SEIU Goons Lied – Justice Died… Witness to Gladney Beating Speaks Out After Controversial Verdict

Pastor Harris Himes sent me this letter following the shocking verdict in the Gladney beatdown case. Pastor Himes and his wife Sandra witnessed the local SEIU thugs attack Kenneth Gladney outside a Russ Carnahan town hall event in 2009. They were there when the SEIU beat an innocent black man. Harris was obviously upset with the verdict yesterday.

After a health care town hall meeting in August 2009 St. Louis native Kenneth Gladney was beaten, kicked and called racist names by Rep. Russ Carnahan’s SEIU supporters. Gladney spent the night in the hospital after the beating.

Yesterday the two SEIU goons who beat Gladney were found not guilty of any wrongdoing.

Pastor Himes was one of three impartial witnesses to the crime. The prosecution did not call him to testify in the trial. Yesterday the goons won.

Here’s his reaction–

My wife, Sandra, and I attended St. Louis Congressman Carnahan’s panel on aging on August 6, 2009. The tactic was clear. They let in about two hundred of us but had about 120 seats set aside, marked “RSVP,” and these were for Carnahan supporters. These people were let in by a side door for the “handicapped.” Many had purple tea shirts with “Organizing for America” in white letters on the back and large “SEIU,” smaller “Service Employees International Union” on the front. Sandra and I managed to get in.

Following this sham townhall meeting, as Sandra and I walked back to our car, she stopped to look at some buttons and flags, “Don’t Tread on Me,” etc., being sold by a nice, young black man (Kenneth Gladney), when—just as she was walking away—a large, black man in a purple tea shirt (Elston McCowan) confronted Gladney, “What kind of a son of a n_______ are you?” and slapped his hand which held the yellow flags. Then he punched Gladney in the side of his face , knocking him down. Another large, purple-tea-shirt white man (Perry Molens) attacked him from behind, jerking him to the ground. The fight continued across the sidewalk, out into the street—where the video began recording the incident, with Sandra and me and several others trying to break it up. We identified McCowan and Molens to the police, and they arrested them. As it turns out, Sandra and I were only two of three witnesses to the start of the fracas. This becomes important, since the union thugs claim that Gladney started the fight.

Finally, after almost two years have elapsed, the trial started on July 11, 2011. The County had subpoenaed both Sandra and me for the trial. The prior week, at the invitation of the prosecutor, Shujat Qalbani, we had gone over our testimony with the young prosecutor. Actually, Mr. Qalbani was the second prosecutor with whom we had contact over this case — the first prosecutor being Vic Melenbrink who was promoted out of the County.

Due to my own well-known activist history in Montana as both pastor and California attorney in addition to being president of Montana Eagle Forum — working in the legislature and elsewhere for pro-family values with Montana’s Focus on the Family, Montana Concerned Women for America, the Roman Catholic Conference, Montana Help Our Moral Environment, Right to Life, etc. — the County decided not to use me as a witness, because the defense might be able to distract the jury from my testimony and possibly damage the prosecution’s case.

On the morning of July 11, 2011, I accompanied Sandra — who was still a witness — in order to view the proceedings. However, the defense attorney insisted that we be kept out because we were both potential witnesses — a common occurrence in trials. Because of that, I saw virtually none of the trial, and Sandra took part only in the part which involved her own testimony.

Sandra and I are particularly dissatisfied with the “not guilty” verdict. As a trial attorney in California since 1979, where at one time I had five offices and 28 attorneys, I feel competent to comment:

