Unbelievable… Napolitano: Concentrating Terrorist Screening Efforts on Muslim Men Under 35 is Not Good Logic (Video)

Could Napolitano really be this clueless? Even in Egypt they screen Muslims.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told reporters today that concentrating terrorist screening efforts on Muslim men under age 35 is “not good logic.”
Listen and weep for your country.

Screening Muslim men under 35 is not good logic.

But groping grandma, 6 year-old girls and babies… Now that’s good logic.

Napolitano must have missed this report in December of last year… In the last 24 months 126 people have been indicted on terrorist-related charges in the United States. All of them were Muslim.

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  • Scott

    I think we have covered this in a previous thread. It “seems” that not all muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are muslim…I’m retired military and have gotten the pat-down many times from our friends in the TSA. If they are not giving every military aged muslim male the patdown, xray, sniff tests, and even the military working dog review then they have utterly failed the American people. Molesting grannies and six year olds travelling with their parents does not make America safe Janet…It’s time for you and your two-dollar hair-cut to join the ranks of the unemployed.

  • Chisum

    Liberal logic. We must sacrifice more innocent Americans on the altar of political correctness. Multiculturalism demands it.

    The liberals Holy Grail.

  • tommy mc donnell

    where did the most intellegent person in history find so many absolute dummies to make up his administration.

  • Scott

    Bring the military working dogs into the airports with their handlers…These dogs will strike fear in the hearts of terrorists infiltrators and joy in the hearts of American travelers. One dog and handler is more valuable than hundreds of affirmative action TSA agents watching xray screens with eyes half-closed…

  • MrGoodWench

    Janet Napolitano told reporters today that concentrating terrorist screening efforts on Muslim men under age 35 is “not good logic.”
    Good logic for what ?
    What is it exactly that this she-man’s union workers are aiming to achieve with whatever logic this chimera is puking out ?
    Do they even want to keep the flights safe for non-jihadies anymore ?
    Maybe she is still aiming to keep the country safe for just 364 😀 days a year

  • saveus

    a travesty
    just what obumma wants

  • shibumi

    I don’t think “logic” means what Janet Nap. thinks it means.

  • Leatherhelmet

    So we are going to profile certain travel patterns.

  • vargas

    Just when you think she can’t get any more nuttier….well….she opens her mouth again!

  • Rick

    She say “uh” as much as Obama says “I”.

  • Rock

    I swear this ding bat would molest children with pat downs, even knowing the Perp was a 200 Lb. pervert. Hey at least Tony (hows it hanging) Weiner is safe. The women is a filthy bureaucrat looking for even more obnoxious ways to insult the American people. There is something terribly wrong or twisted in her head.

  • Chisum

    Even Muslims profile….other Muslims.

    Egypt Permanently Opens Gaza Border Crossing

    Men between the ages of 18 and 40 still will have to obtain Egyptian visas, a process that can take months. Women, children and older men must get travel permits, which can be obtained in several days.


  • Redwine

    Incompetano not merely stupid. She’s doing the will of the regime. She’s in a forward position to destroy the US, whether it’s the TSA’s agenda to subjugate, intimidate and intentionally sexually abuse the public or to allow an uninterrupted torrent of criminals, terrorists and foreign agents to pour across our southern border in order to willfully terrorize, rape, murder and spread the scourge of drugs throughout the US. She has appointed Muslims with shady or terror connections to important posts and is generally aiding and abetting the spread of Islamist terror among the civilian population.

    When the regime is finally defeated, she must be arrested and imprisoned for the rest of her days.

  • Lance

    You can’t fight an enemy by placing their friends on your front line. We should be profiling (and it would actually be pretty easy) those in our government who have shown sympathy for our enemies and hate for our country. Lets start with a 54 year white woman in charge of “homeland security”.

    Deal with your enemies within or just ignore it and go to sleep.

  • MrGoodWench

    When the regime is finally defeated, she must be arrested and imprisoned for the rest of her days.
    I hope and pray she ends up in Sheriff Arpaio’s tent city with pink undies and no air-conditioning

  • bobbymike

    Dear God save me from these liberal menwomen. New Simpson’s character Selma and Patti’s long lost triplet Janet.

