GREEN CRIME: Obama Spent Nearly $17.2 Billion to Create Only 3,545 Green Jobs… Or a Staggering $4.8 Million Per Job

The Obama Administration spent nearly half of the $38.6 billion ($17.2 billion) set aside for his green energy programs and was only able to create 3,545 permanent green jobs.
This comes out to a staggering $4,853,000 per job.

Obama continued to push green energy initiatives in his 2011 State of the Union Address.

The Obama Administration has blown billions of taxpayer dollars on green energy and has only succeeded in producing a few thousand jobs.
The Washington Post reported:

A $38.6 billion loan guarantee program that the Obama administration promised would create or save 65,000 jobs has created just a few thousand jobs two years after it began, government records show.

The program — designed to jump-start the nation’s clean technology industry by giving energy companies access to low-cost, government-backed loans — has directly created 3,545 new, permanent jobs after giving out almost half the allocated amount, according to Energy Department tallies.

President Obama has made “green jobs” a showcase of his recovery plan, vowing to foster new jobs, new technologies and more competitive American industries. But the loan guarantee program came under scrutiny Wednesday from Republicans and Democrats at a House oversight committee hearing about the collapse of Solyndra, a solar-panel maker whose closure could leave taxpayers on the hook for as much as $527 million.

The GOP lawmakers accused the administration of rushing approval of a guarantee of the firm’s project and failing to adequately vet it. “My goodness. We should be reviewing every one of these loan guarantee” projects, said Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.).

Obama’s efforts to create green jobs are lagging behind expectations at a time of persistently high unemployment. Many economists say that because alternative-­energy projects are so expensive and slow to ramp up, they are not the most efficient way to stimulate the economy.

“There are good reasons to create green jobs, but they have more to do with green than with jobs,”
Princeton University economics professor and former Federal Reserve vice chairman Alan Blinder has said.

And you really wonder why the US economy was downgraded? With leadership like this?

UPDATE: From the DOE – Loan Program website – $17.204 billion in loans out of $38.6 billion in loans has already been given out creating 3,545 jobs. That comes out to $4,853,000 per permanent job.

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  • Vixen

    Money laundering scheme? Where did that money go?

  • obfuscatenot

    To whom it may concern:
    If you don’t spend 5 million a job, there isn’t enough to launder back to my coffers. That is what I require in a green initiative! …..the Pres.

  • Terry Gain

    This is what you get when you put a snorter in charge of the treasury.

  • Finncrisp

    Marxism gone amuck. There is no way that it is possible for Government to pick winners and “make it so”. These green energy initiatives are money losers given the state of the technology. Giving taxpayer money to fund something that can never pay off or demonstrate economic utility and calling this our “future” is out and out fraud. OBAMA ISN’T WORKING.

    We must have an end to the rule of this fraudulent and misguided liar in chief.

    He needs to retire to Kenya and build his presidential library there. Defeat of all of these Marxists is next on our agenda. All together now!

  • mg4us

    The FBI investigating Solyndra need to widen their investigation into ALL the Green jobs. . investigate all the recipients. . .and see where money went and whether consistent with the terms given.

    And if the FBI won’t do it now, then when a new President is elected in 2012, their AG needs to investigate. . including the FBI.

    This will be the exposure of the biggest fraud in our country’s history.

  • jorgen

    He needs to retire to Kenya and build his presidential library there.

    Indeed! And his presidential library should be a hole in the ground to reflect his Presidency.

  • the real wow

    I only have one comment: impeachment!

  • Rose

    Er … They’ve made a lousy assinine case for “GREEN”, as well! Seriously lousy, HIGHLY INEFFICIENT Energy-guzzling manufacturing AND poor energy production or utilization values, in every case.

    It still falls solely on the individual to do simple things like use of insulation and window and door sealers, INDIVIDUAL regulation of thermostats. The other big ticket items only work in isolated instances – windmills are still best for the pasture water pump for the stock tank, ditto solar panels – for offline utility use – their “life” in modern apps isn’t standing up, the cost effectiveness and energy conservation are not statistically THERE – damage done is not being acknowledged “for the sake of the industry” – and the bleeding in tax dollars is airily dismissed AND DISRESPECTED by those who advocate but do not PAY into and do not walk the talk!

