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  • FedUp

    Harry Reid isn’t a real American… Neither is BO!

  • bigkahuna

    Not a tweeter…but can people simply reply and say Hey Harry FO you lying scumbag POS

  • Presnit Obluff

    At least Twitter can limit his stupidity to 140 characters!

  • chicago

    and the illegal aliens that they want to give support via the dream act are real americans?

  • Betsy Ross

    Well, it looks as though the Taxed Enough Already American citizenry is having it’s desired effect. Keep up the pressure, TEA Americans!

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Harry Reid is like most of the democrat leadership. They are not Americans, they are Soviets.

  • paul52

    Harry the Hole. Shame on the voters of Nevada, what an embarrassment. Harry is largely responsible for the creation of this mess.

  • WW

    NO COMPROMISE! Democrats didn’t compromise when it came to the failed stimulus, the overreaching OBAMACARE or Dodd/Frank. It was like the republicans didn’t exist.
    Now the tables are turned and we have a plan in the Senate that needs to go to the ONES desk. Its called Cut, Cap and Balance.

    I say sand firm and force this to be the law of the land.

  • WW

    opps; stand

  • Kingsnake

    In the past when a black man sided with a white man instead of his own people he was called an UNCLE TOM “. Say hello to the elitest black mans ” UNCLE HARRY”.

  • Finncrisp

    Harry’s lips move and disjointed gibberish comes out. None of it true, all of it filled with vitriol. HE has no concept of what America is all about. He never will. What a self serving POS. Sadly, he has 5 + years left to torment us.

    But as long as he continues to spew this crap, relevancy will never be associated with him.

  • Chicago #4…You hit the nail right on the head , great post……

    TEA for me !!!!!

  • tommy mc donnell

    could somebody ask harry to define a real american.

  • myohmy

    How many land deal does Harry Reid needs to STFU?

  • retire05

    To my knowledge, there have been no large TEA Party rallies lately. So why all the vitriol coming from the left over the TEA Party? There are two reasons: first; Democrats have always believed that elected officials, and their academia minions, are so very much smarter than the average citizen. Somewhere they lost their way, thinking that they were not sent to Washington to represent the will of the people, but to foist their wisdom on the great unwashed masses. Second, they have no problem insulting those very people they will return to next year at election time, begging for TEA Party votes. You know, those seniors who have lived long enough to see the disasterous road our nation is on, moms and dads with children in tow who understand that their children’s future is being sold and veterans, who have shed their blood for a nation they no longer recognize.

    So Reid, and his band of socialists must find a boogie man. And the TEA Party population has now become that boogie man.

    Remember this: when our Constitution was written, it was take to the people for approval. The one most important document in our nation’s history had to have the approval of those who would be governed under it. No longer. Reid, and those who follow him, have decided that they no longer need the approval of the people. They, not us, will determine what kind of nation we live in.

    When Lloyd Doggett (Tx-D) was confronted with the TEA Party two years ago, he went in front of the media cameras and claimed he was confronted by a “mob”. Doggett espouses the attitude of Democrats who seem to forget this part of the Constitution: the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Goverment for a redress of grievances.”

    It is our right, nay, our duty, to sound our voices when our elected officials have gone astray. We need to get even more active, to let them know that they work for us, we do not work for them. We elected them, we can unelect them. And if it wasn’t for all of us in the masses of the unwashed, we would not need them.


    harry has no clue what a real american is….just look at the entire dem senate to see how they voted to kill america then come talk to us

  • RedBeard

    Republicans compromising with incompetent and irresponsible Democrat spendthrifts is not noble; it’s stupid.

  • bitterly clinging infidel

    Dear Mr. Cowboy Poet Reid,

    If by “America”, you are referring to the socialist utopia that you, Comrade Obama and the rest of the Cockroach Cabal are attemption to create, then you are exactly right.

    Tea Partiers are definitley not part of that “Amerika”.

  • Scott M

    “Ds, cowboy poets, and other brokebackers will not vote for it”

    There, Harry. Fixed it for you.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    No Harry. “Not Real Americans” are all those illegal immigrant voters who put you over the top in your last election. In fact, your party actively registered these people and helped them cast their votes.

