Bluff Called… Republicans Demand Buffett’s Tax Returns

Bluff Called.
Senate Republicans demanded that Warren Buffett, the namesake of Obama’s tax hikes, turn over his tax returns so they can be compared to his secretary’s returns.
Buffett says his secretary pays more taxes than he does.

Republicans want to see Buffett’s tax returns.
The Hill reported:

The GOP is making a concerted effort to pressure billionaire investment guru Warren Buffett to release his tax returns to the public.

Republicans say Buffett — the public face of Obama’s proposed “Buffett rule” to increase taxes on the wealthy — needs to reveal his finances if his views on tax rates are going to serve as the basis for Obama administration policy.

“Will Warren Buffett release his tax returns so we can see why he should be the standard for tax policy?” Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) questioned in a tweet Thursday.

“If he’s going to be the gold standard, so to speak, in terms of what our tax policy should be, yeah, let’s look at it [his tax returns],” Cornyn told ABC News.

Buffett’s ties to the administration don’t end with the tax plan. He is also helping the president fundraise for his reelection campaign and has become a vocal champion of the administration’s deficit-reduction goals.

Buffett called on the administration to raise taxes on him and his “mega-rich” friends in an op-ed earlier in the year, and claimed he pays taxes at a lower rate than his secretary.

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  • Mark1957

    The Republican’s stance should be that Buffet isn’t paying too little, his secretary is paying too much. Nobody should pay more, we all need to pay less.

  • MrGoodWench

    I would also be interested to see documents from Buffett’s accountants and lawyers justifying Buffett’s non-payment of taxes amounting to a billion dollars

  • Liz

    Darn right, Buffet. Let’s see it big talker. Big stuff, this Buffet. Give all of it up. Let oBAMA WASTE ALL YOUR $$$ BUT LEAVE US OUT OF IT.

  • big L

    Buffay is also negotiating with the govt on a billion dollar tax bill.

    Go for it GOPers, right on. Push back. always, always push back

  • KR

    Buffett is comparing long term capital gains income to his secretary’s employment income taxes.

  • Rock

    Yea we will see them right after we see WTFs collage transcribes and his real birth papers. These folks are so crooked that sidewinders are jealous.

  • Multitude

    In case any of you GWP folks think Buffet’s a “kind Omaha midwestern fella with decent, middle class values,” you need to quit reading the NY Times propaganda. He’s a image-manipulating jerk and only the ignorant Omahans fall for that nonsense.

    He’s well known in Omaha for being an arrogant prick who throws family members under the bus when they dare challenge his myths. Jamie Johnson, of the Johnson & Johnson family, produced an interesting documentary called the One Percent that talks about how the $650 mil. and up “real rich” partake in special conferences and legal advice to hide almost all of their wealth from taxation. Trust funds, endowments, donations upon death to other friends trusts, etc. all keeps the money away from taxation. At the same time, they pay next to nothing in income tax, parade around claiming how “middle class” they are (only in what their tax liability looks like) as they shuttle from mansion to mansion (often structured as investment properties), ride around in their ships one-upping each other (100′ is small these days) which are also owned by one of their companies and according to one Omaha “rich,” written off as marketing expenses in their companies.

    In Jamie Johnson’s film, one of Warren Buffet’s grand-daughters is interviewed. Apparently this is a no-no to Warren, since any children or grandchildren could leak out the truth about his carefully crafted myth of middle-classness. She talked about how she’s an artist and a nanny for another “not so rich” rich family worth only a couple hundred million dollars, but since Warren intends to leave his money to his corporate buddies and their trusts, she lives the life of a nanny.

    This was too much for Warren, who sent a sick letter to her declaring she was “disowned from the family.” He points out that she was “never a real member of my family” because she was adopted (got that? adopted children aren’t “real” children to Buffet), but he “allowed” her to pretend she was a family member as long as she shut up and let Buffet’s PR firm manage his image. By speaking with another billionaire grandchild in his film project, she was dead to him. And I haven’t said anything about his bizarre marriage and sexual interests, which those who are curious can look that up (I don’t care if he has strange multiple partner arrangements and believe perhaps that’s what Clinton found interesting in him; consenting adults can and should be able to engage in that, but let’s knock off the “good midwestern grandfatherly type” nonsense).

    Warren Buffet is a sick bastard. I grew up in Omaha and we knew he’s all snake oil. He’s a ruthless bastard in business, which is one thing, but the whole gentle fuzzy little old midwestern man who eats a $3 breakfast at a 1950s diner and enjoys his steak and spaghetti at Goratz is a fabrication for you fools. He’s played that image racket for years, just as Bernie Ebbers (whom I met in the late 80s) would walk off his corporate jet wearing overalls and played up the dumb ol’ Southerner.

    Is Buffet a good businessman? Only time will tell. To date, I’d defend his accomplishments and claim that he has been exceptional. Is he a good human being? Absolutely not. Omahans know he’s a ruthless jerk, has a fictional constructed image, and is someone who would cut anyone’s neck that got in his way, including his own family.

  • Big Al

    Cornyn is weak so I expect he won’t press the issue. I could be pleasantly surprised I suppose. Hope springs eternal.

  • MrGoodWench

    Buffett called on the administration to raise taxes on him and his “mega-rich” friends
    Hey Buffett and your “mega-rich friends “,
    why don’t you all STOP taking tax deductions when you file your taxes ?
    And also, why don’t you pay up what you already OWE to the IRS ? Tell your army of accountants and lawyers to stop fighting the IRS , and write the check for back taxes already.
    Until then STFU

  • http://gatewaypundit Cutlers bad knee

    All these idiots are going to be all wasting away in Margaritaville as soon as they have destroyed our economy and stolen all our tax dollars.
    I know wrong Buffett, but I don’t care, I don’t like either one of them…..

  • Dave-O

    If Warren Buffet wants to pay more in taxes – then I don’t know who or what is stopping him. Perhaps he could start by actually paying what he already owes instead of fighting the IRS on it. Until then, it’s just talk. And talk is cheap.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Somehow Republicans may have actually managed to grow a set of late.

  • free`

    I would also like for Buffett to release how much he paid his bookkeepers and accountants to prepare his taxes. I would bet he paid more to have his taxes prepared than he paid his secretary.

  • vityas

    I used to have car insurance with Progressive. Then I found out Peter Lewis is a leftist.
    So I switched to Allstate. This month for no reason, my rate went up $80 a year. I began looking around and getting quotes. Geico was at least 50% less than anyone else.
    I had to say yes but I was disgusted to learn that Warren Buffett owns the company. Luckily the money he’ll get from me is very minimal but I’m still not happy to give him 5 cents.

  • Mike

    The Senate might also want to look into his decades long use of government subsidies and sweetheart business deals.

    Buffett and Madoff are more alike than different.

  • MrGoodWench

    free` commented:
    I would also like for Buffett to release how much he paid his bookkeepers and accountants to prepare his taxes.
    I would also like to see the tax returns ( for the last 10 yrs) for his bookkeepers and accountants and also how much money they paid to Dems+Obama

  • http://biggovernment gosh!

    I heard little Opie Taylor has jump on the Buffett’s tax wagon too……………….

  • donh

    I will bet Warren pays his maid real CHEAP

  • Obama Tax

    Most of the republicans and many of us are falling for Obama smarts and calling this Buffet Tax. It is NOT Buffet Tax it is OBAMA TAX.


  • MrGoodWench

    donh commented:
    I will bet Warren pays his maid real CHEAP
    but is she legal ?