NOT GUILTY!… SEIU Thugs Cleared in Brutal Gladney Beatdown! …Update: Gladney Reaction (Video)


I just spoke with Kenneth Gladney and his wife outside the courtroom. Here is their first reaction—
“I couldn’t beat them; I didn’t have the resources they had. They had all the money in the world and the backing… I’m just an average man.”

Video of first reaction after the verdict:

** It was the prosecutor’s first jury trial.

The Kenneth Gladney beatdown case continued this morning in St. Louis County Court.
After a health care town hall meeting in August 2009 St. Louis native Kenneth Gladney was beaten, kicked and called racist names by Rep. Russ Carnahan’s SEIU supporters. Gladney spent the night in the hospital after the beating.

Kenneth Gladney attended a protest against SEIU violence following his beatdown in St. Louis.

Accused SEIU thug Perry Molens who beat Gladney told the jury this morning that he saw Gladney selling Obama-in-white-face swag outside the town hall…
So then he beat his a$$ on the pavement.
Via StL Activist Hub:

Of course, this makes perfect sense if you’re a Islamist, child, lefist.

Another witness for the defense testified that people were getting maced by the police after the beating. This may be the same woman who got maced because she resisted arrest. Charges were later dropped against her. Today she testified that (5′ 9″ 140 pound) Kenneth Gladney started the fight against the two (6′ 4″ 250 pound) SEIU thugs.

The River Front Times has more on the trial. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch also posted a short article.

UPDATE: Tuesday PM. The case is ready to go to jury but closing arguments first. Contacts inside the court room claim that the judge cleared the room twice.

UPDATE: (From a source in the courtroom) Closing Arguments– The defense attorney pointed out how Ken had been glory hounding making money off this… Claimed Ken changed his story on TV… Claimed Ken is a tea partier because he came to our protest right after….OMG he just said the tea party paid Ken to promote their agenda…. I assume he means the bus tour….This is not looking good for Ken.
(Of course, none of that has anything to do with the fact that he was beaten by thugs and it was caught on tape!)

UPDATE: Contacts in courtroom wonder if case is being thrown. NOW the case goes to jury.

UPDATE: NOT GUILTY! SEIU thugs cleared in video-taped beating of Kenneth Gladney.

UPDATE: In case you missed the video… This was not a beatdown (according to the jury).

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  • ClintACK

    Isn’t that testimony equivalent to a guilty plea?

    Shouldn’t the judge halt the trial and proceed to sentencing?

  • JimmyT

    There’s video. What more does the jury need? This is so disgusting. Have they ever heard of perjury?

  • Gem

    White face?

    Or was it the very popular “joker motif” that was being used with many, many politician faces?

    Regardless, this TOTALLY justifies a beat down, don’t you all agree? Forget about that lil’ thang called ‘free speech’


    The scary thing is half the jurors are union members. Just how likely is it that Mr. Gladney will see any justice ?

  • ER

    so they are admitting they did it, just going fo sympathy to mitigate the consequences for them? as for the “white face” race card thing, are they just referring to the widely-circulated, non-racial “Joker” image (that Gladney may or may not have had)? so suggesting calling Obama a “joker” justifies a serious beat-down is very disturbing

  • retire05

    Does this mean that anyone I see carrying a placard or sign or sporting a bumper sticker with Bush as Hitler I can then beat their asses into the concrete? Who knew?

    Oh, how I now long for all the missed opportunties.

  • lyle


    That’s what I thought, too. The Obama-as-Joker image was everywhere. SEIU thugs want to pretend they don’t recognize a ubiquitous mass-cultural icon. They may be stupid, but nobody is quite that stupid.

    Of course, this isn’t about telling the truth. These are SEIU goons. Swearing under oath means nothing to them. This is about giving at least one Union juror an excuse to pretend he believes them, and to pretend that this was somehow a justification for assault.

  • lethargic

    Who is “David Brown” ? I’m cornfused.


    I don’t care what anyone is selling…you just confessed to the beat down..see ya later A$$ wipe

  • Sophocles Undone

    These thugs are the same people who carried around unmentionable slogans and characterizations of George Bush and Dick Cheny — Walking the streets and shouting at the top of their lungs.

