the west which has happened in all the history of the west for the last 200+ years. They have to want to try to assimilate to be tolerated and not stand out as much as they can.







    Posted by Reliapundit at 5:36 PM

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  • Molon Labe

    No surprise here, after all its a tennet of the belief system of the Left that they will be allowed to rule come the revolution. They never think that they will be the first to be executed.

  • When Islam produces documents like the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, ….naw, never happen.

  • bg
  • jimg

    What these stupid idiots don’t get is they would be the first ones to be crushed under the boot of Sharia Law.

  • L.E. Liesner

    Isn’t the Times one of those rags that are always screaming about separation of church and state? Like I’ve said before, liberalism is a mental disease and these nut cases continue to prove it.

  • Nelle

    So does this mean the Times would advocate letting the Catholic church discipline any pedophile priests, without involving gov’t authorities?
    No? Didn’t think so.

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  • Valerie

    I thought I read something about a big investment in the NYT by a muslim sometime recently, and I can find nothing about it via google.

  • Vixen

    The author of this NYT commentary…. is a rabbi. Wondering how he thinks he’d fare under Sharia?? Good grief. Liberalism IS a mental illness. No other explanation.

  • bg


    Islam & the NWO

    [Today, the responsibility, which used to be laid at
    the door of God, is fastened on the shoulders of man.

    you know the routine, click on & follow links & connecting
    links and scroll threads for much more info, or not..*sigh*

    bit more here, also a lot more to it, but enough for now..


  • BuddyG

    Yeah, sharia law is sooooo compatible with cherished leftist ideals like gay marriage. This episode says more about the NY Times than anything else. Sigh, if it weren’t for double-standards, leftists would have no standards.

  • bg
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  • bg


    re: #28 September 3, 2011 at 8:36 pm bg

    Homegrown Jihad

    [Scattered across the United States, unknown to all but a handful of citizens, are 35 Islamic terrorist training compounds known as “Muslims of America.” Under the leadership of a radical Pakistani cleric, Sheikh Mubarak Gilani, Muslims of America has thousands of devoted followers who are being groomed for HOMEGROWN JIHAD.]

    [Mitch McConnell.. “The administration has purposefully imported
    a terrorist into the U.S. and is providing him all the rights of U.S.
    citizens in court,” McConnell said. “This ideological rigidity being
    displayed by the administration is harming the national security
    of the United States of America.”

    scroll for more..


  • Red 5

    I wonder if the NY crimes will promote Sharia law on gay lifestyles or honor killing?

  • Andreas K.

    Sharia Law for Non-Muslims Chapter 1

    Political Islam 16 June 2010
    By Bill Warner

    This is a chapter from an upcoming book: Sharia Law for Non-Muslims. The book was designed to be short, only 48 pages. Many people do not want to know anything about Islam, but experience shows that they may have an interest in Islamic law. Since it doesn’t make any difference which part of a rope you pick up first, Sharia law is a great way to start learning about the true nature of Islam.


    Sharia in Europe Today

    When you study Islam in Europe today, you are seeing America in 20 years. Why? The actions by Muslims in Europe are based on Sharia law, the same Sharia law that is beginning to be implemented in America today.

    · Traffic cannot move in London streets as Muslims commandeer the streets to pray-a political result based on Sharia law.
    · Entire areas of Europe are no-go zones for non-Muslims, this includes the police. These are Islamic enclaves where only Muslims live. The Muslim-only policy is based on Sharia.
    · In England an Anglican bishop calls for the rule of Islamic law for Muslims. The bishop is obeying Sharia law.
    · In the schools only Islamic approved texts can be used. This is based on Sharia law.
    · Christians may not speak to Muslims about Christianity nor may they hand out literature. This is a political result based on Sharia law enforced by British courts.
    · Rape by Muslims is so prevalent that Sweden has forbidden the police to collect any data in the investigation that would point to Islam. Rape is part of Islamic doctrine as applied to non-Muslim women.
    · In London mass demonstrations by Muslims call for the end of British law and Sharia law to rule all people. This political action is based on Sharia.
    · In some English hospitals, during Ramadan fast (an Islamic religious event) non-Muslims cannot eat where a Muslim can see them. The submission of non-Muslims is based on Sharia law.
    · At British hospitals, Muslim women are treated only as Sharia law demands.
    · If a Dane says that he is proud to be Danish near a Muslim, it can be seen as hate speech and racism. This is in accordance to Sharia law.
    Sharia in America Today
    Here are current and historical events in America that are driven by Sharia law:
    · On September 11, 2001 jihadists attacked and destroyed the World Trade Center. This was in compliance to the laws of jihad found in the Sharia law. The attack was a political action based upon a religious motivation.
    · Textbooks in America must be approved by Islamic councils. This is in accordance with Sharia law.
    · American employers and schools are met with demands for time and space to do Islamic prayer. These demands are based on Sharia law.
    · The American banking system is becoming Islamicized with Sharia financing. Our banking system indulges in Sharia financial law and does not know the rest of Sharia law.
    · Universities are asked to close swimming pools and other athletic facilities to be used for Muslim women.
    · Hospitals are being sued for not having Sharia compliant treatment.
    · No course at the college level uses critical thinking in the history and doctrine of Islam. Under Sharia no aspect of Islam may be criticized.
    · Muslim charities give money to jihadists, as per Sharia law.
    · Muslim foot-baths are being installed in airport facilities, using tax money. This is in accordance with Sharia law.
    · American prisons are a stronghold of proselytizing for Islam.
    · Workplaces are being made Islamic worship sites through special rooms and time off to pray. This is in accordance to Sharia law.
    · Islamic refugees bring all of their wives for welfare and medical treatment to America. Authorities will not act even when presented with evidence. Polygamy is pure Sharia.
    · We are fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to implement constitutions that have the supremacy of Sharia law as their first article.

    Why Do We Need to Know Sharia?

    ISLAMIC SCHOLARS CLAIM: Islamic law is perfect, universal and eternal. The laws of the United States are temporary, limited and will pass. It is the duty of every Muslim to obey the laws of Allah, the Sharia.