    All the more EMPHASIZING the True Purpose of the Dim Religion – SOLELY to BLEED the tax payers and Citizens of property Rights and Financial Independence.

  • BuddyG

    Fannie, Freddia, Solyndra . . .

    Crony Capitalism at your disservice !

  • Rose

    #7 September 15, 2011 at 7:02 am
    the real wow


    Impeachment is for legitimately installed officials.

    As a Foreign Agent of insurgency and destruction, this is a Capital Felony Trial for Spying, for insertion of Destructive plots. You don’t try an IMPERSONATOR for IMPEACHMENT – you ARREST them for Foreign Insurgency, Impersonation, False Identity, etc…

    But you won’t have much on him for FORGED DOCUMENTS – that is why he keeps refusing to produce his bonafides – to avoid the charges of FORGERY.


    his intent was never to create green jobs… only to pay back his illegal campaign donors

  • Taqiyyotomist


    Now we all CLEARLY see that all of this, all of the “stimulus”, all of the “green” carney hack scams, the entire Obama regime and the Marxist cabal running this country is about looting as much cash as possible from the Treasury. That’s it. Dump half a billion into a fake Potempkin Plant, let the executives skim about 10% of that off the top, of which a certain percentage goes right back to the Obama regime through campaign contributions, bring in other cronies as “investors” and then subordinate the government loan BEHIND the crony “investors”, and finally BK the whole thing in 12 months and sell off the equipment and assets to even more cronies for 10 cents on the dollar.


    Obama is about as interested in “green energy” as he is in girls. All these people care about is hustling and robbing the taxpayers blind for as much as possible.

    Too much more of this and someone might start talking about a tax strike. Hmmmm. . . .

  • wdk535

    Just give me the cash.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    There is so much more, too.

    How much money did we pay Tony Rezko’s buddies at NALCO for millions and millions of gallons of oil dispersant after the “mysterious” explosion which enabled Obama to destroy our Gulf oil industry? (Two weeks after G. Soros sold all his BP stock, hmm?)

    Washington D.C. is full of treasonous thieves (D) and spineless cowards (R).

    We’re all done.

  • Militant Conservative

    Anybody notice that the more Obama tanks the more he looks like Erkel?

    LMAO! powder is dry

  • listingstarboard

    Taqiyyotomist-not to mention that Warren Buffet owns a huge chunk of NALCO and has vast interests in Chinese seafood .

  • oki2

    Well duh, they’ve only used HALF the allocated amount! The remaining $19.3 billion will generate the remaining 61455 jobs obviously

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Obama and co. should, in a just world, be serving multiple concurrent life sentences in Federal prison for their crimes. And, in a legal world that isn’t full of self-serving spineless cowards, there would be HUNDREDS of crimes to investigate. From Fannie and Freddie, to Deepwater Horizon/NALCO/Petrobas, to Fast and Furious, to the dozens of “Green” heists, to forged birth certificates and stolen identities, to ACORN, to the U.S. taxpayer reimbursing the Unions after they spent all their members’ pensions on Democrat campaigning…

    The list IS ENDLESS.

    These thieves make Kenneth Lay (of GREEN energy company ENRON, friend of Bill Clinton) and Bernie Madoff look like schoolyard lunch-money bullies.

    Alas, the legal world is full of cowards. Will nobody arrest these people?

  • Multitude

    I don’t understand it. Obama was out just yesterday saying that for three years, he’s tried to create a jobs plan but every time he did, the evil Republicans played po-po-po-politics and dastardly blocked his utopian efforts.

    Seriously, how can this information reconcile with the facts that Obama didn’t get a jobs plan before? He just told us that. Is someone in the news media making it up and claiming he’s had prior jobs plans? That wouldn’t be nice, given they’d be trying to make it look like he’s done this before, obviously to no positive benefit.

    I know exactly what the President’s been saying this week on not getting a chance. Does the media?

  • theBuckWheat

    This payoff to the Green Mafia is not “sustainable”, a concept they love to scold the rest of us about.

