Earthquake Rattles Washington DC – Obama Goes Biking

A 5.8 quake hit Washington DC this afternoon.

Drudge reported:
Largest previous on record 4.8…
Pentagon, Capitol evacuated…
Shakes Manhattan…
Felt from Toronto to Atlanta…
Epicenter VA…
Felt In Chicago…
Airports Closed…
Nuke Plant Shuts Down…

The Obama family was biking.


More… Warthog added:

Epicenter was situated at the convergence of Bush’s Fault, Congress’s Fault, Teaparty Fault, and Itsnotmy Fault.

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  • american patriot


  • GrayRider

    It’s the perfect place for it. Now, how about some fire & brimstone and 40 days of rain. Noah? Bueller? Noah? Bueller?

  • Adirondack Patriot

    We just had an eathquake here near Schenectady, NY. We think it may be from the Virginia earthquake. Tall office buildings and lightposts swayed. Very unusual for Upstate, New York. Waiting for data.

  • Missy8s

    President Downgrade’s fault!!!

  • Militant Conservative

    Caliphate grows due to Obama.

    Jesus with earthquake button, test,test, yup

    We’re good to go. I love irony.

    Powder is dry

  • Red

    5.8 – 6.0 magnitude earthquake rocks the east coat, JFK reported closed, federal buildings being evacuated and Obama playing golf. No seriously, it was reported when quake hit, Obama was on the golf coarse.

    What imagery.

  • SnowSoul

    Wonder if Deepok Chopra farted, I mean, meditated again.

  • Red

    sorry Jim, that would be golf course. Hope it did not interfere with his game.

  • Global warming blamed in 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1

  • GrayRider

    Add this to the ever expanding list of The One’s explanation for his economic destruction:
    tusami, Arab spring, ATMs, the Tea Party, BP oil spill, bad luck, those damn Republicans always voting no…

  • Dave J

    pretty strong ride here in northern VA. Saw a good comment on one of the local stations….”Tea Party Strikes again!”

  • Chataranga

    Bush’s fault. Get it?

    Welcome to the end times.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Felt it here in Charlotte, NC – just like someone shaking the back of my chair.

  • Sam Stone

    Obama just took credit for preventing an 8.0!

  • Louie_DaSmasher

    Don’t worry!!

    That girl’s bike has an emergency bell on the handlebars.

    (Bidda-ring, Bidda-ring, Bidda-ring.)

  • Remco Kimber

    The moon god is angry.

    Muzzies getting ready for their combined end-of-ramadingdong and 9/11 celebrations

  • Sam Stone

    I was sitting in my car in Columbia Md eating lunch when I thought someone had jumped on my bumper shaking my car.

    What a ride….
    Not as bad as the 6.2 I was in in Mexifornia years ago. Watched the blacktop roll like water.

  • Ginger

    You think that God is telling those liberal states to change their ways or else?

    Please let every one be safe.

  • Andreas K.

    Kenny Solomon tweeted that he was taking a nap. I don’t believe him! He’s one of them eeeeevil Joooooooooos, I bet he used some eeeeevil Jooooooooooo magicks to make this earthquake happen!

  • Ginger

    All joking aside… “God does work in strange and mysterious ways.”

  • Really, Jim? Really?

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Isaiah 24:20

    The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again.

    Pay attention.

  • Andreas K.

    The good news, I heard nothing about innocent people being injured. The bad news, the politicians are also still alive.

  • tru

    Felt it here in Raleigh.

  • Missy8s

    They’re saying the Washington Monument is leaning now….

  • Dave J
  • Bunni

    The wrath of God is hunting down the poser. Maybe if we’re lucky, he’ll get swallowed up by a huge sinkhole and go express to hell 😉

  • Redwine

    Adirondack Patriot (#3) – I noticed the NY 2.2 quake was 7 hours ago.

    Here’s a great site tracker:

  • Mac in NM

    That ol’ devil George Bush is at it again.

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  • Warthog

    Epicenter was situated at the convergence of Bush’s Fault, Congress’s Fault, Teaparty Fault, and Itsnotmy Fault.

