Krauthammer: “Obama Is ‘President Zero’ – Zero Economic Expansion, Zero Jobs, Zero Ideas” (Video)

After the dismal jobs report Charles Krauthammer told the FOX News All Stars on Friday night, “Obama Is President Zero – zero economic expansion, zero jobs, zero ideas on how to cure the economy.”

Krauthammer went on to say the president’s speech on Thursday is a campaign speech.
“He doesn’t understand that his administration has stopped the economy in its tracks.”
Via NewsBusters:

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  • gary gulrud

    Well, Charles, we agree on one thing: Liberals are every bit as sick of Urkel as Conservatives.

  • Alfred

    Charles is right on. He must be a follower of Moonbattery. Blogger Dave Blount (aka Van Helsing) has been calling Obama Chairman Zero for years.

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  • Txn4ever

    These results are exactly what this administration wants.

    Please people, stop acting as though this is all some horrible mistake. This economy is precisely what obama’s handlers want it to be.

  • gus

    Obama is an IDIOT. Obama is and has ALWAYS BEEN. A Marxist. The FOOLS that have followed Captain Hopey/Changey, ARE….MORONS. The IDIOTS that STILL BELIEVE in Captain Fuktard…..ARE MORONS. Obama IS A MARXIST. Obama BELIEVES that SH!TTING all over CAPITALISM……..WORKS.
    Obama is a complete and UTTER ….LOSER. To not RECOGNIZE THAT. Is TREASONOUS.
    Obama is a piece of sh1T

  • befuddled

    You call it a prophecy, I call it a spoiler.

  • yourmaster

    He a one termer now.

    ….easing regulations will not get the jobs created.
    the GOP has the perfect setting to use on 0bama… He demonized the wealthy, not once… not twice… but 6 times! you don’t demonize or anger… the people you want to create the jobs in our nation. ….This is why the August jobs report is 0% jobs created. by threatening them to pay higher taxes and push them under more regulations – he’s screwed himself and the economy. ….Businesses will not hire while he remains in office: a threat to their prosperity.

    he had a supermajority of democrats the first 2 yrs of office
    (they ignored the economy)
    Liberalism is failure… He can’t grow government or press the liberal agenda
    of higher taxes, bigger government/nanny state, or more and more business regulations

    … will kill the economy….

    if his jobs plan has: tax the fucking rich in it….
    ……he can kiss his ass goodbye….

    0bama is maybe having an epiphiny….
    ….he has to choose between either his liberalist agenda which isn’t working
    and will ruin the nation… or the economy.

    he should of eased regulations 3 yrs ago….
    and we would of been out of the recession with more jobs created
    …..but he demonized business too much…. and now he will pay the price for it in 2012

  • Lisa G in NZ

    Txn4ever is correct – this is by design

    Charles is correct on this though…

    the regime has zero honesty, zero integrity, zero morality, zero empathy, zero common sense and I could go on and on

    REMEMBER TO be engaged, aware – vet and VOTE ALL THE BASTARDS OUT Nov 2012

  • jerrylud

    yep even his buddy van jones said if you want to change a country you destroy it and start over and make it the way you want not in those exact words but thats the gist of it its all on purpose

  • MrGoodWench

    “Obama Is President Zero – zero economic expansion, zero jobs, zero ideas on how to cure the economy.”
    He is a muslim anti-American anti-semite hardcore marxist , of suspicious pedigree .
    Thats all he is, thats all he will always be.
    We knew that 4 years ago.
    And we were right.

  • Andrew X

    Obama is well and truly screwed, no two ways about it. The fact is, everything that has already happened has…. already happened. Meaning it is all around his neck like an albatross. The business community in general are the only people who can start to heal the economy, and Obama has so utterly screwed and attacked them that there is no way, shape or form that they will trust him. Ergo, they will shrug en masse, and pray for a deliverer in 2012. Ditto the Republicans. The very speech date dance that Barone discusses is in fact very significant. There is only one possible reason for the original date, that is so Obama could say “Ha ha, I’m President and you’re not…. giggle giggle”. Then it blew up for the simplest of reasons. It was not only a total punk move, but a blitheringly incompetent one to boot. So Republicans are given reason #6,412 not to trust this guy… at all.

    Here’s something to watch for: There is scuttlebut that he will on say Thursday, among other things, that “We will have other plans in mind that we will be rolling out over the next few weeks/months….” Look for a reaction to that to be explosive, and poll-killing. “Other Plans”?!?! Are you kidding ? There are only two possibilities for not telling us now – He either still has not come up with them, after three years, a bazillion rounds of golf, a nice chill in Martha’s Vinyard, etc etc….. or he has them ready, but they are big secret plans we unwashed are not privvy to. That’s it, one of the two. There is nothing else. Which of those two will go over better with an angry and scared American public desperate for a leadership we can have confidence in?

    If we hear that, look for his polls to drop another three points, and one wonders if there really is a ‘Game Over’ point out there that is not too far away.

  • SSBN 627(B)

    Of course it’s a campaign speech. EVERYTHING this man does is campaign-oriented. Obama is first, last, and foremost nothing more than a street-common rabble-rouser; a pure communist agitator who has risen far far above his natural station in life. In a former era he would never have gotten past horribly common art or handing out Free Cuba pamphlets.

    But he does have excellent diction. I would dearly love to see percentages in the following two categories: People mag subscribers and American Idol viewers.

  • [email protected]

    When taxes come down for the middle class jobs will be created in order to provide the additional product and services that are required to meet the additional demand caused by the spendable income provided by the reduction in taxes. In my lifetime, only Ronald Reagan understood this.

    Businesses (small, medium or large) hire additional employees only when production necessitates.

    It seems that educfation makes idiots out of people. Especially politicians, pundits and media people.

  • a former dem

    Well, sometimes elitist Krauthmahemmer gets it absolutely correct, Barry is a zero, a marxist,

    Barry has put a chokehold on american businesses of every size, and then can’t figure out why they can’t breath, expand, etc.

    I know a small bus. owner, and they keep saying they’r hunkering down, and from their view, they will be laying off people, or making them part time next year, especially if the winter sales are awful, and of course they will be. This Barry-depression is only going to get worse, MUCH worse.

  • baseballguy

    Stopping the economy is a feature not a bug to these idjits. Normally it can recover from deomcrap policies and they say see, no problem. This is the third instance where they went a policy too far – FDR, the peanut man and this bozo have proven that there is a line which cannot be crossed.

  • RedBeard

    Krauthammer probably went as far as he dared, speaking in public. But privately, he must be thinking that Cloward-Piven is operational and deployed.

  • jorgen

    We all know that he is ‘President Zero’ – I am more surprised that Krauthammer can see that.

  • big L

    cya from Dr K. Thanks for scuttling Palin, Krauty. You had your chance. REtire. No one is listening to you, relatively speaking. KMA.


    odumbass is doing exactly what he set out to do…destroy this country…as a mooslum this is his goal along with all the muhanimals that believe in our destruction…

  • vityas

    I agree it’s by design.
    Does it matter how this is explained to the voters who are not like us, who are not informed, who do not follow every (fill in the blank) thing 0 says?
    As long as we vote him out, we have a chance to repair the damage.
    To let people think/imagine/delude themselves that he isn’t doing this on purpose, isn’t as important as convincing everyone destruction is proceeding apace and must be stopped.