  • theBuckWheat

    In Reid’s plasic reality, this is true. His ideal is Amerika, where private wealth is something for him to spread around, either by taxing it into government coffers or by the theft-by-dilution of fiat money. In this world, prosperity and success are ensured by taking money from households with a median income of $52,026 and hiring regulation-making, regulation-interpreting or compliance-verifying bureaucrats who earn in total about $123,000, at least according to USA Today.

  • bg


    dirty Harry still has a bee in his bonnet about Searchlight..

    [you wouldn’t believe how much “how soon we forget” info is stored
    (some inexplicably deleted as well) in old post/comment archives ie:]


  • exceller

    I would like to know one thing that the Democrats are willing to compromise on.

  • toongoon

    So…we are Mexicans or Canadians or sumpin?

    Reid is a progressive who gets his marching orders from the Karl Marx, a german whose misguided approach to human life led to the murder of almost 100 million people in the last century in places that weren’t called America.

    It was not Americans that murdered all of those people but the progressives like Reid, Obama, Pelosi, and Dickless Durban want to blame Americans for it while they, behind the scenes, and without” transparency”, are trying to make communist murder a reality in America.

    The Tea Party gets their ideals from the men who wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution that set the platform of the greatest government the world has ever seen.

  • Auntie Em

    Harry Reid is a simpleton.

  • Vero

    Family and I was planning on going to Las Vegas this year for our vacation, going to stay locally and spend our dollars in Ohio that is trying to do the right thing with the new GOP leadership – We will not spend a dime in that State that put Reid back in. Our business Convention always goes to Vegas, this year, Austin Texas. Wanna guess who had their hand in getting that changed? 🙂

    Pay backs a bitch. Nothing is going to happen in Vegas, so there will be nothing to stay in Vegas

  • JustSaying

    Seriously, Harry Reid is a “bad man:,,,,what a foolish statement to make…has he any clue as to where lots of the Tea Party Memebers came from…A prime example is me…a died in the wool Democrat until 2008…when I saw what that party did to Hillary Clinton, I swore I would never again be a member of the party…I changed to Independent shortly after and will remain as such…it was because of people like Reid that caused so many to leave the, they import all the illegals they can find to fill the void…Harry Reid, with his words and others in that party that make such derogatory remarks have caused such unrest in this country…they serve a man who is bad news for all of us…they are taking this country in a different direction and at this rate, we will be a 3rd world country…How do they sleep at night!

  • Robert

    Harry’s grumpy because he has maxed out the
    national credit card and can’t keep spending money.

  • Robert

    I would say that it’s Democrats who are not American.
    After all, they want to “fundamentally change” America.
    Into what?

    And yes, I do question their patriotism, any and all of them.

  • SeniorD

    Hope Las Vegas Harry likes his Retirement In Place after the 2012 elections. Maybe he can take over R.C. Byrd’s role as Club Mascot

  • toongoon

    #23 exceller commented:
    “I would like to know one thing that the Democrats are willing to compromise on.”

    The d’s won’t put anything on paper to stating their demands as a starting point for compromise. You can only compromise if you have all of negotiable’s on the table.
    (although compromise to a democrat means that repugs need to fold.)

    The repug’s keep playing into their hands putting out one plan after another to the point where they are at odds with each other. They go back to the drawing board as soon as the d’s say no.

    They need to stick with one plan; Cut Cap & Balance. Everytime the dems shoot it down make it more stringent and bring it back out for a vote. Eventually, their reelection aspirations are going to cause them to cave.

  • StanInTexas

    Robert commented:
    And yes, I do question their patriotism, any and all of them.

    Difficult to question what they don’t have!

    JustSaying commented:
    How do they sleep at night!

    Reid and those like him sleep at night thinking that THEY will be in charge once they have acheived their “Turn America into a Socialist hell-hole” plan. All of the rules they try to foist on us do not apply to them and theirs!

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Q: How much money did Reid receive from Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac while he was using them to intentionally destroy the housing market, in the runup to the election?