    (I steal nothing but the finest…)

  • Obama; Hey everyone don’t worry about it we’ll just blame Bush…Nah that’s old, I got it we’ll blame the Tea Party..Maybe it’s the fault of global warming..How about deep water drilling for oil, damn that Exxon..Maybe we should blame all the white people,or all them damn corporations,or just all the people who work hard to have something of value…There’s just so many, anyway who cares I have no time for this, leave me alone can’t you see I’m trying to line up this putt…..

  • Spartan

    Seriously,,,,,,,there is no sign of structural damage. No gaping hole in the ground. No sign of cracks along roads or bridges in the water. No sign that the earth has stopped rotating.

    WTF is the problem? How much more can these news outlets stretch this story out for the lack of panic except in the newsrooms because they can’t get LIVE video feed from their collegues??

    Did those ‘fine upstanding’ rebels of Libya upset the balance of the earth when they all gathered in the Qaddafi compaound? Who was that stupid congress person who said the island would tilt if too many peple gathered on side of it?? I mean this is running along those same ‘crazy’ lines.

    Ladies and gentlemen I give you the redundance of our media.

  • Patty

    Every time the boy vacations Tsunami, Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Floods. Anyone see a meaning in this. Should he just stay in Washington and do work.

  • Andreas K.

    Taqq, no offense, but John McTernan is a nut when it comes to simple science. The comet is too small to have any effect, even if it was aligned with Earth and the sun. We have moments when Sun, Earth and our moon are aligned, and the moon has significantly more mass than a comet for 3-4 kilometers. C/2010 X1 is a long-period comet and very likely a regular guest to our system. STEREO-B and SOHO will observe the forward scattering of light, which should be quite interesting.

    The commons speculations all lead to the Nibiru collision nonsense and from there it’s just a small step to aliens invading our toilets. Conspiracy theories are running rampant in those circles.

    Theoretically, if it would impact, we’d have serious issues, but then again, it won’t do that. Plus, one day it will happen anyway. It has happened in the past, it will happen again. Every 500,000 years or so this planet is hit by stuff larger than 1 km. Welcome to the universe, it’s a dangerous place.

    As for earthquakes… hellooooooo… the tectonic plates on this planet have been moving for millions of years and will continue to move until the planet is literally dead. Quakes have always happened and will always happen.

  • Brian

    #31, love it … I think that is the lead story on MSNBC this later today.

    Hurricane going to hit US later this week, Earthquake just hits the East Coast, what will it take … LOCUSTS to swarm Martha’s Vineyard before Obama gets the hint?

  • succotash

    #31 Warthog. That’s very funny!

  • John

    I would prefer he NOT do anything. Or be involved. Works for me.

  • HadEnough

    This shell of a man squats to pee!!

  • Sasja

    I’d be more impressed if it had been an 8.0 or 9.0 and had happened while Congress was in session. There are quakes every day, but most are so minor they are not felt. We have them in Oklahoma and rarely are they even noticed by the populace.

  • StrangernFiction

    Really, Jim? Really?

    Messing with libturds is such fun, and it is so easy.

  • Frank

    Is it me or is Bam riding a girl bike and Michelle riding a guy bike?

  • succotash

    OT but did anyone see the Libyan rebel interviewed on Fox via Sky news ? He got into Qaddafi’s bedroom and got his hat and a gold chain that was huge and by todays prices if he sold it he would have several thousand dollars. He was ecstatic about the hat and I kept thinking “go sell that chain”.

  • Patty



  • averagemelon

    As soon as everyone found out it shook Washington, everyone here in upstate New York said aloud, “Maybe the earth will open up and return obama to where he belongs”.

    Man, his approval rating is BAD.

  • KC

    @Patty #34

    Don’t forget he was in Ireland when the tornado hit us in Joplin!
    He said “Ireland sends thoughts and prayers your way”
    Talked to people from Ireland, they said, “nope we don’t talk like that over here”. It was never said.

  • Militant Conservative

    This just in. America’s soddam

    And Gamorrah just hit with


  • vityas


    Already a word for it–Sitzpinkler.

    It’s not a compliment.

