WEINER RELEASES STATEMENT: Admits Explicit Naked Photo Is Him

This is breaking news—

Pressure builds on liberal hero Anthony Weiner.

Rep. Anthony Weiner admitted today that he sent explicit photos of himself.
The AP reported:

Anthony Weiner’s office says in a statement that he sent explicit photos of himself. A spokeswoman made the statement Wednesday as an X-rated photo turned up on the Internet.

The photo, which shows a man’s genitals, was published by a website after conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart showed it to the hosts of Sirius XM radio’s Opie & Anthony Show.

Separately, officials say Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, is pregnant. A spokesman at the State Department, where she is a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, had no comment, but several Democrats said the couple had told their friends.

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  • Granny

    What else can he say other than “I resign”?

  • Trialdog

    Somehow I, not a member of Congress, have managed to get through life without photographing my erect penis. Not ony that, I never mailed a photo of my erect penis to anyone. Imagine that.
    In an amazing coincidence, I don’t vote for democrats.

  • Granny

    Anthony Weiner’s office says in a statement that he sent explicit photos of himself.

    You know, it seems just as much an ethics violation to have the office staff that We The People handling anything connected with this matter for Wiener as it does to use the phone that We The People pay for to indulge his sexual picadillos.

  • a former dem

    how can these people think they can get away with nonsense like this?
    and this applies to both sides, its like they act like they’re invincible!

  • american patriot

    Their child already has quite a scrapbook.

    30 years from now,
    “Now here’s a picture of my father just before he launched his second career in Las Vegas working at Chippendales. He told me privately that he had attached this photo to his resume.”

  • May T.

    “Anthony Weiner’s office says in a statement that he sent explicit photos of himself”

    In every story I’ve read on this it in the plural, “photos”. I wonder how many naked pics are floating around out there?

  • MrGoodWench

    Anthony Weiner’s office says in a statement that he sent explicit photos of himself…and he is proud of it .
    Needed to be completed

  • [email protected]

    To May @ #6, I just heard today that now there’s a GA woman coming forward. 🙂

  • just a shrimp on a treadmill

    He should resign but, he wont. The arrogance is just too strong in that perv.

    Let him be the poster boy for the democrats.

  • Annaleesea

    And now he says “leave us alone because my wife is pregnant”. This guy is an a**hole, bigtime, I guess that means that his spawn are better than ours. I’m thinking not…

  • r985wasp

    He must be proud of that pathetic thing. Sad.

    I am enjoying this smugfuk’s destruction immensely!

  • SM-AZ

    The Dems will replace Biden w/ Weiner. Count on it!

  • StrangernFiction

    Hold on Tony! There have been a lot worse that did.

  • kansas

    Breitbart releasing the pic is really worse than Weiner taking it. Seriously, I read that on a far left wing site.

  • gus

    In more BREAKING NEW***** Anthony Weiner has accepted the soon to be vacant SAFE SCHOOLS FISTING CZAR position. Hehehehehhe. Pictures at 11.

  • Granny

    It keeps getting better and better. Even Kirsten Powers is taking him to task in a HUGE way –


  • gus

    Yes Granny, it was ok for Weiner to stay, until she realized that she had been used.

    Typical libtard.

  • Jaimo

    Breitbart was stupid to show that picture around to people. Especially Opie & Anthony. He should have seen it coming.

    How disgusting is it that conveniently Huma is claimed to be pregnant and Weiner wants to use this to get everybody to leave him alone. Come on!

    He should be ashamed of himself and I feel really bad for his beautiful wife and having to be humiliated like this in public.

  • JustSaying

    It just seems to get worse every day….for the sake of everyone, I hope this guy resigns and soon….if he is so “thick” to think he can stay on….I for one, would never want to work for this guy…especially after the nude photo goes viral…How could anyone in that office every look at him again without picturing that image in their head…..For the sake of this country and especially for his wife….get the hell out of that office….I don’t want to hear anymore…this is sick and he is one sick dude..

  • gus

    Let’s get something straight here. His “lovely” wife. Works for Hillary Rodham by choice and married him by choice. She made those choices. Her judgement is at the very least SUSPECT. If you could not recognize that both Weiner and Rodham have less than stellar CHARACTER, you are a moron. Both are awful people.

  • Tjexcite

    After seeing this member for some reason and morbid curiosity I want something less traumatic to be the picture of the week. Like Osama Bin Laden head shot with all the blood and brain still present.

  • Granny

    #17, Gus –

    You’re right of course, but I do have to say that I was at least moderately impressed that she laid him out in lavender and old lace over his misogyny. She definitely pulled no punches at all.

  • Granny
  • AuntieMadder

    #19 June 8, 2011 at 7:36 pm
    JustSaying commented: “How could anyone in that office every look at him again without picturing that image in their head…..”

