ATF Director: Holder Is Obstructing Fast and Furious Gun Probe …Update: 43 Weapons in Phoenix Traffic Stop Linked to ATF’s Gun Running (Video)

UPDATE: 43 guns seized in a Phoenix traffic stop were linked to the Fast and Furious gun running program.
Via Free Republic:

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The acting director of the ATF Ken Melson told a congressional panel that Attorney General Eric Holder is obstructing the fast and furious gun probe.
FOX Nation reported, via Free Republic:

The Justice Department is obstructing the congressional investigation of a U.S. law enforcement operation intended to crack down on major weapons traffickers on the Southwest border, according to the embattled leader of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Ken Melson, the acting director of the ATF, lobbed the accusation when he sneaked in for an interview with congressional investigators on July 4, two days ahead of his scheduled interview with the inspector general about the operation known as “Fast and Furious,” Fox News has learned.

“If his account is accurate, then ATF leadership appears to have been effectively muzzled while the DOJ sent over false denials and buried its head in the sand,” Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said in a letter Tuesday to Attorney General Eric Holder. “That approach distorted the truth and obstructed our investigation.”

The Justice Department is reportedly looking to oust Melson, who has been acting ATF director since April 2009, as the agency deals with its biggest scandal in nearly two decades. Andrew Traver, who was tapped in November by President Obama to become the permanent ATF director, could be named as acting director until the Senate acts on his nomination, sources have said.

The White House still won’t disclose when they heard of the DOJ’s gun-running scheme.

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  • PMain

    The White House cannot disclose when they heard of the program, because they have already publicly denied that they didn’t sign off on it. Ironically, this decision prevents them from using Executive Privilege, since they were “uninformed” & the approval supposedly didn’t originate in the White House. So basically they’re trapped & my guess is that they were hoping to contain what information was released & when.

    Honestly, it’s a little hard to believe that an Administration that has micro-managed almost everything, by-passing traditional Cabinet level officers, wasn’t involved in a program that utilized coordination between the US Attorney’s Office, FBI, DEA, BATFE & the IRS. Who really believes that Holder or Napolitano were not informed? Who really believes that either would okay such an encompassing, multi-jurisdictional program without a White House green light?

  • ohio

    The White House still won’t disclose when they heard of the DOJ’s gun-running scheme.

    Wrong question. Question should be “When did the White House authorize this scheme”.

  • scituate_tgr

    It appears that the gun running wasn’t limited to Mexico:


    Guess they really wanted to get to that 90% number by any and all means possible, to [eventually] disarm the US citizenry.

  • PCM

    Okay, so let’s skip to the last reel: What is Issa going to do about it?

  • mg4us

    If Holder is involved, wouldn’t be surprised to find out that these guns are slowly making their way back into the US as preparation for 2012 Elections. . heading to inner cities and Black Panthers. .

    Porbably related to the Black thugs Flash mobs breaking out across this country. . .

    hey, isn’t this the Obama way “they bring a knife, we bring a gun!” In this case, Ak-47s!!!

  • Nelle

    I can see the ad now. A brief intro to “Fast and Furious”. Obama’s quote to Sarah Brady about making progress on gun control “under the radar”. Brief vids of Obama, Clinton, Calderon claiming US guns are fueling Mexican drug crime. Clip from network news displaying US guns confiscated in Mexico, decrying the availability. Headline of US border agent killed by gunwalker gun. Headline from Mexican paper about citizens killed by gunwalker guns. Clips from Issa’s letter to Holder re obstruction of the investigation and possible firing of Melson. And a bold font question: What would they do to take your guns?

  • Gideon Reed

    I am looking foward to an early appointment of a Independent Special Counsel/Prosecutor
    and eventual subpoenas to several Cabinet Officers and the Chief Executive, for investigation into impeachable offences.
    Investigate, Indict, incarcerate. Repeat as needed.

    Please. PLEASE consider an e-mail feature for the fowarding of GP featured stories to friends overseas.

  • Mark

    “What is Issa going to do about it?”

    That is the point. He is a CA Republican (as I once was), so my immediate reaction is to brand him a self serving RINO SOB with a price tag. I sincerely hope I am wrong. Do the right thing Issa.

