More People Consider Themselves Conservative Today Than at Any Time Since 1994

Thank you, Nancy Pelosi. Thank you, Barack Obama.
More Americans consider themselves conservative today than at any time since 1994.

And, hard right conservatives outnuber lunatic far left liberals
Gallup reported:

Americans’ political ideology at the midyear point of 2011 looks similar to 2009 and 2010, with 41% self-identifying as conservative, 36% as moderate, and 21% as liberal.

If this pattern continues, 2011 will be the third straight year that conservatives significantly outnumber moderates — the next largest ideological bloc. Liberalism has been holding steady for the past six years, averaging either 21% or 22%, although notably higher than the 17% average seen in Gallup polling during the early to middle ’90s.

Longer term, the Gallup ideology trend, dating from 1992, documents increased political polarization in the country. The percentage of moderates has fallen to the mid-30s from the low 40s, while the combined percentage either liberal or conservative is now 62%, up from 53%…

Hard Right Republicans Outnumber Hard Left Democrats

A much higher proportion of Republicans call themselves “very conservative” or “conservative” (71%) than Democrats call themselves “very liberal” or “liberal” (38%). Democrats are as likely to call themselves moderates as liberals.

Additionally conservative Republicans are a bit more likely to call themselves very conservative than liberal Democrats are to identify as very liberal. As a result, hard right Republicans outnumber hard left Democrats by more than 2 to 1, 21% vs. 9%.

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  • Bill Mitchell

    It took a Carter to get a Reagan. Can you imagine the disarray the Republican Party would be in right now if we had elected McCain the uber-RINO?

    If Perry does not run he is insane. The WH is his for the taking.

    We will look back 5 years from and see this deal (although far from perfect) as one more step in a giant run of win.

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    we shall see how accurate that gallup pole is come november or will we see the kenyan fraud steal the election

  • Alana

    Then how come the commies are running everything?

  • Multitude

    Given we Hobbits are clearly not welcome in McCain’s party, and furthermore have been likened to terrorists by both parties, it sure seems like its time to do what we probably should have in 2008 (when there was no downside to abandoning a corrupt and inept Republican party and we would have now been several years ahead in getting things organized). I’m sure I’m not alone in realizing I just can’t allow myself to be associated with these people.

    Strangely, the influence of “tea party” without even the construct of an organized party, has been surprisingly significant. One’s reminded of how European governments are forced to form coalitions given many scenarios preclude a ruling majority without getting the support of third parties. I’m curious if others here are at the same point of “beyond disgust”, just realizing we can’t fake the dead marriage anymore and need to get on with our lives, as well as thoughts on how such a shift to more than three parties might affect the nation.

    And please, don’t bother if your comments are “it’ll ensure Obama in 2012” — voting for McCain did nothing to prevent that in 2008 and as the RNC has shown us with exceptional persistence, every thing it does ensures Democratic rule, Democratic legislation, and Democratic policy. When your strategy is to punt on second down so you can blame the loss on the defense, you’re just not a credible institution anymore.

  • Bill Mitchell

    The amazing part is that we win at all considering the fact that our opponents control the press who are more than happy to lie and obfuscate for them at every turn. Providence is the only explanation.

    As a side note, a simple National Sales Tax with No Income Tax would solve 90% of this problem right out of the gate. EVERYONE would have skin in the game. The reason that the current tax code causes so many problems is that it makes no sense. You are taxing creativity on the front end instead of consumption on the back end.

    You are taking the gas out of the engine before you even hit the pedal. The reason a National Sales Tax polls so badly is that half the country which now pays no income tax at all would have to pony up.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Hard to believe that the entire Tea Party began as a simple rant by a floor commentator in the bond markets on CNBC. As fate would have it, I happened to be watching real time as that happened.

    So the uber-super-incredibly left wing CNBC actually launched the Tea Party. Irony anyone?

  • Sure doesn’t feel like it.

  • AuntieMadder

    @ #5 – A significant number of conservative voters and registered Republican voters (often one and the same but not always) didn’t vote in 2008, thinking they were teaching the GOP/RNC a lesson of some kind. So, much like the win that a strong third party candidate (Perot) gave Bill Clinton, those idealistic conservative/Republican voters gave Barky the win in 2008. Therefore, I will and do say to you that a third party at this time will, more likely than not, hand victory to Barky. (I say “more likely than not” because anything is possible. And monkeys might fly out of my butt.)

    February 24, 2010
    The Left Will Try to Split the Conservative Vote
    By James Lewis

    “When Bill Clinton was facing a risky 1992 election for president, Ross Perot appeared from nowhere to split the GOP vote, and Clinton got elected. Was there funny business behind the scenes? We may never know. We do know by now that Clinton and Perot apparently had long telephone conversations that were not revealed at the time. We also know that Ross Perot had huge federal contracts for his basic business and that Clinton learned the political game in Arkansas. Clinton won with a minority of the popular vote. We don’t know for sure, but we do know the outcome: Bonnie and Clyde running the White House. I believe that Clinton’s neglect and foreign policy masochism led straight to 9/11 (just like similar stories with Obama and Jimmy Carter). ”

  • oki2

    I think it’s because people keep displaying the flag.

  • Conservative Ken

    Yeah, more Americans see the Democrat/Progressive/Socialist party for what it is. That should translate to Obama being buried in the next election, right?

    Only IF we have fair, honest elections.

  • saveus

    thank you obama

  • AuntieMadder

    Unfortunately, alot of hard core liberals claim they are moderate

  • AuntieMadder

    @ Bill Mitchell: Oops! Should have been this link. Read all the way to the bottom, including the comments.

  • Molon Labe

    You mean people like McCain and Lindsey Graham?

  • chuck in st paul

    #9 August 1, 2011 at 1:30 pm – AuntieMadder

    While I did pull the handle for McLame, it really was for Saracudda in hopes she’d take the second or third term. I also did it because I could see what the Manchurian Moonbat would be like as the sock puppet for Soros.

    As for this election… if they put a RINO like Romney on the ticket I am staying home and the idiocracy can have their stupidity high wide and handsome. When the you know what hits the fan a year or three later I have held onto my 4,000 rounds of ammo and my rifles and pistols. I love a target rich environment.

  • KHShan

    Look for a RINO like Trump to run with the purpose of handing a win to Obama. That and a few strategically placed vote fraud teams should do the trick. Every serious American who doesn’t want another 4 years of progressive nonsense should unite behind one candidate.

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  • Vixen

    Then why am I not feeling extra giddy about this? More Americans may identify as conservatives now, but too bad most of our GOP lawmakers aren’t. They’re calling the shots and spending very little time paying any attention whatsoever to our phone calls and emails.

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  • At this point, I feel like we got little of what we hoped for and which anyone who has managed a home or business knows: there are times when you simply must slash spending in order to survive. Conservatives must take back control of the Republican party from the career neodems and it looks like we will have to do just that in 2012 in order to move our nation back onto solid ground.