  • succotash

    #42 Frank that is not Mooshelle it is Malia(oldest daughter)way too thin for Mooch.

  • Andreas K.

    #40 Sasja

    Correct. Japan has a few hundred every year. 3-11 was just the big one that a lot of scientists have actually been waiting for.

    BTW, West Coast US, San Andreas fault (love the name), should also be hit eventually. Scientists have been waiting for a big one for a while.

    Those are fault areas, tectonic plates move, the earth shakes. Simple as that. The coming hurricane in the South? It’s hurricane territory, nothing new there.

    Welcome to nature, enjoy your stay. And yes, nature is more powerful than mankind.

  • Andreas K.

    BTW, my first thought was “Oh, quake in DC? Michelle O farted?”

    I should apologize for that, but I don’t want to.

  • WillofLa

    A geologist called into the radio show I was listening to and he said that it had been centuries since that area had a earthquake. He said that fault was very deep.
    Yeah, it’s probably coming from the lines of strata that form the Appilachian mountains, but deep. Hum.

    Yeah, you’d know that the liberals would have run out of the Capital building like the rats jumping ship that they are. To bad that all, ALL the liberals weren’t in that tunnel going out into Virginia from the Capital and our representatives buildings, and it caved in taking them all out! Then that way the largest majority in Washington would be the conservative Republican’s. Then when Obama came back from Martha’s Vineyard he’d have no one to support his crazy ideas that are destroying this nation. You know that Obama is good friends with Maurice Strong who thinks he runs the world with all his bogus organizations and even more bogus NGO’s. Our conservative Republican’s could defund all the U.N. agreements where we don’t know where the money goes. America could begin returning back to where it ought to be. And if all the liberals were dead, Obama couldn’t do a damn thing to stop it. I would like to see him in a situation like that, and I would like to see America in a situation like that, where we would have a small conservative government that got the things done that it is supposed to do and that’s all.

  • Missy8s

    Watch how quickly every mine in Virginia and every coal fired plant is taken offline, President Downgrade will definitely blame it all on mining…

    Seriously guys, the epicenter was in “Mineral”, VA…

    How convenient…

  • Carlos

    I note the conspicuous absence of the first sow in this touching family outing. Guess they might have trouble finding a bike seat that fits.

  • Mel Dekker

    Fantastic observation from a brilliant man and one truly representative of conservative intellect. Yes, the fact Obama was golfing when an earthquake occurred is reason to criticize BO. Of course, when Katrina hit, W took days to even think about touring the devastation, and when he did, he made his usual ass of himself. But, how quickly the right wing forgets. Jim, you also forgot to mention Obama is black. That MUST have had something to do with the earthquake. Oh, and did I forget to mention Obama is a black man? Jim, there’s chicken stock, fish stock, beef stock and then there’s you…laughing stock.

  • One more thing to blame the recession on.

  • Major Kong

    Gaia’s letting us know she’s “fracking” ticked-off.

  • rbosque

    Seriously? 5.8?

    Try living in L.A.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Red House is only 70 miles to the southwest of Mineral, VA.

    Isn’t that where the Jamaat ul Fuqra compound is?

    Just throwing it out there.

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  • Adirondack Patriot

    Michael Moore fell down. Took header into Obama’s job approval rating.

  • GlenStanish

    According to the Daily Rash, the NY Times calls Obama’s bicycle photos an example of “rugged masculinity gone wild!” Interesting….

  • Rock

    Funny Lefty trolls don’t handle ridicule well, do they? So is this Sara’s fault, after all she is from Alaska, shake center.


    I felt it by the Jersey shore. My pendulum lights were swinging. All I could think was’ “Oh Great…now Obama has another thing to blame his bad numbers on”

  • Jayne on the left coast

    I live in CA. and can say I have never ever been evacuated after a quake. It was always back to work. Of course, I worked for the private sector. We are also told it is less safe outside,falling objects, glass etc.

  • mikec

    There are some racist a-holes on this site.

  • forest

    First Colorado, now Virginia.

    They’ve upped it to 5.9 which doesn’t surprise me. It felt strong and shook a really wide area. I guess it was a deep one.

