Smart Power… Pakistani Radicals Call For Holy War After Team Obama Holds Gay Rights Event at Embassy

This must be more of that smart power we heard so much about…
They’re still pooping in buckets but Obama thinks they’re ready to celebrate gay rights.

Pakistani radicals called for a holy war after the US Embassy held its first ever gay rights celebration.

A masked supporter of Pakistan’s largest Islamic party, Jamaat-e-Islami, chants slogans during a rally to condemn a meeting by the U.S Embassy supporting gay rights in Pakistan, Monday, July 4, 2011 in Karachi, Pakistan. A group of conservative Islamic political and religious officials has condemned a meeting by the U.S. Embassy supporting gay rights in Pakistan as “cultural terrorism” against the country. (AP/Fareed Khan)

Under Islamic laws in Pakistan, homosexual acts are punishable by whipping, imprisonment or death.
Iran Press News reported:

After repeated violation of Pakistani air space, covert activities and military intervention, the US Embassy in Islamabad has arranged the first ever “Gay, Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Pride Celebration” ceremony and assured Washington’s support to the participants.

In response, all Islamic groups condemned this meeting as “social and cultural terrorism” against the Islamic democratic Pakistan.

These students are gathered here to protest against what they say is the US attempts to promote vulgarity in Islamic societies under the pretext of human rights.

The U.S. deputy ambassador, Richard Hoagland, who hosted the meeting was quoted in a statement on the US embassy website “I want to be clear the US embassy is here to support you and stand by your side every step of the way”…

…Demonstrators urged Pakistani government to stop US meddling in Pakistan. Homosexual acts are illegal in Pakistan and punishable by a fine and imprisonment for a period of two years, but under Islamic laws in Pakistan, homosexual acts are punishable by whipping, imprisonment or death.

Activists of the Pakistan Jamaat-e-Islami student wing protest in Karachi. Islamists held rallies in several major Pakistani cities to denounce a gay rights event hosted last month by the United States embassy, calling for a “holy war” against ally Washington. (AFP)

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  • Granny

    Oh I’m sure all those Pakistani gays, lesbians and so on are going to run right down to the American Embassy to have their pictures taken at this event! You would have to be suicidal. . .

  • Freddy

    Obama is going to leave the US without any allies anywhere in the world.

  • I_B_Prophen

    This Administration seems to invite disaster upon everyting it touches.

    No doubt the possibilty of a Cuomo as a running-mate for the Prince of Darkness will increase this Country’s stature among the Arabs.

    I’ve stopped asking “Can it get any worse?”.

  • bg
  • averagemelon

    Cultural terrorism. That has a nice ring to it.

    I see the Obama administration is doing all it can to bring the Arab Nations of people against the USA. How nice. I wonder how many Pakistanis even know that average Americans don’t give a hoot about gayness and think we should SHUT UP about the entire matter.

  • Joe College

    Team Obama should have done this on the down-low.

  • apodoca

    Why didn’t they march through Karachi? Why didn’t they go Folsom Street on Pakistan?

    What’s amazing is the hypocrisy of the Muslims for whom homosexuality is a feature, not a bug, of Islam. That’s what that ‘boys with skin like pearls’ in paradise is about. A successful jihadi gets to plow 72 raisins and as many young boys as he wants.

  • MrGoodWench

    Here is the story which we are not getting.
    Now pakis ( and every moozie anywhere in the islamic world) have an even better excuse to get into USA and on taxpayer dole. All they have to do is go to any American embassy and declare themselves to be gay/lizb and the State Dept ( Hillary’s office) will grant them a speedy visa , no questions asked ( as if they will ever deny visas to jihadys anyway :D)
    Additionally, all moozies in this country illegally, can get to stay here because they can’t be sent back to their islamic hellhole to be killed!
    Imagine how many jihadys will get here and stay here just by claiming they are gay, and we need all of them here to run NASA and everything else ……
    Obama wants his islamic bretheren here and Hillary will help , assisted by Huma ofcourse .
    America has to be fundamentally transformed so that Moochl can be proud of her country

  • ar05075

    “Cultural Terrorism”….that phrase perfectly describes the Obowma domestic policy.

