Couple of Dozen Protesters Meet Mitt Romney at Tea Party Rally

Mitt Romney spoke at a Tea Party rally in Concord, N.H., on Sunday night. (New York Times)

More than 35 protesters turned out today to protest Mitt Romney at a tea party rally. reported:

More than 25 protesters turned out before a Tea Party Express rally this evening to protest not President Obama, but Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

“We do not need leadership that puts their finger up, sees which way the wind’s blowing and then all of a sudden changes their mind and goes back in that direction,” Tim Carter, a leader of the Lakes Region Tea Party in New Hampshire. “If you look at Mitt’s past voting record, I think that’s what you’re going to see.”

“When you come to less government, which the Tea Party stands for, how could you possibly explain that with Romneycare?” Carter said. “It doesn’t even compute. “

The FreedomWorks rally was held before the larger Tea Party Express rally, where Romney was scheduled to speak. FreedomWorks had been active with the Tea Party Express, but pulled its staff member off the Express bus to protest Romney’s inclusion in today’s event. After holding the anti-Romney rally, it urged participants to join the Express event, held in the same place.

The Tea Party Express tour, which is crossing the country in the lead-up to a Tea Party-sponsored Sept. 12 presidential debate, invited all Republican presidential candidates to speak at rallies along the route. With the entrance of Texas Governor Rick Perry into the presidential race, Romney has showed signs that he will be reaching out more to Tea Party activists.

While some Tea Party leaders in New Hampshire say Romney has reached out to them and appeared at their events, none of his outreach has been as overt as today’s appearance at the Tea Party Express rally, followed by an appearance tomorrow at a Labor Day forum in South Carolina with Tea Party leader and Senator Jim DeMint. Some factions of the Tea Party have reacted angrily to Romney’s recent outreach, claiming Romney is not a true Tea Partier.

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  • arnonerik

    While I would vote for Romney if he ends up the nominee I wouldn’t be very enthusiastic about it. He is far down on my list but he is ahead of Huntsman.


    Run Sarah Run!!

  • a former dem

    if Romney is the nominee, I would absolutely vote for him against the marxist in chief that’s there now. But I’m voting for Perry, don’t agree with him on everything either, but I like that he hits back and fights back very hard.

    bottom line, ABO.

  • Craig

    @ a former dem

    Nobody hits back and fights back as hard as Ron Paul. He wants to abolish the private Federal Reserve, the IRS, and all things not constitutional and put an end to all the illegals wars and wants the troopsback home to control the borders. He even wants to abolish Foreign Aid. Like he says: “Foreign Aid is taking money from the poor people of a rich country and to give it to the rich people of the poor countries”.

    You will never get a better candidate for your country.

  • aBircherSpeaks

    Mitt who?

  • Valerie

    Oh,, yeeps. We do not need a weirdo for President.

    If Romney is the nominee, I’ll vote for him. I will vote for anyone I think, as Dick Cheney said, who will be able to help our economic situation.

    Ron Paul, unfortunately is a nut. He is likely to be no more competent in office than Obama, and his foreign policy points are as far off as Jimmy Carter’s. No. No. No. No.

    We can do better than either Obama or Ron Paul.

  • Island Girl

    Craig -75 is too old.

  • Craig

    Valerie, I hate to tell you this. But, if you do not see that Ron Paul is the man of the situation, you will lose your country. You’ve been warned… don’t come crying on this site if you elect another neocon or the globalist elites choice Rick Perry. I won’t be sorry for you.

    What’s wrong with you people? How can you be so blind and gullible? Aren’t you fed up of being fooled all the time by those slicky politicians? Realize that you will eventually lose your World Reserve Currency… have you no idea what that means? I guess not. Wake-up before it’s too late! Ron Paul revolution has solutions.