    I’d be a little worried if I lived in St. Louis. It’s been a long time since New Madrid cut loose.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    #55: LMAO. Get a grip. You appear to be in the late stages of Bush Derangement Syndrome. Bush saved 30,000 lives during Katrina via the US Coast Guard. He didn’t need to “tour the devastation.” The only reason the left hated him was because he forgot to bring the welfare handouts for the people whose family legacy is sitting on their asses and bitching about racism.

    When can we expect you to go to Mineral, Virginia to volunteer, Mel Dekker, and back your words up with actions?

  • Rock

    There are some racist a-holes on this site.


    Really, cruise on over to huff puff blow, get a ear full there. Then of course Maxine may be more to your liking. Come on dude give it up that card has been overplayed

  • WillofLa

    Yeah, yeah, I know a lot of people don’t want anyone killed or hurt in any way. Well, if it were under normal circumstances I to, would not wish anyone killed or hurt. I’m not some kind of Oger, I’m a normal person. But when you see these people getting away with murder, of the American way of life for everyone except their cronie rich friends, and they have reconstructed our government in such an unAmerican way that it favors laws that destroy all that the Constitution is supposed to protect? What else would you suggest? That we think that everything is okay, and if we don’t like what they do, all we need to do is what our system allows and just vote these people out of office? Sure, that would work if we didn’t have a Marxist for President who passes an illegitimate Presidential Directive just before he leaves for vacation he shouldn’t be taking, that violates our immigration laws that are established to keep illegal Mexican’a from being given amnesty? C’mon, give me a break.

    And then when right thinking people try to get bills to the floor of the House to stop such things as what Obama has gotten away with since he’s been in office that has done more damage to this nation than anyone before him, and his supporters in the House and the Senate won’t allow a bill that protects the freedoms, liberties, and rights of the American people because they are just as mentally ill as this nut job President? What would any normal person think ought to happen when they know that just voting harmful people out of office has not stopped these people from harming this nation as long as there is one left in office and another one in support of them in the White House? Just be nice and tell them to “Please stop hurting America.”? They aren’t going to do any of that. They are going to laugh at you and then order the police to arrest YOU for being criminal in not supporting your government.

    No, they can’t do that yet, but that IS what they want to get to do as long as they can take as many freedoms, liberties, and rights away from you that gives you the ability to stop them and turn things around. What would you suggest under those circumstances, a slap on the wrist? No, something much more “permanent” needs to happen to these people. Even in the Holy Bible there is plenty evidence where even God knew He had to bring these people’s influence, threats, pressure on people’s survival, people who are weak and are easy for these people to talk them into doing what they want them to do, that at that point it would be better that those kinds of people die. That way their influence and threats, and pressure from their ideas won’t harm people anymore. It may take longer to have those people die, but at least it finally ends the damage that they have done and after those people are gone the people can begin to recover. It is hoped that the people won’t allow anyone like those people to get into positions of power again, but it’s only until someone comes along who thinks that the government should be taking care of us that you find that someone trying to influence someone they are right and then support for them and their screwed up ideas begins again.

    That’s why, since nothing like liberalism and liberals and a Marxist has never tried to destroy this nation has never happened before and people aren’t real sure what to do about it. But one thing is for sure, we cannot allow these people who have been doing these things to our nation and our way of life, to exist running around free to build up support and money and power so they have what they need to take over again. We must learn how to spot these people and make sure that they are gotten rid of early before they build up a movement. And getting rid of them can be as easy as sending them to therapy, then if they don’t stop they may have to be put in prison for their own good, and ours to.

  • donh

    Just another Omen from God to what is coming Nov 2012.

  • George

    The tea party caused the earthquake!

  • Gini

    NYC earthquake – Turtle Bay observation.
    I guess I must be out of it as I did not notice anything unusual – no rocking, rolling, or anything. No bricks fell, no bells went off, nothing at all.

  • b_sharp

    It’s amazing Obama wasn’t able to foretell the earthquakes so he could stop that silly golfing and be on site when it happened. Every POTUS should be precognitive.


  • Madkangaroo

    Mel Dekker @55:

    Oh come of it, we’re just have some fun at the expense of Preisdent ItsNotMyFault.