    U G L Y she aint got no alibi she ugly!! Nice voice, to like the waitress last time I was ordering food in a truck stop.

  • big L

    You peasant Americans, you stay put. NO travel.
    1,we will frisk you more insultinglythan any criminal who hasrights and limitations on the pat dn and the frisk. Also criminal suspects are read Miranda rights,lucky them. (In fact TSA should be sued over lack of probable cause to touch 99 % of fliers and an injuction sought)
    2.High gas prices.You stay home peasants! Unless you can pay the freight for euro gas prices.
    3.Crappy electric shoppig cart cars. For example the UK is about the size of Nevada. We have a huge country. we need big cars that haul families and have big engines. Yes i said big engines.
    4.HealthCare used to keep us inthe same place. Want to move to Texas from Florida? well, get the healthCareadmin for Texas to allow youto join and if there is room. No room? Stay home peasants! No move for you, you are required to have health care so you can’t move.

  • anonymous

    I think we as a nation will fail our security needs by failing to understand the cunning nature of our enemies, largely in this case, islamic, by failing to be imaginative in how these enemies will attempt to exploit our weaknesses or think outside the box. It is quite possible, therefore, that a muslim could exploit some granny who doesn’t fit the “profile” by holding her family hostage unless she takes a box cutter aboard a plane, to be regained by a terrorist once past security. No one thought hijackers would fly planes into buildings on 9/11, it was assumed they’d hijack the plane for ransom.

    Our enemies are just that evil, determined, and imaginative. HOWEVER, the political correctness of bending over backwards so as to not offend muslims and keep harassing innocent travelers who exhibit no such articulably suspicious behavior is infuriatingly stupid and offensive. Law enforcement relies on profiling behavior outside the norm ALL THE TIME, and for this supposed legally-trained incompetent to be the chief spokesperson for said stupidity is beyond-the-pale horrifying. And I can tell you, the intelligence she is privy to should tell her the same as well.

  • Redwine

    #17 June 10, 2011 at 12:02 am
    big L commented:

    You peasant Americans, you stay put. NO travel.
    Add to this the possibility that the regime will make it very difficult for citizens to “escape” by complicating the passport procedure to a near-impossibility. See the proposed new passport application form: http://papersplease.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/ds5513-proposed.pdf

  • gus

    A couple things occurred to me long long long ago.
    Obama is a juvenile boy wannnabee Marxist.
    And. Those he associates with, and finds to be CAPABLE and ABLE are like him or worse.
    Janet Napolitano is a nut case. Of course I am biased, but I recognize a FREAK and a NUT, when I see one. Janet RENO, was likewise an ODDITY and FRUITCAKE.
    Libtards think that, UNIVERSITY GEEKS, are really really smart. They aren’t. The UNIVERITY curriculums and world view, is NUTS. It’s not reality.
    Obama simply doesn’t KNOW, what he DOESN’T KNOW.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    where did the most intellegent person in history find so many absolute dummies to make up his administration.

    Intelligent? Please.

    Being surrounded by dummies makes mediocrity look good by comparison.

  • jainphx

    While we had the misfortune to have this ( not sure what ) person as governor of Arizona, she was just as nutty. We wanted her to build a fence on the Mexican boarder, she said if you build a 50 foot fence, they will just use a 51 foot ladder. Just her/his little way to tell us to buzz off. I see nothing has changed.

  • gus

    Blacque, Weak sissy boys, like Obama, pick weak pliant losers who say YES. Obama is a sissy weakling. His next BALL, will be his FIRST.

  • jainphx

    Why is it that every one of his appointments is either a communist or a homosexual, or both. Quite telling if you ask me.

  • The best thing for Arizona was to get Napolitano out of their governor’s chair. Unfortunately this was also the worst thing for the rest of the country. She’s living proof of the Peter Principle.

  • Robert

    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

    These searches are unreasonable, without probable cause, and are not supported by warrant.