    SHARIA: Sharia is based on the principles found in the Koran and other Islamic religious/political texts. There are no common principles between American law and Sharia.

    Under Sharia law:

    · There is no freedom of religion
    · There is no freedom of speech
    · There is no freedom of thought
    · There is no freedom of artistic expression
    · There is no freedom of the press
    · There is no equality of peoples-a non-Muslim, a Kafir, is never equal to a Muslim
    · There are no equal rights for women
    · Women can be beaten
    · A non-Muslim cannot bear arms
    · There is no equal protection under Sharia for different classes of people. Justice is dualistic, with one set of laws for Muslim males and different laws for women and non-Muslims.
    · Our Constitution is a man-made document of ignorance, jahiliyah, that must submit to Sharia
    · There is no democracy, since that means that a non-Muslim is equal to a Muslim
    · Non-Muslims are dhimmis, third-class citizens
    · There is no Golden Rule
    · There is no critical thought
    · All governments must be ruled by Sharia law

    Unlike common law, Sharia is not interpretive, nor can it be changed.

  • RR32

    The New York Times did not ‘report’ this. This story is an ‘Op-Ed’, and so, like many others, contains positions of individuals, not the newspaper.

  • kato

    Europe is collapsing, but the Times, like Obama, think it’s the model.

    Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

  • Matt

    The NYT is not advocating the adoption of Sharia Law by any jurisdiction in the United States. However, Muslims have the right to not only practice their religion, but to also contract and settle disputes in a manner they see fit. Laws outlawing the practice of Sharia are blatantly unconstitutional.

    However, action under Sharia law that conflicts with actual law, such as spousal abuse, should be prosecuted.

    Can any of you experts on Sharia law give me one legal jurisdiction that has adopted Sharia Law in the United States. I’m guessing not because it has not happened.

  • KOW

    Do you think that if Christians were promoting a law, that is for an ideal Christian Life, maybe a WWJD Law, do you think the NY Times would be saying how great it is?

  • KOW

    I guess the NY Times is now promoting death for Homosexuals.

  • No Man

    Next moron I see reading the NY Times is getting a punch in the face.

  • No Man

    Matt, You are a moron.

  • TimDC

    ‘This is exactly wrong. The crusade against Shariah undermines American democracy, ignores our country’s successful history of religious tolerance and assimilation, and creates a dangerous divide between America and its fastest-growing religious minority.’

    I read this exact line about a year ago in their defense of Catholicism and I believe in 2005 in defense of Judiasm…damn, no it was a dream I think.

    F**k the NY Times, F**k Islam, F**k Allah and F**k his Bitc* Mohammed.

  • MountainHome

    I think next year, during election campaigning, we’ll going to see some horrible things surface. NYTimes is just now getting us prepared for these events by spewing its secret agenda.

  • Johnny29

    Sharia Law?

    Muslim beliefs include wife beating, jihad, burkha face censoring, amputations, cutting off noses, beheading, immolation, pedophilia, and child suicide bombers, female genital mutilation, honor killing and gang rape.

  • theBuckWheat

    ‘We have staked the whole of all our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self-government, upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to The Ten Commandments of God.’

    — James Madison

    Sharia Law requires the Constitution be made subject to the koran. And that would be done through Islamic “scholars” who would become superior to any existing branch of government. That secular Americans advocate this shows their ideological agenda is the subversion of the US. This is clear because in other venues, these same people will fervently protest what they see as any erosion of the separation of church and state.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    I think #40 MountainHome is right.

  • Nadadhimmi

    Sharia will work out really well for the Slimes Owner, the Jew Pinchy Sulzberger. What an idiot, this man supports murderers that want nothing more than to kill his children. Insanity.

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  • big L

    D’ya think Manhattanites would stop buying the Times now? D’ya think Tiffany’s and Drapers and Barneys will stop advertizing in the Nyt-wit News now? D’ya think that maybe the muslims have been behind the thrust to gay marriage? D’ya think that the married gay couples will have registered their names and addresses in NY and have a date with a crane?

  • The Truth

    Under Sharia law, rape victims VICTIMS get stoned to death.

  • Valerie

    “#34 September 3, 2011 at 8:59 pm
    Matt commented:”

    The version of “sharia law” as exemplefied in places like Turkey results in murder. The people here have a right to be concerned, mainly because they do know what Islamist terrorists have in mind for all of us.

    Have YOU read THIS product of “Islam”? http://avalon.law.yale.edu/20th_century/hamas.asp The people that wrote the Hamas Covenant have some very ugly uses for their version of “sharia law.” I have been gratified to see that even the Organisation of Islamic Conferences (“OIC”) has recently acknowledged that Israel’s action toward Palestine is humane and reasonable. I look forward to the day that the OIC works up the nerve to condemn the Hamas Covenant for the murderous blasphemy and steaming slander against both Islam and Allah that it is. Until that happens, I have no intention of blaming anybody for taking the Islamist terrorists at their word.

  • Andreas K.

    Matt, go to the UK.

    The UK has over 80 sharia courts these days. Officially they exist to allow mohammedans deal with their issues under their own law. There exists now a separate judical system in the UK.

    Next time I go to the UK I will demand that Austrian law applies to me and not British law while I’m in the UK. Of course, what will happen if I’d do that? They’d laugh at me and throw me out of the country.

    And why is that?

    Because us Austrians haven’t pulled off 17,500+ deadly terror attacks in the name of our religion and “law” since 9-11.

    Banning sharia law is not unconstitutional. Sharia law itself is unconstitutional, but it is accepted because we all have to be oh so tolerant of islam (no other religion gets that kind of special treatment.)

    By the way Matt. Islam isn’t even a religion. It’s a socio-political highly fascist system masquerading as religion. The entire history of islam proves this, but pointing that out is, of course, “racist” and “islamophobe.”

    I’m all for banning islam. Hitler’s BS is banned in Austria and Germany. Why not islam as well? It’s on the same level.

  • Andreas K.

    Also Matt, do you know how rape cases are handled under sharia law?

    The woman, the victim, must prove that she was raped. For this she must produce 4 male witnesses who confirm that. If she’s a married woman and fails to do so, she will be stoned to death for adultry.