  • Mark1957

    **** New jobless claims rise to 428,000…. unexpectedly******

  • donh

    Mac Daddy Obama has brought the organized crime of drug dealing to a higher level of respectablility….politics. The danger here is that people like Van Jones now have duffle bags full of green cash to buy off republicans and cannibalize our ranks. Corrupting Republicans is Obama’s Modus Operandi and his greatest talent because its so easy. Keep this in mind as you see Wyclef Jean suddenly praising Palin as ” Cool ” just days after she makes sniper fire at Perry’s back.

  • arnonerik

    Wake up, folks! The alarm clock is ringing and most people are still sleeping. It’s not just Crony Capitalism, stupidity, or lack of real-life experience. This Marxist President is purposefully and diabolically trying to collapse the economy and cause serious civil unrest and turmoil. The fox is not only in the hen house, he is in charge and is telling the farmer and the chickens how to react.

  • hermie

    And just what kind of ‘permanent jobs’ are these? Most likely pencil pushers who spend their time filling out government paperwork….like making requests for more government loans and grants.

  • Liz

    IMPEACH. Solyndra scandal, Fast & FUrious. He steals from us, then he kills us with our own weapons.

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  • Don Schreiber

    4.8 mil per job?! That’s a whole lota green!

  • donh

    Go for the impeachment. After the loss of Weiner’s seat, the Democrats may finally realize their party would benefit from a Nixon moment, as well as the country. Don’t just leave Obama alone because you want an easy pick off in the 2012 election.

  • I understand this story needs to reported on but let’s be REAL !!! Government has been stealing taxpayers money going back to George Washington !!! Until We get a Congress and President in there that agree to ammending the Constitution that say the US Government will become an open and transparent Government to WE THE PEOPLE , the stealing will continue !!! Until WE THE PEOPLE , really for ONCE , start holding the Politicians ACCOUNTABLE for what they do , onward with the Status Quo !!! I gaurantee you this , thing aren’t going to dramtically change come 2012 !!! MARK MY WORDS !!!

  • lethargic

    I think the Post is Attaaaaaaaaaaaacking President Obamessiah and he needs to have those SOB’s taken out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Taqiyyotomist


    Right now, a 24-hour propaganda campaign is underway.

    The ad on my weather site said: This is your last chance to choose reality.

    The Devil stalks the earth: to steal, kill, and destroy.

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  • Valerie

    We already have a patent system for the purpose of fostering technology. Where it is left to operate, and where the technology exists, it works well. Think of the way electronics have gotten better and cheaper in dizzying cycles.

    If the technology were available, people would buy and use it, because they desire it.

  • Francesca

    All I know is that if we don’t get rid of this man and all his cronies, WE ARE DOOMED.

  • Finncrisp

    Soylent Green is OBAMA…

  • I guess you all forgot about this ???!!! Again no one was held accountable !!!

  • Ron

    THIS IS WHAT REAL CRONY CAPITALISM LOOKS LIKE. Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Reid are up to their noses in this crap and then some; Instead of focusing on the perpitrators of real crony capitalism, a couple of shills supposedly on our side are busy trying to score cheap political points trying to smear one of ours as a crony capitalist. You know who this helps? Take a wild guess. Some people should concentrate on the real crony capitalists if the want to stay rellevant.

  • Tjexcite

    Money laundered to pay for fast and furious and some of Arab spring. Iran-Contra on steroids.

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  • Ladue Pundit

    That comes out to $4,853,000 per permanent job.

    “Permanent” job? More like permanent income. These green companies are not actually creating jobs.

    Let’s all stop using the phrase “Crony Capitalism,” please. This is PHONY CAPITALISM. True Capitalism does not steal money away from private individuals and give it to other private individuals. It’s called socialism.

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  • kansas

    Wonder how they like being on the receiving end of Alinsky’s little rules?

  • JPeden

    Obama Debt = $4.5 trillion = ~9,000 Solyndras = 3,000 Solyndras/$1.5 trillion/yr. Obama Deficit

    Proudly heading for the creation of 10 new Solyndras/day!

  • Collaborator

    Does the 3,500 jobs inlcude the 1,100 Solyndra workes who were CANNED when it filed bankruptcy? If so, the per job cost should jump dramatically.

  • JPeden

    Is Obama stupid, or is he just an average Commie?