  • Craig

    @ Island Girl,

    Ron Paul is too old? And how old was Reagan when he left office?
    Ron Paul is in great physical and mental shape… younger than most people in their fourties. Besides he has young ideas… “Freedom” is a young and new concept, it’s been tried for less than 250 years. Give it a try, don’t throw it away whit these phony candidates. Ron Paul young ideas attracts young people. The rest of the candidates only attracks older people that are stucked in the Stau Quo.

  • Craig

    Sorry, I meant “Statu Quo”. Meaning business as usual: corrupted politicians, bought and payed for by the globalist elites, the banksters and the lobbies. Ron Paul is the one an only incorruptible candidate for the presidency.

  • a former dem

    if Ron Paul is the repub nominee and I doubt he will be, I will vote for him, campaign for him — I plan to do that for any repub nominee. But he will not get the nomination, I agree with him on Fed policies, on Gold standards, on most if not all fiscal policies, but I do not agree with him on his statements like “Iran having nukes is no big thing” as paul stated in the last debate.

    This is where I cannot agree with him, he brings up history of how the US “meddled” in other countries affairs, lets say even if a voter agrees with this view, we cannot turn back time, we are where we are, and the problems that are here now have to be confronted, not traced back through history. I wish he would reconsider staying in the House, I like watching Ron Paul grill Dr. Ben of the Fed and I learn a lot listening to Ron Paul discuss monetary and fiscal policy, I just wish he was more like his son when it comes to defense issues.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Is there a Christian in the house?

    One who doesn’t believe in a false gospel?

    So far, it doesn’t appear that there is.

    So be it, and, because of this, God Help Us.

  • Patty

    Well, Romney needs the Tea Party. But the Tea Party doesn’t need him.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    What does Ron Paul believe, theologically?

    Believe it or not (NOT to your, and our, utter peril), it matters.

    What does Palin believe?

    It matters.

  • Amjean

    It is wrong for the Tea Party to protest Mitt Romney. He is a republican presidential
    candidate and deserves respect. Let all the candidates have their townhalls, speeches,
    debates, etc. If you don’t like Romney, vote for someone else.

    Very tacky behavior.

  • Patty

    Personally, once you are in the race and you are running for President, no question or questions are off limits. That said, seems Sarah was attacked brutally and not just by the so called reporters, but in magazines, radio, T.V., internet, shall I go on.

    The treatment of Romney, well let’s just say in nothing compared to what Sarah has gotten and will continue to get.

    No rocks are being thrown, Americans want answers and if Romney was smart he would be ready to answer for Romney Care and one day he says one thing and then turns around and does another.

    So, disrespect? I don’t see it.

  • Craig

    #11 September 4, 2011 at 10:16 pm
    a former dem

    Ron Paul is very stong on defense issues. But he is against offensive issues. Two very different things. Your country has never been attacked… 9/11 was an inside job. Yes they have looked to find radicals islamists to stage 9/11… they paid them, , trained them and they got help by your corrupted government that has been hyjacked a long time ago by the Cartel of International Bankers (Federal Reserve NWO globalist elites) and they made sure that the WTC was filled with explosives. before the crash of the planes by these suicide extremists. Eight out of ten members of the official 9/11 WTC commission do not believe the official story. Why do you think they had a drill at the same time? They always have drills at those events. Coincidence? I think not. And what about Building seven? By the way, the Irak war was planned well ahead of 9/11. Please do some research.

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  • A hard choice, all are qualified in varying degrees, especially compared to the slate we had in 2008. The first debate might weed out some. The longer Sarah waits, even her supporters, will be weary of the “playing” the media. I think she is enjoying that.

  • Craig

    And what about the Afghanistan war? They are there for the Opium, only… that’s it. They smuggle the drug back in USA. They have to get out of there. And what are they doing in Lybia? Putting Al Qaeda in power… wow! The USA corporation, not the real USA because it doesn’t exist anymore, are always medling in other countries to throw out the dictators that they have chiosen and given billions of dollars to, only to put a new and worse dictator that will obey the NWO’s plan better. And who pays for all that? You the taxpayers.