    Wonderful this sharia thing, isn’t it?

    Under sharia law homosexuality is outlawed and the penalty for it is death. There are two schools. One argues that homosexuals should be burned on a stake. The other states that they should be thrown from high places so that they fall to their deaths. Given that, Iran is actually quite nice to homosexuals, since they only hang them from construction cranes. That is in accordance with sharia law.

  • “The country is indeed beautiful, but the people are superlatively wretched. They are humbled by the double oppression of civil and religious tyranny;seem to have but little enterprise and are grossly ignorant.”
    They were the victims of the worst of all tyrrannies, the despotism of priestcraft and in solemn fear of the frowns of a bigot who has been dead and rotted a thousand years.”
    WIlliam Eaton American Consul to Tunis 1799-1803

    The Crescent Obscured Robert Allison The United States and the Muslim World 1776-1815

    THe Left has obscured – deleted – this critical history from every US history textbook in the country.

    Now we know why. Inconvenient.

  • Comparing sharia to Jewish law is either intellectually dishonest or just plain ignorant. There is nothing in Jewish law that advocates overthrowing the government, persecuting non-Jews, and imposing Jewish law on everybody else.


  • KR
  • Its not exactly accurate to say that the New York Times “reported” or endorsed this, its a guest opinion piece, not a news report or an editorial.

  • Matt

    Andrea K, I don’t care how rape cases are handled under Sharia :Law because rape is against the law in every state and should be prosecuted by the local district attorney. The practice of religion is no defense to committing major felonies. This precedent has been set in the cases where members of Christian sects have been prosecuted for denying basic medical care to there children.

    How many times can I say that Sharia Law has not been adopted in any jurisdiction in the United States. If any jurisdiction ever does adopt Sharia Law than I would call that unconstitutional also. But it is not going to happen.

    But what these laws have said is that you cannot follow Sharia Law in contractual matters, which is unconstitutional.

  • gus


  • gus

    Notice that all the LIBTARD CLOWNS….PARSE.

    Hey LIBTARDS, tell us what you think of SHARIA!!! You fvcking clowns don’t have the balls to DENOUNCE or DECRY it.

    LIBTARDS are pathetic.

  • gus

    Christine Taylor. You are clearly too stupid to be ashamed of yourself.

  • Redwine

    I just received this urgent email about a town hall meeting about unindicted co-conspirator, CAIR, pushing Islam on area schools in Pierce County, WA. (If any of you are in the area, please go.) The irresponsible and ignorant author of the NY Slimes editorial should take note:

    Dear Patriots, Concerned Citizens, Parents and Grandparents,

    The following message needs everyone’s attention! Our Nations future (our children) is at stake. Be alert! Take action!

    Pierce County, Act for America, Concerned Citizens & Parents & The Tacoma 9/12 Project are alarmed about what CAIR is trying to do.

    Pierce County Act for America & Concerned Citizens & Parents are holding a Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, Sept 13th at the South Hill Library 15420 Meridian East, Puyallup WA,

    Please come and learn.

    Dear Concerned Citizen/Parent,

    On August 22nd, The Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) sent a letter to all 295 school districts requesting Special accommodations for Muslim children during Ramadan and
    Other holidays in addition to requesting speaking time during show and tell, to teach all children about Islam and Muslim holidays.

    The letter alerted educators to the possibility that there might be students fasting and to notify parents if there were any problems, which is completely appropriate. It also went on to ask for special accommodations for them to not have tests or assignments during this time. We find this special accommodation out of the ordinary and unacceptable.

    The request to have CAIR speak at a show and tell is unequivocally unacceptable as CAIR continues to be an unindicted co-conspirator in one of the nation’s largest terrorism trials, the Holy Land Foundation trials in 2008. These trials resulted in guilty verdicts on 108 charges of funneling more than $12 million to the terrorist organization, Hamas. Later that year the FBI cut all ties with CAIR. Four Congressmen called for an investigation of CAIR for violating federal laws regarding their non-profit status and this year, another congressman called for an IRS investigation.

    CAIR has questionable ties to terrorism and should not be allowed anywhere near the children of this state. In addition to this blatant attempt to get into our public schools to teach Islam, our Washington State textbooks are filled with inaccurate accounts of history regarding Islam and actually teaches the 5 pillars of Islam along with the Shahada prayer (when the Shahada prayer is said it technically makes one a Muslim). How would Most people feel if our students were taught Christianity or Judaism and the “sinner’s prayer” in public schools?

    Furthermore, activities involved in these lessons have included, taking Muslim names, facing Mecca and performing the prayer positions, as well as art projects including the 5 Pillars and jihad. Field trips are taken to mosques where the children are being proselytized, segregated and led to Participate in prayers. Would this be acceptable if children were taken to a church, preached at and then led to the altar to pray? Not in a public school. But Islam is getting a pass.

    We need to know what our kids are being taught in the public, Tax-payer funded schools.

    To allow you to hear and see for yourself what is being taught and hear from students and parents, we are inviting you to an important meeting.

    Town Hall Meeting
    Tuesday, September 13th, 2011,
    7 P.M.
    South Hill Library
    15420 Meridian East, Puyallup WA,

    We are inviting Superintendent of Public Education, Randy Dorn, Elected officials, members of the PTAs and school boards, teachers, principals and other concerned citizens.

    Gubernatorial candidate, Shahram Hadian, former Muslim and current Christian Pastor, will be speaking as well as members of ACT for America.

    We hope you can attend. For more information, please contact [email protected].

    Thank you for your time and concern.

    Pierce County ACT! For America and Concerned Citizens and

  • telena hulotov

    well sharia law is a dodge, bush sr signed noahide laws into law in 1992 in other words it is ready to be implemented when time is deemed rite by dem jooz.new york times is jew owned and they are trying to stampede the guiless amelikans into reactionary emotive sensless responses when the real threat is allready done and ready and allways has been since oh lets say 1913muslims is not a threat it is the elephant no one speaks of for fear of dem jooz who are not a threat but a clear and present active malevolent force in the whole world,aka merovignian sic.bloodlines,scions zionist or to put it simply dem jooz. if there are many so called goos ones why do i not hear from dem?becausweer they benefit and are not willing to give those up,average jew incoem in usa isway above averge amelikan income more than 2 any ways do your own reserarch and yu be one mad hatter.