    A: $71,000

    Real Americans like Harry Reid, apparantly, are the ones who surround themselves with Maoists, Stalinists, and other Communist infiltrators, all hell-bent on destroying America’s every institution.

  • Ken

    I served in the United States Marine Corps. Harry Reid dodged the draft. I am a real American. Harry Reid is not.

  • Quayle

    Harry, you are a disgrace to your office, a disgrace to this country, and you need to go.

    You and your buddies Nancy and Barak have taken this country to the brink of insolvency with your uncontrolled spending and your onerous regulations.

    You are a miserable failure, as is your empty-suit president, and it is time for you to sit down and shut up.

  • Kate

    The people of Nevada must be really proud of ole Harry. They keep voting this blathering nimrod in. Name calling. How professional. That’s all this guy can do.

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  • Rock

    Harry Reid, Traitor! All I need to know.

  • styrgwillidar

    And yet, when polled, the majority of americans support the positions held by the Tea Party. So Harry, the american people are the tea party, and the tea party members are the american people.

  • havok

    The only Tea Party labeled people who aren’t real Americans…are the ones He Funds to run as Shadow fake TP candidates in Elections, to help himself get back in position to continue his corrupt filling his own and families pockets reign as Senator.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    They put a MAO ORNAMENT on the White House Christmas tree.

    These are “Real Americans”, according to Reid. People who worship the greatest mass-murderer in human history, and the ideology by whose precepts he lived.

    People who would kill Terry Sciavo (sp?) and a million babies a year, but who say “NO!” when we want to execute cop-killers and mass-murderers.

    People who say Che Guevara — who shot kids in the face in front of their parents, for their parents’ political views — was a GREAT MAN, but who say Sarah Palin is a C**T.

    These are real Americans, according to Harry Reid: Communist fillers of mass graves.

  • Sandy

    Those Americans who agree with Despots are real Americans — those who disagree are Un-American–nothing new here every Dictator does it. Divide and conquer. Freedom of Speech is one of the things guaranteed to us by our Constitution. Deal with it Harry.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    They will do it again. Better. Faster. More.

    That is their Ultimate Goal. Here is the flowchart:

    1. Kill Millions

    A. Utopia achieved?
    1. yes. STOP. (has never happened in human history)
    2. no. GO BACK TO STEP ONE.

    That is Communism and American Progressive thought in a nutshell.

    “Too many people, something must be done about that. Especially too many moral people. And too many useless people. And too many invalids. And too many religious people. And just plain too many people who don’t think just like we Communist hedonists think. We must do something about that problem.” –Every Lib College Prof In America, at some point.

  • Rock

    Harry Reid gave his manhood to Piglosi years ago for a peek. And I suggest living proof that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is a lie.

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  • jorgen

    Projection as usual: The Dems are anti-American.

  • Eddie Willers

    –“If sane Republicans do not stand up to this Hezbollah faction in their midst, the Tea Party will take the G.O.P. on a suicide mission.”–

    Tom Friedman in his latest NYTimes piece.

    Silly me I thought we were supposed to be in this new era with a tone of measured rhetoric. That aims to promote reasoned rational discourse & not angry hateful diatribes which lead to people getting killed.

    What liberals really mean is we get to play victim card any time some lunatic acts out & you folks on the right can go to hell.

  • AuntieMadder

    #5 July 27, 2011 at 8:23 am
    Betsy Ross commented:

    Well, it looks as though the Taxed Enough Already American citizenry is having it’s desired effect. Keep up the pressure, TEA Americans!

    It’s good to see the “TEA” in TEA Parties spelled out. What they’re demanding is really nothing more than keeping what belongs to them, what they earn by their hard work. And they’re not even demanding to keep all of it; they just don’t want to hand over any more than what’s already taken by the federal government.

    Thanks, Betsy Ross.

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    WHY must “R’s” compromise?

    The D’s have been as rigid and inflexible as concrete bridge abutments since Big-O got himself elevated to the Presidency.

