The far left democrat is obviously quite impressed with himself.

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) at the US House gym. (TMZ)

New photos were released today of Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) posing in the mirror naked at the House gym.
FOX News reported:

On Sunday, TMZ released 11 new pictures of the congressman, taken from what appears to be the House gym, a background which sets off more questions about the congressman’s use of congressional facilities for less than official purposes. The pictures were taken by Weiner using the camera on his phone and a mirror.

Weiner’s announcement Saturday that he would request a leave from Congress came shortly after several Democratic Party leaders, including Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, demanded he quit.

“This sordid affair has become an unacceptable distraction for Representative Weiner, his family, his constituents and the House,” Schultz said.

Weiner “has the love of his family, the confidence of his constituents and the recognition that he needs help. I urge Congressman Weiner to seek that help without the pressures of being a member of Congress,” said The House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California.

Aides said later that Pelosi had been aware of Weiner’s plan to enter treatment when she issued her statement.

The New York Democrat liked to take photos of himself at the House gym. (TMZ)

Weiner announced yesterday that he would take a leave of absence from the House and seek treatment.

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  • Chisum

    Anthony Weiner is the face of the Democrat party. Weinercrats.

    Anthony Weiner is the Man.

    If he can’t expose it…NOBODY can.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    That sewer of liars and thieves will probably make him the Master of Ceremonies for the 10th Anniversary of 9-11

  • He got the short end of the sick..

  • t-wolf

    A matter of “little” importance.

  • Chris

    Anthony Weiner will certainly have to resign now.

    The naughty photos sent to young women, private chats with a 17 year old high school girl, the lying about being “hacked” were all bad enough, but a 46 year old congressman should NEVER wear a baseball cap backwards.

  • succotash

    Weiner = the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Mikey

    Please, that is completely disgusting. You ruined my Sunday for me. I could have lived the rest of my life without ever seeing that image. Thanks a lot.

  • NeoKong

    Uh hoh my god this is awesome.
    This guy is a wrecking ball to the Democrats.
    I’m not so sure I want him to resign.

  • SnapTie

    I hope this jerk doesn’t resign.We need a good Weiner of the democratic party.

  • John03

    Democrats…….. There’s your leader. Aren’t you proud!

  • Nadadhimmi

    Hey, what’s the big deal Jim? Are you insinuating that as a member of the Royal House, er, ah, I Mean House of Representatives, that Weiner is governed by the same laws he enacts to rule his subjects? As a member in good standing of the “RULING CLASS” can he not do as he damn well pleases?

  • Ipso Facto

    Its getting to the point where I hate to even turn on my computer any more.

    Stud boy is clearly in need of a lot more psychological help then he’s apt to get from any short term rehabilitation program. Heck, when he goes there, I’ll bet the first 30 days will be dealing with the withdrawal he’s likely to undergo for them having confiscated his digital camera.

    BTW – what do they call the type of rehab he is going to? I’ve never heard of rehab for skinny narcissists who like to distribute photographs of themselves no one else EVER wants to see.

  • Look closely in the background and you can see Rahm snapping his towel, rounding up crucial ObamaCare votes lol

  • ar05075

    What a fruckin’ fuit loop.!!

  • As a narcissist he puts Obama to shame.

  • Rock

    And this is not a crime? Damn face book, texting, etc. are all going to get pretty interesting PDQ.

  • Chisum

    From The NY Post Editorial Staff:

    Tweetin’ Tony’s dodge

    Is there any humiliation Rep. Anthony Weiner won’t inflict on himself before he resigns the office that he has so spectacularly disgraced?

    Guess not.

    The Twisted Tweeter yesterday blew off resignation demands from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic bigwigs — announcing instead that he’s seeking a “short leave of absence” while he gets “professional treatment.”

    Treatment for what?

    Post-Traumatic Tweet Disorder?

    Hitting On 17-Year-Olds Syndrome?

    No knock on a time-tested technique for dealing with addictions. but Tony Weiner has so many bees buzzing around in his bonnet that he’ll need a 48-step program just to see daylight.

    The latest crisis was precipitated by news that Weiner had been texting a 17-year-old Delaware high-school junior.

    There was nothing untoward about the exchange, Weiner insisted — hardly a comfort given that he is a demonstrated liar, and a man obviously too thick to understand that his having any kind of an unsupervised relationship with an unrelted minor is stunningly inappropriate.

