Horrid Leftist Erica Payne Defends Rioters, Looters and Thieves in London (Video)

Far left activist Erica Payne, founder of the Agenda Project, defended the violent thugs, thieves and vandals in Great Britain last night on O’Reilly. Socialist Payne believes they have every right to destroy the cities and businesses because they don’t get enough government assistance.

Bill O’Reilly’s response was excellent.

The Agenda Project is the same dishonest group that released the GOP-bashing ad showing grandma getting thrown off a cliff.

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  • TiminPhx

    I wish she had been mugged after the interview and had everything of value, taken from her.

  • squeaky

    if the violence and looting were a little more up close and personal, erica may find it hard to defend. she should also be careful that her words aren’t taken [across the board] as validation of bad behavior. creating monsters that grow beyond the control of those who created them.

  • Sasja

    Hate to nitpick (not really) so early in the AM, but THIEVES is spelled this way. Remember, most times, it’s I before E except after C.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    just start asking people if they’ve been attacked or robbed by a democrat today. It’s the “new norm” mmmmm mmmm mm change

  • myohmy

    What? Another non profit organization does not pay their pair share and lavish themselves with trips, dining and exuberant salaries for themselves.

  • batman

    The mask is off. It sure looks like we also, are facing the same culture rot, which has all but consumed the British isles.

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  • Shawnet

    Okay, enough. Using the word “entitlement” to describe the government benefits that are distributed to those in need based on determinations by government workers is a liberal word choice. These benefits were not called entitlements when I was growing up and learning about them (I am 62).
    They were called aid to dependent children, food stamps, and welfare, among other things. People who were on these benefits were often looked down on and most of them wanted off as soon as possible. These government benefits were considered to be a “temporary fix” not a lifestyle.
    It is my generation that had all of these wild, wonderful, “freedom” and “utopian” visions of “how it should be” in a purely “fair” society. In many instances we were wrong, whether youthful naivety or bullheadedness, we were wrong and need to fix it. We need to start by stopping the use of the word “entitlements” that liberals have foisted off on us and that we use as naturally as we breathe. These are all government benefits that should have a beginning, middle, and end when they are used.
    Unemployment does, why not welfare? Whatever happened to the welfare-to-work program? It worked so we stopped using it?
    My generation of liberals is refusing to admit some of our great ideas were wrong. We need admit this (something the Tea Party is trying to do), to correct our course as a nation and as a society.
    Going forward I refuse to refer to any government benefit as anything other than what it is – a government benefit. It is neither an entitlement nor a right folks. Come on Tea Party. Let’s get our words right.
    Thanks. Needed to rant for a minute ;o)

  • squeaky

    [[Short term unemployment benefits provide people financial resources while the look for a new job. Extending unemployment benefits to 18 months or longer only encourages people to take their time looking for that new job. They do not create jobs..]]

  • vityas

    For thousands of years people were serfs and slaves and “pushed to the edge of their sanity” and history isn’t littered by accounts of the peons/workers rushing the castle and stealing the rich guy’s stuff. The peasants would have been killed at the gate and they knew it. It wasn’t until the commies showed up on history’s stage that these events became routine.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. Literally. Their thinking is clinically disordered.

  • Coasta

    Fools rush in. She tried.

  • coolidgerules

    These people are true evil. I am now thinking what they could have accomplished without the resistance of the new media and the tea party and it worries the sh*t out of me. Heck, it still worries the sh*t out of me that they know a lot of people are onto them and what crisis is coming down the road next.

    The next administration had better do a full accounting for every agency and program directed by the federal gov’t. If they do, what is found will spawn books and discussion for decades, and sicken the majority of the public. It needs to happen.

  • Crackermike

    I’ve heard this insane progressive gibberish for decades. Hey Erikkka, isn’t it really SOCIETY that is to blame? haven’t WE caused this terrible wrong? brought it upon ourselves? Shouldn’t WE, “SOCIETY”, apologize to these poor, mistreated victims of SOCIETY?. After all, these barbarians have been supplied from the cradle with free food, free healthcare, free “education”, free housing, free transportation to their preferred place of riot, free cell phones, and free drugs. You sure this is Londonistan? looks like Detroit, Chicago, L.A. or any other liberal dominated scheithole in America. Thank you so much Erikkka, for your wisdom.