  • The County downplayed this incident right from the start. Rather than charging the defendants with criminal assault and battery, the offense was only a misdemeanor in violation of a county ordinance.
  • The case dragged on and on with no apparent pressure to bring it to trial. However, Melenbrink told me he had tried to set a trial date, but was limited to two days — a time period we both agreed was too short.
  • In both instances, the trial attorneys assigned to prosecute the case had no prior jury trial experience. However, the defense attorney is a seasoned trial veteran.
  • While Qalbani himself gave a commendable effort in preparation — and had help from a senior County prosecutor, and two others — he should never have been given the responsibility for such a high-profile case. He was a sacrificial lamb.
  • The jury completely disregarded the testimony of two witnesses — Sandra and Mr. Morelli(?) — who testified unequivocally that McCowan and Molens initiated the attack upon Gladney. That was the sole issue of the trial. Neither Sandra nor Morelli knew each other or Mr. Gladney prior to the incident and have had almost no contact with each other since.
  • It was possibly bad judgment on the County’s part to keep me from testifying.
  • It is incredible that the jury would believe the defense’s evidence that two men, each well over 6 feet tall and approximately 250 pounds, were simultaneously attacked by Gladney who is approximately 5’8″ tall and about 140 pounds.
  • Mr. Gladney has been on pain medication since the incident. Some criticized his testimony, but he refrained from his medication so he would be clear minded. It is tough to testify when you are in pain, wearing a neck brace following surgery. Apparently, Mr. Qalbani was unaware of this, even though Gladney had given records to Qalbani’s predecessor, Mr. Melenbrink. However, that particular municipal court is known to frequently lose/misplace records.
  • Judge Robert Adler, a municipal court judge, is hardly a superior jurist.
  • Judge Adler informed Mr. Qalbani that he would be allowed only two days for a trial which merited 3 to 4 days — because Adler was due to leave for July 14.
  • Some news tabloids — River Front Times — suggested that the jury had been stacked with people who had union ties.
  • In sum, it was a miscarriage of justice. The facts were clearly established by impartial witnesses that the defendants in truth and fact assaulted Mr. Gladney, severely injuring him. Gladney has recently had neck surgery as a result of two very large men attacking him.

Harris Himes

Thank you Pastor Himes.

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  • Rose

    SEIU is Officially the Brown Shirts. ACORN, the Black Panthers… Official!

    Anyone who considers them less… Wake up if you can!

  • obfuscatenot

    We as a populace, need to stop patronizing places that use these “thugs”. Where in St. Louis are they employed?

  • big L

    Not being covered by the press ,No one knows about these things at all SEIU and how anyone onthe other side gets abused. You could ask a 1000 people or 100 timesthat nr and they will not have heard of gladney and his mugging.
    The tea party needs our own goons preferrably with martial arts training

  • burt

    Judges are Kings/Queens in this country’s judgicial system. We do not know what was and wasn’t allowed in this case. ACLU lawyers bring forth stupid law suits. ACLU judges find millions of dollars for the ACLU and the raid on the treasury continues.

  • kansas

    It’s gonna get worse. Wait till more people in St. Louis vote for Obama than there are people in St. Louis.

  • John03

    Just one question. Where’s Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton?


    when you have odumbA$$ and holder justice…average people will lose all the time…wait and see, if zero wins another term watch him try to shove sharia mooslime law down our throats


    @#6….jessie was in phoenix at the all star baseball game protesting the immigration law

  • SeniorD

    Two items:

    1. Beyond a miscarriage of justice, this verdict should be used as a textbook case for jury stuffing. With the verdict already known, only the Simpson Murder Trial had more drama.

    2. The SEIU, whose IQ resembles that of a kumquat, will retain and expand upon their Brown Shirted tactics. Soon, even kindergarten students will be subjects for their beatings.

    What is needed are Freedom Riders to balance the scales of Justice.

  • Bitter Clinger

    So, it’s open season on conservatives in St Louis. Obama “Just Us”. Figures.

  • scituate_tgr

    Civil action next?

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  • MA_resident

    Cops and courts do not protect conservatives, that is a truism. We’re on our own.

  • Atlanta Media Guy

    I find it sad that Obama’s purple shirt goon squad can lie and get away with an assault on a freedom loving Black American. There will be a race war/union war of biblical proportions if Obama wins a second term. We know they are planning to cheat, lie, intimidate and whatever else to win this election, for the liberals dear leader.

    Obama has Holder in Justice Dept. to make sure trials go their way. This decision proves the coming election, if it even happens, will be a sham and our Dear Prompterbama will have 4 more years to destroy this once great country. I know I am a skeptic but this jury was obviously bought off by the union. Most likely the Black Panthers came in and did the dirty work/threats for SEIU. The jurors were probably all called and threatened. You see if the goons had been guilty the liberal meme of “all Republicans are thugs” would be ignored. We know the truth to that one. This is a total sham and I for one will NEVER spend another dime in Missouri. Justice is a joke in this Obama world. Lie and get away with it, especially if you are a member of a union or of course black.