    While they held the majority in both Houses of Congress, they essentially told the R’s to go pound sand — nothing the Repub’s had to say was worth hearing. Now the balance of power has shifted slightly, and Congress needs cooperation from both sides to get anything passed.

    Ummm — Harry — Don’t you think your Dem’s might consider being a little less intractable?

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  • greenfairie

    Thanks, Nevada.

  • tommy mc donnell

    gee wanting a government that serves the people instead of a people that serve the government means your not a real american. harry doesn’t know much about american history because establishing a government that serves the people, all the people equally, was why they had that revolution in 1776.

  • Kingsnake

    Please some flush the tiolet in Navada, and unplug the one in D.C.

  • bg


    i’m liking Bachmann more & more..


  • Mike

    I want that SOB to try and throw that in my face. I did six years in the USMC back in the 60’s and I seriously doubt that I am anything but an AMERICAN.

  • CoolCzech

    Harry Reid and other “progressives” like him wouldn’t know Real Americans if their European Socialist asses dended on it. The un-American little CREEP. He and his ilk have bankrupted our country, abandoned our borders, raped our medical system, lied against the last Real American president and our armed forces, and brought discredit upon the nation.

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  • Betsy Ross

    #48 AuntieMadder:
    You’re welcome. Elections have consequenses and it’s hard to turn this big ship called the United States of America around. We didn’t get into this fiscal mess overnight. November 2010 was a great game changer. The Taxed Enough Already Americans let their voices be heard and that was only the beginning and it appears that politicians from both parties who have been in DC for far too long are getting nervous.
    Keep up the pressure TEA Americans. Never give up. Never. Never. Never.
    The United States of America belongs to We The People. Those folks in DC work for US.

  • Constitution First

    But I thought Harry loved illegal aliens?

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  • Herzo

    What defines a “real American”? Working in the private sector your whole life, paying taxes, raising a family to be productive citizens or becoming a multi-millionaire while sucking on the public t–t with virtually no work experience outside of government?

  • Rock

    Many years ago if the critics slammed a movie, that would be the one I would go to, and most often enjoyed it. Now I understand the reason the first Commies in Hollywood where the movie critics trying to guide viewers to those movies that where closer to their agenda. Of course Harry the weasel would attack the Tea Party like those critics he must discredit them for no other reason than they do not represent his twisted love affair with Socialism. End of day he is a traitor.

  • Gimme a Break

    Despicable Harry’s got the Alinsky Playbook open to the part that calls for all good little Marxists to demonize ordinary Americans.

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  • Harry Reid, a man for America

    Sounds like Harry’s got your number, bagger..

  • MassJim

    Why do Democrats always have to resort to demonization and name calling when they start to realize that they are loosing the rational argument. I realize that we all tend in that direction, but the leaders of the Democrat party in Congress (as well as the President) always seem to take it to a whole new, more childish level. Amazing.

  • Obamas regulation destroy jobs

    Illegals are taking ALL jobs…they get free health care, pay no taxes, food stamps, tuition, SSL and OUR jobs! Ya know those jobs no body wants??? I am so sic of his lisp when Obama talks….have you heard it????? Money got REID back in NEVADA–

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  • richard40

    Repubs and Tea Partiers will need to compromise at some point, but not yet. The latest Boehner plan should be the last compromise position. Push hard for Cut, Cap, and Balance, but if Reid is willing to go for Boehner plan we should meet him on that, but no more. I think Reid will ultimately agree to the Boehner plan, because it is actually quite fair, and preserves options for both sides, while avoiding a default. It does not pospone the debt ceiling past the election, but demanding a default for a political point like that, which mainly benefits Obama anyway, is not something Reid will fall on his sword for. Reid may demand some small tinkering to save face, but repubs can give him that if it is not excessive. His latest opposition is pablum for the left and for Obama. But if Reid ultimately DOES agree with the Boehner plan, then the Tea Party repubs should be prepared to vote for it as well, or they will be the ones that refused a legit compromise. As usual, Obama’s characterization is the exact opposite of reality, since Boehner (and if he ultimately agrees, Reid) is the real adult in this process, while Obama is acting like a petulant child. Boehner has done a fine job of coming up with a plan that both the Tea Party, and senatorial dems, should be able to life with, without either side giving up now on any core principles. Nobody cares whether Obama likes it at this point, since his credibility with congress is shot anyway. He will sign if the house and senate agree, because he will have to, since he cannot be the prez that sent the nation into a default with his veto.