  • DaMav

    Stop capitalizing islam

  • telena hulotov

    P.S. interloping jumpin jooz are behind all ,all get it immagration policies in western countries,they infest all the governments of western civilization? lol.point being destroy it and rape plunder and demolish it which they are doing quite nicelyand with sweet relish.and most amelikans being oblivious and even derfends their destroyers and will have no truck with thwe teruth about dem jooz.becasuer they been under the jew mind screw since they came out their mommies birth canal,ditto abortiaon agenda and aevery other rotten thing in slime pool of humanities basest levels.ta-da

  • Redwine

    Jim – fruitcake bigoted conspiracy troll alert on #60 &#62

  • Valerie

    OT – Because we all need a good laugh: my son got this poster, I want the T-shirt.


  • pdxnag

    Can we call it Sharia Preemption? It is conceptually analogous to Federal Preemption, as to substance and jurisdiction. Muslims are religiously prohibited from allowing any non-Muslim to have any authority over a Muslim. Couple this with all the supremacist belligerence and the mix is a nasty brew of perpetual sedition.

  • Fionnagh

    #34 “Muslims have the right to …contract and settle disputes in a manner they see fit.”

    Matt, this is liberal drivel at its finest. And most dangerous.

    Tell that to the souls of the women who have been stoned to death or beheaded under the law of shariah.

  • Leslie Adams

    Shariah is hatred…because it says a non muslim has nothing good in him, he is only good for slavery, paying tax, he (non muslim) must produced 3 witnesses to equals one witness of a muslim, in a law suit. Is that what a human being is calling for?

  • bg


    Radical Islam now major threat in Denmark

    coming to a theater near you sooner than you think..

    our so called leaders are so full of themselves, they we don’t even take
    MUSLIMS words for how serious the threat of radical islam is to US.. 🙁


  • Radegunda

    Matt #55:
    It’s irrelevant whether or not sharia is officially adopted as the law governing a certain jurisdiction, when aspects of sharia have already been applied as de facto law by American courts in multiple jurisdictions. You can find lists of such cases if you’re interested in facts.

    The one I remember offhand is where an American judge decreed that a Muslim husband could force his wife to have sex whenever, wherever and however he wanted because “his culture” and religion said it was his prerogative. I.e., an American court applied a dictate of sharia to exempt a Muslim from standing law on marital rape.

    You seem to be unaware of how deeply such multiculti thinking has infected the legal profession, and how compliant some of our officials are in granting special privileges to Muslims.

    You also seem to be unaware of how Muslims gradually, little by little, pressure Western societies to bend to their will. Andreas K (#31) lists some of the ways that parts of sharia already govern life in the United States. It’s worse in Europe, where you could be sued for criticizing Islam. But we may catch up, since the Obama administration is working hand-in-glove with the OIC in their campaign to outlaw criticism of Islam worldwide.

    Whether or not they call it “sharia,” that is de facto sharia.

  • bg


    uhg re: #68

    they we don’t = they don’t


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  • Walden

    If you support banning Sharia, you are against freedom of contract. Therefore, such people are opposed to the free market.

  • dt

    All Sons of LibertyII had better understand the sc_m bags at the NYTimes are Not “nuts”, “crazy”, naive, backwards or “don’t get it!” They are straight up Marxists and Not “liberals” and/or “progessives”(euphamisms) with a world domination agenda with the intent to wipe out All vestiges of Western Culture! And are in the process of pushing Islam to the forefront to be the Club against us!

    The Marxist Left know exactly what they are doing! They have been furthering their agenda for at least a century, unmolested!

    It’s our side who really have a mental disorder! With the greatest dangers facing our nation our side still misread our enemies; foreign and domestic! While at the same time refuse to put aside differences, find our common ground and our common bond and unite!

    And while we attempt to take on the anti-Christ forces of Hell, “Nature’s God”, whom by we have been given our inalieanable rights, is still left out of the picture!

    PS: never surrender your Second Amendment Rights under any conditions!

  • Fuquay Steve

    How’s the head feeling surrounded by all that sand ? What strange times we live in and it is going to get weirder the closer to the Nov 2012 election. Fair is foul and foul is fair…….

  • Iconoclast

    Since it’s on the Op-Ed page, the Slimes can (won’t, though) deny it represents their views. It is interesting to note the author is not only Jewish, but a professor teaching courses in matters involving Judaism at Yale. It’s a shame his parents dropped him on the point of the pin when he was a child.

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  • fredrik

    HEY MUSLIM MIDDLE EAST ” USA IS NOT YOUR COUNTRY ” IDIOT ” You guys are illegal immigrants wait we will kick you out from our country

  • whit seven

    This crap was tried in Ontario, Canada, and the only thing that stopped it was the vocal activism of a group of Muslim women. Unlike Matt, they knew who would suffer under this system of law. Islamic communities are coercive and closely knit, women are terrified to pursue whatever remedies they might have under out legal system, whether it regards abuse or divorce. And do you really think this situation doesn’t affect the criminal law also?
    But, go ahead, matt, stick your fingers in your ears and chant multicultural feel good slogans; it will be a while before it affects you, and what do you care about women stuck in these abusive situations?

  • RedBeard

    I used to think that the New York Times was fit only as a bird cage liner. Lately, though, I have changed my mind, and wouldn’t want to insult fine bird crap in that manner.

  • tarpon

    Go back to your rubble piles … It’s about all Shariah is good for, ignorant people.

    Why do your women walk around in bags? What are you afraid of …

    Hope they shoot better that the average Arabs… Cause if you are planning on America being “your country” you clearly don’t have the skills.

  • squeaky

    a fool born every minute…..it’s one thing adopting an islamic life but a completely a different thing trying to leave it. oddly enough i was reading about american converts [usually black] who some genius noted were more extreme and had to laugh to myself because we’ve known that for years….the late to the party crew. treating islam as the new fashion craze can be a big mistake. the coolness issue – there’s enough information out there for a well researched decision. when there’s only one door in and no door out. shariah runs counter to independence and as they say be careful what you wish for. i was in a store during one of the hottest days when i was face to face with 2 woman totally in black and just eye slits….sucks to be them. people are killed because they don’t want to leave that life where there are those signing on to live the same.

