New Low for Lib Darling Bill Maher’s Show – Hate Sex With Michele Bachmann (Video)

Straight out of Satan’s playbook…
Liberals on HBO’s ‘Real Time’ joke about having hate sex with Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum.
These people are pigs.
Via NewsBusters:

Transcript via NewsBusters:

DAN SAVAGE, SEX ADVICE COLUMNIST: They’re grifters and scumbags, the Bachmanns.


BILL MAHER, HOST: Grifters and scumbags.


MAHER: Not just one or the other.

SAVAGE: They’re not charming grifters like in the movie.

MAHER: No, no.

MARC MARON, COMEDIAN: I don’t want to be crass but I just hope that Marcus Bachmann takes all that, you know, rage that comes from repression and denial and brings it into the bedroom with her. I hope he f–ks her angrily because, because that’s how I would. And I’ve thought about it. I just…

[Laughter and applause]

MARON: …It’s a political statement I’m trying to make.

SAVAGE: Just so we get, just so you don’t get charges of sexism, because only Michele Bachmann was involved, I sometimes think about f–king the s–t out of Rick Santorum.

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  • Carbon Pootprint

    typical democrat media types

  • People like this should be lined up against the wall and introduced to justice.

  • Molon Labe

    I wonder if these types worship the great Satan?

    Maybe they’re just subcontractors of the dark lord.

  • maria

    those people have no shame…

  • BuddyG

    They’re all about respect for women; as long it’s liberal women.

  • Molon Labe

    You can understand why Maher is so hate filled when you realize he pines for the embrace and kisses of Barney Frank and Sheila Jackson Lee.

  • justavoter

    Can you imagine thinking the same way about their gal Hillary.

    Yeah, me either.

  • Mark1957

    Just for laughs, would somebody please publish Dan Savage & Marc Maron’s home address. I’m sure these jackasses would see the humor in that also.

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  • God Bless America?? Why should should God continue to bless us if we act like these people??

    How about… “God Have Mercy on Us” because we have become skilled at doing evil!

    What ever happened to restraint, self control, respect, and a reverent fear of God??

  • SingingMom

    “Maron?” Isn’t that a typo? I think it’s MORON!

  • Dr_Proboscis

    After over five years of witnessing Bill Maher in various venues, there is really only one burning question I have about him:

    Just how many quarters does he have stuck up his nose?

  • Annaleesea

    OMG, when will somebody say that most liberals are just butt ugly. (see above). Maher looks like the creepy looking guy in the corner of the bar who scopes out the most loaded chic in the place and then pounces. And the guys commenting above have “huge” Mother issues. I thought the one guy was Ron Reagan Jr., and say no more.

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  • usamopatriot

    Lock and Load, People! This is the face of liberalism. The enemy that will become more and more evil until we stamp it out.

  • USMC Thomas

    Gee, with that much hate and misogyny they sounds like those TEA Party members they always vilify.

  • Yrral Dleifsarb

    Many of the LibTard’s behaviors arise from unresolved self-hatred. Most of
    them know, at some levels, that their attitudes are despicable. Much of
    their thinking involves attempts to improve their self-esteem. The reason
    LibTardism is a mental disease is that it compromises ability to see facts.
    Everything is twisted in the service of assuaging their deeper knowledge
    that they are unworthy of the respect they crave.

    Maher is an especially despicable creature. Anybody who finds him to be
    amusing is sick. The fact that he has enough viewers to satisfy the cretins
    who give him a platform is a sad commentary upon the LibTardian mind.

  • a new liberal

    Dan Savage did not say anything about “hate sex”… He talked about “anger sex”, there’s a big difference. I thought the clip was very funny!

    Maher has another quote I agree with whole-heartedly: “Religion must die if mankind is to live.” That is the most humane quote I’ve heard for a long while… Just try it for once: go a day without believing in God and your one true religion. You’ll find your blood pressure easing off a few points.

    As for Santorum, I’m sure he’d just froth all over this comment..