    I don’t recall any of them getting beat up.

    I guess it’s possible to be both an ape and a cry-baby.

  • Conservative Ken

    Union court tactics…

    Evidence not in your favor? Eyewitness testimony not going your way?
    Baffle em with BullShi*e!

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    How about the simple truth: Thugs are thugs, so they act like thugs. The SEIU goons were at the town hall meeting SPECIFICALLY to be understood as visible icons of “what will happen if you don’t vote right” (rather like the New Black Panther Party thugs at that Philadelphia polling place).

    Did you see the RiverFront Times’s amazing revelation? “Gladney was at the health-care forum to sell Tea Party mementos, not give them out for free as suggested in earlier account. ” Gasp!!! The horror!! OBVIOUSLY he deserved to be beaten to a pulp!

    Also, the St Louis Activist Hub blogger describing the proceedings concluded his article with “… I don’t see any conclusive evidence supporting the prosecution’s case, and certainly not the Grand Tea Party Conspiracy that Obama ordered “union thugs” to beat up random people at town halls. ”

    I’m pretty sure the Tea Party crowd doesn’t think Obama ordered beatings; but they DO believe that Leftists in general, and certainly the current “Chicago Way” administration, find that a certain level of intimidation helps keep the hoi polloi in line.

  • nobama

    That particular woman was maced because she interferred with the police. There was video of this. She also is probably the one who went all over the event getting in people’s faces taking pictures blinding them when outside in the dark with a flash. Actually that’s what she did to the cop to get arrested. There is a video of this. What does her testimony have to do with this case anyway? Also, I never saw the Obama whiteface pins, and I was there.

  • czekmark

    It’s a jury trial so anything can happen. I predict a not-guilty verdict with the jury give the lame excuse of reasonable doubt.

  • Atlanta Media Guy

    Missouri is no longer the show me state, it’s a sad state. The union goons are doing whatever they can to destroy St. Louis. If Gladney’s attackers are not found guilty then this nation is in for a rude awakening. Powder is dry!

  • nobama

    If as I read a lot of the jurors are in unions or have union relatives they will probably say not guilty in spite of this admission about beating his a$$.

    Ah the white face was the joker, I guess it was ok to do that to Bush, but not Obama? Why, because he is 1/2 black?

  • Mary Virginia
  • olm

    White face? What is white face? (I know they must mean the joker poster)
    Liberalism is a mental disease. The “white face” should remove all doubt, if there was any.
    Mental gymnastics would have to be employed to even figure out what could be meant by “white Face”.
    Seems to me the goons admitted gulit. Alhough that means nothing when the jury is all union.

  • “I didnt like what he was selling, therefor, we beat his a$$” did someone really just use that as a defense? Glad I’m not the judge, i might tack on some time just for being a complete idiot.

  • tommy mc donnell

    he was selling obama in white face pins.

    after two years they come up with this. isn’t this something the liberal media would have been screaming from the roof tops?

  • Robin

    If they are acquited after a confession in open court, its time to “reach out and touch someone”.

  • So, how dumb DO you need to be to be a Leftist? This *admission* is an argument for innocence? No, it springs from the mob mentality part of the Leftist brain Ann Coulter has written about – enemy had button disparaging Leftist hero/leader (true or not), therefore enemy must be stomped. Leftist pleads justification by mob rules.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • Mark S.

    So wait a minute, are they “admitting” that Mr. Gladney was trying to sell stuff they didn’t like (which of course is a BS claim), so they just beat the hell out of them?

    So how does this trial ‘officially’ (and much less legally) continue with that admission?

  • jimg

    I found the link to the Riverfront Times coverage … if you can call it that.

  • Dan

    The left is allowed to do whatever they want. This is America! When conservatives stand up for themselves, other conservatives throw them over the side and say they are too damaged.

    I have no faith at all that justice will be done in this case.

  • RedBeard

    That Riverfront Times thing was supposed to be a NEWS piece? Couldn’t tell it by reading it.

  • I was at the Russ Carnahan town hall and and I can tell you that Perry Molens is a liar. That never happened.

  • owl

    If OUR elected officials do not stand up, these thugs will steal 2012. Who will protect us from the mobs and riots in the streets? Police unions?