  • Tjexcite

    Good thing TMZ is on it. They will not hid it. They will pay for it and make money on it.

  • mg4us

    Hopefully Weiner does the respectable thing and resigns otherwise he needs to be voted out by his constituents in the next congressional election (that is unless they gerrymander his district to oblivion as NY looses 2 House seats due to the census).

  • KOW

    Can someone tell me if Daily Caller has been hacked with a Gateway, or is it maybe just some type of Malware I have, but it is only on Daily Caller


  • “Weiner announced yesterday that he would take a leave of absence from the House and seek treatment.”

    And lucky for him, his healthcare plan will cover it.

  • bronx-dude

    I am not a shrink but it looks like he is in love with himself, maybe more than his wife or anything on the planet. I am not a fan of obama, but when the president, boss of your party non the less tells to get the heck out.. and you stay?


  • Mark

    Maybe Tony the Weenie can get a package deal on rehab and take Piglosi with him.

  • FurryGuyJeans

    Weiner is giving exhibitionists a bad name.

  • Chisum

    Where are The Weiner Videos?

    There is no way he stopped with just pictures.

    You had better brace yourselves because you know they’re coming out.

    This guy has zero boundaries.

  • Fionnagh

    This goes w-a-y beyond Lewinsky.

  • bobbi85710


    Over how many days were these pix shot?

    Does this go on in the House of Representatives Gym on a daily basis and who else is involved with these extra-curricular activities?

  • KOW

    The nice thing is, for a while there, maybe 45 days ago, I was so sick of seeing Weiner on FoxNews, that on HA I was saying that we should boycott FoxNews until they stop interviewing him.

    Now this clown can just slink away.

  • Chisum

    Ace asks the Eternal Question:

    Am I The Only One Who Anthony Weiner Didn’t Dick-Dial?


  • StrangernFiction

    mmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm ‘rat carnage!

  • jennifer

    It does not take a doctor to figure out that this guy has mental issues.
    what a sicko pervert

  • StrangernFiction

    As a narcissist he puts Obama to shame.

    Not possible.

  • archtop

    Mr. Hoft – PLEASE, stop posting these Weiner stories! We are extremely busy sifting through 24,000 Sarah Palin e-mails looking for offensive phrases like “Golly Jeepers!”, “Flippin’ good!” and “Hooboy!” (which is really a homophobic slur in the northern provincial Mandarin Chinese language, if said backwards!!).

    Thank you for you consideration,

    The Mainstream Media (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Think Progress and Media Matters)

  • ohio
  • rbosque

    Who took the pics? Taking a picture of another naked guy is pretty gay…

    Just say’n…

  • Bunni

    He took the pics of himself, that’s even gayer!

    OMG, and washerwoman schulz was just on the TV, soundling like a pathetic enabler.
    I’m glad TMZ is on it with these, they are pitbulls too!

  • retire05

    Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t another Congressman complain that a naked Weiner confronted him in the men’s showers? Or was that the newest Mayor of Chicago, Rahmbo?

  • tommy mc donnell

    this is acceptable behavior for a member of congress? maybe the muslim sare right.

  • mcc

    A couple of observations…

    Between this and Meagan Broussard saying she didn’t pay much attention to, or answer, all his tweets because she “had a life” — if this isn’t sick or inappropriate enough for his constituents, it should at least make them wonder if their congressman has too much time on his hands and is ridiculously overpaid.

    This round of pics, like all the others, won’t phase the Dems. They seem to like the bodies of their male candidates exposed to titillate – and earn – the devotion of the female vote.

    They had BO doing practically the same things during the ’08 campaign. He was in the gym lifting weights often – notice rarely, if at all, anymore – and one female reporter joined him, writing about it with breathless excitement. I’m quite sure they wanted his body to be the best it could be for his upcoming trip to Hawaii and those bodysurfing shots.

    And who could forget the crotch shot moment on the airplane? He spread it out for the girls of the lamestream media to take in with giggling delight.

    Then, when Bill was in so much trouble, there was that dance on the beach with Hill…oh, wait. Nevermind that one.

    This is just crazy Tony and his weiner taking things a bit too far. Exuberance, you might call it.