  • norm

    Since HBO won’t censor Bill Maher, maybe the answer is censoring HBO. Anyone who is paying for HBO, is allowing this to happen. Slandering Christians seems to be quite the thing.

  • daryl

    And just when did you decide to become “a new liberal”, #18? After you watched Bill Maher and friends? Or was it something you decided on your own after long and agonizing thought?
    And what’s the difference in “a new liberal” and an old one?
    Just asking.

  • a new liberal

    Hi Norm,

    How are you on slandering Muslims? Is that OK? Are you an equal-opportunity slanderer, or are you choosy when you slander?

  • SnapTie

    Wasn’t it Maher who said all hate speech comes from the righting? I think Dr. Kieth Ablow pegged this POS perfectly last week. He has no self esteem for himself or women.

  • Annaleesea

    a new liberal- how is the temperature in your mothers basement? Is it good to go or what…

  • a new liberal

    Actually, I’m an old liberal but I’m new to this blog. I just thought I’d stop by and see what sort of stuff you guys were talking about these days. They kicked me off RedState a few years ago! But I appreciate an appreciative audience.

  • MAJMike

    What. Is. Wrong. With. These. People?

  • SM-AZ

    Why should our tax dollars go to support HBO—a left wing lunatic org. Somebody needs to “Acorn” them!

  • daryl

    Typical liberal, #18. If you’ve met one liberal, you’ve met them all.
    And how well does “trolling blogs for obama” pay, new liberal? Are you guys organised and drawing inflated union wages for your work at your new taxpayer funded “trolling for obama” job??

  • Old One

    #21 a new liberal

    No one needs to slander muslims. Their deeds,mass murders of innocents around the globe, their ile words and calls for death to millions soil themseves to such a degree mere slander would be purification for the followers of the pedophile prophet of the netherworld. Defense of the evil that is islam defiles you new liberal.

  • MeMeMe

    People you must look at these pictures and then load up on food and guns!

  • Old One

    ile =vile

  • Omar

    A new liberal:

    “How are you on slandering Muslims? Is that OK? Are you an equal-opportunity slanderer, or are you choosy when you slander?”

    I’m pretty good at it and so’s Bill Maher for that matter. In fact, Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris are fairly adept as well. What “slander” shall we start with? Why not all of them? Here goes: Muslims emulate and honor a pedophelic, raping, thieving, totalitarian assassin. In fact, they model their laws after him.

    Slander? Yes or no . . . . ?

  • a new liberal

    Hi Old One,

    Okay old man, change your bib, it’s getting soaked from all the foam… You sounds like something out of the 1650’s, my gawd.. Are you representative on this blog? JHFC, someone needs to throw a net over you.. Hahah!

  • Chisum

    You have to love it when one of the party of perpetual outrage comes here and parses words in defense of one of their own.

    “Hate sex” vs “Anger Sex”. Forgive the pun, but what a position to take.

    New liberal, do you have any other parlor tricks to amuse us with today?

  • a new liberal

    Hi Daryl,

    No, I do not fund raise for President Obama, but the last I heard he’s doing pretty well in the money department: something north of $35 million? But Mitt Romney’s gaining: he’s raised half a mill so far!

  • norm

    Michael Savage had liberals pegged right, years ago. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Not only do they eat their own, but idolize people like Marx, Lenin, Mao. and Casey Anthony.

  • daryl

    You’re answering questions with questions nuevo lib. It doesn’t work that way.
    Time to flush him.

  • jakev

    Hi, new liberal
    Money does not necessarily translate into a win for Prez Putz, especially when the numbers are inflated for effect. Also, there are so many candiates on the Republican side that the money is split and also waiting in the wings. Do not lick your lips just yet.

  • Chisum

    But Mitt Romney’s gaining: he’s raised half a mill so far!

    Hmmm, I wonder how that “generic republican” is doing?


    Btw, BO is at 42% approval at Gallup today.


  • Blanche

    They have the mindset of rapists.

  • Chisum

    Do not lick your lips just yet.