  • lethargic

    Who is David Brown and what does his entrepreneurial efforts have to do with Mr. Gladney? Enlightenment please?

  • Nick

    I heard that this was just a misunderstanding … that the SEIU people heard that Card Check had passed and they went out to recruit new members

  • L.E. Liesner

    Sounds like a kangaroo court . When and where is the union organized lynching going to take place? Wonder if this perjury will be called misleading the court when all is said and done. Another case of justice not only being blind, but stupid too.

  • FurryGuyJeans

    So now according to the defense not being a Leftist is illegal in this country?

  • pinandpuller

    Get thee to a civil suit.

  • Judi in Texas

    Can’t the judge throw out the verdict if he thinks its way off base???

  • Sorry To Live In Illinois

    @#27 “If OUR elected officials do not stand up, these thugs will steal 2012.”

    Is there really any doubt that this will happen anyway. I firmly believe that violence is coming.

    I’m not convinced there is any justice left in this country.

  • MrGoodWench

    So now people should be thankful if they get a bloody beating from Obama’s thugs ?

  • Gem

    not guilty. No surprise. I said Kenneth Gladney would not see justice done with half the jury being either union or having family members in unions.

    Can the judge do anything about the defendents’ own admission, in court, that they beat him?

  • Lets hope the civil suit nails this scum

  • JD

    When the Democrats get swept out of power in the Senate and the Presidency swings Republican, these SEIU pussies will be on the outside looking in.

    Their day of reckoning is coming at the polls in November 2012.

  • MaryW

    #39 JD

    I pray you are right.

  • Rachelle

    Maybe they can be charged with a federal crime.

  • Redwine

    What does a “white face” pins have anything to do with the trial? It was about the SEIU thug attack on Gladney. This is an insane kangaroo court.

  • Mark S.

    have to say, this is what is becoming of St. Louis, and it’s not been a slow descent, this has been a basic steamroll into “mob rule”. Go look at some of the mayor’s comments about “no criminal activity” and stuff.. It’s getting down right embarassing to admit to living in or around St. Louis.

    And as for the Riverfront Times… anyone who considers that a “news source” is seriously deluding themselves.. they are a left-wing opinion/propoganda fish-wrap of the ultimate degree.

  • The jury and the verdict have the Union Label.

  • gus

    St Louis is a sh!thole. It’s dead.

  • I haven’t seen Jim Crow(D) beatdowns of a black man on tape like this since “Bull” Connor(D) in the 60’s

  • ilikai

    so when do we get to start cracking union heads? Sometimes you got to get down in the gutter with them to beat them at their own game.

  • More social justice. Like not prosecuting the panthers for voter intimidation, this sends the message that their will be no punishment for those leftist thugs willing to assault their political rivals. One more step closer to 1930’s Germany.

    Therefore, all Tea Party functions should be from this day forward must be a RTC rally also.

  • Bowser

    Shame on you County Courts and St. Louis. Go with the Civil Suit!!

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  • Smarty

    So now the rule has to be “always fight back”.

  • Bunni

    This played out just as I feared it would. There is no justice in the obamanation, esp. with the felon who’s running the justice dept and doing criminal acts like fast & furious, just saying.

    God Bless Ken, he was very brave and I hope he recovers soon. I for one won’t be going to
    any rallies in the future, thanks to these unhinged THUGS, and it’s only going to get worse, you know….they will be emboldened now. God help us! The Founding Fathers and spinning even faster in their graves.

  • Mark S.

    Bunni… if you say this.. “I for one won’t be going to any rallies in the future”.. then jackboot thugs have won… That’s the worst thing to say in regards to this.

    Don’t give up your freedoms, but have yourself ready for these kind of thugs.

  • Gort

    To me this means SEIU thugs are fair game. Hear that scum?
    I carry and if they try to do this to me, at least 15 of them will be in the morgue.


    welcome to odumbos world of thuggery and corruption where laws don’t matter

  • jakev

    Okay. So we can’t get justice through the courts in the fight with union thugs. Fine. Perhaps it is time to treat them as they treat us. What’s left if not that?

  • waicool

    Elston McCowan, of St. Louis, and Perry Molens, of De Soto, nice men.