  • Rachelle

    Holder needs to go to prison, preferably in Mexico where he is responsible for many deaths, but any American prison will do.

    Hasn’t Holder violated Arizona criminal laws?

    Maybe he should be prosecuted by the state. Finally that nincompoop will recognize that states exist and have powers.

  • Rock

    As noted above with WTF and his old lady poking their heads into everything we do from what we eat, to where we seek medical help, its hard to believe he is not deeply involved in this, and thus contributed to the murder of many. With Iran looking to use the World court to seek trials on many within our Government, got to wonder if Mexico’s President will be so inclined. Then we will see WTF’s position on American exceptionalism.

  • 43 guns nabbed during a Phoenix traffic stop.
    Obama, “Working as planned.”

    May all those who are guilty of being part of this be brought to court to face justice.

  • I_B_Prophen

    How many times will Eric Holder enter the realm of treasonable acts before this Government confronts him, and puts an end to his deplorable behavior once and for all?

  • saveus

    impeach holder, napolitano and obama

  • Now we suspect another reason for why Eric Holder sued AZ to stop it from enforcing SB1070.

  • Freddy

    It would seem that hard core socialist leftists would rather rat out their own than fall on a sword.

  • Ice

    You really have to wonder if this wasn’t an attempt of this Administration and the State Department to ‘create a crisis’ in order to try and justify the removal of the 2nd Ammendment. When you go back and review Mexico’s Calderon and the State Departments Hillary Clinton’s comments about ‘how it’s the American citizens fault that guns are crossing the border’, and all their following comments after that……you really have to wonder if you are looking at an orchestrated attempt by our own Goverment to create a case/crisis to attack the Constitution. That would not warrant loss of job for those goverment officials, instead it should warrant life in prison and possibly stand on treason charges.

  • mamagriz68

    My sincere hope is that this will somehow lead to impeachment and we will end the long national nightmare that we all knew Obama would be. It’s good to dream, right?

  • Rock

    I hope is this will be the straw that breaks the Donkeys back. But time will tell. I will not be holding my breath for a righteous outcome. A once popular song comes to mind, Slip Sliding Away by Paul Simon.

  • scituate_tgr

    I was home (Ohio) for the holiday weekend and mentioned F&F to my father. He “follows” the TV news (network, pbs), reads the papers (local rag, mostly AP pick-ups), reads an assortment of finance magazines and he’s never heard a peep of this scandal.

    Fortunately, we recently purchased a tablet for him, so I bookmarked this blog and an assortment of other blogs on his browser.

  • Mikey

    #15 – “It would seem that hard core Socialist Leftists would rather rat out their own than fall on a sword”

    Wow, that is really an interesting comment. So, in your opinion, the guy should just take the fall for this illegal administration instead of doing the RIGHT thing? Yeah, let’s just do the cover up so that Holder, Napolitano and Obama aren’t snared doing something that is SO ILLEGAL AND WRONG that it is beyond description. This is an act of treason against the United States and its citizens. I sure hope some heads will roll. And all of you that seem to think Issa is going to fold; I don’t think so. He is the one that has pursued this from the beginning. I think justice will be served.

  • WillofLa

    I’m getting a lot of details from a program that I listen to on Sunday’s called Tom Greshim’s Gun Talk. I think they may have been the first to break the news on this horrific scheme by anit-gunners to make the false numbers of guns supposedly being bought in the US and taken to Mexico to commit crimes. Liberals of course hate the fact that every American can own a gun as a God given right to be able to protect themselves regardless of whether or not they actually want to buy a gun, they have the right according to our Constitution. But, here comes Obama declaring a lie that it’s the 2nd Amendment that is supplying drug cartels in Mexico to be able to arm themselves. We all knew that was a lie. Then Obama brings Mexico’s President into our Congressional chambers and he stands before our Congress and announces the very same thing when he knows that is a lie, but in order to keep American money flowing into his country in foreign aid he goes along with the program set by liberals.

