Time For a Cull… Global Warmers Lied – Polar Bears Enjoy Boom, Not Bust

It wasn’t that long ago that global warming climate change junk scientists were pushing their tripe on the American public on almost a daily basis.
The polar bear free fall was a classic:

Then the truth started leaking out.

After democrats passed their junk science “pile of sh*t” Cap and Trade legislation in June 2009 a report was released, and suppressed, that showed that polar bear numbers, far from decreasing, were much higher than they were 30 years ago.

In fact, it’s about time for a cull.

Polar bear numbers in Canada have increased in 11 of 13 regions in recent years.

Polar bear encounters on the North Slope oil fields have risen to record levels the last two years.
There are 5 times as many polar bears today as there were 50 years ago:

In December the Obama Administration admitted that polar bears are not endangered but are a “threatened” species due to non-existent global warming climate change.

Despite the fact that the bear populations are booming, the Obama administration set aside 187,000 square miles in Alaska as a “critical habitat” for polar bears recently. The action that could restrict future drilling for oil and gas development.

Now, to top it all off, we find out the scientists who first reported on drowned polar bears is under investigation and likely fabricated the story.
It’s about time for a cull, wouldn’t you say?

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  • bigkahuna

    Like anyone really expected to find any report done by liberals who are paid to find global warming anything but fake ?

    I simply expect any report, poll or statistic done by academia, MSM, liberals to be wrong, biased, faked or all of the above

  • Kathteach

    AS a teacher, I worry when students never hear about this kind of new information and instead keep being held hostage to watching Al Gore’s movie ad nauseum throughout their K-12 schooling.

    I assure you NO ONE in education would EVER bring in this kind of new information – ever. ever.

    Too busy creating textbook curriculum for LGTB + whatever new initial they have added to those with non-heterosexual sexual preferences.

    If you want to change our country, get involved in the VERY LOCAL but also VERY BROADSTROKE FEDERAL textbook publishing issue and the governments strong involvement in what we teach our kids.

    I assure you all – anyone over 21 – it’s radically different than when you were in school.

  • HadEnough

    What my monthly donations to the “Care for the Polar Bears” led by Mr. Al Gore were all a lie…..oh the humility……..oh the pain………..he told me I was helping feed the last known one……he said I could come by and pet it for $10k…he sent me a portfolio of the bear………oh woe is me…….

  • http://www.danegerus.com/weblog/Right.asp DANEgerus

    Feed Gaiahadists to Polar Bears!

  • succotash

    Cull the polar bears AND the junk scientists!!

  • Midwestengr

    I bet polar bears are tasty!

  • Sparky

    Progressives will protect any creature, even a gnat, over a human life.

    They are very dangerous people especially since they have infiltrated most, if not all, government controlled institutions.

  • HadEnough

    @Sparky….and the sad things the same liberal/progressive will be one to allow a human child to have his/her head crushed and yanked out of a womb……sick world isn’t it………

  • Charles Johnson

    Arrrrgh! Just wait til I dig up a link from a scientist thta somewhere, at some time, doesn’t agree with this post! Arrrrgh. It will be proof that I’m right.

    Also…I love muslims and welcome sharia law.

  • Amjean

    Palin was correct once again.

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  • lonely truth teller

    Consensus does not equal truth.
    Global warming is some kind of leftist plot to make us feel guilty and ride bicycles.

  • bg


    click on links, and scoill bearby scroll.. 😀


  • tommy mc donnell

    the global warmers lied? of course they lied, that’s what marxists do.

  • bg
  • bg
  • http://zillablog.marezilla.com Zilla

    Polar bears will eat people if they are hungry & the opportunity is there, lets feed the climate hoaxers to them!

  • daryl

    Feed the polar bears with the damned junk scientsts. win/win

  • daryl

    That’s what I get for not reading to the end before posting. Didn’t mean to pagierise Zilla.