  • SM-AZ

    Welcome to Barry & Moochelle’s world. Real change has come to America. This is what the Obama voters unleashed on America. God help us.

  • MaxTruth
  • American Patriot

    Anyone familiar with the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office should not be the least bit surpised by this verdict. After all, it was Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCullough himself, a Democrat by the way, who threatened to send out truth squads to make sure Republicans were reporting correctly on Obama’s healthcare facts. The entire Pa’s office is rife with cronyism, incompetent lawyers, career associate prosecutors and warrant officers, and an overall laziness that has permeated the entire staff from secretaries on up. To hear that all of the facts were not presented, medical records not entered, and pertinent witnesses not called, coupled with this being the first jury trial for the prosecutor tells me that the case was purposely thrown.

    So the next time you see union thugs show up at a TEA Party event or other rally, be prepared to either fight, or receive a Kenneth Gladney style beat-down. Most of all though, be sure to film the entire event. The case was thrown by the PA’s office this time, so it’s going to happen again and again until someone gets really hurt, and then McCullough won’t be able to hide in his office and assign a pimple-faced prosecutor to try the case.

  • czekmark

    As I predicted in #13. The whole thing was a whitewash starting with the phony 2 year proscution delay. ergo: Justice delayed is justice denied.

  • Ted1960

    The only way to beat these animals is to beat them down like the animals they are.

    Stand up America and lets take our country back.

  • Conservative Ken
  • retire05

    Kenneth Gladney; just one more reason every state should have concealed carry permits. Had he been beaten in Texas, the SEIU thugs would be nursing their wounds.

  • Dan

    This should not surprise anyone.

  • big L

    when is the DO J going to file civil rights case against the SEIU and the Other Low-Foreheads?
    It IS a black guy…
    Uh..oh yeah..never mind.

  • decentAmerican

    This is more horrible that I say. In this day and age, as far as we have come with civil rights and equality, now it is OK to beat a black man down because of his political beliefs? This is the AmeriKKKa that BO and his liberal minions have turned us into, this is the work of the RACIST, HATEFUL democrats and unions.

    Hey Black liberals reading this…..SHAME ON YOU. All your accomplishments, all your strides in equality, all of your proud moments, now put to shame because you continue to bow down to your Democrat masters, instead of rising up to the greatness of your true selves?



  • templar knight

    Seriously, folks, exactly what did you expect? That this man would get justice in St. Louis, or any other crappy big city in America. Large cities are controlled by Union/liberal scum, from the schoolhouse to the courthouse. Get the hell out of these cities while you have the chance. Either that, or learn to live cowed down, because flashmobs/beatdowns/union violence is the new normal in Obamerica.

  • arnonerik

    When Justice can be bought and manipulated by the thugs and by those who they back politically it is time for the people to rise up. No! Not in anger and not with violence, and not as vigilantes.
    That is how they wish we would react.
    We must peacefully stop them at the ballot box and in the voting booths It’s time for us to rise up with a dedication to defeat these people totally.
    We outnumber them! We are still the majority, but we must act together! We have now seen the face of these devils and we know where they would drag our country.
    They must be removed from their positions of power and influence. They must be voted out of our governments, out of out Statehouses and municipalities, out of our courts, out of our Unions, out of our schools and out of our media sources. They must be purged. They have taken our money and are now they are after our freedoms. Nothing that is good or honorable will be safe until they cower powerless and pennyless in obscurity on the fringes of society.

  • owl

    I repeat what I said before…………….If OUR elected officials do not stand up, these thugs will steal 2012. Who will protect us from the mobs and riots in the streets? Police unions?

    This is wrong on so many levels. They have the bully pulpit and the bullies. Help. I can not tell you how I feel about that gentleman McCain who would not even allow Obama to be called by his middle name. Help us McCain.

  • owl

    Hey……….can you find out the names on this jury? They really should see themselves in print. If you are that thuggie, you deserve to show your face to all of us.

  • bg
  • usamopatriot

    When the SHTF as far as a monetary crash is concerned, that is when justice will come to these big city goons.

  • Roare

    Disgusting. Unions are contemptible.

  • bg





  • Missy8s

    Kangaroo Court!!!