  • Fedup

    These terrorist gangs in the UK should be denied their “entitlements” and shipped out of the country if they are illegal. The rest should be put on road gangs to fix and clean up the roads.
    Then maybe law abiding citizens could rest a little easier.

  • Theadora

    It will be happening here next month:


    The marxists will start on Wall Street, but the riots won’t take long to spread.

    Be aware everyone. Be careful. And be prepared!

  • waicool

    real simple folks…it is called anarchy. UK is filled with these anarchists. Their pop culture has been celebrating it for decades. Anarchy in the UK, how cool is that?

  • usamopatriot

    It’s called Godlessness. Happens every time that people abandon God and try to establish their own so called utopia.

  • southernsue

    she and her ilk should live among the white haters.

    i wonder what her take would be then.

    probably would see a picture of her jumping from a burning building, trying to save her life, like the lady in england.

    these fools, like her live in gated communities.

  • BurmaShave

    I heard Erica Payne say, in the same segment, that she ran a business (which fact she used to deny the validity of the arguments of O’Reilly’s other guest).

    Somebody ought to check out that statement – after all liberals are known to lie liberally whenever it suits their ends. I wonder also if there aren’t some interesting aspects of Erica Payne’s “business experience.”

  • bigkahuna

    They should fill the water cannons with a dye similar to that in bank money and shoot it over the animals looting. The dye should last about a week giving everyone a chance to be arrested, turned in, shunned or taken care of by family members.

    Act like animals…get treated like one.

  • Marsh626

    Yet more proof that these are leftist riots.

    Created by leftist social engineers.

    Indoctrinated with a leftist worldview.

    Voters for leftist politicians.

    Defended and cheered on by leftists.


    These are LEFTIST riots.

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    Methinks EriKKKa has drank the Kool-Aid. Maybe she will drown.

  • Ella

    #17 – Usamopatriot – BINGO. I’ve been reading lots of comments on UK news websites and not ONCE has someone remarked that the absence of God in British society might have something to do with their terrible lack of values.

  • tj

    Wake up.. they are muzzies..
    The UK has over half their children born to immigrants…
    they have taken in a large number of people who have not assimilated into their culture…
    Now these folks are demanding more handouts..
    They are most likely better oof than where they came from.. but are envious of the success of others and want to destroy it..

  • Chris in N. Va.

    BurmaShave — To piggyback off of your observations, if this Lib twit’s own business (whatever it is) was trashed, looted and burned to the ground by those who (like their Brit kissin’ kin) claim to be taking back their taxes and poking a stick in the eye of the “rich”, methinks that the lady would INDEED protest much — loudly and long about it.

    Then again, perhaps in her enlightened state (ignoring for the moment what substances might have induced it) she’d just show up and pass out weenies and marshmallows for the brute, vandal hordes to roast upon the fires of her former source of income. Ya never know, it just might finally assuage her intellectually-debilitating Liberal White Guilt — especially if the looters were “ethnic” in complexion, shall we say. Perhaps she might at last obtain atonement for the sins of her ancestors.

    The (il)logical gordian knot of what passes for the (il)liberal ersatz thought process is indeed a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

  • Ella

    #24 – Are there problems in British society with immigrants? Yes. However, check the mugshots published today in the Daily Mail.

    These folks do not look like imported muslims to me. The looters are criminals pure and simple. They are made up of all races, including lots of white trash.

  • mg4us

    O’Reilly, stop the SPIN!!!. . .it is not about entitlements. . no one is entitled to anything in this country but life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. . . these so called entitlement are handouts to enslave people, by taking away their pride and motivation – – it is addicting like a drug and they become dependent. This is what LIBTARDS have done to the majority of blacks and also trying to do to hispanics. . keep them dependent and enslaved to Big Government.

    And before it was a “class riot” it was all about race. . . and non-assimilating immigrants.


    or this

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2024001/UK-riots-2011-London-Birmingham-people-forced-strip-naked-street.html this is not an example of class warfare!!

    the British have sold out their country as the Libtards are doing so here in America. . just look what happened in Milwaukee last week. . and implications for why is happened


    also black youth Flash Mobs have RECENTLY happened in Philly, Chicago, NYC, even Iowa. . . yet liberal MSM keeping it buried. . .even OBAMA supports it.

    Erica Payne (is a pain) with her sympathy and support. . it is VERY CLEAR that this is coordinated race and marxism. . Al Sharpton and his “Resist we must”. .

