Last night Majority Leader Eric Cantor proposed a short term solution to raise the debt ceiling rather than raising taxes as proposed by Obama and democrats. President Obama was so upset with Cantor’s idea that he abruptly stormed out of the meeting with Congressional leaders.

Because of his stand against new taxes on the American people, the Democratic party has pulled out all the stops to target, isolate and demonize Majority Leader Eric Cantor. They are outraged that he will not bow to the Obama regime and endorse their job-killing tax proposals. This is despite the fact that most Americans stand with Cantor and do not support the democrat’s irresponsible spending and proposed tax hikes.

Majority Leader Cantor is taking direct fire. He needs your support.

Call Eric Cantor ( 202.225.4000 ) and tell him he has your support.
Or send Eric a note by going here.




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  1. Eric Cantor has no guts, no balls, and as soon as Obama flashes his pearly-whites and winks at Eric, he will start dry-humping Obama’s leg like a horn dog.

  2. I guess that makes it pretty clear just how much I “stand with Eric”. Once Cantor shows that his IS INDEED CAPABLE of not caving at the first sign of political pressure, THEN I’ll stand with him. To date, he hasn’t shown anything of the sort. Just an empty suit politician with no backbone.

  3. ++


    Godspeed to Rep Cantor!!

    Obama, as are his IslaMarxist cohorts, COWARDS..


  4. We are in a no win regarding this issue. Thank you for taking a stand for America!
    You rock!

  5. No. 1 and 2 (how appropriate is that) we know you don’t stand with Cantor because of your ever subtle post. Perhaps you instead, bend over for many.

  6. @#5…AMEN….hey Mahdi Al-Dajjal….discuss amongst your SELF….whay are you such an A$$ hole?????? get the HE%% out of this thread you marxist odumbass lover

  7. @Mahdi Al-Dajjal: Why don’t you troll on back to your boy’s website: “Organizing Against America?”

  8. OT

    Excellent American Thinker essay and subsequent thread:

    Everyone should be reading this, and the comment thread too.

    Also, Lloyd Marcus has another good essay today at A.T.:

  9. I wonder if Mahdi has found a place here in the U.S. where he can get men to pound his ass in the same fashion they did in whatever sand lot he came from? After all, it’s not Mahdi’s leg they will be humping.

  10. Rep. Cantor:
    I’m proud someone on the Hill is trying to do what’s right rather than what’s expedient. When our elected representatives actually display a concern for the future of our nation, I’m even more proud to be an American. Don’t let Obama or his minions win through demagoguery. I support you!
    ~ O.B.A.

  11. I’ll stand for anyone that will fight the bullies.

  12. I am proud of Cantor. He was opposed to yet another short term kick the can play , and for him to offer a 6 month plan is a compromise for the good of protecting our credit rating. Obama is playing games sceming this issue for his own re-election… making sure he doesn’t lose the welfare Queen vote.

  13. MEMO TO HARRY (ass) REID: ‘Grownups’ in leadership position usually produce budgets in less than 800 days.

    Cantor has. Why haven’t you? Ass!

  14. Cantor is a Tea Party tool and a Wall Street sell-out. The delicious theatre of the absurd we are watching re: Debt ceiling is due to this contradiction…..I’m popping popcorn…..

  15. #8….thanks for the links. I think we will see violence in the streets like never before. Obama’s only strength left is his ability to stir racial tensions, control his media, and then be in charge of justice. Who is going to stop it? You can’t even get the info from the major outlets. They won’t call a terrorist a terrorist, they sure not going to tell you the mobs are black.

  16. Call/write to tell Cantor, as well as Boehner, McConnell and Kyl, to hold firm and not bend no matter what. Comrade Barry’s imperious obnoxiousness toward Cantor and the other Reps shows just how ideologically rigid he is.

  17. Tried to send email in support of Majority Leader Cantor but I dont live in his district (from NY) so it will not accept my message. Tried to call the phone number you provided. His voicemail box is full.

  18. #14
    concreteblue commented:
    “Debt ceiling is due to this contradiction…..I’m popping popcorn…..”

    Put lots of butter on it and pop an artery soon.

  19. Jim, you might want to share this with the Blaze to get more supporters for Eric Cantor. Just a suggestion.

  20. I have e mailed cantor and my rep.

    Let them know they are not on a limb.

    No to Obama anything, he is evil incarnate.

    All he touches whithers and dies. Powder is dry

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