  • I_B_Prophen

    We don’t have problems like this in Texas.

    We have a large number of citizens who have gone to the trouble of attending CHL classes and are qualified to carry — and they do so.

    HYPOTHETICAL: If your were an SEIU monkey, and you knew that a healthy percentage of your potential victims were carrying concealed weapons, do you think you would try to pull something on the Mr. Gladney’s of the world?

    No, you would not.

    You must realize that no matter how ugly and disgusting SEIU apes are, they are nothing more than cowards, on their knees for their bosses ( and we know how far up that goes).

    Get your CHL stats up, St. Louis!

    When those stats are reported to the State, County, City and media, your monkey problems will noticeably diminish.

  • Bill

    Thank you SEIU and St. Louis Co. courts for the gift of clarity. Now that we know for sure what we’re up against, we can get more organized and informed about boycotting businesses that use SEIU employees. We can’t boycott them all but we can boycott many of them and we can be vocal about why we’re doing it. And we can ostracize these cheap union thugs. Elston McCowan and Perry Molens. I’ll remember those names. And I’ll have nothing to do with them. They are not fit for decent society.

    I said it when this incident first occurred: St. Louis is giving Chicago a run for its money in being a corrupt little thugocracy.

  • Sandy

    what else would you expect from these “people”

  • saveus

    obama justice
    putting in a rookie prosecutor guaranteed they would walk

  • jimg

    OK. Now we know what the guidelines are.

    We went through the proper channels, and were rejected.

    Don’t blame us when the beatdowns are returned in kind.

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  • neo

    this is ridiculous! these thugs get away with everything! im pretty sure i saw a guy trying to stab Gladney with a trident in that video…

  • GrayRider

    WTF? I’m mad as hell eventhough with the stacked jury this was to be expected.

  • tommy mc donnell

    this is what happens when you have a politically biased judical system. jurors have been taught that you base
    your decision not on the facts of the case but on your political beliefs. thank you civil rights leaders.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    They use to take off their sheets and stack juries, now they pull off their purple people beater t-shirts. Democrats, still the same after all these years.

  • JDStone

    I knew this was going to happen when they first went to trial. Karma will be a beeotch for the f***ers. Pay back will come in time i hope

  • ar05075

    Who didn’t see this coming???

  • tommy mc donnell

    this is one story you will never see on Law & Order. unless they spin it as a poor liberal beaten by those vicious tea party.

  • Dianne Patti

    OK, then, let’s go to civil court like OJ’s victim’s father did.
    We can all go together and get a good legal team.

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  • Mad Hatter

    “This is what Democracy looks like.”

    The Klan would get away with anything back in the days. They would have a stacked Jury, and anything they did, regardless the evidence, they would be found not guilty by people that were like them.

    What’s the difference between that, and this trial?

    The Unions stack the Jury, and regardless the video evidence, they were found not guilty by people that are like them.

    The Unions are the new Klan, if you’re not like them, then you’re a target of violence.

    They’ve always used violence to intimidate people they disagree with, it’s just a matter of time before they go all the way with it.

  • arnonerik

    Somebody local to St. Louis please start a Ken Gladney Defense and support fund. Publish on this blog that you did. This Man will even need bodyguards if he takes this Union filth to Civil Court.

  • If we had a real Justice Department with a real Civil Rights Division, we would see these goons up on federal charges.

    But we don, so we won’t.

  • Dick Turpin

    Disgusting. So the SEIU basically ‘justifies’ why they attacked him and they’re let off…?

    All the more reason to start carrying. Get a concealed weapons permit and start to protect yourself. If the courts won’t do it….someone has to.

    As one guy on here says all the time: Powder is dry.

  • Conservative Ken

    I expected this but I’m still mad as hell. People do not forget what we are up against!

    I am so angry! These goons hit elderly people, vendors like Kenneth Gladney and Citizen Jounalists. The Police will do nothing, our Constitution means nothing to them. People we have nothing to lose by fighting back.

  • MikeMose

    THE USA is in a state of anarchy !!! There are no laws being enforced. From main streets to DC. Not one law is intact or respected!! The left wants the breakdown of all of society! They have it! Arm yourself to protect yourself and your families!~!!