  • Mark1957

    Not too many “rainbow headscarves” being worn in Pakistan.

    Someone tell the State Dept. it’s Pakistan, not “Pokey-Stan.”

  • gus

    Obama et al, are ideologues. They simply have no concept of others view points. In this case, it cannot be by accident.

  • american patriot

    Your headline reads, Pakistani Radicals Call For Holy War.

    When exactly are Muslims NOT carrying for holy war aka jihad against the rest of us infidel-kaffir in Dar al Haram.

    Islam, what a cancer on the world,

  • gus

    We had to be SENSITIVE to BIN LADEN’S dead carcass?? But we then PROMOTE…..Homo rights in Pakistan, at our own Embassy?? In ISLAMABAD??
    WTF is wrong with Obama and Rodham?? They are nuts!!!!

  • Wm T Sherman

    As always, when team Hussein scores yet another unforced error like this, we ask ourselves: Are they really this stupid, or is it part of some well-thought-out, fiendish plan to sabotage and diminish our standing in the world?

    I, for one, can’t freaking tell.

    Either way: Out with them.

  • Our troops are not allowed to carry Bibles in Afghanistan but the gays are given a holiday celebration. God have mercy on us.

    What a confused and backward nation we have become. Godllessness runs rampant. Why should the Lord continue to bless a nation that does not listen to him?

  • aprilnovember811

    They are trying to shove things down everyones throats. I’m going to be sick.

  • Granny

    #7 July 4, 2011 at 6:26 pm
    apodoca commented:

    Why didn’t they march through Karachi? Why didn’t they go Folsom Street on Pakistan?

    What’s amazing is the hypocrisy of the Muslims for whom homosexuality is a feature, not a bug, of Islam. That’s what that ‘boys with skin like pearls’ in paradise is about. A successful jihadi gets to plow 72 raisins and as many young boys as he wants.

    Hunt up a rather illuminating documentary called The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan. It is available on Netflix or you can watch it online here –

  • David Elton

    They used to say about Clinton that there was nothing more important to him (and Hillary) than the “right” to abortion. With this President, it’s gay rights, and he will do the most inappropriate and ridiculous things to promote this nonsense. Talk about a moral blind spot, particularly when it comes to other countries.

  • gus

    Next up…VATICAN CITY.

  • the real wow

    Each day I wake up and think I cannot be more dismayed by the total infantilism of this administration, and each day I am proven wrong!! My self-esteem is taking a beating!

  • gus

    So which nations now LOVE US and RESPECT US more. since Ear Flaps has been in charge??

    Name one!!

  • Give him credit. He’s at least trying to do SOMETHING for his gay supporters. I mean, he shines them on about gay marriage and don’t ask don’t tell, but he at least supports gay pride in the ATF and in Pawk-e-stawn.

    It must be like being black and a democrat. The Dem leadership knows that you are going to vote for them no matter what they do, so they just don’t do a damn thing for them.

  • Bunni

    Even obummer isn’t that stupid. This is deliberate, he wants to start a holy war, the paki’s are sick of us as it is. Of course, since the fraud is gayer than a $3 bill, this is a cause close to his….(fill in the blank)

    I agree with all of you, every day it gets worse and worse, I’ve given up asking “What next”? Because it’s too awful to contemplate. Lord help us.

  • D W Pepper

    Is this the Liberals New Middle east policy ??? Works as well a “Odumbasses” Stimlus and is liked as much as His health care plan by the Looks of the Pakistani People surrounding the Embassy …. Have any of the Democrats read the Koran ? ….Please stop provoking the Muslims Democrats…They want to kill us already >> Stop” Helping” your making it worse !!!

