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  • FedUp

    Harry Reid isn’t a real American… Neither is BO!

  • bigkahuna

    Not a tweeter…but can people simply reply and say Hey Harry FO you lying scumbag POS

  • Presnit Obluff

    At least Twitter can limit his stupidity to 140 characters!

  • chicago

    and the illegal aliens that they want to give support via the dream act are real americans?

  • Betsy Ross

    Well, it looks as though the Taxed Enough Already American citizenry is having it’s desired effect. Keep up the pressure, TEA Americans!

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Harry Reid is like most of the democrat leadership. They are not Americans, they are Soviets.

  • paul52

    Harry the Hole. Shame on the voters of Nevada, what an embarrassment. Harry is largely responsible for the creation of this mess.

  • WW

    NO COMPROMISE! Democrats didn’t compromise when it came to the failed stimulus, the overreaching OBAMACARE or Dodd/Frank. It was like the republicans didn’t exist.
    Now the tables are turned and we have a plan in the Senate that needs to go to the ONES desk. Its called Cut, Cap and Balance.

    I say sand firm and force this to be the law of the land.

  • WW

    opps; stand

  • Kingsnake

    In the past when a black man sided with a white man instead of his own people he was called an UNCLE TOM “. Say hello to the elitest black mans ” UNCLE HARRY”.

  • Finncrisp

    Harry’s lips move and disjointed gibberish comes out. None of it true, all of it filled with vitriol. HE has no concept of what America is all about. He never will. What a self serving POS. Sadly, he has 5 + years left to torment us.

    But as long as he continues to spew this crap, relevancy will never be associated with him.

  • http://gatewaypundit Cutlers bad knee

    Chicago #4…You hit the nail right on the head , great post……

    TEA for me !!!!!

  • tommy mc donnell

    could somebody ask harry to define a real american.

  • myohmy

    How many land deal does Harry Reid needs to STFU?

  • retire05

    To my knowledge, there have been no large TEA Party rallies lately. So why all the vitriol coming from the left over the TEA Party? There are two reasons: first; Democrats have always believed that elected officials, and their academia minions, are so very much smarter than the average citizen. Somewhere they lost their way, thinking that they were not sent to Washington to represent the will of the people, but to foist their wisdom on the great unwashed masses. Second, they have no problem insulting those very people they will return to next year at election time, begging for TEA Party votes. You know, those seniors who have lived long enough to see the disasterous road our nation is on, moms and dads with children in tow who understand that their children’s future is being sold and veterans, who have shed their blood for a nation they no longer recognize.

    So Reid, and his band of socialists must find a boogie man. And the TEA Party population has now become that boogie man.

    Remember this: when our Constitution was written, it was take to the people for approval. The one most important document in our nation’s history had to have the approval of those who would be governed under it. No longer. Reid, and those who follow him, have decided that they no longer need the approval of the people. They, not us, will determine what kind of nation we live in.

    When Lloyd Doggett (Tx-D) was confronted with the TEA Party two years ago, he went in front of the media cameras and claimed he was confronted by a “mob”. Doggett espouses the attitude of Democrats who seem to forget this part of the Constitution: the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Goverment for a redress of grievances.”

    It is our right, nay, our duty, to sound our voices when our elected officials have gone astray. We need to get even more active, to let them know that they work for us, we do not work for them. We elected them, we can unelect them. And if it wasn’t for all of us in the masses of the unwashed, we would not need them.


    harry has no clue what a real american is….just look at the entire dem senate to see how they voted to kill america then come talk to us

  • RedBeard

    Republicans compromising with incompetent and irresponsible Democrat spendthrifts is not noble; it’s stupid.

  • bitterly clinging infidel

    Dear Mr. Cowboy Poet Reid,

    If by “America”, you are referring to the socialist utopia that you, Comrade Obama and the rest of the Cockroach Cabal are attemption to create, then you are exactly right.

    Tea Partiers are definitley not part of that “Amerika”.

  • Scott M

    “Ds, cowboy poets, and other brokebackers will not vote for it”

    There, Harry. Fixed it for you.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    No Harry. “Not Real Americans” are all those illegal immigrant voters who put you over the top in your last election. In fact, your party actively registered these people and helped them cast their votes.