  • jainphx

    The whole Demoncrapic party should be institutionalized, no crazier people can be found all in one place.

  • What a Psycho!

  • MikeSilver

    Let’s be honest with ourselves….. we are very grateful that this is Weiner and not Newt. At least this guy is in good shape.

  • Jet Jaguar

    He could be President!

  • owl

    #25: This guy has zero boundaries.

    Right. Zero. I have listened to Rangel saying that at least he wasn’t messing with little boys. Nope. Weenie KNEW he had all those little girls watching while he had a crotch hacker. Large.

  • bobdog

    My Creep-o-Meter just broke.

  • D W Pepper

    Getting Payed to play with himself ( and take pictures of it) at the House gym paid for BY your Tax dollars..Are there no standards of decencey for Democrats??? How twisted and peverse has Washington DC become ???

  • jorgen

    I think he would make a good Mayor of New York!

  • owl

    Yep, it happens most often that Rush is right. Love that Jim has pushed this as the face of the Dems. Their media can’t do a darn thing about it. Shoot, a couple of more Breitbarts, Palins, and Trumps and we might even recruit one of those Elected Repubs into the fight. You are not fighting today’s war unless you can ‘get in their faces’ (Obama).

  • aprilnovember811

    He can’t be allowed to come back. This degenerate is one of those who is trying to tell us what health care to use. He is not sick. Treatment is for an illness, not for character flaws. No. Americans aren’t going to tolerate this anymore. He needs to resign or be removed. We deserve men and women with good character.

  • Steve

    You all know of course, that if a man did this in public he would be arrested for indecent exposure, amongst other things. But when he does it on a public forum called the internet, we are told by media and political hacks that Weiner did nothing illegal?? What a crock!

  • kato

    Boy, is this creep in love with his own body. I’m surprised he wasn’t sending those pics to guys.

  • JimmyT

    Isn’t it illegal to sext a minor?

  • Gini

    Doesn’t Weiner need to have a “leave of absence” approved?

  • Fionnagh

    #45 – Laughing so hard I’m cryin’ !! 🙂

  • Fionnagh

    #50 But when he does it on a public forum called the internet, we are told by media and political hacks that Weiner did nothing illegal??

    After Weiner is tossed under the bus (and run over a few times for good measure), watch the Libs use this as the excuse to take control of the Internet.

  • Seek treatment?? NO he should be OUT ON HIS ASS. The Democrats are treating this pervert like he has some type of medical condition and simply needs a “temporary” leave to deal with it. No, Weiner is completely full of himself and he thought he could get away with his over-the-top arrogant, behavior. Now he’s busted. Should the taxpayers continue to pay for his “treatment” and paid leave paychecks? NO!

  • jonnot

    And to top it all off, this douche waxes his pubic hair!

  • Fionnagh

    #42 At least this guy is in good shape.

    Besides texting on the taxpayers’ time and dime, have to wonder how many hours he put in, in the gym, to get that shape – ALSO on his constituents’ time and dime??

  • Gini

    He waxes himself? OMG – I thought only wh…s did that – oh, forgot he’s a politician. Same thing.

  • Marsh626

    *Puts down pag of fat free pretzels*

    Too much. I can’t stand this deranged perverted leftist anymore. At first I was having a great time laughing at him and the leftist cultists who worship him. Now it’s just making me lose my faith in humanity…

    I wish we could go back to the good old days where people like this would just be thrown off a cliff and the town went back to normal. Instead, we gotta watch this freak show steer the ship of our nation seemingly indefinitely because leftists never abandon their slime of humanity politicians because they seemingly have no morals and subhuman IQs.

    As long as there’s a (D) next to their name, the obama supporter demographic will vote for you and support you no matter what. That’s why our country is in such a mess.

  • SM-AZ

    So, the rest of us worker bee taxpayers are paying this guy to spend his time doing this stuff . And, we’re paying for his time off, rehab, etc, etc. No wonder we’re going broke!

  • Shall we see how proud they are to stand by their man if they are known as New York’s 9th Congressional Pervert District? They are claiming he truly represents them so they need to own it.

  • theduchessofkitty

    Maybe we should collect all the pictures of Weiner and assemble a nice music video – to this!

    I’m Too Sexy

  • It’ll never stand up in court.