    As for Bush and Katrina: I’ve been involved with disaster recovery since just after 9/11, and can tell you for a fact that with operations ongoing after Katrina’s landfall, having to deal with the logistics of a presidential visit in the first couple days would have been counter productive. Nevertheless, Bush visited the area twice within 4 days after landfall (first a flyover, and a couple days later with boots on the ground).

    Moreover, Federal aid and recovery assets were in place before landfall (e.g. by 8/27/2005…[FEMA]Region VI had staged at Camp Beauregard, Louisiana, 270,000 liters of water, 680,000 pounds of ice, 15,120 tarps, and 328,320 Meals Ready to Eat (MRE). By 5:00 pm edt, the quantity of water stored at Camp Beauregard had doubled to 540,000 liters. More commodities were pre-staged elsewhere in Region VI.).

    Your gripe has no basis in fact.

  • b_sharp

    WillofLa @ 70 – I thought it was the Repubs that demanded their rich friends not be taxed. How exactly is the left trying to destroy the US?

    Oh yah, it’s spelled ogre not ‘Oger’. You’ll find it in the dictionary with your picture.

  • Rock

    b_sharp not hardly,

    So your reply to 70 is a bogus argument, that ignores most of what he posted, then you end with a intellectual jab, the so Progressive I’m so superior B/S the Left plays at.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #76 b sharp

    How exactly is the left trying to destroy the US?

    I could count the ways, but you could just do the work instead, and google “Ways the Left is Destroying America”, and you would have a million good explanations.

    It’s all about Communism, and decades-long plans.

    Start there. If you’re not afraid to be challenged. Or just be a complete intellectual pu&&y, and stay in your bubble of unicorns and Skittles.

    How about you research Mao’s Great Leap Forward. Or the Holodomor. Or Walter Duranty’s intenional coverup of the Holodomor. Or Barack Obama’s staff’s publicly expressed love for Mao Tse Tung. Or Barack Obama’s relationship with Frank Marshall Davis. Or Barack Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn, former Weather Underground terrorists dedicated to killing people (like all Communists are), and now tenured University professors, inculcating and brainwashing thousands of young minds per year.

    Or you could just go smoke another bowl and be blissfully ignorant.

    Your choice. I’m not doing the work you need to do.

    Drink, horse. Or don’t. The water’s right there.

  • ocrick

    Reagan had taken over 120 days Vacation at this point in his 1st term, Bush W had taken 180 days vacation.

    Obama is at 70… on to your next hypocritical point… yawn…

  • thegoldman

    Dear Lord,

    Well done you put the fear of God in Washington. But i think one of your workers is a little slow or a Democrat, you see the president left town and is hiding out in the area of Martha’s Vineyard, Ma.
    So if you can, Please ? Just another little earth quake at 41 27’00. and 70 27’00. you can concentrate it in that area.

    Thank you Lord, Amen

  • Estragon

    Biking again? With the Erkel helmet? I think that thing interferes with his hearing – I keep yelling at him to take a HIKE . . .

    The epicenter is being reported as Mineral, Virginia, a rural area roughly halfway between Richmond and Charlottesville. I-64 runs nearby, but be careful: Louisa County funds much of its government from speeding fines.

  • Rock

    Reagan had taken over 120 days,

    And if you had done your home work you would have found both men made working vacations the norm, while prissy leg WTF hates work even while in the White House, where someone else carries his water, Piglosi, Reid, Valerie. So no reason to believe he does much of anything useful while playing on our dime. Oh yea so proud of girly bike funny helmet Mr. wonderful.

  • Taqiyyotomist
  • L.E. Liesner

    I wonder how much toilet paper the people on the East left coast will want the government pay for. The media is having another field day.

  • Rock

    Seems like a little Kinetic Earthly Action, not nice to pi$$ of Mother Nature.

  • Active1

    A father spending time with a daughter. Nice to see. Scanned through comments and it’s sad to see so many Non-Christian remarks. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • greenfairie

    Thank goodness the Sarah Palin Fault’s was not involved.