    1] yes

    2] yes, yes

    3] mmm…mmm…mmm

    4] Si se pueda!

  • Valerie

    #14 September 15, 2011 at 7:37 am
    Taqiyyotomist commented:

    Nalco has been is a real company, with real technology, for many decades before now, and they would be in a position to supply a lot of dispersant. I would not be in the least bit surprised if they offered their products upon hearing the news.

    Your information might be coming from a place like this:

    where the only truthful statement on the whole page is here:

    NALCO, makers of Corexit: “Corexit is a simple blend of six well-established, safe ingredients that biodegrade, do not bioaccumulate and are commonly found in popular household products.“

    There’s been a class-action lawsuit filed against BP and Nalco, probably because BP was operating under a regulatory scheme and may be insulated, and Nalco is seen as having deep pockets.

    So, if you use a technology that involves any chemistry at all to help clean up a major disaster, you get sued. Nice.

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  • Valerie

    #14 September 15, 2011 at 7:37 am
    Taqiyyotomist commented:

    I have no problem if someone wants to get the backstory on how Nalco was chosen to supply dispersant. It may be that the government ignored offers from other companies for no good reason. In that case, I would think a review, and revision of some procurement rules, might be appropriate.

    It’s just that blowing up an oil rig in the hopes of getting a government contract to supply dispersant for the cleanup is a crime (murder, in this case) as well as being so risky, with no guaranteed payoff. Nalco would have no way to tell in advance that a conspirator would have the clout to see that the contract went to them, or that a dispersant would be used at all. It’s really so much easier to simply sell good product after the fact.

  • myohmy

    Why do you think it cost $35,000 a pop to attend Obama’s fundraising? Does some of the money are finding their way to the DNC pocket for Obama’s reelection? 1Billion fundraising goal is peanut compare to the TARP money Obama disperse to his crony friends.

  • big L

    I was figuring the payback of the loan of $535,000,000. I know naive of me but…
    If it was like a home loan as that is what most people think about particularly now, and the interest rate is 4% (there has to be a pay back of the loan, right? and it has to have an interest rate or the IRS would call it a gift, right?)then that would equal over 30 yrs:$2,554,000 per month. If every solar panel wholesales for, say, $500.00 and say the profit is 1/3rd = $166.00each.
    So I figured the portion of the profit that goes to the payback of the loan is about 20% or $33.00 per each panel wholesaled. Dividing that into the mortgage amount means 7760 panels need to be wholesaled each month to pay on the loan.
    Therefore I made an assumption that every home needs 40 panels for a typical installation.On the basis of that assumption, the installers would have to do 194 homes every month just to pay on the loan, not pay owners, investors and staff and plant expenses etc.
    So anyone elses’ figures would be welcome. I want to see if this would remotely figure out using everyman figures in “flyover land”, not Harvard figures.
    To pay all the costs and a profit (supposed to show a profit, right?)it would take way more than 194 homes a month, maybe 2000 a month.OR 80,000 panels a month.
    Think that it is feasible to sell that many panels to do that many homes ? every single month?Or to even manufacture that many?

  • JudithNYC

    As Palin says, this is “crony capitalism on steroids.” Thank you GATEWAY for highlighting this scam. Hope you continue to make sure it doesn’t become yesterday’s news. (Once the FBI destroys all the evidence for Holder et al, your blog may bbe the only place to hold Obama accountable for this fraud & embezelment of taxpayer money.

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  • Sparky

    I fear Americans will find that the stimulus money was just a huge payback to Democrat companies and donors of influence.

    The “Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers” is just governing the Chicago Way.

  • how many of those 3,545 jobs are still in existence. this is the money your grandchildren will be paying interest on and none of today’s politicans care.

  • #40 has it right its crony socialism.

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  • aprilnovember811

    These agencies in government have become nothing more than money laundering schemes. I wish we would finally see some trials of those involved in this. Their pensions should be confiscated to make restitution.

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  • As the old saying goes … I could have created a job for myself at half the rate.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

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  • CAB

    If he had created or saved the 65000 jobs as promised, that would be a bargain at only $580,000 per job!

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  • bill ayres

    You clowns gullible much?

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