NUTS… Alan Colmes: “More Terror Plots Have Been Hatched By Non-Muslims… Angry White Americans” (Video)

What the h*ll is Colmes talking about?
This was totally insane.

Alan Colmes:

“The issue is that more of these plots have been hatched by non-Muslims… It’s not just one group. 72 Americans. Angry white Americans. People who are angry at the country who fly planes at the IRS building. People like Tim McVeigh. Angry white Americans.”

Monica Crowley corrected Alan Colmes pointing out that of there have been 126 terror-related arrests in the United States in the last two years… And all of the terror suspects were Muslim.

Crazy Alan Colmes must have missed this:

(Religion of Peace)

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  • Bradinmo

    Maybe by the likes of Ayers and the WU group. But I seriously doubt it.

  • Alan is nothing but a kiss butt for the left…if this were 1938, Alan would be saying that the group in question was not National Socialists, but angry white Jewish Terrorists…

    Alan…there was Tim McVeigh…and the guy who flew a plane into the IRS building…two cases…over 10 years apart…while many, many plots have been foiled involving Islamofacist Terrorists…some even naturalized or native born Americans…

    I am still waiting for the Military Trials to begin for the Psychiatrist at Ft Hood and the fratricide case from the Gulf War…those two soldiers’ cases need to be expidited so that they can receive justicie in due course and then get their 72 virigins…

  • Billy Jack

    This video should go a bit further in play……Monica throw Colmes down the stairs. she says that in the past 24 months 126 people have been indicted for terrorism. Bill asks how many of them are muslim……she answers ALL OF THEM !!!!!!

  • Michelle

    Alan, please grow a set and stand up for this country that has given you so much. I am sick and tired of apologists for the radical jihadists, here and abroad.

  • Hotspur

    This is primarily why I can’t stand libs: they cannot and will not ever face the facts and admit what is plainly seen by all. To do so means their worldview is off and they have been following a lie. They think it’s better to believe the lie than admit the truth.

  • To be perfectly accurate, Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols were trained and aided by MUSLIM TERRORISTS….

  • midlandewing

    Now we know way Hannity kicked his dumb ass off his show.

  • xqqme

    ‘Chapter 07: Workplace Violence « Business of Medical Practice
    The impact of workplace violence became widely exposed on November 6, 2009 when 39 year old Army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal M. Hasan MD, a 1997 graduate of Virginia Tech University… ”

    That’s how the ‘progressives’ deal with terrorism. “work place violence”

  • bg


    and of course Alan presented solid proof
    to back his accusation up, right?? /id s/


  • Maybe Colmes was talking about all the plots hatched by Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, Joel Rosenberg, Brad Thor, Dale Brown, etc., of which there are quite a few?.

  • GrayRider

    Liberalism is a severe mental disorder of the highest order that leads to a permanent vegetative state. Alan Combs is just the latest poster boy.

  • Gman

    Evan Sayet explains this mentality very well.

  • Missy8s

    Alan Colmes is what happens when the criminally insane lead the mentally ill!

  • ar05075

    Douchebag Alan Colmes, feeding the mousselimb crocodile. I hope he’s all alone when he runs out of food.

  • VeryConcerned

    ALLAn is right! He should have been more specific but he couldn’t have been more right!

    The liberals are terrorist and their numbers are in the millions who happen to be angry white Americans who sympathize and accommodate other terrorist and terrorist groups. They hate Christians and God, they hate job creators, they hate less control over anything, they hate the truth and twist it as much as humanly possible, they hate history and try to change it starting with the kids at the school level. They cause more terror in this country on a weekly basis than 50 years of the radical cult known as islam has been able to do.

    The biggest threat to freedom and liberty in this country are liberal Dimocrats. They are by far the biggest homegrown terrorist group in this country and are to never be trusted by God fearing men and women.