    They are unconstitutional.

  • Marsh626

    She’s right. We should be profiling all muslims regardless of age or gender.

  • Speaking Clearly


    when we as an American nation, have grown into a populace, that has about half of our voting citizens, willing to be this uneducated and stupid enough, to vote for the most insidious, and control freak liberals and progressives on earth, then this is what happens to a once great nation.

    Voting has concequences.

    What ever happened to the idea that the United States of America, was allowed to have its own culture and identity, to secure the liberties of its people, and not have to give every great thing away that was born here.

    Are we going to let our world turn us into a One World government citizens, or our we as a people going to stand up and fight for what our founding fathers entrusted us with?

  • gus

    Marsh. Napolitano, is very very RARELY right. When she chooses “paper” vs “plastic” at the grocery store, she is merely flipping a coin. Janet Napolitano, is a LIBTARD….FREAK. She looks, acts, speaks, and lives her “personal life” with choices and decisions, that are CONTRARY to NORMALCY. NAPOLITANO exhibits zero traits that regard COMMON SENSE nor NORMAL DECISION MAKING skills. Her POLITICAL RECORD of “winning” a position of IMPORTANCE, has no bearing or relationship to her RELATIVE INTELLIGENCE.
    Cutting to the chase. A NORMAL 10 year old, 4th grade student, could be expected to recognize Napolitano, as a FRUIT CAKE. The day that a normal 4th grade kid can no longer recongnize a nut……..we are in trouble.

  • gus

    SPEAKING CLEARLY. The GOAL of MARXIST/LIBTARD fools, is to have a voting populace, that is either ingnorant, or ENDENTURED permanently.
    The DEMOCRAT PARTY started and increased this PERMANENT SUB-CULTURE. The MARXISTS, HAVE taken it to a new level.
    Democrats ONCE had GOOD INTENT. NO LONGER. It’s power and Marxism now.

    THE FULL COMMIE, as I call it.

  • TIP:


    Mavi Marmara ‘peace activists’ brought guns


  • Andreas K.

    Profile all mohammedans, especially converts.

  • Granny

    #32 June 10, 2011 at 3:34 am
    Andreas K. commented:

    Profile all mohammedans, especially converts.

    Funny thing that reformed whore syndrome, isn’t it?

  • me_in_glendale

    I am not a political lover of any type..

    That said,,where does one president/candidate begin to outweigh the other?

    Bush was a puppet,controlled by his masters,Obama is a direct result of Bush,the next president will be the result of this regime,(or Obama will make it for another term) not the ‘answer’ to problems,but the results of the last.

    Quoted from Robert:
    These searches are unreasonable, without probable cause, and are not supported by warrant.

    They are unconstitutional.

    Actually they aren’t,if they were,the searches would not be happening,,check your local listings for further results..and study the constitution..it’s not YOUR interpretation of the constitution,that’s called opinion.The rest of us don’t live by your opinion.

    @Scott,the first comment(er),,I’m 100% behind you on this,,she needs to retire and drop out of the picture,time’s up..

  • theBuckWheat

    Why does Obama’s Janet remind me of the Clinton’s Janet? Seems like “Janet-Think”. WWJD: What would Janet Do?

  • The Triguy

    Guys, if you bring in the dogs for real to do the searches you know what will happen…those of the Islamic faith will complain that their religion is being abused because dogs are unclean! Just one word from them and the dogs will be pulled back. This whole administration is a joke.

  • big L

    Two things: I read that in China, muslims can’t fly.
    and why do I think of a skunk when I see Janet N’s pic?

  • RedBeard

    In any administration loyal to America, this barely-functional idiot would never have been hired. But in an administration dedicated to the destruction of America, having idiots in charge of things can be of great assistance.

    And yes, all you lowlife leftist creeps, you kissers of Obama’s ring, I do want Obama to fail. If he fails, America might just survive.


    Janet, did that idea come to you when you were between your bit#hes legs….this entire admin needs to be jailed

  • wheezer

    Janet Napolitano has brain(less) issues…..