    And by the way, the Terrorrist scam is like the Global Warming scam, just as fake as a 3$ bill. They want to scare you so you will give up your rights and freedom for security… you will get neither. You have a better chance to be killed by a bee sting than you have to be killed by a terrorist. Oh… and now, your government thinks YOU are the terrorists…lol
    Can’t you see their game? And Iran won’t attack you, neither will they attack Israel. USA and Israel have all it takes to protect themselves… Iranians are not crazy, they know that.

  • Rock

    Amjean #15,
    It is wrong for the Tea Party to protest Mitt Romney.

    Are you kidding, the Tea Party woke up the American Conservative, otherwise we still be standing around with our heads in the ground or worse up our a$$. I tend to look their way before spreading any of my money around. Many of these candidates have their devoted followers. They put them office for what ever reason, now we are fighting for our future and I will trust the Tea Party backing over devotee backing each and every time. I have absolutely no faith that the silent majority will do anything but keep stepping in the same pile time after time.

  • Turtle

    Its about time the tea parties started standing up against these Rhinos WE DO NOT NEED POLITICS AS USUAL WE NEED THE ANTIPOLITICIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They say in the months after Sara Palin got in office was a very scary time to be a crooked politician in Alaska.
    Imagine how scared they will be when she swears in to the White House.

  • Patty


    They certainly did. And I am more aligned with them than ever.

    Government is out of control, all departments under Obama are abusing their authority. We see some of it but I have been so afraid as to what is going on behind close doors.

    Someone so far left as Obama has frightened many to the core. But NOT the Tea Party and they are standing strong and without them God only knows where we would be now.

    So, questions need answers and Romney is NOW out there and Very much in the Public Eye and because of media covering Obama never was questioned. That can’t and won’t happen this time around. And I say, thank you Tea Party weed them out.

  • Patty

    Obama still has rather high approval rating.

    Those are the voters who are still in love with him for looks or something more stupid.

    Wallace asked one of the people on the panel, will they vote for Obama because of his looks?

    I was so mad. And the answer is Yes. Now, in my opinion these voters are lost. So, we can count of them to vote for Obama this time around.

    As for Perry or Romney…both are handsome men but more women will vote for the more moderate, simply because Perry is too conservative, that said I wish that no matter who runs Obama will lose.

    Point is voters are strange and many vote because it is right but never research but for their looks. So, darn dumb.

  • Craig

    Patty, I do not believe Obama is far left and a socialist. On the contrary, he is a faschist corporatist globalist scumbag! He gives waivers to his friends. His redistribution of wealth only goes to foreing banks and big corporations. His Tzars are trying very hard to install a brutal Police State to protect the Banksters that rubbed you blind and to make sure that you will be unable to protest whatever the rules that the government forces on you. I mean, let’s face it, did you hear of the 41 years old American man, with no criminal backgrounds, that is charge with 75 years in prison for videotaping the police at a public event? Yep! A Police State my friends!

  • Patty


    I see our freedoms slipping away every day. I am not sure if there will be time enough to repair ALL the damage. But if Americans will open their eyes and see if they are better off now and then say NO to Obama, it is a start.

    One thing comes to mind is NOW and not back when Bush was saying it, Obama is taking on the Banks for the Sub prime loan scam. This will cost more money and it should have been done years ago. Carter was bad but of course Obama is worse but who knew, I did but those who were so fooled and taken with speeches and looks, barf, voted with heart and not the man. He was covered by Media time and time again.

    Socialist, yes, very much so, inexperienced, very much so.

    One thing we have in our favor is Obama owns this mess he created and so many Americans will vote now with real facts and it won’t be covered up by the media.

    I just want my Country BACK! And the start will be Obama out of Office and our lives.

  • Patty

    In place of having experience Obama picks something willy nilly out of thin air and if liberal enough takes it on. He has so many talking to him and hoping that he will do whatever or whenever, as they too are so liberal and feel there just isn’t enough time.