  • a new liberal

    Hi Jakev,

    You are right, money does not necessarily translate into a win.. But it can buy huge media spots, lots of low-level whispering campaigns, and travel. President Obama will look like he’s everywhere. Every cent will be spent battering the Republican brand. If you guys survive that, we’ll just gear up for the next cycle. And we know you’ll play the game the same way. This war will never end.

  • daryl

    42% approval. All of that money and he will still lose. Tell you anything about your “man” nuevo?
    Voters have had enough of the imbescile, yet you’re still cheering him on. That’s all we need to know.

  • Al Gore is right

    You’re wasting your time a new liberal. These wingnuts are beyond help. Communist this and Marxist that. Just a bunch of ungrateful bastards. Obama will wipe the floor with these fools.

  • a new liberal

    Hi Chisum,

    I hope you can find that generic Republican in time!

  • donh

    More proof our dirty media/entertainment culture is a diseased front group for a hedonistic porn cult worshiping the devil through rituals of sexual perversion.

  • Chisum

    new liberal,

    No worries. Bugs Bunny could beat this loser, BO. 42% at Gallup and he doesn’t have the MSM hounding and debasing him daily like GWB was. And GWB had 5.2% unemployment.

    Just imagine if they did.

  • daryl

    “Obama will wipe the floor”
    No you have it wrong. That’s all he’s qualified to do but he won’t ever “wipe the floor” for anyone,
    ever. He’s fleeced too many union workers of their tax money to do anything to earn his keep.
    Suckers, new lib. All of you are suckers.

  • StrangernFiction

    This war will never end.

    Well we agree it’s a war. Who said we conservatives can’t find common ground with you libturds.

  • a new liberal

    Hi Al Gore is right,

    I think you’re right about Obama, but it will be little consolation if (I’ll bet when) the debt of the US is allowed to default. That will bring the ceiling down on us all.. THAT’s the nuclear option these fools have blundered into..

  • Utopian

    That will bring the ceiling down on us all..

    Which is exactly what these teabaggers want.

  • a new liberal

    OK, all you baggers,

    I’m going to go troll some other conservative sites.. Watch for my byline!

    I sometimes stop by Richard Vigurie’s site, but he doesn’t attract much traffic; he’s all about pledges, and that’s getting pretty stale these days among the remaining RINOs. But he is one deep-bagging dude..

    The American Conservative is rich in troll pickings.. Lots of baggers and social (misfit) conservatives.

    Take care, guys, all in good fun, take your blood pressure medicine now!

  • Alana


  • Alana

    That was my response to these trolls. But it could also refer to the topic as well.

  • theBuckWheat

    And those who cheered these vile remarks think they are the smartest people in the room and should be running the country. The difference between the last time National Socialists demanded to run a western country and now is that the things the say and the values they really hold dear can now be played and replayed to the unsuspecting public to both educate and to warn.

    This fight is about who the great undecided middle will give control of government to. I can tell by watching the plummeting viewership of MSM news shows as well as the level of hate rhetoric against Fox News and blogs, as to where the public is getting its news from and where they are taking their opinion queues from. Liberals (er, “progressives”) are losing.

    Thank God for the internet and blogs like this one.

  • tommy mc donnell

    this is the liberal-american civility that obama was talking about. yes they are the moral superiors of the country.

  • Dan

    Sorry…I feel no sympathy for Bachmann and I will not defend her. She was SILENT when Palin was blamed for murder, so I will never defend her ever again. Her and Ed Rollins can handle it.

  • Chisum

    Take care, guys, all in good fun, take your blood pressure medicine now!

    Who knew that laughing at someone raised your blood pressure?

    And we’re definitely laughing at you, new liberal.

  • gus

    A new libtard, just like all libtards are self loathing. They know they are losers so they embrace their dysfunction.

    Hey New Libtard, what is it about Obama that you like. Maybe the WART on his face??

    Can you imagine ANYONE wanting to hate phuck Michelle Obama?? Can you imagine any Conservative JOKING about that.
    No and no.