  • toongoon

    Incompetano thinks that conservatives are the real terrorists. She believes that eventually they are going to find a true American trying to blow up a plane.

    She and this administration are trying to push us to the breaking point with these unreasonable searches and loss of our constitutional rights.

    They won’t profile islamists because they don’t want to insult the arabs, theres too much money for the campaign coming from them.

    Obama is for sale to highest bidders.

  • Trish

    Voting for an unseasoned part term senator with no business experience, and in fact whose only experience was community organizing, wasn’t good logic either, but the morons did it. Electing a man who no one knew diddley about, but who was black and that was the only criteria that anyone cared about, defied any logic. But it happened, God help us all. Believing feel good slogans, like Hope and Change, over and above substance, was logically impaired. But they did it, en masse.

    But come on Janet, the description of the mass murderers on 9/11 follows: All were muslim men under 35. Logically, that is the description of whom should be profiled NOW and forever, Amen. And you sniveling little liberals and progressives, had better keep us safe- or you are finished. I don’t think a Democrat will be elected dog catcher if there’s another attack. So go ahead and profile blonde mothers of toddlers, and bald headed old men, and kid yourself that there’s nothing stupid about what you are doing. I dare you.

  • Joel

    Nappy ought to go f*** himself

  • Buffalobob

    Big Sis a true prog, unable to understand logic.

  • BurmaShave

    The whole idea behind radical Islamic terrorism, besides simply trying to kill as many infidels as possible, is to terrorize us into not wanting to make use of our own highly developed and sophisticated transportation system.

    It only makes sense that liberal Muslim sympathizers, e.g., Janet Napolitano, would want to help out.

  • The adults are in charge. We’re in the best of hands.

    /Shoot me now.

  • havok

    Is it just me..or does the screen capture on that first Youtube vid of Janet Incompetano look strikingly simular to the posture of Cult man Jim Jones…talking to his sheep.

  • truth teller

    Have we had enough? Time to rise up?

  • RKflorida

    Insanity, pure insanity. Lying is the new currency, and we know who the father of lies is.

  • RedBeard

    The lies are coming from the White House. But Janet is not lying; she’s not smart enough to lie. She is, quite simply, an idiot. Totally incompetent to the point that she must require assistance in getting her shoes on the right feet.

  • Joanne

    This is the same leftist sheite thinking that has put Europe and Britain in a major crisis with muslims in their countries. If it wasn’t for these leftists, terrorism wouldn’t have such a foothold in our countries. All these politicians need to line up for the molestation and visual screening, so they know what the American people have to go through – like they don’t know and like they actually care.

  • Steve

    What the hell is wrong with this women and this administration, The people that are trying to kill us are MUSLIM. And as far as I am concerned there are NO good ones until the so-called good ones turn in the bad ones. So any muslim in America is the enemy.

  • Mark

    Janet Incompetano is an obscene political hack. This stupid b*tch should be jailed for treason.

  • American

    She should be hung for treason!!!

    ps. nice hair cut- NOT!!

  • Jerry

    She’s a lying pos, she can’t even look into the camera. She sounds a lot like her boss withou t his teleprompter. She talks a lot. and doesn’t say a damn thing.

  • Callipygian1

    Ever wonder why you never see the back of her head? -That’s because it’s where the plug is.

    A few years ago someone drilled into her head and replaced brain matter with tapioca. She never speaks when moving either because her head sloshes.

  • RodentKIng

    I’d like to see Big Sis get patted down on TV for all Americans to see..
    Besides that every Muslim and African American should be thoroughly searched and patted down before anyone else.. They’re the ones who are trying to kill Americans.

  • StrangernFiction

    She’s a lying pos

    Exactly. This answer is pure evasion.

    You won’t get an argument from me that she is stupid, and it is good for us that she is, because she is PLAYING FOR THE OTHER TEAM.

  • RodentKing

    Napolitano, Are you a sex change? because you talk like you have a set of balls.

  • MAJMike

    The current reigme would rather label veterans as terrorist suspects than recognise the most likely source of world-wide terror, Islam.

