Gee, who could’ve seen this coming?
20 leftist radicals were arrested today in the US House after they harassed Republican lawmakers and disrupted procedures.

Far left members of National People’s Action took credit for the disruption.

They’re outraged that they won’t be getting more of your money.
The Washington Post reported:

More than 20 protesters were arrested Monday afternoon after causing a disruption in the House gallery as lawmakers debated the debt-reduction deal negotiated by the White House and congressional leaders.

Capitol Police spokeswoman Sgt. Kimberly Schneider said 22 protesters were arrested and charged with disruption of Congress.

The protesters, who were sitting in one of the visitors’ galleries overlooking the Republican side of the chamber, unfurled a large black banner and began chanting against the debt-limit compromise.

They chanted several slogans, including: “Boehner, get off it; it’s time to tax corporate profits.” It appeared that after one officer tried to yank the banner from the group, a protester either took a tumble or dove over the row of seats in front.

The protesters could be heard chanting even after they were brought into the hallway outside the gallery. According to reports by CNN and the Hill, the protest included members of the groups Vocal New York and National People’s Action.

The only surprising thing about this rally is that Code Pink did not take part in it.




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  1. Who are the “terrorists” again…???

    Seems this keeps on happening and only the left is using this childish loser tactic.

    The Sargent Of Arms performed his duty honorably, the protesters acted pathetically.

  2. Soro’s whores out in force!

  3. more violent tea party terrorists protesting for their right to the fruits of somebody else’s labor.

  4. I agree Kill this bill It is worthless increases spending instead of making real cuts. It is a joke and needs to be replaced with real cuts and real limits on spending.

    They are liberal terrorists and muslim president supporters. Yes I just threw that in there to call them terrorists and muslim supporters like Obama.

    Should have shot them

  5. Not to worry-the lapdogs will be declaring these losers as “paragons of virtue”

  6. “Boehner, get off it; it’s time to tax corporate profits.”
    Then make your boy Barack do it. He has the votes, doesn’t he ?
    Why doesn’t he start by making his co-president Immelt pay his fair share of taxes on GE ‘s profits ?
    How about taxing sugadaddy Soros on his profits instead of giving him loopholes to launder money as 501Cs?

  7. National = Communist. What a world we live in today.

  8. According to reports by CNN and the Hill, the protest included members of the groups Vocal New York
    Lemme guess,
    bussed in to DC ? Right ??
    Now who paid for the buses ? and their meals ? and their pack of smokes ? and their weed ? and their banners ?

  9. We need to find out if Vocal New York and National People’s Action are funded by taxpayers. They do have “Donate” buttons on their websites, but who is really financially supporting this scum?

  10. Take them out and shoot them.

  11. Thugs & goons at “work” on the order of TheWon & only Obami and being paid by our money that has been given to the unions by we the taxpayers by -also- Obami. It is never-ending.
    They do not realize that every time an incident like this occurs, it only adds to the resolve of honest, hard-working, taxpaying Americans.

  12. Oh lookie here. This is from the National People’s Action website under “Successes”:

    Led a successful and productive partnership with Fannie Mae to develop mortgage products to meet the home mortgage needs of underserved neighborhoods. To date, this 8-city partnership has resulted in $4 billion in loans to families.

    Ain’t that wonderful. I guess we should be lucky the damage was limited to “only” $4 billion.

  13. ++

    oh, so that’s what’s taking them so long.. /s/


  14. Mob rule is all they know. “This is what Democracy looks like.”

  15. Instead of saying they took credit for the action your should probably say that they accepted the blame for it. Or you could say they admitted they are to blame. It would be a more accurate phrasing and might make groups a little less eager to engage in this sort o fbehavior if we cleaned up the language surrounding the act.

  16. “Boehner, get off it; it’s time to tax corporate profits.”

    We’d be better off reducing or eliminating the tax on corporate profits. Make the US a profitable place to do business. Grow the economy. Create jobs.

  17. Why do mutherf**king LIBTARDS want ANYONE TAXED???

    I would like corporations to pay as little as possible, and to hire as many as possible and to pay their INVESTORS including UNION RETIRMENT FUNDS as MUCH AS POSSIBLE.


  18. Code Pink didn’t show up today because all the girls were home taking a shower for tomorrows rally…oh, wait, maybe not

  19. This is what OBAMA did. He cut his teeth on Communist rabble-rousing. And morons thought he was HOPEY CHANGEY.

  20. Is that all you got Sauroman.

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