    Something is going on but the only conclusion is Obama simply has no experience in what is breaking this nation. He is off in some la la land. He wants to change this nation into Socialism for sure but there is still that nagging question, what the H is he thinking. Supposedly, he is so intelligent but in What?

    Civil Rights, maybe? That is suppose to be over. Getting back at all those who have created great jobs? Apparently, he is! I think Obama has waited too long now to use his head and shape up, his actions are alarming and out of sorts and out of touch.

    Americans are tired of waiting for Obama to come to his senses. So, Perry or Romney, IT HAS GOT TO BE BETTER THAN THIS.

  • Craig

    @ Patty (#25)

    You’ve got that right!

    – First step: kick the Kenyan fraud out!

    – Second step, don’t vote for Perry or Romney.

    – As for Backmann, besides her past as a tax collector, she is not that bad, but I don’t trust her “crazy eyes”… they are very scary. You know, they say eyes are the soul’s mirror.

    – And for Sarah Palin, I don’t really know. She seams real, but does she have the experience? And the fact that she resigned her Governor’s position, scares me.

    -The only one who doesn’t scare me is Ron Paul. He is not fooling around, he is attacking the Big Establishment with no fear for his life. eventhough he should. Don’t forget what happened to Kennedy.

  • Patty

    Ron Paul, please! Iran comment…geesh! They are going on the Power Grid.

    Palin no experience, Please! More than Obama.

    Perry or Romney will be the candidates to watch. Sarah will be a big influence and possible VP, yes, I said it. But she won’t.

  • Craig

    Sorry Patty, I was responding to you #26 post. As for your #27 post, I will say this: The reason Perry and Romney would be bad is because they both will be puppet Presidents who will recieve their orders from the globalist scums. They have already proved that by the past. But Ron Paul will not. He will be standing strong as One man truthfull to the Constitution.

  • The real back story here is the fact that Freedom Works sent out several calls throughout their network to protest this event and the MOST they can pull is 35?? Kind of shows the Tea Party doesn’t take orders from on high too well. And, while I’ve seen no reports on the size of the TeaParty Express crowd, I imagine other than Romney troops, it was pretty darned small as well.

  • Craig

    Patty, foget about Iran, don’t fall for the medias and politicians propaganda. Iran won’t attack you, neither will they attack Israel. USA and Israel have all it takes to protect themselves… Iranians are not crazy, they know that. Can’t you see the game they are playing? Please do some rechearch… serious ones.

  • Patty


    He is a great person but will NOT get the votes we need to win.

    He has a tendency to say some really crazy things. He hates us being in these wars and so do I but we needed to do something after 9/11. And Iran has the bomb and fooling us or not they are a threat and Paul’s comments were very strange on Iran.

    Puppets, who is Obama’s master? Soros! With Perry or Romney we will be better off but I see your point…it seems bad habits are hard to change but the Tea Party is trying and they are just getting started.
    Good night.

  • Craig

    The masters of Obama, Perry and all the others are the NWO globalist elistes scumbags. They all serve the same Masters. And rechearch 9/11, it was definately an inside job. I know you don’t want to believe this, but it is the truth. It took me a long time to believe it, but now I know… no doubt about that whatsoever.

  • Patty


    Re read your post….Iran! They are crazy. They lack the money. I heard Bolton say they are a threat but did say the lack money, too.

    Well, it just takes one person with a happy trigger finger. I wouldn’t rule them out, and by the way, I do research.

  • Patty

    OMG, was leaving but I see you are one of those crazy TRUTHERS!!!

  • Highlander

    Craig, you lose all credibility when you spout that nonsense about 9/11 being an inside job.

  • Patty

    Yes, the buildings couldn’t have fallen down like that unless there was a bomb previously planted. And an inside job! Dear God.

    Theories flying and this usually happens because people are so shocked and want to discredit.

    Now, we are on 9/11, really, I thought this was about Candidate Romney.