  • RodentKing

    To set an example Obama and his family along with Eric Holder his family and his People the Black Panthers should go on national TV and be Groped by the TSA.
    I would like to see the reaction on there faces when the TSA starts feeling up their children and wives… Now if anyone gets mad a my statement don’t yell at me but yell at Napolitano and her boss.

  • Diane

    AND, you forgot to mention that American MUSLIMS are being encouraged to pick up firearms an use them.


    So…what is the logical response to this? Not ocusing your efforts on Muslims?

    Well, now I now who sends those extra checks to Janet Napolitano. Thanks, CAIR!

  • sammy spade

    Just curious. What’s a Muslim man look like?



  • Chisum


    Ask the Egyptians.

    Egypt Permanently Opens Gaza Border Crossing

    Men between the ages of 18 and 40 still will have to obtain Egyptian visas, a process that can take months. Women, children and older men must get travel permits, which can be obtained in several days.


  • Why not target Muslims? They are targeting us!

    U.S. law provides provisions to block Muslims from immigration, let alone boarding aircraft. Wouldn’t it be easier and more cost effective to screen all Muslims, who are only 0.08 % of our population, instead of the 99.02 %? Notice, I am assuming Napolitano is avoiding screening Muslims to avoid the appearance of profiling.


  • Sammy Spade

    #65 – So basically any men between 18 and 40.

    There are lots of younger suicide bombers though, so it should probably go down at least to age 14.

    There are female suicide bombers too. So it really needs to be anyone ages 14-40.

    You down with that?

  • Iron Yank

    I think Napolatano’s arse looks a larger than normal, maybe the next time she flys they should give her a full cavity search to see if shes hiding anything, cause it sure looks that way.

  • Martifr

    What passes for “liberal logic” defies explanation. Incompetano MUST be getting paid off by cair or the muzzie brothahood or under a directive from her muzzie boss. When there is another attack on our homeland by muzzies, ALL of these asshats must be held accountable for failing to protect Americans.

  • AuntieMadder

    #21 June 10, 2011 at 12:52 am
    Blacque Jacques Shellacque commented:

    where did the most intellegent person in history find so many absolute dummies to make up his administration.

    Intelligent? Please.

    Being surrounded by dummies makes mediocrity look good by comparison.

    Along those same lines, that’s why I hang out with ugly, old, fat people.

  • AuntieMadder

    #63 June 10, 2011 at 12:04 pm
    sammy spade commented:

    Just curious. What’s a Muslim man look like?

    Who said it’s by sight that they can easily be identified?

  • AuntieMadder

    She’s weird, and it’s not that she’s a lesbian. She’s weird among lesbians, too. Look at how she handled the mic, as if it’s difficult to impossible to hold upright, stable and still.

    When I put her Orwellian Newspeak (what’s most logical is not good logic) alongside yesterday’s DEA TASK force home raid story, the bigger picture presented is frightening.

  • Chisum
  • Tim

    You people clearly have no understanding of how a LIBERAL thinks so stop all the speculation..It’s asinine and ridiculous that you think that the LIBERAL “holy grail” is to sacrifice Americans just so we are politically correct…We believe that compromising our beliefs (The Constitution) for any reason, would be to declare defeat..Every time we make a law that takes away a potential terrorist’s rights also take away our rights..So explain that to every veteran of a foreign war that “hey, sorry you guys fought and died so we could have these civil liberties, but we are just such big pussies that we will just give up a few of them so we don’t have to fight ’em here, I know i’m a pussy but all I have to do is call some tree hugging liberal “politically correct” and i am free from having to think critically or fight for said rights”..Let me tell you something, I’m a LIBERAL and have a ton of LIBERAL friends and NONE of us have ever even said “politically correct”, not a f@&kin concern of the LIBERALS, it ain’t 1995, it’s post 9/11 and we NEVER FORGET and we got UBL so SCOREBOARD!!!

  • Chisum


    Scoreboard? How old are you?