    Eric Holder is a former board of director of the same foundation that his pal Obama sat on along with Bill Ayers. These guys are really dangerous and are a threat to our nation because they used the law to form foundations whose intended purpose is to usurp our Constitutional rights. Why are we allowing those foundations to exist? Somebody needs to sue them and force them to defend their tax statis and charter. Then we’d be able to force them to disband. Anyway, if this goes to much further Obama may have to throw Holder under the bus and fire him to keep him from having to go to prison. But, you see that’s just exactly what needs to happen. When American’s finally get the balls to take these big wig liberals to court and find them guilty of treason and such and put them in prison, we’ll be able to get them to resign and disappear into the citizenery never to be seen again. But, even then we need to go even further and charge them with a serious enough crime like Fast and Furious, walking guns, or whatever they are going to call it and have some of these guys citizenship revoked and deport them to the Communist country of their choice. That way they will be happy for ever after. Otherwise we will have to always be having to deal with these people popping up again and again when they form undermining organizations to take our rights and freedoms away by getting yet another leftist to Congress or the Senate, or even another Obama.

    We need to make sure that someone like Obama never gets elected again, even if it is a Black man. If it is, or even a Mexican President, they would have to have the same cridentials as Clarence Thomas. If they are anything less, they are out of the running. I don’t want someone holding the position of Attorney General used by a Marxist President to cook up something like Fast and Furious to take my 2nd Amendment rights away, or any other right.

    BATFE are running around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off. Or if you like I’ll use another cliche, they are running like roach’s scattering when you turn the lights on. Eric Holder is trying to stop the sinking of his ship. And I’ll bet you Holder will say, “Well, it was a mistake and I’m making changes to our procedures and policies to see to it that something like this doesn’t happen again. And I apologize to the family of the border agent who was “accidentally” killed, and we will make restitution to the family(or something to that affect).” And then Obama will let Holder go, and all the BATFE agents, and people who were in on Fast and Furious from the Justice Dept. will all be let go and nothing will come of this, you just watch.

    Democrats never condem another Democrat no matter what. And it’s because liberals are cowards when it comes to admitting mistake. They have been in control of our culture and society for the past 50+ years and they don’t want people to wake up and realize they’ve been duped all this time. So to will this go away. I’m fanatising if I think Eric Holder will go to prison. The Democrats will find some low level BATFE agent to burn and that’s who’ll get the blame.

  • Stuart

    Ice # 16: You are dead on. Since this involved the smuggling of guns across an international border, there is no way that the State Department (Hillary) was not involved. I sense that this scandal could blow up, and far surpass Watergate in terms of a constitutional crisis. We have a Thug administration running the executive branch of government the “Chicago way”. There is only one problem, the thugs seem to be an incompetent bunch of boobs, who depend on the professionally incurious press to cover for them forever, as their behavior becomes increasingly outrageous. Do I detect a distant odor of impeachment?

  • WillofLa

    What the heck is “fanatising”? I don’t know what the heck I was writting. Kinda like the BATFE when they let Mexican’s buy guns in the US and take them back to Mexico to sell to drug runners and other criminals. They don’t know what the heck they are doing either. Tom Greshim believes that the BATFE is a rogue organization that does things that are against the law, but they can make up their own laws, and ignore any law that applies to all other law enforcement agencies. Even the DEA doesn’t make up law like the BATFE does. I’m surprised that the DEA wasn’t involved in Fast and Furious because wouldn’t it be logical that some of those guns would go to dope dealers? They have money to buy guns.

    And on top of that all these guns that were bought were AK-47’s in FULL AUTOMATIC. The last time you went to a gun show do you think you could just walk up and buy a fully automatic AK-47 and take it home? No. I used to work with a class III dealer who sold auto’s to the FBI and state police and sheriff’s dept. in LA and TEX. It was great to go to some of these really huge gun shows. But I never saw stacks of full auto AK’s for sale to the general public. First of all it takes a long time to get the background checks done and you have to have a business with customers already lined up to justify why you want a class III license. Then you pay a $200 dollar fee for the license and wait for your card to show up and you’re in business. The problem comes in when you have to agree to having the BATFE come in at any time day or night to check your sales records and gun records. And you had better have the guns your records show you are supposed to have and sales copies of receits for guns you sold. And if you don’t you go to jail and nobody ever sees you again.

