In March 2009 Barack Obama announced that small business was the heart of the economy.

But if Barack Obama really believed this then why did he give $17.2 billion in stimulus cash to green energy projects…
When the Small Business Administration only got 645.5 million?

In fact, Obama’s so-called jobs bill gave more cash to at least 10 different government agancies that the Small Business Administration. Yet, they claimed it was a jobs bill? Hardly.




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  1. Which small businesses got money?

  2. He lies.

  3. Solyndra is a small business.

    A very small business.

  4. I think we’ve found another bubble. The urgency for “Pass my damn bill now!” is not about jobs; it’s about propping up imploding ponzi schemes in the green energy sector, and across union entities with imploding pension funds and other financial crimes.

    Starve the beast, Republicans. Let the low tide expose all the barnacles and rotten out hulls.

  5. Graft, corruption, and political payoof on a huge scale and the Republicans say and do NOTHING. Both parties belong on the dungheap.

  6. fukken mooslum crook

  7. In fact, Obama’s so-called jobs bill gave more cash to at least 10 different government agancies that the Small Business Administration.


    I think I understand, that Billions of our tax dollars are wasted on green Jobs and whatever this administration sees fit to waste.

    And millions on small business.

    Whether it is Billions of waste or millions of waste, YES WASTE, regulations are killing us.

    Raids are killing us on businesses who don’t share the same political views as Obama.

    Fraud is also wasteful and a better oversight on our money when doled out like Candy is a disgrace.

    Government needs to tighten their belt and stay away from our pockets.

  8. This administration believes in very, very expensive photo-ops.

  9. Obama doesn’t care 1 ioda not a twit about America and the real problems we face.

    Why is he wasted his time at this time on these Green Projects that we don’t care about during a poor economy.

    It is not going anywhere here. China maybe but We aren’t China. Oh, I see favors to someone, Immelt and China. Americans must vote him out. HE JUST HASN’T A CLUE OR HE LOVES DESTROYING AMERICA, I THINK IT IS BOTH.

  10. 1 creates jobs… 1 creates Democrats… you do the math.

  11. One may presume that “Green Project” is a code word for an Obama Contributor, likely to contribute more out of the largess doled out to them by the taxpayers.

  12. Green Jobs.

    Oh, you thought it meant “green” as in environmentally sound?


  13. Let’s face it. All this colossal “simulus” spending is nothing more than political payback and lining the pockets of liberal supporters. There is *nothing* that Obama does that is not politically motivated.

  14. This post will be omitted from the “fourth estate” and/0r buried with enough spin to make people believe that president44 is trying to jump start the economy.

    The size of government and the people it employs on the back of the taxpayer is a huge problem.The illustration of money collected,”…more than 12billion vs.what is available and payed out is staggering.Too many agencies ,staff,conjoined with rules ,regulations and a political party which wants power over the stability of Nation ,will destroy this great Country.

  15. It would have been cheaper just to give every unemployed person a $100,000 check.

    Most would have spent it in a week, stimulating the economy.

  16. this is another Pay to Play chicago scheme ,Politico report that Solyndra offered “corporate gig” to White House aide.


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