    What is this message about “resist”? Resist what??. . being law abiding, hard working free people

    Obama, Sharpton, Jackson and others (NAACP) have failed their own people. . . see what Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia said about the recent Black Youth Flash Mobs. .


    or this http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2011/08/07/mayor-nutter-addresses-recent-problem-with-youth-violence-at-church-in-west-philadelphia/

    Conservatives and patriotic Americans need to be on guard. The worse is yet to come. Time to restore our GREAT Country. . . time to join with the TEA party folks and be heard!

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  • #15 i read about this few days ago,violence is fast approaching people be prepared.

  • Mary

    #8 Shawnet, Exactly right!
    #14 Fedup, I agree, but the liberals here would welcome them with open arms..be careful what you wish for.

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  • mg4us

    And add LA in California to the mix too. . .

    Police need to wake up and be prepared. . . dark clouds are forming. . . this is just the opening act


    What say the No-so-Sharpton now?

  • Andreas K.

    Not enough? The UK is close to collapsing financially because it’s been handing out too much money to people who outright refuse to work. The taxes in the UK are also pretty high.

    You know, Erica Payne should experience this kind of civil war first hand. When looters torch her home she’ll sing a different tune.

  • StrangernFiction

    “The liberal mindset has brought us to economic disaster here in America in my opinion. In my opinion, you your agenda project, Alan Colmes, Barney Frank have brought this country to economic ruin…”

    This guy is utterly shameless.

  • Ipso Facto

    Busy hands are happy hands. When people have productive WORK to do they are always much better off. When you pay people to sit home and do nothing they waste away and develop resentments against “Society”.

    The heinous experiment in social justice has been a waste. People derive no benefit from being thrown crumbs and kept ignorant. These people, like all people everywhere, have had the potential of their lives removed by do-gooders like Erica Payne (why was she ever on that show?).

    On top of that, the socialists have not only bled productive people of their money, they have gone out and borrowed money to keep this nonsense going!

  • Joanne

    Those rioters in London are looting TV’s, alcohol, and whatever they can get their hands on. They are looting bread and milk. Liberals are insane.

  • Valerie

    Some of the reasons that Rome fell was because they could not pay their debts to their (often immigrant) army veterans, and they also created a large underclass in the city itself that was dependent on government largess. When the government could no longer pay the dole, there were riots ….

  • Patty

    Acorn has been quietly collecting billions for the Elections in 2012. The liberal organization is a collection of many groups. They will be a big issue in 12.

    We thought 08 was bad, 12 will be worse. I hear that the only way Obama can win in 12 is only with the group and tentacles within this group. And of course, Soros.

    This is the only way Obama can pull it off.

  • rbosque

    I thought liberals always tell us “war isn’t the answer”?

    But of course that bull@@@@. LIberals/marxists will do anything to meet their goals and that includes violence when it suits them (100 million last century). They only cry “peace” when they think they have a shot at installing Marxism through enough idiots at the ballot box. We can see Marxists true colors when they see or think that violence is advancing their cause of destroying Capitalism or civilization.

  • Valerie

    “#27 August 11, 2011 at 8:48 am
    mg4us commented:”

    I believe this may be a clip from that full speech at your link:


    “If you want all of us — black, white or any other color — if you want us to respect you, if you want us to look at you in a different way, if you want us not to be afraid to walk down the same side of the street with you, if you want folks not to jump out of an elevator when you get on, if you want folks to stop following you around in stores when you’re out shopping, if you want someone to offer you a job or an internship somewhere, if you don’t want folks to be looking in or trying to go in a different direction when they see two or 20 of you coming down the street, then stop acting like idiots and fools out in the streets of the city of Philadelphia. Just cut it out.”


    According to Wikipedia, this man is a Democrat, and according to his picture, he’s black.

    “Michael Anthony Nutter (born June 29, 1957) is the Mayor of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is the third African-American mayor of Philadelphia, the largest city in the United States with an African-American mayor. Elected on November 6, 2007, he was sworn in on January 7, 2008. Nutter is a former councilman of the city’s 4th Council District, which includes the neighborhoods of Wynnefield, Overbrook, Roxborough, Manayunk, East Falls and parts of North Philadelphia, West Philadelphia, and West Mount Airy. He has served as the 52nd Ward Democratic Leader since 1990.
    He and former mayor John Street clashed at times over policy and reform. On June 27, 2006, Nutter resigned from the council to run for mayor.[8] Mayor Nutter endorsed Hillary Rodham Clinton for president during the 2008 Democratic primary, and often campaigned with the Senator. After Clinton’s withdrawal Nutter became a vocal supporter of Democratic nominee Barack Obama.”

