The 18 Countries With a Better Credit Rating Than the United States

Make sure you send a copy of this to the White House.

The 18 countries with a better credit rating than the United States.
Via Michigan Taxes Too Much and Wiki:

Thank you, Barack Obama. Thank you, democrats.

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    Israel may have its AAA credit rating on U.S.-guaranteed sovereign bonds cut by Standard & Poor’s Ratings Service in line with a similar action it has warned of taking on U.S. debt.

    S&P put Israel’s rating on “CreditWatch” today, meaning there is a 50 percent chance it may be cut in the next 90 days. It said the action should have been taken July 14 when the U.S. rating was placed on “CreditWatch,” attributing the lapse to an administrative error.

  • No Man

    Is this the change we have been waiting for?

    Look further down the list.

    I bet the US is ranked just ahead of Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

  • nanook

    How can they have good credit ratings when they all have universal healthcare?

  • Old Dude

    The White House has cried foul and claimed it was unfair of S&P to downgrade our rating. This is the same reaction that one expects from a spoiled brat when the Parents take back their credit card. Obama,and the Democrats (RINO’s too) are upset that they can’t keep right on spending and printing money while the rest of the world ignores their activities.

    Harry Reid is already calling for higher taxes which,as it has always done in the past,will only become a source of increased spending (investments) for a government full of spoiled brat entitlement types who have no intention of slowing down this train before it jumps the tracks.

    S&P knows that these idiots will wreck our nation if left unchecked. They also seem to understand that most American’s are too busy watching American Idol to give a damn about where their country is headed. Someone had to point to the cliff and question why we were increasing our speed instead of slowing down.

  • MrGoodWench

    S&P is playing dirty tricks here.
    They are providing the ” financial expert” part of the justification for taxes should go up.
    Just like there are others who are providing the ” social ” , ” moral” , ” ideological” and ” political” justifications for raising taxes.
    Imagine what a boost the opinions of S&P give to the marxists who had planned and worked for more than a 100 yrs to bring down this country.
    I’m just guessing but lets see how this will play in the next few weeks:
    1. S&P has concerns about the debt
    2. We can’t let gramma die and kids go without free lunch
    3. The taxes are not fair
    4. Lets raise taxes
    5. If you are against raising taxes, you are a terrorist
    Obama knows he can bring this country down by raising taxes. S&P just helped him by playing into his fantasies

  • Ella

    #4 and your point is? My old country has mandatory health insurance that all citizens have to pay for yet it’s considered to have “universal healthcare”. And yes it’s in the triple A list. But I know plenty of people there that can’t afford the premiums, because make no mistake, universal healthcare is pricey. So they don’t pay, and if something happens to them they get treated but then they get hit with 130% of the premium that they should have paid in the first place.

  • Westfield

    S&P may have downgraded the US credit rating…but – on the bright(er) side – I hear the reviews of the latest White House Hip-Hop BBQ are totally 5-star. Way to go, Barry!

  • Mark1957

    Looks like the U.S. will have to brown bag it at the next G-20 Summit meeting.

  • RKflorida

    This is like your Beacon score going below 650. At mortgage broker meetings guys get a few drinks in them and start bragging about their BMW’s and their Beacon scores. I guess we can’t brag at the UN or in Brussels now. Maybe EVERYBODY will quit lending us money and we can get this mess straightened out.

  • Granny

    On the brighter side, those are 18 nations that should come first when it comes to bailing out Greece, Portugal and all the rest . . . and 18 nations that can fully contribute to their own defense through NATO rather than leaving us to carry the lion’s share of the expense . . . and 18 nations that can darned well pony up first the next time there is a disaster somewhere.

    WE ARE BROKE. Go knock on someone else’s door!

  • Bobbi

    I heard that China ha the US on EBay for auction to the highest bidder. BTW, where is China on the list?

  • Ella

    Granny, you crack me up about those nations paying for their own defense.
    Every time my friends and relatives over there beat me up about our current lack of “universal healthcare” I mention their free defense courtesy of the mean old US of A. That invariably shuts them up instantly. Works every time.

  • Granny

    #13 Ella –

    Oh I know that. I was a good Army wife some while back & did a stint in Europe. As a matter of fact, I am not at all sure that more than a few of those nations don’t still owe us $$$$$ from World War II. They certainly did as late as the 70’s and it was a significant amount. I suppose, though, that most of them are now so overrun with hordes of muslim “immigrants” intent on establishing the Ummah in the UK and Europe that if they don’t want to pay for their own defense they could simply surrender and be done with it.