  • Tom Kubiak

    What did you expect from a Democratic Judge, a Union based jury and a corrupt judicial system

  • I_B_Prophen

    This is why LOCAL elections are more important than NATIONAL elections.
    And that includes JUDICIAL candidates.

  • Not Buying it

    You got to be kidding.

    Gladney was not beat down…he was barely touched and hit the ground for all of a second. He got back up and was walking around like any normal person.

    Then theywere parading him around like a war vet in a wheelchair. Any sane person could see that this was a setup. How much was he paid?

  • Ladue Pundit

    The Prosecuting Attorney’s Office under McCulloch put several pro-lifers in jail on Christmas Eve years ago for literally setting one foot off a sidewalk and onto a patch of grass.

    St. Louis County has been “over” for decades. It went for Clinton, Gore, Kerry, and Obama in presidential races. The two term county exec is a simpleton who is controlled by unions. This was inevitable.

    Missouri is overall a conservative state, but East St. Louis-West is catching up with her sister city in Illinois.

  • I_B_Prophen

    #100 has arrived !!
    I smell an SEIU monkey !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Not Buying it

    The video doesn’t lie. Not as a beating… absolutely no kicking. Who are you people kidding?

  • Just_Saying

    “Accused SEIU thug Perry Molens who beat Gladney told the jury this morning that he saw Gladney selling Obama-in-white-face swag outside the town hall… So then he beat his a$$ on the pavement.”

    No excuse for assault, even if true. Sounds like an admission by Molens. Should get a conviction notwithstanding the verdict, if indeed he confessed to an assault!

  • Conservative to the Core

    On top of everything, he had no health insurance to pay for his injuries.

  • Not Buying it

    Gladney paraded around with injuries…most pathetic thing I’ve seen. I thought conservatives were better than to pull this stunt.

  • Ladue Pundit

    I_B_Prophen commented:
    #100 has arrived !!
    I smell an SEIU monkey !!!!!!!!!!!!
    It took 100 posts. SEIU thugs admit to the assault on the grounds that Obama was shown as white by a black man. Then they go wild.

  • Chisum

    I see that Frog Splat has changed his name to “Not Buying it”.

    How quaint.

    I’m fairly certain he’s not SEIU. That would mean he has a job.

  • Conservative Ken

    I really wish St. Louis still had a Tea Party office. As it stands the St. Louis Tea Party has ALOT of support but no direction. It closed last January, four months after 10000 people gathered at the Arch for the Glenn Beck rally. Since that rally the Tea Party has been a footnote in the St. Louis area.

    Without any direction we are stuck, we just can’t fight these battles without sticking together.

    By the way, God bless Kenneth Gladney. I hope you one day get your justice.

  • Mannie

    Is yours dry?

  • kansas

    I have it figured out. OJ did it, not guilty. Casey Anthony did it, not guilty. SEIU thugs, did it, not guilty. Get it. Not guilty means they did it.

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  • nobama2012

    Remember this prosecutors boss is one of the ones(McCullough) who said in 2008 that he would prosecute anyone who said “lies” about Obama. Do we really think this could be a fair trial? A lot of those jurors who had union member family should have been excused. I bet anyone in the tea party was.

  • decentAmerican

    Dont know why no one has said this already, but this case IS…


    Where is the outrage? A black man is beat up by thugs, and then the thugs are set free?

    Where are the riots? Where are the Al Sharpton race baiters?

    What say you, social justice lliberals? Does social justice not apply to conservatives?

    Despicable, racist, hateful liberal reptiles. I know that is offensive, so my apologies to reptiles for comparing them to liberals.

  • Leatherhelmet

    Good luck Kenneth in civil court. What a travesty.

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  • Not Likely

    The video doesn’t show anything. You all know this, but you pretend otherwise to promote your addiction to being faux-victimized.

  • Molon Labe

    A victory for all union representatives and liberty loving progressives everywhere. Our American justice system is the best in the world.

    First Rodney OJ, then Casey Anthony and now this. Social Justice triumphs.

    We don’t need no old white man law and order. We need social justice.

    Holders People Win Again!

  • Joanne

    America has a disease with tenacles throughout, and if it isn’t removed immediately, it will die a painful death.