    I include this information, not to solicit hostility toward this man, but to point out that many reasonable people voted for the Democratic candidate in the last election, fully expecting a sane and fiscally adept administration. These people have been disappointed. We may not agree with them on all issues, but the radical character of this administration and its revolting developments open up an opportunity for us.

    The Tea Parties are all about responsibility, too. We’ve done the fiscal stimulus, and it hasn’t worked. The Tea Parties have a point, and there are Democrats prepared to understand that the present economy is behaving like the economy of the thirties, where a a stock bubble led to a crash, and increased government spending sucked up the productive resources of the country, prolonging a recession into the Great Depression. Further, we have an example of the best course of action, where the 1920 Recession was ended, and great prosperity stimulated, by cutting government taxation and spending.

    We also have less-perfect examples of intermediate results, where tax cuts without the concomitant spending cuts produced intermediate results and some problems, during the Reagan and Bush administrations.

    The Tea Parties have a point. This administration used a fiscal crisis in an effort to force a huge, permanent, unsustainable spending increase as well as government intrusion into multiple markets. They said that, in 18 months, millions of jobs would be created, and the economy would pull out of the recession. That hasn’t happened. The experiment has failed.

    The Tea Parties can carry their point, provided a lot of nominal Democrats learn to recognize their kinship to the Tea Party members.

  • Old Fan

    I caught this the other day, simply amazing.

    Totally insane Democratic Partisan nonsense.

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  • dallasdan

    BOR feeds on fools like Payne. Maybe she would change her opinion if her home was invaded and she was the object of brutal pleasures by her attackers. Or, maybe she would enjoy it. Hard to tell.

  • WillofLa

    This Payne person is saying the same sympathy gargage the left have been saying since they started all this crap back in the 60’s. They claim that people have these “limits” that they reach where they can’t “take it” anymore. Well, I think we’ve reached our limit a long, long time ago where we just can’t take this government of ours anymore. We’ve reached our limit with Socialism, Marxism, and Communism taking over our government. We’ve reached our limit with the millions of illegal Mexican aliens who’ve invaded my country. We’ve reached our limit with one Socialist social and domestic spending programs after another taking my money and the money of people who are tired of paying out the nose year after year. We’ve reached our limit with Blacks, Muslims, and illegal Mexican’s getting the full force of the government in protecting rights they don’t have, but the government doesn’t see anything wrong with taking mine away from me to give to them. We’ve reached our limit with all the leftist environmental restrictions put upon businesses that have caused them to leaves the country. We’ve reached our limit of Socialist economic policy that has brought America to the brink of disaster than any time in our history. We’ve reached our limit of people like Barney Frank using Blacks to force the banks to give loans to Negros who don’t even have a job so they can buy a nice big house I couldn’t even afford on my pay, but I can’t go to a bank to borrow a small amount of money so I can move my small business along to a little more profit.

    Yeah, I’d say we’ve reached our limit a long time ago, when do we get to riot and force the government to give us our rights, freedoms, and liberties back? We don’t want more, we just want what the Constitution guarantees us all. But nooooo. We get the screw, but these kinds of rioters get everything?

  • tommy mc donnell

    what would she say if the people that work rioted to throw off the shackles of the oppressive liberal government? i know that the oppression practiced againist working people by the policies of liberal politicans drives me to the edge everyday here in america.

    i would like the right that free men have wanted since the dawn of time; the right to work for themselves. the right that liberals and other belivers in government control have taken away from men since the dawn of time.

  • tommy mc donnell

    #35…ipso facto…as i product of the socialist inner-city welfare state i can tell you this, capitalism gives poor people an opportunity to EARN enough money to not be poor, socialism GIVES poor people just enough money to stay poor.