    Maybe it’s time for the Gateway pundit to move to Texas. They seem to get it right most of the time. Folks it’s time to get angry an take our country back from this community organizer.

  • Trialdog

    Thank you for your insight Pastor Himes.
    Sounds like Qalbani received some great help, and that is good. However, I don’t think it would have been proper for the DA to assign the case to a senior prosecutor just because of the reputation of the defense attorney. Misdemeanors do not call for senior prosecutors. Misdemeanors are prosecuted by young ADAs.
    I don’t know enough about the injuries to comment on the charging decision.
    I think 2 days is enough for this case. I’ve no problem with that. Voir dire may take most of a day or whole day though, but that would depend on the judge – and given the charge, can hardly be justified.
    It does appear the ADA had a very tough jury to convince. In these times, politically charged cases are tough. Especially when a good segment of society is collectively enraged. (I understand why they’ve been enraged, and by whom. I also know their minds cannot be changed, so their rage needed focus and it should have been focussed on the defendants – a hard task but certainly something that should have been a strategy – if it wasn’t)
    I think you should have been called as a witness. (As a lawyer, I have been called as a witness and the attorney that tried to score points against me failed miserably. Lawyers are used to questioning lay people.) As a trial lawyer, you would have known the purpose behind every question presented and that is something that prevents questioning attorneys from laying traps. In fact, their questions will backfire. So, I would have called you. But that was the ADAs decision, and we should respect it.
    Anyway, lawyers talk too long. Thanks again for your insight Pastor.

  • therese

    I have never been one for a boycott, BUT I would boycott Anything SIEU is involved with.
    Perhaps if everyone brought their own drinks (you can do that at Busch Stadium) and your own snacks and NEVER buy a single Item again at any sporting events or concerts through out this Country that may send a message. I am open to any and all ideas. Such a Sad Case of Injustice. This is What an Obama Society Looks Like ! Ugly Very Ugly and Mean !!!

  • Ladue Pundit

    The judge could overturn this verdict. Since when does a judge dictate the length of a trial?

    Qalbani should have appealed or asked that a mistrial be declared. It’s too bad that Mr. Gladney could not have gotten a good attorney pro bono to take up his case.

    This outcome will embolden the enemies of free speech. On the upside, Carnahan’s seat is as good as gone.

  • Atlanta Media Guy

    We need an Obama/Biden, Gladney, SEIU thug beer summit on the south lawn. SEIU can invite all their thugs, while Gladney can invite freedom loving Americans and we can have a steel cage match right on the White House lawn. Michelle Obama can even bring the kids out to watch.

    This is a miscarriage in justice and I fear we are headed for a lot more violence as the election nears. You have Time Warner’s Bill Maher calling female republican candidates for President unfriendly names. You have union thugs creating violence and violent behavior and getting away with it. You are going to see a lot more of this. Obama is trying to scare the conservatives to a point to where they will not show up to rally’s, townhalls or anything else.

    It will not be long when there will only be one voice and it will be one that we will hear forever. Obama is destroying this country. Folks, read his words in Obama’s book, Dreams for his Father. He dreamed of a utopian society where peace loving conservatives are killed and violent liberals are celebrated. This is NOT the Hope and Change I was looking for.

  • carilito

    So, you losers lost again.

    Better get used to it.

  • Atlanta Media Guy

    I would love to know where these purple shirt SEIU goons work. If we can find out that bit of information we can then work up a boycott of the company that employs these criminals.

    Folks, let’s be clear. the SEIU has an agenda like Obama’s and conservatives will lose every time. Remember folks, the unions are in control, especially in a state like Missouri. The show me state is no longer a place where I will do business in. I’ve already called and canceled a trip there for a convention in October.. There is no way in hell I will support a union goon in Missouri. I have the freedom to take my business elsewhere. So long St. Louis, Missouri you’ve come a long way. But you’re lost now……