  • RKflorida

    The funniest one I heard was that “Chris Christie has jumped into the race”.

    Am I the only one seeing the funky font on this site?

  • Tiparillo

    If only President Obama had been reading ‘The Pet Goat’…

  • Rock

    #86 August 23, 2011 at 4:15 pm

    Considering the number of families and lives destroyed by this fake, not at all. And unlike the Progressive Left and their proclaimed love of Islam and the brutality of the religion of love you fake condescending tune is hardly a scathing comment.

  • John

    Wow…you must all be “Kristians” here…I can really feel the love!

  • Fred

    This just in. GOP pre-emptively blames Obama for Hurricane that may or may not hit the US. Karl Rove stating “It’s Obama’s Katrina” for about the hundredth time.

  • mikec

    What an angry little critter you are. Every prez is on a working vaca. Your little proto brain can’t understand it, I know. They feed you your little ding bat lines and you lap ’em up like the puppy dog you are.

    “And if you had done your home work you would have found both men made working vacations the norm, while prissy leg WTF hates work even while in the White House, where someone else carries his water, Piglosi, Reid, Valerie. So no reason to believe he does much of anything useful while playing on our dime. Oh yea so proud of girly bike funny helmet Mr. wonderful.”

  • Taqiyyotomist


    Is it a Troll Directive that none of you may ever be specific?

    (“Wow, look at all the crazy people!/racists!/hateful people! K THNX BYE!” followed by sound of burning rubber)

    Such effective confrontation and argumentation. You musta went to one of them there Universities! (Or pretend to teach there.)

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  • Snicker

    The Obots came here from Media Matters, they are whining. Again. Poor babies.

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  • Cory C

    Wow…you must all be “Kristians” here…I can really feel the love!

    No doubt, this one surfed in from LGF — Chaz Jahnson has a post up about Jim. Poor Chaz, doesn’t realize how irrelevant he is.

  • Rock

    You can tell WTF and his entitlement junkies are scared, when they show up with their one liners. Yet not one has ever come out and admitted their love of Socialism, and explained why.

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  • Rock

    So mike c,

    Are you trying to defend ocrick clueless comment, or just make one of the Lefts just as useless ridicule statements. Do you have facts or are you just programed with the Soros media talking points and a abundance of arrogance.

  • Redwine
  • Valerie

    “#66 August 23, 2011 at 2:46 pm
    mikec commented:”

    Yes, there are. And, they are not conservatives, or Repubs, or Tea Partiers. There is no such thing as truly anonymous posting.

    So says your friendly, neighborhood Liberal that actually reads the comments.

  • jaime

    No loss of life. No injuries. Very little, if any property damage. What’s the problem?

    There was a car accident down the block from my job and Obama was on vacation. IMPEACH HIM!!!!!!!!!

  • Johnny “Stanford” Davis

    This blog post says that Obama thinks that the earthquake was Bush’s fault. What? You think it was Obama’s fault? GATEWAY PUNDIT THINKS EARTHQUAKE WAS OBAMA’S FAULT! HaHaHa!

    Even Media Matters was attacking you for that one, and Media Matters is usually wrong! You’ve got to make a really BIG mistake for Media Matters to be right!

  • chippy

    The irony is that the only building that suffered any real damage was the national cathedral, 3 blocks from my house…Whatever with the the Jesus ‘pushing the button’ thing that some idiot posted…perhaps it was mother nature telling you fools to believe in nature and not some moron in the sky who doesn’t exist. It was actually Bill Clinton’s fault, like everything else

  • Johnny “Stanford” Davis

    The irony is that the only building that suffered any real damage was the national cathedral


    It was God sending a message to Christians to tell them to stop believing in Jesus. When are Christians going to learn? If 9/11 didn’t wake them up after Pat Robertson warned them that it was the hand of God, they never will.

  • mcc

    chippy and Johnny —

    If God has used this to awaken those who claim to believe in Him, what might He do to awaken those who’ve repeatedly, and proudly, refused Him?

    Just a thought…something you might want to consider.

  • g

    I don’t know, maybe God WAS trying to send a message. The epicenter was in Eric Cantor’s distritct.