  • WillofLa

    Great Britain’s societal problems stem from it’s ever increasing Socialist direction it’s government has taken. Also, it has had an ever increasing allowance of multiculturalism and environmentalism that have taken over the social and domestic policies the government has adopted. Their socialized medicine that was implemented back in the mid-50’s has been a disaster economically. Similar to our Medicare and the state Federally assissted Medicaid programs have been a huge drain on our economy as well to the point where both programs will be bankrupt in a few years. Actually they are already bankrupt since the mid-80’s when the funds were robbed by the liberal Republican’s on advice of the leftist Democrats who were trying to make the Reagan administration look as bad as possible. Well, that action opened up both funds to continued robbing by more the Democrats who have been in control of either or both houses for the past twenty-five years.

    When Republican’s “think” that they are in a corner and have no way out, of course it’s because they’ve been listening to Democrat advise for far to long on ways to deal with economic “crisis” created by Democrats and put upon Republican’s to solve, has left the Republican’s with having to follow Democrat laws and rules they made up that force Republican’s to avoid Constitutional remedies to solve problems Democrats caused with the nation’s money supply. Democrats have written laws and made up rules that destroy working people’s “contribution” to the government’s outstanding debt. It’s impossible to solve problems created by Democrats and then try to use their laws and rules they made up that only work when Democrats use them. They have caused the worse damage to our economy and the only real way to solve their problems is to use the Constitution and repeal every law and rule the Democrats have created for them to work by.

    What are the solutions to America’s problems, like was put to Obama when he took office? He said, “The government is the only solution to America’s problems.” Yeah, if he plans on using Democrat laws and rules to solve those problems that they caused by using those laws and rules. But the only real answer and solution to any problem America has is the Constitution. And it says that no law can be made that violates its tenates, because if you do, you can destroy this nation. And that is what the leftist, progressives, liberals, Socialists, Marxists, Communists have done. And if we stand around with our thumbs up our butts, they will finish what they began back in the 60’s with their “final solution” to bring America to it’s knees.

  • WillofLa

    Late last night I finally heard a man talk about America’s financial problems and he said what I deduced long ago, but didn’t really know for sure because I could never hear anyone admit to it, that what has happened is the Democrats made up their own laws and forced them to go through and became policy. This I have believed for years since it came to me one day. I was trying to figure out how all these problems occurred, but the politician’s kept saying that they were doing things by the Constitution. I realized that, no, they weren’t. They were doing something else, and I couldn’t find out what that was until it came to me one night that the only way they could be getting away with so much was if they were operating by a different set of rules that the Republican Party weren’t using to try to get their bills through. It seemed that the Republican’s didn’t have much success getting their bills to the floor for a vote, and if they did whatever it was when they first wrote them were nothing like they were wrote. It was because Democrats had put so many bad amendments on Republican bills that they were almost inaffectual by the time they were voted on. And that was right, but there was still something else that was causing the problems.

    Democrats brain storm their advisors to come up with solutions to problems that don’t even exist…..yet. Then they use their outside supporters to cause the problems, and that allows the Democrats to use their solution that makes it look like solutions to American’s needs, wants, and problems getting help with those needs and wants come from the government, and only from the government. When in real life a problem occurs before any kind of solution can be formed. But it seemed that Democrats could come up with solutions real fast to these supposed problems that I didn’t see anyone else having other than this small bunch of people who were complaining. But the Democrats seemed to be able to come up with solutions real fast, making the government seem to be so smart and able that we probably should rely on these people because we could have never come up with a solution to a problem that seemed so complex, so fast.

    Little did we know that those problems really never existed and probably never would. It seemed to me that no one could be that smart to be able to come up with solutions that fast. But what I did see was that it seemed to always cause more and more money to come from our pay checks to pay for those problems to be solved. I started wondering why does it always cost so much money, our money, to pay for some stuff written on a piece of paper? All it seemed that the government needed to do was to call whomever and tell them to write this down. “We passed a new law and it says that you are to do this thing this new way now.” And it cost how much to do that?? Why did it take two thousand pages of paper to say something so simple like a change in what they were doing. I could do the same thing in one sentence probably, and it wouldn’t cost a dime to tell the person that. Or it would take some stamps if they had to send a copy of what was needed to do now that was a new idea, and send out a letter to all the appropriate offices. That doesn’t take 50 billion dollars, does it? That’s where most of the debt comes from and that is the implementation of laws. Something is not right with this picture, and I think we are being ripped off…..bad!!

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  • SandyfromChesterfield

    I wish the whole interview was shown. Amilya Antonetti, a small business owner, was absolutely fabulous.

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