    So you contend that liberals don’t worship political correctness and that you don’t want to take away a potential terrorist’s rights because it also takes away our rights?

    Please explain how the murders at Ft. Hood occurred and why they couldn’t have been prevented.

    Because I fairly sure that those deaths could have been prevented without passing one additional law or by taking any one person’s rights away.

    It was 100% political correctness that got all those people killed.

  • Wouldn’t it be great if just once we could come together as Americans and bum-rush security when they engage in this nonsense. That would take courage of course, but I can dream.

  • AuntieMadder

    @ #74 – So what you’re saying is that Libtardians believe in stomping all over the rights grandmas and little girls by groping them in airports because to do so to only those who are statistically THE most likely to commit acts of terrorism on commercial flights because it’s fair.

    Yep, liberalism is a mental illness.

  • Roy

    Question…How much money is Napolenatano getting from CAIR and Hezbollah?

  • Rocco

    By the way, what ever happened to Nappy’s report saying that right wingers do all of the terrorism in the US. Where is the evidence of that? Still, I bet she has more investigations going against Patriot groups than against Muslim groups.

  • Darien

    This country is toast!
    I am not sure if there is a planned, willful agenda to destroy the USA by placing total incompetents in office like this freak or Americans have become so complacent that we allow this to happen. I guess most Americans have become beer swiggin’, couch layin’, ball watchin’ bums who only care about the same. As long as there is brew in the refridge and football on TV, it matters not to most what is happening around them.
    The statements and decisions by the miscreants in office continually defy logic, real logic not Napoleonatano logic. Just like it syas in the bible, in the end times right will become wrong and vice versa.
    I’m aferd we are doomed!

  • Joe G

    A few are rightfully outraged by the idiocy and evil displayed by Napolitano. Realize, however, that most Americans don’t care. Look who the majority of Americans supported last election. Obama or McCain. Only people with double digit IQs would want to support either of them.

  • Debbies21

    Napolitano has to go. She is out of her depth and has no understanding of what we were up against. How old were the murderers flying the planes on 9/11, how about the shoe bomber, and let’s not forget the jerk who tried to bomb times square. I believe most or all of them were under 35. The problem is we’ve become so politically correct that we are killing our selves and destroying this country. Young Muslims of different ethnicities are trying to kill us. We need to stop feeling up grandma, cute girls and little children. We need to screen for behavior like Israel does and not the harrasment of middle aged white people like the TSA screeners seem to target.

    Napolitano needs to go now and her boss on 1/20/13.

  • Johan S

    Not every muslim is a terrorist. If they were all terrorists we would have 100s of attacks and hijackings daily because there are at least 7 million muslims in the USA (if you don’t believe me go look in any mall you’ll see them). On every flight I’ve been on, I’ve seen people who are very likely to be muslim. Granted, most of them probably haven’t even read the stupid Koran (who could blame them, most of it’s a cryptic mess), just like many Americans have never read the Bible.

    If patting down an innocent person is a violation of their rights, then wouldn’t the patting down of non terrorist muslims also be a violation of their rights?

    The whole concept that emerged in Western civilization that makes it unique is the presence of law. To be punished, you must have carried out or tried to carry out an attack (this comes from the Bible where it says in multiple places that a child cannot be punished by humans for a father’s sin etc). You can’t be punished without proof of your malicious intent. So if patting down is a punishment for being muslim, you can’t punish everyone born into a muslim family.
    Furthermore if what the TSA does is molestation, what about young muslim girls .. just because they were born muslim doesn’t mean it’s ok to molest them.

    Also, isn’t it conceivable that if the only people being given security checks are muslims, that the muslims could pay off someone (example John Walker Lindh, Timothy McVeigh etc. to carry the weapons for them?).