    I’ve know slobbering idiot libtards like NEW LIBTARD my whole life. They are angry misfits. They give up on GOD so they don’t have to have ANY standards and morals. They are good at that.

  • daryl

    Hell yeah Chisum. I laughed til at pulled stitch in my gut.
    The weenie ass couldn’t field the opposition to his bull s**t so he cut and run.
    Now that’s definitely a liberal trait everyone can agree they (the libs) all possess.

  • gus

    Daryl. For A Junior Achievement libtard troll, politics isn’t about real problems and real solutions, it’s about being contrarian. Douchebags like a NEW LIBTARD don’t even understand the issues. They just want to be on the cutting edge of protesation. They have no concept of how UNSERIOUS and UNQUALIFIED, Obama is. They have no concept of what a leader is, and they certainly have no concept of the dangers Obama has brought upon us.

  • Chisum


    Yep. Another One-Trick Troll.

    But you have to admit they are amusing. New liberal knew he/she/it had lost when he/she/it whipped out that original “baggers” garbage.

  • tommy mc donnell

    #29 these are the people the politicans brought to the united states to colonize the country.

  • Redwine

    Looks like we’ve been invaded by Media Matters trolls, blabbering mindlessly between themselves with the same old, worn-out moronic cliches.

    Please ignore them. They really have nothing to say and they’re definitely not worth the effort.

  • retire05

    new liberal, I suggest you worry about Obama not attacking the Republican brand, but defending his own which is pretty hard to do when you are the only president in 70 years to have unemployment in the 9’s since six months into your administration.

    And then you can tell us all your personal experiences with “teabagging.”

  • Ann Coulter said it best– DEMONIC.

  • JustSaying

    I don’t know why we give this low class any “ink” at all….they really get off hearing the filth that comes out of their mouths….I say ignore….ignore…ignore..

  • RickS

    “Maher has another quote I agree with whole-heartedly: “Religion must die if mankind is to live.” That is the most humane quote I’ve heard for a long while… ” Yes, because murder and human cruelty only came about after ancient humans began practicing organized religion. Although, I think the vast majority of prehistoric archeologists would disagree with you and the mulleted one. Wow. If this is the best argument you libs can come up with to support your hate, then it’s really no wonder you’re losing. And you are losing really, really badly.

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  • AuntieMadder

    At least now we know that the horrible, sexist things they said about Sarah Palin had nothing to do with who she is as a person or her politics. They said them only because she’s a woman who disagrees with them. Period.

    #5 July 16, 2011 at 5:15 pm
    BuddyG commented: “They’re all about respect for women; as long it’s liberal women.”

    No, Buddy, they were just as nasty about Hillary Clinton during the 2008 primaries, when it became plain that she was Barky’s only real competition for the candidacy for POTUS.

  • Joanne

    They just hate, that’s all.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    As I’ve said before:

    Great Leap Forward II: American “Mao x10” Edition

    Coming soon to a reality near you.

    Somewhere between 20 and 40 million people, murdered by the God-less communists.

    Every time they have their way with a nation, the slaughter gets greater.

    This time they intend to beat Mao, Stalin, and Pol Pot put together.

    (But, yeah, it’s the Christians and Jews who are the mass-murderers of history…/sarc)

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Somewhere between 20 and 40 million people, murdered by the God-less communists — IN JUST UNDER 4 YEARS.

    Come on, Libs. You can DO IT! You can beat that paltry figure with one hand behind your backs! You want to, and some of us know it.

    Communists never change — not even when they call themselves Liberals and Progressives, “enlightened”, and “free-thinkers”.

    The end result is ALWAYS mass graves. And they not only don’t care about this inevitable, many-times proven end result — they hope for it — because their spiritual Father is the devil in Hell.

  • Radegunda

    “Come on, Libs. You can DO IT! You can beat that paltry figure with one hand behind your backs! You want to, and some of us know it.” —

    Remember that FBI informant who infiltrated the Weather Underground and had a chat with some friends of Billy Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn? They discussed, in all seriousness, how many millions of the American population would have to be exterminated if they resisted their collectivist agenda.

