Obama: My Low Approval Ratings Reflect Public Unhappiness With … Congress

Barack Obama told CBS yesterday that his low approval numbers are a result of weatherEuropean earthquakebad luckthe tea partythe internet… public unhappiness with Congress.

President Barack Obama prepares to putt while playing golf as a photographer, left, looks on at the Vineyard Golf Club, in Edgartown, Mass., on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Sunday, Aug. 21, 2011. (AP)

The AP reported:

President Barack Obama says his low approval rating is a reflection of public unhappiness with Congress.

Obama tells CBS in an interview broadcast Sunday that he’s “impacted,” just like Congress, when people aren’t happy with Washington.

He says he understands that his arguments that the country would have been worse off if he hadn’t taken certain actions don’t resonate with the millions of unemployed people.

The president, who’s vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, says he expects to be judged in November 2012 on whether things have improved.

Recent public opinion polls have shown Obama’s job approval rating at near 40 percent, the lowest of his presidency.

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  • Major Kong

    That’s right, Barry. It could never be you that’s being rejected. You just keep on keepin’ on.

  • Louie_DaSmasher

    Overheard in the padded room:

    “It’s everybody’s fault except mine!”
    “I am surrounded by incompetents!!”

  • kansas

    Recent public opinion polls have shown Obama’s job approval rating at near 40 percent, the lowest of his presidency.

    If he didn’t have MSM cheerleaders imagine what is approval would be.

  • vagabond trader


    Well Barry, its a toss up between you and congress when it comes to unpopularity contests.

  • USMC Thomas

    Despicable piece of excrement, this destroyer of America will be rewarded with a very comfortable pension while the combat veterans coming home will be lucky to find a good job in this SØBama economy.

  • tarpon

    After some 80 games of golf, still bending your elbows.

    Look little guy, maybe Kenyan knuckle draggers wouldn’t know it’s all your fault president downgrade.

    But we Americans know, and are onto your Hugo Chavez act. OblameO

  • Dave-O

    Don”t bother King Putt when he’s lining one up.

  • StrangernFiction

    The real Obama.

    Not a pretty picture.

  • RL

    Next stop for the idiot savant – blame us for not deserving your “world historical leadership”, followed – one can hope – by self-annihilation in a bunker.

  • Militant Conservative

    ROFLMBO! I see he’s working on his next job.

    Standup philosopher! (history of the world)

    Keep it up Obama, America detests whiners.

    Powder is dry

  • Auntie Em

    #6 {Re: golf mechanics} Just another example of him having a problem with learning.

  • daryl

    “Impacted” my a**. He’s just full of bullsh*t from being on vacation so long and not spreading it around. Beware of his next speech. He’ll probably pass it all then.

  • Rock

    Hey dude, each morning when you shave, the problem is staring you in the eye, get a clue will you, we have.

  • big L

    When will Obama pardon O.J.Simpson, his mental conspiracy-mate?
    Then the two can play golf together…pea-victims in a pod…

  • jorgen

    When will Obama pardon O.J.Simpson

    Better would be if Obama shared a cell with O.J.

  • tommy mc donnell

    the disapproval rate of congress is a reflection of their support of the myth’s marxist programs. people don’t disapprove of the myth because of congress, they disapprove of congress because of the myth.

  • HadEnough

    This man could crap in his own pants and still blame it on somebody else……….


  • Estragon

    People are very dissatisfied with Congress because they haven’t hanged this traitor yet.

  • befuddled

    To shore up his approval ratings before elections, the next Genius decision by Obama is to allow weekend furloughs for OJ Simpson, so he can have a photogenic golfing buddy alongside him when the press corp comes around.

  • Sam Stone

    MORE proof this failed man is a narcissist! Only a narcissist would think he is exempt from the issue.