  • Francesca

    Are Obama and company totally INSANE??? How can they possibly not know Islam’s attitude toward homosexuality? This is so in your face in a foreign country that it is like spitting in their faces. This is outrageous, and paid for by us. At our embassy! I am another who wakes up each morning faced with a worse depravity than the day before. Seriously, we need to raise our voices against this, this . . . words fail me.

  • Island Girl

    A Bacha Bazzi parade would be very popular All those nice dancin boyz.

  • Nell

    This embassy is staffed by men who have never shown the sole of their foot or been seen with a beer, a bible or a girlie magazine, and women who have never been caught in the wrong place with their heads, arms, or ankles uncovered. They know. They wanted to provoke the Pakis. Or Pockies. The only question is why?

  • Francesca

    Is there some way to find out who approved this disgrace? Our ambassador? Hillary? Obama? Who? All this talk about multiculturalism and respecting different cultures’ beliefs! What garbage. Also . . .we mustn’t impose our beliefs on another culture. Disgusting. It seems that this event isn’t being reported anywhere else yet. Let’s spread the word.

  • This gaffe suggests to me that, with all his faults, at least Obama is not a closet Muslim.

  • texabama

    I’m waiting for the beer bash in Saudi…

  • Kingslayor

    A minority in this country excepts anything to do with gay rights! Why in the [email protected] would a culture that is so brain washed in a relign that will kill you for just looking wrong, except some thing so abnormal!!! These idiots in the white house should be worring what is taking place in this country!!!! Which should be the majority rules not the ohter way around!!! The American spring is coming!!!!

  • What’s next?

    Do the members of our military now have to wear tutus, ballerina shoes, pink shirts, and rainbow ties for lesbian gay transgender month to show that they have ‘diversity’ training?? Will the Marine Corps now be forced to stop wearing camouflage in exchange for more gender friendly clothing?? Good grief!@#%$!!!

    Won’t be long until the military will have to offer an MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) for the homosexuals. Interior decorator will have to be on the list. Wardrobe design school will be built in New Orleans to accomodate the ‘change’ as well. The new diversity commander/General will be in spandex colored with purple, pink, and bright yellow. The regimental patch will be a rainbow silhouetted by a ‘fabulous’ goose feather dyed a color that will not clash with their yellow bowties.

  • rh

    @Josh…you’ve come up with some fabulous ideas for the military, I can see you have a real “flair.” Will you be joining the military as soon as DADT is completely lifted and you’re eligible to serve?

  • Molon Labe

    State is so corrupt. Half the agency is queer. The other half just prefers donkeys.

    Part of the Ovomit plan is to seperate us from our allies – another example: Throwing Mubarak under the bus at the first sign of trouble caused by the Islamic Brotherhood THUGS

  • Harrison Elfrink

    Stuff like this isn’t really all that new. We hear the culture wars taking place on our own soil, where the Christian, Conservative and traditional-minded folks are up and at it with social liberals, militant secularists, gay ideologues. However, there has been a global culture war going on for a while now. In Muslim countries, it’s between Islamic traditionalists, conservatives and Puritans (eg: the Justice and Development party in Turkey, the Taliban in Afghanistan and even parts of Pakistan, the Shi’ite theocracy in Iran, the Wahabis of the Arabian peninsula, etc. vs the secularists, the liberals, Kemalists and radical-minded Neo-Sufi.

    The same deal goes on in Asian and Eastern European countries, although maybe not to the extent as it does in the Muslim World.

    Although I see an interesting dynamic between conservatives at home in the US and Muslim conservatives; alot of them tend to dislike each other (mainly because of geopolitical implications) even though they may share many common views on social issues, and thus the right-wing in the west are more apt to support uprisings from younger, more liberal populaces, feminists and progressive minded governments (so long as they are not too much on the left-wing)

  • tumreezali

    I am proud to be gay and Muslim.