  • RS

    Given the fact that the organization in question was the ATF, I was willing to chalk this up to arrogance + incompetence + genuine stupidity.

    I mean, if ANY organization could hide behind incompetence, it’s the ATF.

    But it’s beginning to appear as if there really is something much more evil behind this, certainly going all the way up to AG Holder and perhaps to Obama himself.

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  • GrayRider

    The Obama Administration is a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE. Let the impeachment hearings begin.

  • Black Sabbath

    The Republicans better cut the trips to Europe, playing golf with the President, and whatever else it is that keeps them out of sight the last few months. They better get off their asses and start moving hard against Holder with this scandal.

  • Rachelle

    #15 – “It would seem that hard core Socialist Leftists would rather rat out their own than fall on a sword”

    No, hard core Socialist Leftists want US to fall on their swords.

    And they work at it every day.

  • listen up

    Holder is in the pocket of the cartels…no telling how much money he is raking in…you did not hear this from me.

  • FurryGuyJeans

    Criminals always try to block investigation of illicit behavior, and Holder is up to his eyeballs being part of a criminal conspiracy of trying to destroy our Republic.

  • MVH

    This just in!
    Shocking picture confirming Holder caught with his hands on the gun rack passing out the “goodies!”

    A big tip o’ the hat to Dale at Out of Order: The Blog.

  • Pat the First

    Has no one learned anything since Watergate? If the WH is trying to cover up something, they should know it will come to the light of day. How long did it take for Watergate to really cause a problem? 2 years. I would think that it might take until some time in 2012 for some of the best information to come to light. And IF Obama is not elected, think what the next administration can do. Yikes! He isn’t going to be in office forever.

  • Lorna


    That is how they get away w/ this stuff. The media is wall to wall distraction/Casey Anthony

    Why? B/C this Issa hearing is happening.

    We all need to spread the word far and wide.

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  • owl

    Someone mentioned their father had not heard of this. That’s right. You would never know it was happening unless you paid attention and listened for it.

    FOX just had Issa for a short interview. He was very low key. It is not enough with the Silence all round. People not political junkies do NOT know about this. That is the power they control with their state-run media. They can flood every TV and headline until those people do know what they want them to know. Can the GOP figure out how to make NOISE? Loud, fast and furious noise.

  • Bunni

    If this was a GOP admin. all the players would be in prison by now.

    I sure hope this gets rid of all the criminals in this enterprise that could give the mafia lessons….but I’m not holding my breath. One can pray though, that will bring down the
    whole ship full of RATS and sink it!


    they are Holder’s “GUNS” and his “people”…most corrupt administration EVER

  • Cracker Mike

    RE: #4, Issa can and will do nothing. The Regime and media are in control. It’s gone farther than anyone imagined it would or even could. We are a full blown Totalitarian State.

  • agentbrianterry’sghost

    via PJ Tatler:
    Someone in Congress knew about Gunrunner, and Obama signed funding for it into law.
    Over at the Free Republic, a poster found this:


    Let it RIP, Issa.

  • Cracker Mike

    Obama will play the race card and media will back and protect him. Not a chance anybody is in trouble here except maybe an underling scapegoat or two. If I was 3rd or 4th down in the Just Dept, I might be a little concerned tho.

  • sociopaths are hollow creatures

    Imprison him! He is crooked like Obama. I am so sick of these horse crap. Its every friggin day–these are the most thuggery group of people-pure evil!! Its embarrassing. Why doesn’t someone in Congress stand UP–and file an investigation—try him in public court!!! Holder needs to be fired!!!!!!!!!

  • jorgen

    Holder needs to be put in prison fast and furiously!

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  • bg


    re: Fast and Furious #24..


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  • domer

    After wrecking the country under the DECIDER(bush) for 8yrs the gop can find
    nothing right about this administration.It will take yrs to dig out of this mess but
    the gop will probably convince everyone thru their murdoch,limbaugh,hennedy lies
    to put them back in pwr.The nra is an unpatriotic bunch of right wing bigots running
    this nation in the ground.Our enemies have nothing to fear,we will defeat ourselves.