  • Rose

    SEIU is officially part of the Odrama Queen Brown Shirt Brigade. No doubt about it.

  • Fen

    Okay, we have tried to let the system work. It did not.

    Whats next?

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  • Lily

    This makes me so sad. I want to cry. This can’t be. I know that money buys expensive attorneys, but with a video and witnesses, this was a slam dunk. Is there anything that can be done to make this right? Can there be a civil trial? I bet there are plenty of people out there who would be glad to donate money for his defense. I wish he’d asked for it before.

  • I suppose that on some level I should be glad for evidence that Chicago isn’t the only corrupt town in America. All the same, I’m not! >__>

  • Question: Why is Mr. Gladney wearing a neck brace? In the thirty second video of Mr. Gladney leaving the courtroom he is wearing a medical support collar around his neck.

    I honestly haven’t paid much attention to Mr. Gladney or anything surrounding the issue since the incident two years ago, so I’m clueless. Is he still having continuing issues stemming from the incident? Is the neck brace due to something else (cancer related)? I’d like to not assume the first thing that comes to mind – prop.

  • Nevermind. From a prior posting on here and elsewhere, apparently Mr. Gladney recently had neck surgery.

    Is it due to the attack, cancer or other? Might add another element to the issue.

  • Mark Kleiman

    Unanimous verdict. It only took the jury 40 minutes to decide.
    That means there wasn’t one person out of twelve who thought the defendants were guilty.
    Is there some part of “self-defense” you need explained more slowly?

  • Dustin

    I just don’t get it. The video is proof. This beatdown occurred. Ken is not a big guy. He was brutalized by bullies.

    Tea Partiers: be aware this will make things a lot worse. These thugs will be bolder in the future. The buddy system should be used whenever you go to these events. If you go alone, find a like mind and team up. It’s easier than you think to just overtly explain why, and you’ll probably make friends.

    Better yet, try to go to rallies with a friend.

    This is utter lawlessness. I hate to think what is happening to this country as the money starts to run out and people start fighting the inevitable reality check.

  • Dustin

    “Is there some part of “self-defense” you need explained more slowly?”

    If you’re saying this was self defense, watch the damn video. If you’re saying the jury was clueless about the topic, yes, I agree.

    It’s ridiculous to say this guy was beaten in self defense.

  • Trouble

    That tears it, the moment you see purple shirts advancing towards you assume they mean to cause injury and act accordingly. In my state and many others, that will mean dead SEIU thugs.

    Be prepared to defend your life now. They will think they can get away with anything.


  • Dustin

    I wouldn’t go so far as to just start assuming any SEIU I see are attacking me, but I will make sure I’ve got a camera to any protests I attend in the future.

    But sadly, this shows a camera is only as good as your prosecutor. How does a prosecutor get video of multiple thugs beating down a small man, complete with a well articulated motive, and not get a conviction?

  • Not Likely

    “If you’re saying this was self defense, watch the damn video”

    The video is not proof of anything. Anyone willing to be honest would admit as much.

  • Not Likely

    “How does a prosecutor get video of multiple thugs beating down a small man, complete with a well articulated motive, and not get a conviction?”

    The video shows nothing of the sort.

  • Estragon

    None of those thugs will get close enough to me to beat me down.

  • Roger Hammon

    If they want war, let there be war. It’s not proven that this “take your beating and video tape it” is bunk and crap – time to start shooting back. you won’t get protection or vindication in court – so the time has come that we rise up and defense and vindicate ourselves as the founders intended.

  • Nathan

    Who is on this jury that gives a damn whether Gladney is promoting the Tea Party agenda? Is it OK to assault people whose politics you disagree with? Geez, it’s a freakin’ videotaped beating.

  • Nathan

    One thing I’d like to know is: why was there an SEIU guy already on the ground at the start of the video? Judging by the video alone, I’d have to say that although the attack on Gladney definitely wasn’t self-defense, it is possible that Gladney started the fight. However, at the time that the SEIU guy threw him to the ground, Gladney wasn’t attacking anyone, and that means the SEIU guy is guilty of assault. What remains to be established by evidence other than this video is not whether that assault was self-defense (it obviously was not), but whether Gladney may have committed assault as well.