  • Valerie

    This earthquake was a big one 5.8 or 5.9 on the Richter scale, and covering a large, heavily populated area. The only reason we can joke about it in good conscience is that there was very little damage, and no deaths.

    Our buildings are made to withstand this magnitude of earthquake.

    God has blessed us in a big way, because we put His blessings to good use.

  • Valerie

    “#105 August 23, 2011 at 7:00 pm
    Johnny “Stanford” Davis commented:”

    oboy. That’s what you get for dropping in on the middle of a conversation. You, by chance, are unaware that Barack Obama, three years into his term of office, is still blaming the poor performance of his policies on George Bush?

  • donh

    God has tilted the Washington Monument off its axel , a sign as wonderous as the temple that split in two upon the death of our Lord. …

  • God

    Dear Barry,

    Listen, you ignominious jerk, that quake was just a small wake up call.
    Keep up the Marxist crap and I’m gonna send the big one.



  • Johnny “Stanford” Davis

    Re: MCC:

    If God has used this to awaken those who claim to believe in Him, what might He do to awaken those who’ve repeatedly, and proudly, refused Him?

    I didn’t in fact suggest that God was trying to awaken believers. My comment was that God was trying to awaken those who believe in Jesus as the Savior. Thus God could be telling them that Judaism or Buddhism or Islam or even some as yet uncreated religion could be the more accurate one.

  • Johnny “Stanford” Davis

    Re: #111 Valerie:

    “#105 August 23, 2011 at 7:00 pm
    Johnny “Stanford” Davis commented:”

    oboy. That’s what you get for dropping in on the middle of a conversation. You, by chance, are unaware that Barack Obama, three years into his term of office, is still blaming the poor performance of his policies on George Bush?

    I don’t suppose Obama has blamed this earthquake on George Bush? The only one who tried to blame it on someone was Jim. He said, “Earthquake Rattles Washington DC – Obama Goes Biking.” He wanted to blame Obama for going biking. Going biking actually isn’t a bad thing to do.

    Don’t get me wrong. There are things to criticize Obama for. The headline could be, “Earthquake Rattles DC – Obama Creates $1.8 Trillion Debt,” or “Earthquake Rattles DC – Obama DOJ Covers Up Illegal Gun-Sales Operation Directing Guns to Mexican Drug Lords,” though both of those headlines would be complete nonsequitors, just like the one Jim did pick to run.

  • Molon Labe

    It wasn’t an earthquake, it was Michelle falling.

  • ANDY C

    GREAT POST! The implication of your headline is certainly correct; i.e., that Obama should have stopped everything to deal with the non-crisis of the earthquake, but instead was insensitive enough to continue his vacation with his little girls. Thank you, Jim, for bringing this clear inconsideration of the president to our attention.

  • befuddled

    The Tea Party Terrorists strike again.

  • BS61

    Thanks #78 Taqiyyotomist! That’s a good link for me to share with my asleep friends!

  • BS61

    Thanks Redwine for the jokes!


  • Not surprised, again

    Nice page. way to show your “Chrisianity”. The bigots have definitely found their home in the Tea Party.

  • Senorita Bonita

    Conservatives are not necessarily stupid,
    but most stupid people are conservatives.
    John Stuart Mill
    English economist & philosopher (1806 – 1873)

  • Stentor

    You’re a sick bastard. Preach some more eliminationist rhetoric, Herr Goebbels, maybe the Southern Poverty Law Center will add you to their list of hate groups.
    You really do hate America, you hate the fact that people outside your purview can have attitudes and opinions different from your own, and you want to deny freedom, pursuit of happiness, and even life to anyone who doesn’t fit within your narrow window of what’s acceptable. It’s people like you who are the real traitors to America, and I’m calling you out Gateway Pundit.

  • Stentor

    You need to stop enabling all the racist a-holes on this site, and call them on their BS.