  • AcadieAnne


    Holy contradictory premises, Batman! Where did you get your logic degree, a crackerjack box?

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    It’s pretty obvious the Left, for whatever reason, is backing Islam at the moment, and actually thinks Islam will be good for America. (Don’t ask me why; the Left isn’t strong on logic. But this appears to be what they’re working for, ever since 9/11.)

    Meanwhile, they demand we fear the dread, “Christian Dominionists” (in order to deflect attention from the enroachment of Islam? Or to make it easier for Islam to spread.)

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    There is no separation between secular, and religious law, as there is in, say, Catholic church law, or Jewish law.

    If you don’t keep Kosher, or if you eat before taking holy communion or get a secular divorce outside the Catholic church—well, the cops aren’t going to come arrest you, and you won’t be looking at a jail sentence, or even a fine!

    Break shari’a law in an Islamic country, however, and the religious police will bust you! As has been pointed out by many posters on this thread, Shari’a laws on issues such as slavery, rape, homosexuality and the like are in direct opposition to American jurisprudence. And Shari’a is supposed to the one law that every Moslem must live under, and strive to make their countries live under. It’s not just a private matter, as, say, living according to Jewish law, or the Christian Bible or the doctrines of the Catholic church are. You really don’t need to expect “The Spanish Inquisition” anymore.

    American society is governed by the Constitution, not the Koran. Shari’a law would institute a completely different govenrment here, if adopted; it would be the end of our free society.

  • Matt


    You make stuff up. No court has adopted Sharia law. What some courts have said that in a civil court a dispute resolution clause, that the parties have agreed to, that adopts Sharia law or Saudi Arabian law is enforceable.

    No court in the US has decided that a wife must have sex whenever the husband wants to. You don’t know what you are talking about. You probably read the unreliable World Net Daily.

    Whit Seven,

    Victims being unwilling to come forward and make complaints is a problem for prosecutors every day. It is particularly difficult with insular communities and is not unique to Islamic communities. And none of the anti-sharia laws that have been passed would do anything to address this issue.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    the Left has, however, found it’s quibbling point, and will quibble away on that, for all its worth! It’s unconstitutional to forbid people to contract according to Islamic law! Never mind the fact that Shari’a law is contrary to the Constitution. Quibble, quibble, quibble, quibble, quibble, quibble. . . ooooh, is that a Christian Dominionist hiding under the bed?

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    What if both parties contract to sell slaves, according to the (Shari’a) laws of Saudi Arabia? Or they contract to marry each other’s underage daughters? Would the courts have to uphold that, beacuse it’s contractual? Because it’s according to the laws of the Saudi Arabia? And since when is the United States of America in the business of enforcing the laws of Saudi Arabia, or any other country?

    As for anti-shari’a laws, I actually think they might help a number of Moslem women esccape from abusive situations. among other things.

    You don’t get it, Matt, but, then, people like you never do.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    And, Matt, how do you know anti-shari’a law wouldn’t help victims who would otherwise be nervous about coming forward? You’ve got a crystal ball tucked away in your desk drawer? You read minds?

  • Matt

    What if both parties contract to sell slaves, according to the (Shari’a) laws of Saudi Arabia? Or they contract to marry each other’s underage daughters?

    Contracts for illegal acts are unenforceable in the United States. You cannot contract to sell slaves and as Warren Jeffs found out you cannot agree to marry underage girls.

    Explain to me how banning Sharia contracts would help Moslem women, because that is all that these anti-Sharia laws do.

    What happens when Boeing wants to sign a contract to do business with the UAE? Do we put them at a competitive disadvantage because they cannot agree to Sharia law? BTW, this is not fiction. There are lawyers who specialize in helping businesses draft Sharia compliant contracts because they want to do business with wealthy arab countries.

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  • tommy mc donnell

    the times has supported marxism a totalitarian political ideology since the 1930’s. islam is just marxism with a god so it shouldn’t be any surprise that the times would support it too.

  • SeniorD

    Two words:

    Pinch Sulzberger

    ‘Nuff Said

  • Mark

    The New York Slimes is in competition with itself to present the most idiotic. So far the Slimes is winning. These nitwits and their retarded readership make the National Perspirer look good.

  • bg


    the MB have been working on their infiltration project for well over
    4 decades now, and silly me, here i thought it was only 3.. /sarc/

    a bit more of much more..

    Dr. Jasser discusses WH guidelines for 10th Anniversary of 9/11

    Dr. Zuhdi Jasser on Delta Airlines and complicity with Saudi Arabia

    please pass them on along with these (scroll thread for more), thanks..


  • bg


    social justice, sharia law, whatever, was
    inaugurated on January 20rh 2009.. /s/

    just a sample:


    Social Justice

    America: A Sharia-Compliant State

    [21. Islamic Fundamentalists rightly argue that neither hedonistic and individualistic system of capitalism nor the totalitarian collectivist system of socialism does justice to either the individual or to the community as a whole. The negative impact of large accumulaton of wealth by a few, particularly on the poor and the less privileged sectors of the population and on the less developed countries of the world, is regarded as un-Islamic, unjust and runs counter to Islamic morals and values. It violates the principles of national solidarity and common purpose which are fundamental principles of Islamic teaching. There are social imperatives to which the uses of property are subordinated. The Muslim is thus enjoined to accept restrictions in the individual use of his property in the interest of the common good. The Muslim is expected to give alms to the beggar, to the poor, and to the needy, and subscribe to or provide, according to his ability and means, for the needs of the community. This is why it is often the case that a rich Muslim builds a mosque or mosques for hism community or contributes substantially to social and community purposes. The Sharia conundrum enjoins the Muslim to follow a divine code of social justice that will justify his religious beliefs here on earth and attract for him divine favour in the life hereafter through his good works. Islam not only acclaims the good works by Muslims, it also regards good works as the main justification in the eyes of God and warns that not an iota of good works or mischief will be lost on the day of judgement. In Islam, good deeds earn merit with God, regardless of the religious adherence of their doers. Salvation consists of nothing more than good works, unlike the Christians who believe that not good works but the Grace of God leads to salvation in the life hereafter.]

    scroll threads for more, and do some research while you still can..