    Those are people who eagerly promoted Obama — because they see him as one of them. As one of his Occidental classmates said, Obama was a hardcore revolutionary Marxist. There’s no evidence he ever had a change of heart — only a change of tactics.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Radegunda, I’ll never forget that.

    Nor will I ever forget all the tenured professors at U.S. universities expounding on their belief that the human population needs to be reduced, actively. All the profs and libs masturbating over their fantasy of a The Stand-like virus wiping out most of the human population.

    These people who think that there are too many people — and that we need to do something about it have it wrong. All the people currently on earth could fit into the state of Texas, with less of a population density than Tokyo, NYC, Mexico City, Hyderabad, or any other densely-populated area. EVERYONE ON EARTH could fit into Texas.

    There are not too many people on the planet. There is too much evil.

    Satan hates life — wants to kill people mostly, in GREAT numbers — and has proven it with Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Pol-Pot — and with Jane Fonda, Walter Duranty, and the population-reduction crowd who now control the U.N. and most Western governments.

    They have not changed. They’ve gotten better. More efficient at both the propaganda leading to the mass-killings, and, naturally, at the mass-killing itself.

    It’s coming, folks. And soon. Remember: God-less communist China killed MURDERED SLAUGHTERED around 30 million humans in just under FOUR YEARS.

    …and they don’t teach that to kids in public schools. All they are taught, if even this now, is that Hitler was humanity’s worst mass-murderer, and that he was a damn Right-Winger. Not a damn thing of value is taught regarding the slaughters by Pol Pot and Stalin and Mao, all of whom topped Hitler’s murder-count by a large margin.

    I could go on and explain why Hitler was as lefty as the others, but that is for another day. EVEN IF HE WAS a Right-Winger (according to the U.S. “spectrum”) — the Worst Right-winger In Human History — the leftists, progressives, and self-styled “democrats” (German Democratic Republic), (People’s Republic of China) have murdered so many people as to make Hitler look a mere Jeffrey Dahmer.

    These atheist statists, these “progressive” “free-thinking” “peace-loving” “anti-war” people have slaughtered more people than all the other religious ideologies on this planet COM-freakin’-BINED.

    And they are all made blind to this, and they do it again, and again, and soon: again x10.

    Wait and see. Unless God intervenes and interjects his manifest presence among us, for all to see, America will see the mass graves that haunt Germany, Poland, Russia, Cambodia, and China. And the same people who demonized Sen. McCarthy will be the ones who ONCE FU&*ING AGAIN do this almost-unimaginable evil.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    It’s in their nature. It’s just what they do.

  • CV1

    Why is anything that these guys said funny?

  • Allen

    This is simply another step along the road of decline in American society, wherein “funny” is equated to “shock value”. They are trying to walk in the footsteps of people like Howard Stern. For some 30 years now we have digressed from simple clean humor the likes of Mork and Mindy, M*A*S*H*, and so forth, and tread steadily towards the next most vulgar thing that someone can think to say to shock America at their “boldness” and “edginess”, and it’s just garbage… OLD, TIRED, GARBAGE! It’s similar to a shot of booze… the first hits with effect, jarring but not necissarily unpleasantly so… the second begins to seem less shocking as it goes down, and so on, until it passes through your lips practicaly unnoticed, and equally unnoticed by that point is the destructive effects on your judgement and sense of reality, until finally you collapse, drunk, and awaken later with the hangover and regret at losing self control. The difference is that when we, as a society, wake up with that hangover, it will be after a civil war, most likely, because I doubt anything short of that will bring people like this to their senses.

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  • Taqiyyotomist

    Allen, even M*A*S*H was part of the national brainwashing, IMO.

    Since Father Knows Best — hell, maybe even since the advent of broadcast television, or even the pinnacle of American Achievement, the “Silver Screen” — America has been subject to communist, anti-God, large-scale national brainwashing.

    On the other hand there are shows like the Stargate series, like Walker: Texas Ranger, which show a reverence for good.