  • mercador

    This has the “Zero’s” fingerprints all over it.

  • gus

    By the way folks, as Flapears McFukktard told us. “You ain’t seen nothing yet”. If these Commie bastards are asking for tax hikes RIGHT NOW, wait until Obamacare kicks in.

    We are looking a DEPRESSION RIGHT IN THE EYE.

    Debt. more taxes, Obamacare and baby boomers retiring. We see a light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s a locomotive headlight.

  • kato

    Given that the president is a subprime errand boy for all the nation’s parasites, I’m surprised S&P didn’t cut the rating more than it did.

    How long til one of the imbeciles in the black congressional caucus accuses S&P of racism?

  • Swifty

    China Adviser: US to Start QE3 After S&P Rating Cut

  • Andreas K.

    You have to remove all Euro countries from this. Make it all EU countries. The moment one of the PIIGS goes really down for the count, the rest of the EU WILL follow.

    The Euro, right now, is only held up by debt. Germany has crossed the 2 trillion Euro national debt threshhold.

    Saying that Austria’s outlook is stable is a lie. Our deficits are growing, our national debt is through the roof and there is no end in sight. It’s like that all across the EU.

  • jony101

    It’s official we are a 3rd world country now. Correction we are a 3rd world country with nukes. Correction we are a 3rd world country with a clown for president.
    All I know obama will never admit it’s his fault, he will blame bush, the republicans or the terrorists (teaparty), and will sleep good tonight after eating his $120.00 a lb imported Kobe steak, even oprah don’t eat this good.

  • shibumi

    #20 August 6, 2011 at 4:50 pm

    So, we’re Pockeystahn now.


    Thanks 52%

  • mg4us

    So disgusting to have a president and Congress destroy the Triple A credit rating of our country due to their reckless spending and usurping their fiduciary and fiscal responsibility to be good stewards.

    FIRE them ALL or IMPEACH them ALL!! They need to go. . .

    Starting with a President who is destroying our economy and country.

    Obama — Incompetent, Inept, Inexperienced and totally IN-to-himself. . Obuma

  • AuntieMadder

    @ #16 gus commented:

    “Flapears McFukktard”

    LOL! 😀 That’s damned funny. LOL!

  • Molon Labe

    Why should Obama worry. He’ll order the printing presses to print more money.

    By the way I wonder how much gold is in the gold depositories today. I’m betting it isn’t half what they claim.

  • CV1

    Hong Kong is a country now?

  • Ella

    CV1 – Yes, just like Guernsey and the frigging Isle of Man.

  • Joanne

    Obama loves it when a plan comes together. I guess when you can provide a fraudulent birth certificate and ‘mom’ is the word, you’d be hard pressed to not think you are invincible. Hitler thought the same thing and that didn’t end very well for him, but he created a living hell for millions.

  • AuntieMadder

    America has been earning a very good wage, better than most coworkers and neighbors. Every Friday after work, America meets up with work buddies and neighbors, picking up the tab for those who wouldn’t otherwise come out to the bar because their pay is too little, and even covering for those who have some money but don’t want to spend it all on pay day. America is there at the bar every Friday, using plastic to buy round after round for everyone.

    America, being the wealthiest of the bunch and knowing it, too, feels compelled to generosity. Heck, when Friday happy hour conversation turns from work to home life and the others share their woes of the bald tires on their car or their kid’s orthodontist bills or whatever, America, more often than not, slips a few crisp banknotes their way to help ease their financial burdens. “Don’t worry about that now; there’s plenty to go around. It’s happy hour. Be happy!” says America. Earning a hefty wage and being a valued borrower in good standing to the creditors, America says to get while the gettin’s good. Eat, drink and be merry.

    America’s living large, sitting at the head of the table, everyone willing to listen to the same ol’ worn out work stories and tired ol’ corny knock-knock jokes America tells every Friday during happy hour. America is boss – da bomb – with the Friday happy hour crowd.

    Then came that dark day when the creditors shocked America into reality: The credit reporting bureaus got wind of America’s credit habit – maxing out credit cards with swift regularity and then calling for credit limit raises – of this and America’s new, lower credit score is the reflection of it.