    I think the best solution is questioning, that’s the way Israel does it. They don’t do pat downs etc. they focus on questioning .. if you are Muslim you get asked more questions .. and your responses are monitored. Of course the people working at Israel’s version of TSA are professionals who can spot and verify evasive or made up answers. That way innocent muslim people may get extra inconvenience but not a full scale dignity violation

  • Mimi

    There is something wrong here. First, Muslims came to our country and destroyed our towers, their mosques are everywhere across our country (look at muslimap.com and check the box for within 100 mile radius), their truth is that they hate America, they have stated and believe that (we) are the Big Satan and must be destroyed and their plan is to dominate the entire world. When rules and protections are instituted to protect all of (us) within our own borders, many of us throw a tantrum and see it as an invasion of our rights and privacy but without it there would still be that same freedom that those tower destroyers had in order to do what they did. What many of the public are saying is that we lock our doors when we are at home to secure them from intruders but we should not lock our country’s doors to secure that home. It’s about time that (we) stop complaining and be a little more thankful for the time that managers and owners of our airports have taken the time to do the very best they can to protect us with whatever means they have had at their disposal to do so. If I owned an airport and there was a threat that something dangerous and devastating could happen, you would find much more than than x-rays and pat downs occurring inside my business so that I would have no law suits against me. (We) are not going to be free if we do nothing so it is better to do something than to suffer the consequences of complacency. Real threats take real action.

  • joej

    The United States, as a Constitutional Republic protecting the God given rights of the individual, was the only thing holding this world together. Now that it is gone I can now see why God said he would have to shorten the time in the end and step in before man destroys himself. And it is surely a sign that Christ will return soon for his faithful. Paul said to stand fast in the liberties wherewith Christ has made us free. It seems most are content to put up with the tyranny & indignities, being imposed by the fascists the masses have given the USA to, as long as they can still buy & sell. Being an optimist I have to look at the bright side.. I’m gettin’ out of here pretty soon.. Thank you Jesus…

  • lou urcinole

    please tell me this is not real.what gets me is when we get the muslims red handed,idiots like her take the credit.wake up america we need real change not obomma change

  • Monty Python

    “This parrot is dead. No its not. Yes it is. No its not. No its not”

  • Monty Python

    We’re screwed.

  • Monty Python

    They are everywhere. All over us. And we are neutralized by pc “logic”.

  • Jeff

    why do all the airports in north america have so many muslims working for homeland security ? something bad is going to happen , how many more 9-11’s do we have to suffer before we wake up

  • EMH

    Profiling is not wrong… It’s necessary! An earlier post stated that not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim hits the nail on the head. Patting down little old grannie or the 5 year old is pure madness and defies logic. The liberal left and their “Moral Equivalency” doctrine is going to be the ultimate demise of the US. When Mildred the school bus driver or little Bobby the 5 year old, nose picking toddler blows up a plane or bombs a crowded market, then and only then will this administrations policies make sense! Until then, I will wait with baited breath, for pigs to fly!

  • American Sabrah

    Predictably, Frau Lesbian exempts Muslims from undergoing extreme TSA measures of screening while the rest of us are subjugated to sexual assault at the airport.Someone needs to stick a finger up her cha-cha……..

  • Terrie

    Some people can not see the sun when it is in their eyes. Some can not see the dark. Some do not know what a USA generation looks like. Sad loss for the USA.

  • willford

    STUPID C.U.N.T. . That the only thing I can say about this DIKE. BLOW A BIG ONE LIER!!!

  • michele

    big sis talking about logic and intelligence…what a joke.

  • JD

    I’m beginning to think that “JN” (Meaning of “JN”: Justifiably NUTS) should be forced to undergo a DNA screening in order to verify that she is actually HUMAN.

    She’s got the deadest eyes I’ve ever seen, AND she has absolutely NO logic !!!

    Hey, “JN”, I believe the reporter was referring to the moslems (Yes, I DO know the “correct” spelling of the word, but don’t have enough respect for THEIR ilk to warrant it’s “correct” spelling) who have been caught traveling INSIDE the U.S. – NOT the one’s traveling INTO the U.S.

    What an Obvious, Arrogant IDIOT ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • shane Whitehead

    GOD SAVE US from the STUPIDITY!!! Does anyone really feel safer with this unqualified moron (whatever that is) “protecting” us?!?!