    I don’t know. He!!, I can’t look at him without picturing him from below the eyes to his waist, as he is in that pervy pic that accompanied several GP posts in the last few days. Ewww… (shudder)

    It crossed my mind that he’s so quick to admit the latest pic(s) is of him because he can’t deny it AND thrash Breitbart over O & A obtaining and posting a copy of it. If he were to deny that it’s him, then he can’t say that Breitbart broke their agreement. Even if he were to deny it’s him for a few days and then fess up, as before, the focus would stay on him for lying and he wouldn’t be able to redirect it to Breitbart. As it stands now, he may be able to divert attention from himself to Breitbart in a few days…with the help of the Libtardian lamestream media, of course.

  • donh

    We have teachers and school bus drivers who send pictures like this to young girls…They lose their job .

  • AuntieMadder

    #18 June 8, 2011 at 7:34 pm
    Jaimo commented:

    How disgusting is it that conveniently Huma is claimed to be pregnant and Weiner wants to use this to get everybody to leave him alone. Come on!

    He should be ashamed of himself and I feel really bad for his beautiful wife and having to be humiliated like this in public.

    I hear you. His child isn’t yet born but we’re supposed to help him protect his child from this sh!tstorm of his creation? Where has he been as Palin’s children have not only witnessed the lamestream media’s false reports (aka lies) about their father cheating on their mother and such, but also been targets, themselves, of the lying media (example: the lie that their baby brother is really the child of their eldest sister)? If he’d stood up for Palin and her family as they’ve been smeared relentlessly by the lamestream media, and smeared with lies, at that, then I’d consider standing up for his small family as they reap what he sowed. As it is, however, my only complaint with the non-stop news coverage of this scandal is that other, more important things happening in the world and in DC that are being ignored, things/events that have or will have greater and longer-term impact on this country and our lives.

  • mike191

    Mr.Weiner has written how many bills ,as a representative?How much time does this man spend working on the good of his district and the Nation? It is obvious that stress from all his hard work made him snap.
    This arrogant ,serial liar should leave Congress without his pension and payback the citizens of this Nation his salary .

  • Granny

    #27 – one of the bills he has written was a bill to “protect kids” from EXACTLY this behaviour on the internet. He has an entire page about it on his website.


  • [email protected]

    Yeah, the trashing of the Palin kids and the horrible comments about Trig are coming home to roost.

    The Dick gets no quarter just because Huma is pregnant. She looks way too classy for him in the first place, even though she’s obviously a libtard lefty. The fact that she’s pregnant just makes him look worse – in the same sense we see a la John Edwards – but he probably let the pregnancy story come out as an act of desperation to get the media and the public to let up on him as though his wife is in a “state of grace.”

    In other words, the the cowardly prick is trying to use Huma as a shield. I guess he wants to go all the way in causing her as much pain as possible.

    Maybe Huma will wise up, maybe not. Maybe she’ll use the situation to pursue a political career of her own. She’d definitely get the sympathy vote.

  • olm

    I don’t feel sorry for any of the adults involved.
    I still think that this is exactly what Weiner asked for. He took the pictures and he posted them.
    It is pure insanity to think that this is in any way shape or form, OK.
    If the dopes in NY elect him as mayor, so be it (can you picture the campaign ads?) but he needs to get out of Congress. NOW!

  • mike191

    Thanks Granny for the post.The irony of the kids act of 2007 was Weiners assertion that”..more public disclosure of sexual offender status..”is needed.

  • donh

    Typical progressive reversion of morality. Promote a sexual predator to be your point man on tracking sex offenders. Weiner belongs on a bronx sidewalk with Harvey Keitel selling 12 1/2 year old girls to johns….” Fifteen dollars fifteen minutes…twenty five dollars half an hour ” …. http://youtu.be/xZNiUy55SNs

  • AuntieMadder

    @ #27 – Granny, by “protecting his kid,” I meant protecting him or her from the lamestream media’s 24-7 news coverage of this scandal. (I wish someone could protect me from the monotony of it. You’d think there was nothing in the world right now more important or more interesting than Weiner and his weiner pics.)

    About that bill you linked to, unless Weiner was “sexting” minors, he didn’t actually do what the bill was written to protect kids from. That doesn’t mean that I don’t find the whole Weiner weiner pics and sexting affair to be repulsive and beneath what I look for in a candidate for elected office, or any supposed leader, for that matter, because I do find the whole affair to be repulsive and the behavior to be lower than whale sh!t. However, the bill he wrote doesn’t condemn this kind of garbage among adults but would make it a crime to involve minors.

  • kyle

    Now that most of the world has seen Weiner’s weenie, it would be best that he resign. Who could ever look him in the eye without thinking about the weewee.

  • JPeden

    Well, at least it’s bigger than – is that his thumb alongside?