It’s an Obama world…
Barack Obama is going to take out his $1.1 million Canadian bus to push his American jobs plan.

CNN reported:

Senior administration officials say the president will be making his case for Congress to pass his jobs plan for much of the rest of the year, taking his message outside Washington as he has in recent days, visiting Virginia Friday, Ohio Tuesday and North Carolina Wednesday. The push will include another bus tour, though it is not yet scheduled, officials say, and will target regional media, including local radio stations, with ads.




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  1. Another flying bus tour.

  2. I take it the hearse-like character of the bus is intended to convey what he intends to do with the remaining shreds of our economy.

  3. But it is not a campaign tour…… So taxpayers will foot the bill once again. Damn Marxist.

  4. Dark Sideous boards Darth Vaders economy

    Killing death bus, job one Economy zero.

    Powder is dry

  5. He’s toast. I don’t care how many bus trips he takes. What happened in NY last night is a harbinger of what’s coming. The giant is now fully awake, and we’re going to take this country back.

    Hold on to your hats though folks. There are going to be some real sore losers in 2012 ….

  6. #5

    Correct, flash mobs everywhere.

    Co worker had his home burglerized this weekend. They came back last night.

    No loot and shots fired at the looters. No hits. 30 minutes later the next target

    held a shotgun on the looters till police arrived. This has been happening for weeks in

    Phenix city Alabama.

    Powder is dry

  7. Last time he created jobs, he did it in China. Creating jobs in Canada is much closer.

  8. How does he offset all the carbon emissions churned out by that bus? How many miles per gallon does it get? Or is that a fancy hybrid/electric/solar bus?

  9. And most Americans are putting gasoline in their cars from Middle Eastern countries that hate her! People go to WalMart and buy nearly everything Made in China, another country that hates America. The bus was purchased through an American distributor and pimped out in America for the Jerk-in Chief. At least Canada is a true allie.

  10. I hope that mom Wasserman complained to about running late for football games (cause we need to pass the bill) doesn’t get stuck behind the Imperial Bus of Despair. She’ll be pissed. And late.

  11. Leaving the broom at home?

  12. Maybe his time on the bus means he’s not in the WH causing more nefarious mischeif. Maybe.

  13. No,no his crackpots are going after American business. the latest are fireplace manufactures.They are going to have to close. EPA going after fireplaceemissions.

  14. I wonder if he’ll actually ride the bus this time? Mark Levin reported that on Obama’s first bus tour in the midwest a few weeks ago, Barry actually boarded the bus about 2 miles out from the town he was slated to speak in. What a loser.

  15. His going to be speaking at company that outsourced half of its jobs to Costa Rica.

  16. Jobs in Madagasscar via Gibson Guitar,that just infuriates me. Would love to know how much the taxpayers have spent flying him around the last 2and1/2 years.

  17. Ditto to NavyMom.
    I read that the bus is flown from place to place in a huge military transport.
    obama flies in separately and gets on the bus just outside of town.
    This is pure theater and is a huge waste of tax dollars.

  18. Perfect… Obama Will Take Out His Canadian Bus to Push American Jobs Plan to a factory in NC that has HALF of its manufacturing in Costa Rica!!!!!

    That is a winner!

  19. Since the bus is black he should have a large ATTACKWAAAAAAAAATCH ad on the sides.

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