    Not one to isolate, America plans to continue going to Friday happy hour. Will the others, many now in better financial shape than America, still expect America to pick up the tab for them and even hand them a few banknotes to help them make it ’til next pay day painlessly? Will America continue to call the creditors regularly, asking for credit limit increases, carrying on the cycle until, finally, the day comes when the credit rating is so low and the debt amount so high that creditors refuse, leaving America with a mountain of debt, maxed out cards, not able to borrow another dime, stuck going home on Fridays after work because a glass of iced tea or a Coke at happy hour is no longer affordable? Or will that trigger America’s entire paycheck to be spent every Friday at happy hour, living large and picking up the tab, bill collectors be damned? Will America tell the others to come out only if they can pay for their own, then place only a modest personal drink order, and make paying creditors the frightening debt owed, amassed over such a ling time of living well and spending even better, number one priority?

    To be continued…

  • Water Dog

    Hmmmm…there is an obvious common denominator in this chart, but I just can’t quite put my finger on it……

  • Island Girl

    Why the derision for these AAA countries?

    Australia is up there & always does its duty militarily under the ANZUS Treaty . Vietnem Iraq Afghanistan . It also is a partner in the “For Uk USA Australia eyes only – intelligence trio.
    It hosts very significant bases that allow the USA to monitor the Indian & Pacifc Oceans & SE Asia & The Antartcic.

    The USA is only Australia’s no 5 trading partner meaning it’s success is not as an appendage to America.

    You are unfair.

  • Conservative Ken

    Comments on CBS and Liberal board are already spinning this against the Tea Party. Fits the Obama plan to a T. The Republicans played right into Zero’s hands. By not creating a plan he is denying any responsibility for the outcome

    Obama is the Pontius Pilate of the modern age. Washing his hands of the destruction of America.

  • Little David Puddy

    Oh My God,

    A motorcycle race now has a better credit rating than us.

  • Island Girl

    Waterdog –
    There are 2 common denominators in that list.

    One -11 countries are long standing european nations – almost all are Nordic /Saxon genetics .

    Two -7 countries are members of the British Commonwealth. Anglo -Saxon governance

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  • paul52

    What??? No Islamic countries at triple A? That sez a lot for their system, eh

  • O:F

    I can only tell you about the situation in my country, Sweden. Why it’s on the list is quite simple. The current center-right government has been selling off state owned companies and cutting spending while paying off the major part of the national debt. Taxes has been lowered a little but are still really high. This creates economic space for future spending/borrowing, in this context – stability.

  • StupidRepublican

    Oh my look, most of them are those damn Socialist countries. How can that be? Maybe because they haven’t been bought and sold by the corporate oligarchy that runs this country!

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  • YO #37:

















  • Crackermike

    Michelle Obama promised during the campaign: Barack will NEVER let you return to your comfortable old life. She meant it. The “ruling elites” including Democrat, Republican, business and cultural, have declared war on the “commoners”. That’s us folks, the little flyover people, the ones they think are dumb enough to love and work and die for the USA. The Tea Party is the sole exception because it arose spontaneously from the body of the people. These hateful, powermad “elites” will have to be dealt with and the “elites” themselves hold the key to HOW they will be dealt with. Two options: civilized or savage.

  • Crackermike

    Obama’s actions constitute willful destruction of the United States. Progressives WANT to destroy every aspect of American life. Thus Michelles statement.

  • punditius


    This means that the US will have to pay higher interest on its bonds, at least in theory.

    Which means that in addition to being regarded as the safest investment (i.e., safe from political turmoil) US bonds will be paying more if you invest in them.

    So as a practical matter, doesn’t this mean that more people will be investing in US bonds?

  • Expat

    It is interesting to read these comments but I am disgusted with the blame on Obama. This president inherited the debt and has tried very hard to correct the wrongs of the USA ,but with the Congress he has, no luck- America you need to quit blaming others for your spending which runs deep. Soon you will blame other countries that your children did not turn out ( you already blame the teachers!). Take responsibilty for yourself.Spend less and live in houses you can afford!We need to keep the manufacturing jobs in house and allow people to make a decent living- this attitude of constant buying and cheap has partially gotten us into this.

  • Val

    SP ratings are not leading indicators. Indeed, they have become even less relevant in recent years as SP’s credibility has declined. Look at the CDS spreads – those will tell you what you need to know.