  • Craig

    “…and by the way, I do research”.

    Good, that’s all it takes to find out the truth. I wish more people would. If people would read government declassified documents, or read the books that the globalists wrote, they wouldn’t believe what they are reading. All things were planned ahead by this corrupted cartel who hyjacked your country in 1913. It is an orchestrated destruction of America so they will be able to install their tyranical NWO, unelected government.

  • Craig

    From your last comments Patty, I can see that you do not do serious rechearches. 9/11 is an inside job. One day you will be confirmed and wont beleive how naive your were.

  • Patty

    I have faith in America. I believe that Obama will lose so bad that even Soros will wonder why his money didn’t do the trick this time. And for me Craig, the future looks bright.

    We are so close to a new President we just can’t wait to get the one out of office, now.

    I live for the day and what the future holds. I have faith in America.

  • Patty


    Research, I have see these theories many times. I seriously believe that 9/11 was an attack by those who hate us.

    Murder is murder and may the attackers burn in Hell.

  • Craig

    I had lost faith in America for a while, but now my faith came back with Ron Paul. He will get you out of this mess if they don’t kill him before. He stands firm to these globalist scums.

  • Craig

    Yes, and the ones who hates you is your own government bought and paid for by the Globalists.

  • Patty

    Like me you have been on here too long. You are beginning to become a little stir crazy!
    🙂 night and this time it is for real.

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  • Patty

    Craig, who are these Globalist,
    Make it brief please I am tired.

  • Patty

    Are you researching? lol

  • Craig

    The Criminal Cartel of International bankers.

  • Patty

    That sounds like something Obama is investigating. LOL Said he was going to take down the banks who took all the sub prime loan shares and sold them.

    Seriously, I believe the worse threat are the politician bleeding hearts and those who have given entitlements that were once met to help but now they are putting our nation further and further in debt, they have mushroom over the years and now with this crisis it is even more difficult to get back on the purpose they were meant for. Short term help.

    I do know that China is becoming more powerful economically. And America must stop the spending and any candidate who sees this will win. Obama has no chance as the economy will stagnate.

  • Patty


    Good night. And as I see it, You are a big Ron Paul Fan!!

  • Craig

    Good night Patty.

    Here is a good article for you tomorrow:

    The Federal Reserve – a criminal cartel!

  • Varmint Hunter

    Ron Paul’s greatest obstacle to winning the Presidency is his followers. Paulians turn me off more than Obama supporters because the Paulian mind is bent somewhat toward conservatism rather than just being brain dead liberals incapable of critical thinking. Paulians ought to know better than to place so much stock in one fallible human being. Jesus ain’t giving up His seat at the right hand of God anytime soon. Obama-trons pale in comparison to Ron Paul’s dedicated minions in terms of their obsequious hero-worship and perpetual warnings of how only Ron Paul can be America’s savior. The Paulian resolve for Ron Paul’s success equals or exceeds that which the progressive media have for Obama’s success. It is not mentally healthy. It’s a pathological, clinical obsession. I would rather wear a Doberman on the seat of my pants than be trapped in a conversation with one of Paul’s supporters. You can bet every time it’s going to be a conversation traveling in only one direction. Constructive criticism of Ron Paul sends them into orbit with lather and froth. I cannot flee the presence of a person wearing a Ron Paul t-shirt fast enough.

  • Craig

    A must see:

    The Money Masters – How International Bankers Gained Control of America

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  • Militant Conservative

    Geez, Craig is a nutter.

    ABO, this includes Paul. He has not a ghost of a

    Chance. So why keep pissing up a rope?

    Romney is the traditional RINO, still watching how

    This all plays out.

    Powder is dry.

  • BS61

    #53 September 5, 2011 at 1:06 am
    Varmint Hunter commented:
    Ron Paul’s greatest obstacle to winning the Presidency is his followers.

    Yes! I do tell them so when they post anit-jew or 9/11 stuff. Most follow Alex Jones.