  • bg


    please click on links & connecting & scroll up/
    down threads for much more info, thank you..

    Homegrown Jihad

    The Third Jihad

    Springtime in Islamberg

    Coming Soon to a Town Near You

    [Sayeed is also the director of the MLFA (Muslim Legal Fund of America). This fund is a coalition of Islamists including CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial; the MAS (Muslim American Society); and the American Muslim Task Force associated with the far left, such as the ANSWER Coalition. The organization clearly is a mouthpiece for the Holy Land Foundation victimology propaganda and believes among other absurd apologetics that Sami al-Arian is “wrongly accused” – note – nothing about Muslim responsibility in Islamist-inspired terror. The goal of Al-Furqaan as stated on their website is to put a Qur’an in “every household, hotel room, hospital, college dorm, and retirement home in America”. The translation is endorsed by the toxic Zakir Naik, and his entire Wahhabi-Deobandi proselytizing mission for Islamism (i.e., political Islam).

    A little research also on the Al-Furqaan site itself demonstrates some concerning ideologies. For example, on the Book of Signs website (a subsidiary of Al-Furqaan), al-Furqaan posts an interview with radical convert Yvonne Ridley in their “Myths and Realities” section, directing viewers to a 57 minute absurd and nauseating apologetic for the Taliban and against the U.K and the U.S. She is a known defender of one of the primary enemies of the United States, Mullah Omar of the Taliban. She is a British citizen who preaches to Muslims that she hopes God forgives any who join the UK police force, telling Muslims that the UK police gun down Muslims.]

    again, just a sample of much more..


  • bg
  • mg4us

    Be afraid. .be very afraid. . .

    time to stand up and get those folks advocating Sharia Law to leave the country ot be tried for treason. .

    Sharia is antithetical to the US Constitution. .the Law of OUR land. . . especially with regard to free speech. . and MSM is silently supporting Sharia ban on saying or printing anything against islam. . .

    Bob Grant show today had Pam Geller on. . suggest you try to hear what they said. In the meantime, Pam Geller has a great website called Atlas Shrugs. . .link here on Gateway pundit but here it is again


    They are even whitewashing what kids are taught about 9-11 in schools!!! Suing Walmart & Target for not carrying halal meat. . . suing employers for not having halal cafeterias banning pork products. . .demanding prayer time and special places in schools and at work. . .

    Time to take a stand, they are guests in OUR country, and we should not be cow-towing our way of life and our laws to appease them. . .

  • Radegunda

    Matt #85, you’re lying. I didn’t say that a court had “adopted sharia law.” I said that courts have used leftist multiculti reasoning (“we must let them have their own culture”) in order to achieve the same effect, and the result is to deny certain Muslims — particularly Muslim women – the same protections that our Constitution is supposed to grant them.

    I haven’t read World Net Daily for several years. You expose your intellectual weakness by resorting to arguments about where I “probably” get my information. If there’s something you haven’t read, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Apparently that’s a difficult concept for you to grasp.

    You haven’t refuted Andreas’s facts about how sharia enforcement is gradually being imposed on Western societies.

    When an employer gives Muslims time off for “prayer” during the day — against the will of non-Muslim employers, who must pick up the slack — that is imposing sharia on non-Muslims.
    When people in a city council or some other organization are forbidden to eat or drink in the presence of Muslims during Ramadan that imposes sharia on non-Muslims.
    When speech is censored because Muslims might be offended by it, that is an imposition of sharia.

    When our government allows those things to continue, contrary to the First Amendment and to equal protection, it is allowing sharia to be enforced.

    When the administration of Barack Obama is working with the OIC to ban “denigration” of Islam (i.e. telling the truth about it), our own government is acting as a sharia enforcer.

  • Radegunda

    The United Kingdom now has 85 sharia courts. That didn’t happen because sharia was “adopted” from on high. It happened because the British government didn’t stop it. Once the facts were on the ground, they decided they had to allow a parallel legal system.

    Muslims have been compelled to accept the dictates of sharia when they believed they were entitled to the protections of the laws officially on the books.

    London has areas where Muslims are enforcing sharia and even putting up posters warning that “This is a sharia zone” and specifying what is forbidden — contrary to British law. That is not the result of an official decision of the government to “adopt sharia law.”

    A woman in the UK was ordered by law enforcement to remove her collection of pig figurines from her window because some Muslims complained about it. Somebody was ordered to remove an Israeli flag from his window for the same reason.

    That wasn’t because sharia was “adopted.” It was de facto enforcement of Muslim rule over “infidel” law. Do you really think that can’t happen (or that it isn’t happening in some ways) here?

    If you see no problems with sharia in America, it means you see no problems with scrapping free speech and equal protection under the law.

  • Johnny “Stanford” Davis

    Why did you cite a blog (Radical Islam blog) as a source about Sharia Law when you could have cited Wikipedia? I’m sure even the New York Times probably has an article about Sharia Law that you could have cited. If you had bothered to look, you would have seen that Sharia Law isn’t really a threat.

  • Sam

    Matt…here is some info you might be interested in…. Shariah Law and American State Courts,

    An Assessment of State Appellate Court Cases. Dated May 20, 2011.

    For more info contact:
    Center for Security Policy
    1901 Pennsylvania Ave. Suite 201
    Washington DC 20006

    There are 50 cases in America.

  • DC

    Look, we’re being slowly taken over. The frog in the boiling pot is right on. There are Islamic Banks in the US that are Sharia compliant. Here’s one site I found…..
    University Islamic Financial Corp. is pleased to reveal that we now offer two Shariah-compliant home acquisition or replacement programs. You can purchase your home with an installment sale (Murabaha) or a redeemable lease (Ijara) that is fully compliant with Islamic Guidelines (Shariah) and, therefore, free of interest (riba) and doubtful practices (gharar). Murabaha and Ijara are two of the common methods of home financing that are Islamically acceptable.
    It seems Sharia law doesn’t allow mortgages or financing. These Sharia compliant banks and their divisions are all over the US. I would like to know if these got TARP money.