    Thank God for Hulu and Netflix, because I threw my TV out ten years ago.

    TV is 99% Agitprop commie national brainwashing. Even FOXNews.

  • Pitch Mitch

    @ a new liberal #18,

    Do you believe in hell? Just try it for once: go a day by sticking your head in a broiling oven. You’ll find your enternity.

    “Mankind will die if Religion does not live.”

    As for you, I’m sure the devil is frothing all over your comment..

  • Steve

    @ darrell #20,

    No difference in new and old liberals. Google liberal remains found under images.

  • Militant Conservative

    Hat sex? Why use two words when one will do?


    Filthy animal!

  • So, this “sex advice columnist” is basically talking about raping Santorum. That’s pretty sick coming from a “professional.” And, by tagging his nasty comment onto Maron’s, he implicitly condones the comment about essentially raping Bachmann. His “column” should be yanked from supporting media sites.

    (By the way, his name is familiar … does his column appear on FoxNews’ website?). “Savage” — great name.

    This proves that Liberals are not ready to have women in power … maybe in supporting roles, yes, but not in principal roles. Hillary was treated horribly, too, during the 2008 campaign. They said she looked like a dike in her pantsuits. But, if it’s a conservative female candidate, the viciousness explodes exponentially.

    Notice that with women candidates their stances of different issues are never addressed. Liberals only engage in ad hominem attacks and no real debate of the candidate’s issues. You never hear this crap about the male candidates.

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  • Susan

    To all those who submit to the “too much baggage” meme, when you gave the progressive Left the power to destroy one of us, you gave them the power to destroy us all.

    Complain and moan to your heart’s contents, just remember that in BUYING INTO THE LEFT’S FALSE NARRATIVE RATHER THAN STANDING FOR TRUTH you became responsible for giving the Left the power to emply a vicious tactic.

    Time to remove the scales from your eyes.

  • Leslie

    Misogyny is always acceptable and never comes under fire like racism.Women have come a long way but they still have a long long way to go.

  • Peter Warner

    MARC MARON, COMEDIAN: ‘ I hope he f–ks her angrily because, because that’s how I would. And I’ve thought about it. I just…’

    SAVAGE: ‘Just so we get, just so you don’t get charges of sexism, because only Michele Bachmann was involved, I sometimes think about f–king the s–t out of Rick Santorum.’

    Seriously, how are these not threats?

    Alarmed, Peter Warner.

  • greenfairie

    If you’d substituted “Republicans” with “blacks” or “gays,” Dan Savage would be the MSM’s new biggest villain. But instead, he is treated like a hero in Microsoft ads and given legitimacy by news organizations.

  • Mark

    The left loves using sex as a weapon of violence and domination. My advice to Dan Savage, the sex advice man (snort), stick to your sheep , Dan.

  • Doug from Alaska

    Think “Militant Conservative” got it right; “…why use two words when one will do?”

    “Hate Sex” equates to “Rape”. There are lots of liberals that I wouldn’t mind seeing get raped (but I have too much respect for my own body ‘part’ to use it in that fashion). Heck, I wouldn’t even want to use a “foreign object” (because I don’t want to see most of them naked)…

  • Old Fan

    Simply disgusting…

    Folks need to dump HBO.

    It is an outrage.

  • ogee

    Maher is a women hating queer dude so this is not a surprise. You could change M Bachmann’s name with any woman’s name and it would still apply for Maher, the ugly duckling, who has erectile dysfunction, a rotten personality, tourette’s dwarfism and a deformity of the lips.
    Bachmann is HOT! No denying that except by a queer commie political hack whom 75% of the people of this country don’t care what he thinks. Not all queers are commies but Maher the ugly queer with self esteem issues IS. Maher gives decent queers a bad name.

  • ogee

    This threat of rape is grounds for arrest. GO GET HIM. Where’s Breitbart?
    M Bachmann needs to press charges right now!

  • ogee

    Call HBO and tell them this is unacceptable. Advocating Rape on TV is going to get HBO shut down by viewers who finally refue to pay for it.