  • Militant Conservative

    Yup and the ship goes down due to the nutters.

    Best to spend your money on a real candidate.

    Good ideas in Ron Paul, unstable platform

    Good field of Republican candidates, the dem’s

    Are boned. To get rid of obammy they have to

    Cross the bridge of “your a racist”. So screwed.

    Powder is dry

  • AuntieMadder

    I don’t care for Mitts one bit and I’m well aware that he’s the lefturd elitists’, both Demonrats and RINOs, pick for the GOP ticket in 2012. However, I don’t think eating our own in front of the lefturd media, providing them negative footage of the right to be played and replayed for the lesser informed masses through the end of the GOP primaries, is the way to let Mitts and those who’ve chosen him for us know that we don’t want him. Let them know by voting for a real conservative in the GOP primaries. They’ll get the message then.

  • Evil Otto

    Thanks, Craig, for once again proving that Ron Paul supporters are frothing, paranoid nutcases. What is it about you people that make you believe every bullsh*t conspiracy theory that comes along? It’s gotten to the point when I see one of you Paulbots comment there’s a good 50% chance that he’s a truther. What’s next, Craig, gonna start telling us about the Bilderbergers? Maybe you can tell us how the moon landing was a hoax.

    Personally, I agree with Paul on a lot of fiscal issues. As I’ve said before, if I were president I’d make Paul secretary of the treasury, give him a chainsaw, and tell him to have at ’em. As president, though? No. Just no. Despite what you say, he’s not “strong” on defense, he’s weak and isolationist.

    You Ron Paul followers, though… you’re the deal-breakers for me. You’re CRAZY. You’re paranoid, given to believing the stupidest conspiracy theories, unwilling to accept that countries like Iran may actually pose a threat, and you react with hate and sneering contempt to anyone who dares to criticize Paul.

    What’s even worse is your messianic belief in Paul. He’s not just a political leader to you lot… he’s a frikkin’ religious figure. Somehow, if you manage to get him elected, he’ll fix ALL the problems of this country. You have no organization in place to make these changes, no national mass movement to elect people with similar views to Paul. In the infinitesimally unlikely event Paul was elected, how would he make the changes you desire? The president is not the king. He needs a cooperative congress… where is that going to come from? How will you defeat the Democrats? You people have the same attitudes as the Obama cultists had in 2008, even though your political beliefs are the opposite of theirs. You put your faith in one man to change the country. It doesn’t work like that, and thank God for that.

    You want to help Ron Paul get elected, Craig? Then SHUT UP. Stop spouting your truther crap, stop behaving like a cultist, because you’re doing more damage to him than any Democrat could. When I see someone like you spouting truther nonsense, I put it down as a strike against the candidate they support. Should Paul become the nominee for the Republicans (something which is not going to happen), the Democrats are going to destroy him… and people like you are going to help them do it.

    Ron Paul is a politician. Do you understand that? Start treating him like one.

  • banshee

    I will vote for the GOP nominee even if he or she is not my preferred candidate. anything else would be a vote for Obama. And I will view third-party conservative or libertarian candidates as people who put ego ahead of country. Same with those who vote for them; they put petulance ahead of country.

  • Vixen

    Romney would be much more at home as a Dem. Just take a look at his record. Yes, he’s MUCH worse than you imagine.

    See here:

  • banshee

    I agree about Paul fans. They obnoxiously insist on supporting a man who cannot even get his party’s nomination. I like a lot of what I’ve heard from Paul, but even Perot got 19% of the vote. The winner in 2012 will be someone nominated by the Dems or the GOP, and throwing tantrums in the voting booth won’t unseat Obama.

  • squeaky

    republican politicos should know that they’re not off the hook because of the r next to their name. dancing with obama doesn’t protect scott brown from democrat contenders…..i think in ma one republican [rino or not] is too much, but we shall see. and it’s interesting that deval isn’t clamouring to have his name added to romneycare since he gave it all the bells and whistles needed to sink it. if it was a rounding success we’d be talking about patrickcare.
    romney launched a dingy and patrick filled it everything but the kitchen sink.