  • Andreas K.

    Matt, trying to score by calling me a female name? Wow, so smart aren’t you, you dhimmi!

    The US courts won’t adopt sharia law, you idiot. The mohammedans would never accept that, since the judges are all “infidels”.

    It will be like in the UK. they will eventually demand their own sharia courts, they will be granted. This will work for a few years and soon you’ll be seeing “sharia enforced in this area” stickers like they popped up in the UK this year.

    Get your ass over to the EU and see it with your own eyes or STFU.

    We’re being islamized over here. Our so called leaders, both politican and religious, love it. The mohammedans scream and moan for special treatment and they get it. They are NOT equal in front of the law anymore, they are already superior there.

    You don’t know anything about islam or islamisation, you dhimmi.

  • Andreas K.

    And banning sharia is NOT unconstitutional.

    I challenge you to prove it is. You won’t be able to, because you lack any understanding about islam and sharia work. Stop reading wikipedia or pro islamo-fascist liberal websites. Pick up a koran, read it. Pick up the hadith, read it. You’ll be surprised, not in a very pleasant way.

    Sharia can’t be separated from islam. Thus islam should be banned as well. It is NOT a religion. It is a fascist ideology on the level of Hitler’s national socialism.

  • Andreas K.

    Radegunda, there was a similar incident in Germany last year with the Israeli flag. Local police broke into an appartment and removed an Israeli flag hanging in the window, because mohammedans complained about it.

    At the same time pro-Hamas protests and “Germans! Don’t buy Jewish goods” is perfectly fine in Eurabia.

    A few years back mohammedans marched through dozens of EU cities chanting “Hamas! Hamas! Gas the Jews!” Nothing was done about it. Nobody was ever put on trial. But when Geert Wilders says one thing against islam, he’s put on trial.

    We’re being islamized. They build their mosques everywhere, even into towns and districts that have no mohammedans. Mosques aren’t mere houses of worship. They are centers of political activity and indoctrination. They are symbols of conquest. And our governments fund this crap!

    But there is resistance brewing. A group of Spanish citizens buried a dead pig on land that was chosen to harbor yet another mosque. In France men and women wearing pigs’ masks flash mob halal restaurants, chant their slogans and leave. The resistance is growing.

    Islam is peace?

    Islam is fascism and should treated as such. Ban it. Ban it now. Banning fascist ideologies is not unconstitutional.

  • Matt

    Islam is fascism and should treated as such. Ban it. Ban it now. Banning fascist ideologies is not unconstitutional.

    Yes it is. Banning any ideology is unconstitutional. Espousing Nazi ideology is legal in the United States.

  • bg


    Radegunda, you are 110% correct..

    Dr. Zuhdi Jasser: Inside A Sharia Court

    American Muslim organization applauds Oklahoma anti-shariah law

    [“As Muslims dedicated to modernity, reform and our one law system in the
    west and in the United States, AIFD applauds the people of Oklahoma for
    passing State Question 755 and making “the legal precepts of other nations
    or cultures” off-limits to Oklahoma courts and specifically denying the use
    of Sharia Law.

    The issue is simple. As Americans we believe in the Constitution, the
    Establishment Clause, and our one law system. SQ755 reaffirms the
    First amendment to the Constitution and prevents the Establishment
    or empowerment of a foreign legal system like the specific shariah legal
    systems implemented in many Muslim majority nations and in western
    shariah courts seen in places like Britain.

    By filing a lawsuit, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has
    wasted no time in proving once again that they are unable to stand behind
    public declarations that the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights and our
    one law system supersede and are preferable to a sharia law system. They
    are using the American cover of religious freedom to try and knock down a
    simple law that prohibits the domination of one religion over others.]


  • MN8



  • bg


    Shariah in American Courts

    more here, like i always say..


    can you hear me now?? 😉

    i sure hope so, because unless we are informed & active, Sharia is coming
    to a court near you, that’s if, for all we know, it hasn’t already.. as many
    a Muslim community is under Sharia law outside of the courts purview, so
    to speak .. and women are suffering right under our noses.. 🙁

    Speaker Pelosi: Stand Up for Muslim Women, Not Islamists Like Rauf!

    [Why is Islam given a pass that is not given to Christianity or Judaism?

    Madam Speaker: You are a powerful woman in the world, but you don’t care much about the human rights of hundreds of millions of women and children who need the support of the people like you to gain their individual freedom. You claim to be for the women’s right to choose, but then you ignore the right of women and children to have human dignity!

    A large majority of America’s Muslims, women and girls, are
    living under sharia laws. Stripped of their human dignity.

    You support the construction of the mosque but you don’t support the women and girls who are forced to wear hijabs against their will. Muslim women and girls live in seclusion, on the fringes of society, without recourse because of their families’ religion. In the name of religious freedom, political correctness in America only pleases the patriarchal hierarchy of the Muslim world. In the name of religious freedom, America permits Muslim communities to run a state within a state, perpetuating the patriarchal crimes against helpless women and children who should have their constitutional rights defended.

    When “Muslim men” are given extra privileges that are definitely not
    granted to those of other religions, my Muslim sisters and I see this
    as the gravest discrimination committed in America.

    more @ link, please RTWT!!

    (please scrollthread for more, thank you..)


  • MJ

    Amazing that leftists hate Christians, but are OK with Shariah.
    Good, let them bow to this crap in NYC.
    Sorry, they deserve it.

    All NYers should come to AZ. Me and my hubby left NYC 2 yrs ago. Thank God.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Frankly, Matt, I see no reason, whatsoever, to bend American laws just so businesses can deal with the United Arab Emirates, or any other Moslem country; as I said before America should not be in the business of enforcing the laws of Saudi Arabia, or any other country. If some businesses don’t like that, and want to kiss up to oil shieks for easy money, and want to bend the laws to do it—well, life is tough, sometimes!

