The 18 Countries With a Better Credit Rating Than the United States

Make sure you send a copy of this to the White House.

The 18 countries with a better credit rating than the United States.
Via Michigan Taxes Too Much and Wiki:

Thank you, Barack Obama. Thank you, democrats.

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  • reliapundit




    Israel may have its AAA credit rating on U.S.-guaranteed sovereign bonds cut by Standard & Poor’s Ratings Service in line with a similar action it has warned of taking on U.S. debt.

    S&P put Israel’s rating on “CreditWatch” today, meaning there is a 50 percent chance it may be cut in the next 90 days. It said the action should have been taken July 14 when the U.S. rating was placed on “CreditWatch,” attributing the lapse to an administrative error.

  • No Man

    Is this the change we have been waiting for?

    Look further down the list.

    I bet the US is ranked just ahead of Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

  • nanook

    How can they have good credit ratings when they all have universal healthcare?

  • Old Dude

    The White House has cried foul and claimed it was unfair of S&P to downgrade our rating. This is the same reaction that one expects from a spoiled brat when the Parents take back their credit card. Obama,and the Democrats (RINO’s too) are upset that they can’t keep right on spending and printing money while the rest of the world ignores their activities.

    Harry Reid is already calling for higher taxes which,as it has always done in the past,will only become a source of increased spending (investments) for a government full of spoiled brat entitlement types who have no intention of slowing down this train before it jumps the tracks.

    S&P knows that these idiots will wreck our nation if left unchecked. They also seem to understand that most American’s are too busy watching American Idol to give a damn about where their country is headed. Someone had to point to the cliff and question why we were increasing our speed instead of slowing down.

  • MrGoodWench

    S&P is playing dirty tricks here.
    They are providing the ” financial expert” part of the justification for taxes should go up.
    Just like there are others who are providing the ” social ” , ” moral” , ” ideological” and ” political” justifications for raising taxes.
    Imagine what a boost the opinions of S&P give to the marxists who had planned and worked for more than a 100 yrs to bring down this country.
    I’m just guessing but lets see how this will play in the next few weeks:
    1. S&P has concerns about the debt
    2. We can’t let gramma die and kids go without free lunch
    3. The taxes are not fair
    4. Lets raise taxes
    5. If you are against raising taxes, you are a terrorist
    Obama knows he can bring this country down by raising taxes. S&P just helped him by playing into his fantasies

  • Ella

    #4 and your point is? My old country has mandatory health insurance that all citizens have to pay for yet it’s considered to have “universal healthcare”. And yes it’s in the triple A list. But I know plenty of people there that can’t afford the premiums, because make no mistake, universal healthcare is pricey. So they don’t pay, and if something happens to them they get treated but then they get hit with 130% of the premium that they should have paid in the first place.

  • Westfield

    S&P may have downgraded the US credit rating…but – on the bright(er) side – I hear the reviews of the latest White House Hip-Hop BBQ are totally 5-star. Way to go, Barry!

  • Mark1957

    Looks like the U.S. will have to brown bag it at the next G-20 Summit meeting.

  • RKflorida

    This is like your Beacon score going below 650. At mortgage broker meetings guys get a few drinks in them and start bragging about their BMW’s and their Beacon scores. I guess we can’t brag at the UN or in Brussels now. Maybe EVERYBODY will quit lending us money and we can get this mess straightened out.

  • Granny

    On the brighter side, those are 18 nations that should come first when it comes to bailing out Greece, Portugal and all the rest . . . and 18 nations that can fully contribute to their own defense through NATO rather than leaving us to carry the lion’s share of the expense . . . and 18 nations that can darned well pony up first the next time there is a disaster somewhere.

    WE ARE BROKE. Go knock on someone else’s door!

  • Bobbi

    I heard that China ha the US on EBay for auction to the highest bidder. BTW, where is China on the list?

  • Ella

    Granny, you crack me up about those nations paying for their own defense.
    Every time my friends and relatives over there beat me up about our current lack of “universal healthcare” I mention their free defense courtesy of the mean old US of A. That invariably shuts them up instantly. Works every time.

  • Granny

    #13 Ella –

    Oh I know that. I was a good Army wife some while back & did a stint in Europe. As a matter of fact, I am not at all sure that more than a few of those nations don’t still owe us $$$$$ from World War II. They certainly did as late as the 70’s and it was a significant amount. I suppose, though, that most of them are now so overrun with hordes of muslim “immigrants” intent on establishing the Ummah in the UK and Europe that if they don’t want to pay for their own defense they could simply surrender and be done with it.

  • mercador

    This has the “Zero’s” fingerprints all over it.

  • gus

    By the way folks, as Flapears McFukktard told us. “You ain’t seen nothing yet”. If these Commie bastards are asking for tax hikes RIGHT NOW, wait until Obamacare kicks in.

    We are looking a DEPRESSION RIGHT IN THE EYE.

    Debt. more taxes, Obamacare and baby boomers retiring. We see a light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s a locomotive headlight.

  • kato

    Given that the president is a subprime errand boy for all the nation’s parasites, I’m surprised S&P didn’t cut the rating more than it did.

    How long til one of the imbeciles in the black congressional caucus accuses S&P of racism?

  • Swifty

    China Adviser: US to Start QE3 After S&P Rating Cut

  • Andreas K.

    You have to remove all Euro countries from this. Make it all EU countries. The moment one of the PIIGS goes really down for the count, the rest of the EU WILL follow.

    The Euro, right now, is only held up by debt. Germany has crossed the 2 trillion Euro national debt threshhold.

    Saying that Austria’s outlook is stable is a lie. Our deficits are growing, our national debt is through the roof and there is no end in sight. It’s like that all across the EU.

  • jony101

    It’s official we are a 3rd world country now. Correction we are a 3rd world country with nukes. Correction we are a 3rd world country with a clown for president.
    All I know obama will never admit it’s his fault, he will blame bush, the republicans or the terrorists (teaparty), and will sleep good tonight after eating his $120.00 a lb imported Kobe steak, even oprah don’t eat this good.