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  • Darrell

    > Tea Partiers Are Not Real Americans…

    Why sure they are! They’re overweight, pampered, barely literate, racist religious drones.

  • MICatholicLawyer

    Reid, Pelosi and Obama are economically-clueless communists, beholden to queers, atheists, abortionists, welfare-junkie freeloaders, illegal Mexican immigrants and every other special interest liberal group of human pollution that supports Demo-commies. Puppets for George Soros, they could care less about the USA and have no clue why their incessant focus on abortion and gay marriage doesn’t fix the economy.

  • miar

    I’d like it if that cowardly old man would say that to my face.

  • Ben

    The English probably thought the original tea party folks in Boston weren’t real Americans either.

  • Moondog

    Hell, Harry Reid has no idea where he is or what he is doing. If it weren’t
    for Schumer and Durbin guiding him around and telling him what to say,
    he’d be like Obama without a teleprompter. Drubin and Schumer are his
    two little puppy dogs.

  • JGI

    ‘How can (the republicans) explain to their constituents that trillions of dollars of new debt is good for economy’-Senator Harry Reid on the Senate Floor -2006 Debt Ceiling Debate

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  • Hastings lamb

    To Mr. Harry Reid,

    Dear sir, my first impression regarding your opinion of Tea Party people was to just cuss you out. But that would mean I would have to lower my standards to your level. Politics was not always a vile and demeaning job, but there are many in it now that think the only acceptable method to win is to demonize the opponent. You are one of those. I have no respect whatsoever for you based on the methods and policies you use to demean and criticize without constructive means those whom you oppose or have differences. Never in my 65 years of life have I seen the vitriol and downright hatred spewed from the mouths of politicians like hyourself, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, et. al. It not only belittles you but casts a pallor of shame on our government and nation. You should be ashamed of yourselves. To call a group of political activists such as the Tea Party unamerican is as low a blow as someone in politics can make. I do believe in calling a spade (as in cards), a spade and you sir have not that capability nor an ounce of credibility such as Harry Trueman. Instead of having the buck stop at your doorstep and taking a leadership role, you are content to pass the buck and play oneupmanship at the cost of security and fate of our nation. There is, unfortunately, no current meaningful leadership for this great ship of the USA. You are content with letting invaders scuttle this ship and would let it sink based on your progressive policies. I am an American, I am a patriot, I have stood guard in harms way in our military and willingly signed a blank check for up to and including my life to protect and defend this nation from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Although you spouted a similar oath, your oath of office, to protect and defend the constitution, I see no iron in your words or willingness to do what you swore and this nation would be much better off if you just resigned and moved out of the way for smeone more competent to perform the job you seem inable to handle.

  • Conservative vet

    I have to say I would stamp a vote of “No confidence” on the Democrat Party. I won’t vote for them again until they stop their Socialist agenda.



  • Mark

    He’s right. The Teabaggers are a bunch of idiots.

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  • Jesse Gonzalez

    Let me see who is more unAmerican the guy who wants us to spend like socialists or the guys who to return us to fiscal responsibility? Sorry Harry but I don’t think Americans are gonna side with you 🙁

  • peg

    Screw Harry Reid and the Pelosi he rode in on!!!!

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  • oustharry

    For all of you who think most Nevadans voted for this pos, he and his union thugs bussed casino employees, union workers and illegals to the polls to vote. This is NOT representative of the opinion of most Nevadans. No one I know voted for him. He has done nothing for NV and even the people of his “hometown” of Searchlight can’t stand him. Typical thuggery of the progressives. Talk about not having any representation!

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  • cue

    Whorehouse Harry stole his election, with the help of the unions in NV. Outright theft. We in NV are indeed embarrassed he represents us, and we apologize for him being there, but believe me when I say: he put himself there against the actual will of the residents of NV.