  • Barbara Hinek

    Until Obama goes we will have to deal with this administration of absolute nut cases who are leading us into a 3rd world nation. We are loosing our culture, economy, nothing makes sense anymore. Morals are down the drain, and feeling up grandma{me, and the grandbaby ]is really making me mad. JN is only the tip of the iceberg. Mexico is sending over murders and gang bangers and she sits on her throne and denies. Our southern borders are a hell hole and dangerous. Muslim and women should be on her most dangerous list.

  • Smashicus

    If these “security forces” aren’t profiling for terrorists, then what exactly are they doing? They obviously aren’t fulfilling their duties, so are they taking part in a draconian expansion of the police state? Are we going to expand police checkpoints and searches? It seems we already have precedence now. Apparently all Americans are open game as we have seen by the TSA’s actions.

  • A Son of Liberty

    This the kind of stupidity that is in the world of the communist party. The goverment will check YOU! It does not care about”Freedom” anymore. You could be a possible terrorist and if not SO WHAT, we will check you, touch you, so suck it America. Well, as a son of liberty, I say enough is enough tell TSA to KMA (kiss my ass). I am an American! I am a free man! My, Constitution protects me, not some Communist Manifesto. Touch me and I will kick your ass. So, TSA ” Don’t Trend on ME” God, Bless the Republic!

  • Do not look for logic in this Osama (I mean obammer) administration. They know what they are doing, and that is the systematic destruction of the American way of life. He does not hide what he is doing, he is telling us that he is a muslim. Here is your president going around the world and telling them how bad America has been behaving in the past. He bows to the arab king. He is not a proud american but he is a proud muslim. He hates England (he returned the bust of Churchill which has been in the White House since 2001), he hates America, in fact he hates Western nations. But he hangs around with terrorist groups and promotes terrorism world wide he in fact join the terrorist in Egypt and Libya and hosting corrupt leader from nigeria, and basically telling Israel to take a hike. He put radical people in his administration and appoints radical judges. All law abiding citizens specifically Christians are under scrutiny while the muslim terrorist and black panther groups receives millions of dollars in aid so they can plan the destruction of America. In my humble opinion our president is a terrorist symphatizer and should be dealt with accordingly. Here is a president of the united states and the Russian decision makers do not even want to shake his hand in their eyes he is a laughing stock. Do you want your president to be shunned by foreign leaders. How effective is he in foreign affairs, yes he did bomb Libya trying to gain respect from Western allies because 80% of their oil goes to Europe. And I don’t believe the crap the feed us about Osama, there are to many inconsistencies this man has been dead long time ago. The helicopter crash can you imagine no one suffer any scratches, it is a drone that they dropped to stage the drama, it is all smoke and mirrors just to make obama look good. Anyway the American dream is no more and it will not return because the middle class will disappear because they will not be able to have a job manufacturers are driven out of the USA so we all are going to be on welfare and the animal farm will be a fate accomplish. I hope there is a courageous leader that dare to tackle the obama mafioso whose godfather is George Soros. Trump is the only one that dares to say what is on his mind, but the media has cut him off right at the start.

  • Christian

    The pure insanity of our supposed leaders is astonishing……this administration, full of perverts and Marxists, must go into the dustbin of history. I thought the last guy was the worst President we ever had, until the new guy made him look like George Washington. What a joke…..hey Janet, just because you like enhanced patdowns from your girlfriends we don’t!

    The fact of the matter is that if I put on a headscarf and a Koran in my pocket, I would be whisked right onto the plane. Wake up people, your government has been taken over by the most nefarious elements in the world.

    George Orwell couldn’t have envisioned this nonsense. THE ANSWER TO 1984 IS 1776!

  • It seems the biggest problem facing America is the reality that most Americans do not understand the US Constitution or the Bill of Rights and therefore willingly allow their persons to be violated without complaint… of course the FEDS now threaten to impose No Fly Zones when states like Texas try to resist the Tyranny! Seems like we are going to have another Revolution and I believe Jefferson was right. Every generation must do so if we are to remain free!

  • Hi guys