  • Stentor

    #124 was directed squarely at you WillofLa for #52. You demonize Democrats for all of the same things Republicans have done, like give amnesty to illegals, which Ronald Reagan did, and all of those people engaging in crony capitalism? Those would be the friends and business associates of the Bush Family, they have a long storied history of engaging in such practices, going all the way back to Prescott Bush’s involvement with Fritz Thuyssen, Union Banking Concern, & a little construction company called Eigen-Farber. So get your facts straight before you go off half-cocked on some hate-filled rant about how liberals are ruining this country, because it’s the conservatives who enable the businessmen on Wall Street that are wrecking it.

  • Rock

    Boy the Left goes bat sh!t crazy when their toy boy leader is ridiculed. Jim creates a post that allows the Right to vent at WTF expense, and suddenly everything is taken literally. Poor fools are learning they no longer control the message nor the tone and are at a loss on how to respond, to funny.

    Oh Stentor, does that only apply to the Right or are you at peace With Maxine, F. Wilson, and WTF’s people of the New Black Panthers, talk about seeing the world through blinders mean anything to you? Most of what was said here was in jest poking fun at WTF something the Left does as a matter of doing business. You really are taking yourself way to serious, seriously.

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  • Liadan

    This is *not* the Washington Earthquake.

    The Earthquake epicenter was in Cuckoo, Virginia. Virginia is a Red state with a Red governor. If anything the “Great Cuckoo Earthquake” is McConnell’s and the GOP’s fault. And just to make His point, He’s sending Hurricane Irene to drive it home.

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  • Stentor

    There’s a big difference between telling someone to go to hell, and wishing that a large group of people would have been killed in an earthquake through specific circumstances that would benefit another group ideologically opposed to them politically. Stop the false equivalence, because they’re not the same.
    Rock, you can go to hell with your BS of “oh yeah, he was just kidding” because that’s a load of crap, same tactic that I used to encounter in high school with bullies getting caught by authority figures with their threats and saying, oh, I was just kidding. That’s a chickenshit tactic by moral cowards who want to preach eliminationist rhetoric but don’t have the balls to back it up when you call them on it, typical bullies.
    You want to see batshit crazy, you need to go visit some Tea Party websites where they preach non-stop violence against the left. I didn’t get angry because of the poke at Obama going biking, I got angry at WillofLa’s commentary about the large-scale death of liberals, there’s a difference, another misdirection on your part.
    I don’t see the large amounts of threats of violence on the websites I visit that have a left-wing audience, I only see it on sites like Michelle Malkin’s, and others.
    The New Black Panthers are a joke and no one takes them seriously except for people who want to stoke the fear-mongering of black radicals intimidating whites, it’s baloney.

  • Stentor

    So I guess my comments are being blocked now?

  • Stentor

    I posted a reply to the Rock and it disappeared down the rabbit hole, but the other one appeared immediately, strange.

  • Stentor

    Okay, I guess I’ll try this again.
    Rock, there’s a big difference between telling someone to go to hell as Maxine Waters did, and WillofLa wishing for large scale deaths of groups of people he’s ideologically opposed to so the other side would gain some sort of political advantage as a result. That’s a false equivalence on your part, the two are not the same. Besides, the New Black Panthers are a joke, and the only people that take them seriously are the ones who have a stake in stoking the fear-mongering of black radicals intimidating white people.
    You want to see batsheee-it crazy, you need to go visit some Tea Party websites where they post comments advocating large amounts of violence against individuals and groups of people on the left, something I do not see when I visit websites with left-wing or liberal audiences.
    I didn’t get angry because of Gateway Pundit’s comments about Obama, I got angry at WillofLa’s comments advocating eliminationist rhetoric against liberals.
    The “Oh, I was just kidding” when you’re called on this is morally cowardly because it indicates a hatred that you’re unwilling to stand up for when you’re called on exactly what you mean, or others mean, when someone points out the implicit violence in those statements. Something I used to see from the chicken-sheee-it bullies in my hometown when various authority figures would catch them engaging in some sort of threatening behavior. “Oh, I didn’t mean it, I was just kidding, can’t you take a joke?” Give me a break, everyone sees through that for what it really is.

    And Rock? Short English lesson, the word is “too” not “to” as in “too funny” and “too seriously” implying superlative description over and above “to” which is inclusive. You want to be taken seriously, then do, as they say in certain circles, “This is America, learn English.”

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