  • No Man

    I was about to ask Craig if he intends to vote for Obama, again.

    Not necessary: he probably would not be allowed out of that padded cell.

  • Hoft LIES!! is The Boston Globe’s web site. They’re a communist rag dedicated to taking down the ONLY serious Tea Party Republican, Mitt Romney. Romney has never shifted a position in his life, doesn’t pay taxes, and mutters about “job creators” and “uncertainty” with the best of them. In short, he’s the perfect America-hater Tea Party candidate, and your commie host Hoft hates him. Combover Boy, youze suck!

  • aeroguy48

    Shows the effectivness of the TEA party eh? Pulling the candidates right, if Rommney feels the need to pander to the TEA party, we grassroot Americans are getting into the action. It will definatly be felt during the preciecent chairmenships/committieship nominations coming up this winter, we will infiltrate and influence the Republican party and pull it right, Rommney sees this

  • Sandy

    #3 September 4, 2011 at 9:26 pm
    a former dem commented:
    if Romney is the nominee, I would absolutely vote for him against the marxist in chief that’s there now. But I’m voting for Perry, don’t agree with him on everything either, but I like that he hits back and fights back very hard.

    Rick Perry will be missing his debate in South Carolina in order to go back to Texas because Forest Fires there are burning out of control. Can you imagine Obama doing that? Perry’s the one I will be voting for but I will vote for the Republican nominee — whoever that may be.

  • mcc

    I hope you all are watching CNN broadcast Jim DeMint’s forum to hear the Republican candidates: Michele Bachmann on now (they just took a break) and she’s fantastic. She still leads the pack in my opinion. The rest of the pack will follow (Perry’s not there – fires in Texas).

  • Mama Grizzly

    I still think Perry is fake.


    It’s just what I read in his face and his record is a problem.

    With the other candidates, you know exactly what you get.

    With Perry it’s “all the right” verbage–all the right points–but talk is cheap. What about after the campaign.

    I mean, Obama sounded like a conservative during his campaign most of the time (some slip-ups, but mostly fake-outs that sounded really good).

    I am wary.

  • fiona

    Whoever the presidential candidate – please please please DO NOT neglect your congressional candidates! Get busy and get some good ones in place before the primaries to replace RINOS with solid Tea Party Candidates, support any good congressmen or Senators who have proven themselves by not taking pork and standing up for the people. If we are lucky, we will take both Houses of Congress and the White House – if not so lucky, who would not like to see the current occupant twist around trying to get around a congressional majority? Presidential politics are NOT the be all end all of political life – congress and state houses and legislatures are even more important if you are a supporter of the Constitution!

  • Old Fan

    Sounds like Mr. Romney handled the challenges quite well.

    My question to Mr. Hoft, would he like to see, and report, a similar protest to Mr. Perry for commending Hillary Clinton’s attempt to Nationalize Health Care behind closed doors?

    The problem with fashion, is it is so stuck on imagery and it always gets it wrong. It isn’t serous conservatism. And often only proves self destructive.

    Mr. Perry’s hype is already so overblown, it is deflating. Regretfully, this is today’s fashionable push. The game gives the image of Mrs. Palin a pass, even as she pushed Climate Panel bureaucracy and raised taxes on Oil Industries.

    Mr. Perry has already offered some pretty tired class warfare – populism, dissing “Wall Street” almost like Mr. Obama does. His record is like an old time Southern Democrat.

    Right now, Romney’s free market background, still looks just as good as any of the Candidates, perhaps the best – with the proven ability to turn around failure.

    Don’t follow fashion Mr. Hoft, you are simply far better than the weak image game.

  • Your headline should read: Couple of Dozen Protesters Meet Mitt Romney at Tea Party Rally, Their Numbers Dwarfed by Tea Partiers Who Show Up to Support Mitt.