  • Mkelley

    The Democrats took control of the House in 2006, and that’s when spending really took off. Bush was of course complicit, but Obama let Pelosi and Reid have their way:
    Our present deficits are totally unsustainable, even according to Obama’s 2011 budget. The deficit now is over 10 times what it was as recently as 2007: We are now borrowing over a trillion dollars more per year to run the government than four years ago, and our ruling class claims to have trouble cutting spending. This is nonsense, and there will be hell to pay.

  • Ella

    #37 – At least ONE of them is sitting on a gigantic pool of oil, which they are drilling AND exporting AND making money off of to pay for their lavish welfare benefits and at least ONE more of them is sitting on a gigantic natural gas bubble that they are drilling AND exporting AND making money off of to pay for same.

    These are just TWO countries that I am familiar with as I was born in one of them so I know.

    Now if we could just start drilling some of OUR gigantic natural resources and export some of it, we could start to employ people and get out of this economic sh_t hole we find ourselves in.

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  • Marcello

    > Thank you, Barack Obama. Thank you, democrats.

    Indeed, they are admirably preserving the time-honored Republican traditions of fiscal irresponsibility and corruption. You’re welcome.

  • Just Sayin

    Hmm. The U.K.’s public debt to GDP is 148%, when their bank bailouts are included. Australia’s is 85%. France’s is 82%. Ours is 72%, including the bailouts. But S&P gives Australia, France, and the U.K. its highest ratings. This is the same S&P that blessed the debts of the banks just before the collapse.

    Oh, and just for grins, go back a few years if you dare. You’ll see that Clinton entered with 49% debt-to-GDP and left with 33%. Bush ran it back up to 54%. Reagan entered at 26%, and left at 41%. To check those numbers, go here, and find table B-79. But that, of course, would require attention to facts, which for your kind only get in the way.

    Not that facts ever meant anything to the right wing.

  • Sophie in VA

    Thank you, George Bush . . .

  • Test

    You realise every single one of those countries has far higher taxes than the US + Universal healthcare + rated the happiest countries on earth ?

  • Sloppy

    Why do you say Belgium, with the same rating as the USA, has a better rating than the USA?

  • Island Girl

    Just saying-

    You are WRONG . Australia has a public debt as 21% of GDP. Ranked 107 lowest of 138 countries in 2010 post GFC.

    There is a handy list at Wiki.

    Private debt is mostly new mining operations including the off shore natural gas platforms.

    These costs billions & bilions but ithey give Australia a trade surplus with China!

  • Sloppy

    Oh, I see. You have to count the 18 countries. Belgium and New Zealand just show up in the table for some reason.

  • Sloppy

    OK, I’ll give you New Zealand if you consider both rating and outlook. Even though that’s 19. But it’s still a good point, we’ve really damaged our credit rating. Just not the table I would have picked to make the point.

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  • Oliver

    Obama’s fault ? no it’s not. Like it or not, the downgrade is entirely the tea party’s fault. Tea party members are not patriots .. they are traitors to this great nation, entirely dedicated to the fall of this country.

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  • Barcs

    Lemme get this straight Oliver (#58)… America is spending a trillion a year more than its revenues, yes bush contributed. Added a little more than 4 billion in his 8 years, he did. But Obama and the democrats did that in just 3 years…. 2 of them they controlled all 3 houses.

    Now the tea party has come to power (well, only a portion of one of the 3 houses). They refused to raise taxes, sure. But they want to stop a bunch of the extra spending. Spending that has increased dramatically in the last 3 years.

    The Reid plan called for 1/2 of his 2 trillion in cuts to come from leaving Afghanistan soon instead of in 10 years…. which in gonna happen in 6 months according to schedule. The congressional budget office said the other trillion… was only 600 billion….. The tea party wanted more than that 60 billion a year in cuts… go figger.

    The Obama plan?? Blame it on others. Its easier to do that than put (a credible) one forward.

    Even after the Democrats “caved to everything the tea party wants” it is still going to take almost 10 years of cuts to get to a balanced budget. In other words, as far as people who think that we should balance the budget,… the “tea party” failed to get more than a very basic very miniscule victory. (In fact, according to gallup, 68% of tea party supporters disagree with it, and think that the deal should have been better)

    But tell me again; how wanting to stop the rampant spending, and putting forward a plan, that while very lacking, contains the only real cuts being put on the table… by a non-existent party (a small group) with enough allies among other republicans to control only one 1/3 of the executive that the Obama Democrats controlled all of for 2 full years. How is the result all the fault of the tea party, the ones that want to spend within their means, or at the least stop increasing the spending (which is almost 1/2 the entire 8 year 4 trillion bush increase… but every year)??