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  • They could always go the Rodney King route, and have a second criminal trial for violating Gladney’s rights. Just kidding.

    Gladney should get even by running for office.

    Ann Coulter’s gonna have to update her new book now.

    Protesters, always stay together in groups. And get self-defense training.

    Maybe it’s time for the Guardian Angels to start showing up at these events.

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  • Conservative Ken

    139 nathan

    The SEIU was invited to the Carnahan town hall meeting because Russ Carnahan was humiliated in the previous town hall due to his ignorance of the health care bill. They were ushered in through a side entrance and given special seating.

    Perry Molens admitted in the video he attacked Kenneth Gladney. I really hope I see those two at a Tea Party rally, I have a little something for them.

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  • teapartydoc

    What else did you expect? This is organized crime and those jurors fear for their own lives and those of their families. The SEIU can only be beaten in the legislature or by a grand jury acting under RICO.

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  • Tc Doc

    Okay – waiting for federal civil rights charges to be filed….(crickets)…is this thing on???

  • forrest

    left wing judges, lawyers and media coupled with idiot jurors and a big fat wealthy union showering money on the defense…did anyone actually expect any justice? I’m sorry Mr. Gladney, I know you got beat by these thugs, heck, I’ve seen the video. This is just another complete and utter miscarriage of justice, the left have poisoned the well in our justice system, we need tort reform now.

  • Tim

    If the union gentlemen did not assault him, doesn’t it stand to reason that Ken must have assaulted them? Shouldn’t the prosecutor had him arrested after the trial? Just being sarcastic.
    What happened to the guy in white shirt who was yelling you assaulted him? He was an eye witness or does this boil down to he said she said and each sides testimony cancelled out the others.

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  • Roger

    For the past 30 years or so if the Police put you in hand cuffs you are going to be charged with something and you will pay. Guilty or not the police figure if you get a finger pointed at you and you end up in hand cuffs you are going to end up paying for that kind of excitement because the police are charged with adrenalin on every one of these kind of calls and we all know this kind stress is a killer. It’s clear the SEIU provoked this situation thous putting the Police under great stress. For the prosecutor to not make this point says volumes about what the prosecutor thinks of the cops, you are expendable and to the SEIU thugs keep on keepin on because our cops are a dime a dozen.

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  • richard40

    Not sure what part of St Louis this jury came from. If the jury was mostly black or union members, both of which would tend to like SEIU, its not surprising they would return this contemptable verdict. This is the leftist version of a southern Jim Crow jury trying a beating of a southern black in the 50’s.

  • Johnny B

    Is there a video other than the one on this page that was shown to the jury? Because the video linked here doesn’t start until *after* any sort of beating that may or may not have occurred; if that video was the primary evidence, it’s certainly not “beyond a shadow of a doubt.”

    Also, can we please get some clarification from Jim Hoft on a certain, rather poignant part of this story? Many, many, many people are taking the comment “So then he beat his a$$ on the pavement.” as a statement made by Molens under oath. Given the ellipsis preceding it on the line above (and the carriage return), I took that statement to be commentary added by Mr. Hoft.

    Please clarify whether that statement was part of Mr. Molens’ testimony, or simply author commentary, because it completely changes the tone of the story and events that unfolded in the courtroom.

  • Big Red

    Wow, tough dude. Beat up a guy in a wheelchair.

  • LVuoto

    Did Mr Gladney also carve a backward “N” on his forehead?

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  • I have to wonder to what degree was the whole thing a matter of collusion between the court and the defense. Perhaps a civil rights investigation is called for here.

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  • Markon

    The unions are simply part of the State appartchik. When the justice system and the police are tasked with protecting the state from the people then the people, as Mr. Gladney found out, are the enemy.

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  • Pistol Packing Patriot

    Is there a legal fund for Ken? Ken’s going to need some big bucks to hire a top-flight lawyer to go after these SEIU thugs. I think we all need to kick in some cash to help him win his battle.

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  • Eko

    Yup, cause the union guy on the ground first had it coming, you know how those communist liberal hippie fascist union thugs are, they will throw themselves on the ground to subvert real Americanism.

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