    As for how anti-shari’a laws help Moslem women—OOOOOOhhhhh, that’s a head scratcher! Ooooooh, it’s just hard to figure out! Like, maybe, just maybe, banning shari’a law might make it easier for Moslem women to escape abusive marriages, because they know the US government isn’t going to obey shari’a, and force them to go back to their husbands? Or, maybe it will help underage girls not be forced into arranged marriages they’re too young for, and don’t want? Or have to don body bags, after the age of 8? Or be pulled out school, because girls need to get married (according to shari’a), they don’t need too much learning? Or, maybe, it would let women actually be able to drive, and leave the house without a male relative to escort them, because, having banned shari’a, America won’t have to enforce the backwards, primitive legal system of Saudi Arabia? (A place you seem to like, for some reason.)

    Naaaah, can’t figure it out, it’s a real headscratcher!


  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Matt, the Nazis, to my knowledge, however vile they are, are not actively campaigning to institute the Third Reich’s race laws here, or replace American jurisprudence with the laws of Nazi Germany.

    They might want to, but if they tried anything in that direction, they’d get slapped down so hard their swastikas would spin!

    Islam should be treated the same way.

  • bg


    guess not too many people click on lnks, ergo, don’t notice they aren’t
    working, what a shame.. but explains why we’re so dumbed down when
    it comes to the very real Islamic threat we face from within.. just look
    to Eurasia for a glimpse into our ever approaching at warp speed future..

    re: #98 September 4, 2011 at 11:56 am bg

    Homegrown Jihad & The Third Jihad

    Coming Soon to a Town Near You

    What Islam Is Not :aka: Boiling The Infidel Frog

    wow, some of the stuff they had secreted away is starting to resurface
    yet once again.. perhaps the schmucks are finally catching on to what’s
    up with the “project”.. /s/


  • bg
  • bg
  • Matt

    Rhinestone, what you don’t understand is that a choice of law clause in a contract is not bending American law. It is the way contract law has always been done. I work in Washington, when I sign a contract with Texas Instruments they want Texas law and I want Washington law. Sometimes we compromise with California law.

    When doing contracts revolving around the licensing IP one side will almost always want jurisdiction in the Eastern District of Texas, a plaintiff’s paradise.

    And when negotiating with companies in foreign jurisdictions they will want their law and we will want US law. The company that is more invested in the agreement usually has to agree to the other sides law. This is not unamerican, it is just how the system works. It happens everyday and US courts have to enforce the terms of the contract unless they are illegal, unconscionable or against public policy. In the US we want our companies to do business throughout the world. If they can’t use foreign law than they can’t do this.

    When you are talking about family law, child custody cases should only be determined by the standard of the best interest of the child.

    As for divorce cases, both parties should have to agree to Sharia law. The rights should be made clear to the woman, but it is impossible to force a civil judgement on somebody.

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  • Rhinestone Suderman

    California law, Texas law, etc., are all Amerian laws. They don’t conflict with the Constitution, or institute a state religion.

    Shari’a law does. Hence, it should not come into the United States, via business, contractual laws, or any other way. If businesses don’t like that—well, as I said before, life’s tough.

    As for both parties agreeing to Shari’a law, how much freedom do women have in Islamic societies? Yeah, they’d “agree” to follow it—because otherwise, their families would honor kill them, if they didn’t obey. Women aren’t free in Islam, hence, they really can’t make contracts. As for custody, in Islamic divorce, the childen always go with the father, whether he’s the best one to care for them, or not. That’s Shari’a law. There’s no “Best interests of the child” involved here. If American courts do uphold Shari’a law, that’s the standard they’re going to have to use.

    It’ll get real interesting, when Islam starts demanding that those who leave Islam be killed, or jailed, as apostates; I don’t think some magical “contracts” are going to cover this one.

    In Islamic societies, shari’a law applies to everyone—whether you agree with it, or not. So the contract quibble doesn’t apply here. Shari’a law isn’t run on contracts, or justice for all. It’s run on the belief that Moslems are superior, Islam is the only true religion and everybody must submit to it. You don’t get to opt out, negotiate or appeal to a higher jurisdiction here; Islam IS the higher jurisdiction, under Shari’a.

    People like you just don’t get it. That’s sad. You like the idea of Shari’a law—-because you think it’s cool to be pro Islam, because you think it’ll be good for business or you idealize contracts, because you idealize third world cultures, whatever. You idealize the idea of Shari’a. You might like it much less, living under it, but it will be too late, then.

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  • [email protected]

    Gloomberg gave the ragheads the greenlight by supporting the mosque and banning Christian and Jewish clergy from the coming 9/11 ceremonies.

    A Jew is ceding NYC to the sandfleas.

  • samuel welsh

    Islam law is not for us europeans no say no obama
    muslems behave or go home

  • BurmaShave

    The United States also stepped in and stipulated that Utah prohibit polygamy, which was integral with the Morman religion in the 19th century, as part of applying for statehood.

    I am certain at the time the NYT was four square behind the US when that happened. But that was then and now the NYT is different, so don’t be surprised if they start pimping for polygamy too. It would fit right in with their deliberate decadence and intellectual treachery.

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  • Creeping Shariah law is one thing. Obama spreading Islamic history upon the United States is quite another. But both can come together if you swallow Obama’s revisionism. See http://downeastdooryard.blogspot.com/

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  • bg


    ‘Democracy and political Islam can’t coexist’

    [Rather than remain on the defensive, Jasser says, the US and the West
    at large must take a muscular, offensive approach toward promoting the
    ideals of liberalism. Those who say democracy and political Islam can
    peacefully coexist, he says, are ill-informed.

    “They don’t understand democracy. My devout Muslim parents and
    grandparents understood Sharia. They understood that Sharia, while
    it means God’s law, is actually man’s law – once it is implemented in
    any fashion, it becomes man’s law.”

    Democracy, Jasser says, means more than
    elections; it means protection of the individual.

    “We need to start having a conversation about what exactly we mean
    by democracy,” says Jasser, a firm proponent of what he refers to as
    “separation of mosque and state.”]

    more @ link & in thread..


  • Avinash Machado

    Liberal nonsense.

  • Aking

    i also want sharia law in INDIA ..