    The tea parties fault?? Is the democrat agenda so easily derailed by such a small group?? How weak is Obama (and Reid) if it is??

  • Barcs

    oops small mistype… Bush added 4 trillion in debt,… not 4 billion …. Stupid spelling/typing mistake 🙂

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  • moink

    Awww poor America. Literally.

  • Just Sayin

    @ Island Girl, I half concede. You’re right about Australian government debt. I misinterpreted this article, and that was my mistake. At the same time, however, the article highlights a reality for countries other than the United States, which is that most of them borrow publicly and privately in currencies other than their own.

    Therefore, government debt doesn’t mean quite the same thing for an Australia as it does for the United States. Where we’d really have to worry would be if we woke up one day and learned that the U.S. government, or large sectors of the U.S. economy, were incurring debt in something other than U.S. dollars.

    I laughed when the Chinese scolded the U.S. about debt. China’s debt is rated several notches below our own, and their economy is rife with a level of corruption that we haven’t come close to experiencing. And they take U.S. dollars, quite gladly, for the chance to keep their people working.

    I do think government debt in the U.S. is an issue. The U.S. should restore the Clinton-era tax structure. I don’t know about you, but I think the 1990s were good times. A 39.6% top marginal rate didn’t seem to hurt things then. Each time the Republicans have held the presidency in the past 30 years, American public finances have gone to hell.

  • JMilam

    From #43 Expat: “This president inherited the debt and has tried very hard to correct the wrongs of the USA …”

    This president was part of the machine that created this debt if you’ll kindly think back just 3 short years ago. This president inherited a debt and economy he helped create.

  • Quincy Arkwright

    EVERY single country with a AAA rating is a “big government” nation with universal health care and generous retirement benefits (relative to the US).
    Investors are currently fleeing to US treasury bonds.
    Just after the stimulus passed, Krugman predicted that interest rates would remain low, bonds would remain attractive and that private sector would be underperforming – unless we augment the stimulus.
    His predictions have come true.
    Big government is good, big government works. Sometime after the US collapses under the weight of Republican foolishness, the tea party politicians will be heavily invested in Chinese companies while the people who voted for them will be studying Manarin so that they can work for them at five dollars a day.

  • Just Sayin

    S&P’s has had terrible performance when it comes to rating sovereign debt.

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  • Gassed

    You folks in the good old USA should get over it and start doing some hard work, do you realise you also owe money to some third world nations. You live of other countries savings and now you have to pay it back. Your credit rating downgrade is actually generous because all your government does is borrow and print money instead of rebuilding a bankrupt economy to a level that people can afford not borrow. Thank god i live in Australia

  • Kurtis

    It’s easy to grade nation’s economic stability based on public debt as a percentage of GDP of some other statistic. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly childish to think that these simple numbers give one any real insight into the complex world of international finance. BUT, if people want to cling to these statistics, here are some more.

    According to the IMF, the US has a GDP of 14.58 trillion dollars. The ENTIRE eurozone(most of the first world counted as one entity) has a GDP of 12.1 trillion dollars. China, the feared economic behemoth, has a GDP of… 5.87(we could look at that per capita, but that would be mean). Now, The what position do you think the US is on the list of nations with the largest public debt as a percent of GDP? Number 1? Try again: Number 37. Countries further up that list include France, the UK, Italy, Japan and Canada.

    So, if you insist that these numbers are the end-all be-all of the situation, then you have to admit that they paint the US as being in a position of dominance over any other country or countries. And surely with such a position of power comes great stability. At any rate, if the US were to fall from predominance due to national debt(not going to happen), then who would suffer the worst? Hint: the holders of the US debt.

    It’s easy for to scream that the US is in the middle of another great depression. But when I look around, I don’t see lines of starving, once-prosperous suburban families waiting for government cheese like in the 1930’s, or hundreds of thousands of refugees inhabiting tent cities in the Midwest. If this is a new great depression, than it has apparently evolved into a comfortable species.

    But I shouldn’t interrupt people vomiting ill-informed, statistic-waving rage-filled opinions on the internet. That’s what it’s there for.

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