Sick. Hoffa Says He Has “No Regrets” For Violent, Profanity-Laced Threatening Labor Day Speech

Teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa says he would say it all again if he could.
The union leader defended his violent profanity-laced threatening Labor Day speech on Monday.

Sick. He blamed his awful rhetoric on conservatives.
TPM reported, via Weasel Zippers:

Teamsters union president James Hoffa would say it all again if he could, he told TPM Monday.

Hoffa riled up Fox News and the right wing Monday with a Labor Day speech in Detroit in which he called Republican members of Congress “sons of bitches” and said union workers are ready to “go to war” with the tea party next year and “take out” Republicans at the ballot box.

Hoffa said he’d say the exact same words all over again.

“I would because I believe it,” he said. “They’ve declared war on us. We didn’t declare war on them, they declared war on us. We’re fighting back. The question is, who started the war?”

The speech came shortly before President Obama took the stage in Detroit — and Hoffa’s remarks certainly overshadowed Obama’s on Fox. But the Teamsters chief said he was just matching fired-up conservative rhetoric when it comes to organized labor and Obama with some fired-up rhetoric of his own.

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  • Fuquay Steve

    ‘Who’s your daddy?’

  • theBuckWheat

    Yet another example of the new civility that goes on the ‘election reel’ to remind the voters next year of who BHO depends upon for support.

  • Tom63010

    With this shot fired over the bow without provocation let”s see if there is any violence like occurred here in St. Louis and whether it will be reported by the MSM. Personally I do not see how it will be ignored. What little credibility they have will be gone forever, except with the Kool-aid drinkers and that audience is very small these days.

  • john b

    As they say in New Jersey:
    Jimmy Hoffa understands in the Meadowlands.
    That’s his daddy.
    This version should wind up in jail and with a massive civil suit should someone get hurt.
    (Of course, the courts will probably use the Gladney case and find him innocent.)

  • Ipso Facto

    In a free society we get exactly what we tolerate.

    The Republicans must not allow Obama’s failure to rebuke Hoffa to go un-answered.

    The Republicans should boycott Obama’s joint session of Congress speech unless Obama makes a very contrite apology and asks Hoffa to do the same.

    Obama needs to be taught a lesson in what constitutes acceptable behavior. We can simply tell him actions have consequences.

    Lets see how powerful Obama looks as he speaks to a half empty chamber.


  • Conservative Ken

    Of course he has no regret. Jimmy jr. was speaking to his army as well as his handlers. He’s got is made for as least the next year. The Administration has his back and won’t investigate Organized Labor. Not to mention ObamaCare Waivers.

    Unions are running scared.
    2012 is coming and the party is coming to an end.

  • Gary Gross

    First, Hoffa didn’t say take them out at the ballot box. As I wrote here, I’m not willing to trust union thugs, which Hoffa certainly is, to not commit acts of violence.

    What’s worse, in my opinion, is that Democrats don’t appear willing to distance themselves from Hoffa

  • Bitter Clinger

    Let’s all clut Obummer some slack. I’m sure, even though he was standing right there w/ Hoffa, he didn’t hear this violent rhetoric. Remember, he sat in “Rev.” Wright’s church for 20 years and didn’t hear any anti-American, racist verbiage either. He has a filter for that, don’t ya’ know?

  • Bitter Clinger

    Sorry: Should be “CUT” Obummer some slack.

  • Tru

    Sarah Palin fires back with truth.
    Welcome, Union Brothers and Sisters

    IMO She is the only one that can stand up and fight.

  • Joe College

    He can hang as tough as he wants because nobody is going to know he said what he said because the Associated Press is suppressing the news and not carrying the story.

    That means local papers will not eve know it happened and the news will not land on the doorsteps of the American people.

    It is not so much that freedom of the press dead. It’s more like the press has rejected the idea.

  • squeaky

    ‘…that Democrats don’t appear willing to distance themselves from Hoffa..” they never do. a lot of behavior they may find personally offensive gets sidelined for the goals of the party.

  • BackwardsBoy

    Funny, I don’t remember starting a war with anybody…

  • Joe College

    Of course Hoffa cleared his remarks with Obama’s people beforehand.

    The president is trying to polarize the country and hopefully precipitate violence because violence just worked so nicely for him in the Gabby Giffords incident. He got such a nice bump in the polls he would love for something like that to happen again.

    Also, what he likes is when Dems and GOP cannot talk to each other, when one half of the country cannot talk to the other half, brother cannot talk to brother, son to father, husband to wife, state to state, nation to nation. That is the atmosphere he thrives in … just so long as he controls the press.

  • RedBeard

    Mr. Hoffa, I would suggest that you do a bit of homework first, before you declare war on people you clearly underestimate and who you cannot possibly understand.

    But please, keep on speaking out. We really want the entire nation to hear your message.

  • Zilla

    Obama says he’s PROUD of Jimmy Hoffa for his violent threat against American people., Obama tells his supporters to ‘bring a gun’ and ‘punish’ his ‘enemies’, and his DoJ refuses to prosecute voter intimidation if it’s done in support of Obama. We all need to be prepared, they have declared themselves the enemy of regular American people an are now making threats of violent attacks.
    If any harm befalls a TEA Party person, the blood will be on Obama’s hands, he is basically ordering hit jobs on civillians.
    Oh and Joe Biden says we’re ‘barbarians’ in addition to being ‘terrorists’. Fox showed the video of his ‘barbarians’ slur this morning.

  • Zilla
  • Crackermike

    That’s right Union rank and file; back Hoffa and Trumpka and Obama as Fearless leader destroys the economy, and your production and construction jobs, in the name of progressivism. Obama sold you an Obamacare exemption, but what good is that when you’re perpetually laid off? Obama, and his ass kissers just LOVE those illegal alien plumbers, drywallers, electritions, boilermakers, truck drivers oh, well, you get it, DON’T you? After all, as we constantly here the elite tell us: “they just come here to work”, yeah, they’re taking YOUR jobs fools! You idiots are paying people to give illegals your jobs. Dumbasses!

  • southernsue

    is this a jihad call?

    does hoffa have cells in all the states that he puts out the jihad call and they start attacking republicans and tea partiers?

    how are hoffa and his thugs going to know who is tea party person and who is a republican?

    would like to know how these thugs are planning on attacking us?

    i thought the president of the US stands for all Americans, not just a certain sect of Americans?

  • Eric S.

    We apparently started the war by not surrendering… I think an appropriate counter-punch would be to introduce right-to-work legislation everywhere we can! And perhaps Walker-style Gov’t. union rules. Bonus: we’d be making them waste time/effort to *defend* against those and keeping them away from at least some hijinx in the 2012 election. And make them spend their money too.