    Where would liberals and conservatives stand during the founding of this great country. Do you think the libs are the ones who did the bidding of the king or the ones who kicked their a$$es out of the country? The libs have been terrorist since before the founding. The sooner it’s recognized and accepted the better!

  • MrGoodWench

    Alan Rosie O’ Colmes

  • Iconoclast

    This pencil-neck dweeb with rancid oatmeal between its ears never fails to infuriate me whenever it opens its mouth. Having it gone from Hannity’s show means I can now watch without danger of throwing a chair through the screen. The only difference between a worm and colmes is the worm has a useful function in this world.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Isn’t there ANYONE out there who reads GP who could HAND-DELIVER Colmes this very post, printed out in boldface?

  • No Man

    If the regime keeps trying to enslave us . . .

  • CV1

    Typical liberal stance. Always protecting the bad guys. Always!

  • bg


    VeryConcerned #15

    sad fact, but non the less true..

    speaking of terrorists..

    The Idiocy Of Eric Holder- He Just Discovered Home Grown Terrorism

    [Ever read an article and wonder where have these people been for the last decade? Well that happened to me this morning when I read an ABC News article quoting the Attorney General of the United States of American, Eric Holder, saying that even two years ago, home grown terrorism wasn’t concerning.]

    oh no no no, that cannot be, Barry apologized, and Eric gave them citizens
    rights, ergo, they love US now, they must, their Caliph in Cheif demands it!!


  • Chisum

    If liberals had any sense they would not let Colmes be the face of their movement.

    (Movement might be an unfortunate choice of words.)

  • Liberals just need remedial help with math, that’s all.
    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • Silver Bullet

    It’s the communist lie that we are all equal.

    We’re no better than muslims……we’re all guilty of terrorism……we’re all equal.

    The wealthy shouldn’t have all that money, it isn’t fair. Tax the sh*t out of ‘em….We’re all equal.

    America shouldn’t be strong. We need to give up our military advantage and nuclear advantage. All nations are equal.

    Americans believe in American exceptionalism the same as the British believe in British exceptionalism and Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism …..We are all equal.

    The left views every issue through the prism of equality.

    THEY somehow exempt themselves from being equal to the rest of us ‘little’ people though.

  • Conservative to the Core

    Alan Colmes needs a new act.

  • Tom63010

    I was a Field Engineer between 1985 and 1999. During that early period Rush Limbaugh was on KXOK. When I went out of the St. Louis area I would search for Rush on the radio. One day I came across a radio host and I am sure his name was Alan Colmes The guy was a certifiable loon. He believed in UFOs and other such nonsense. I believe that the syndication was called Daynet. I have tried to search for this information but no luck. As I remember the guy was in Florida and was trying to raise money to buy a place for his studio. I also remember him hawking an AM radio that was supposed to be able to get reception. Oh well, perhaps I am “misremembering”.

  • JimmyT

    If I were that ugly, I would be pissed off at the world, too!

  • Don’t Blow Me Up Bro’

    Islam was started by Muhammad. The man was a military leader and the Quran absolutely encourages violence against infidels. If a Muslim violently attacks a non-Muslim it is in accordance with their religion. If a person violently attacks a non-Christian or anyone in the name of Jesus Christ they are acting against His teaching. I contend that a “radical” Muslim is actually a Muslim merely following their religion.

    In all fairness Jehovah lead the Jews in some bloody battles but once the transition took place from a nation based religion of Judaism to Jesus Christ’s spiritual kingdom armed conflict was eliminated.

    So to say that Timothy McVeigh carried out a bombing “as a Christian” is fundamentally flawed argument.

  • Tom63010

    Monica Crowley is Alan Colmes’ sister-in-law. I would imagine that provides some lively talk at a family get together!

  • ogee

    No…the new marxist dems KNOW they are WRONG. They just don’t care. They want power and will say and do anything to get it.

    Don’t forget it.

  • rbosque

    Colmes is just reading the latest WH memo including the DNC talking points. Smiley is saying the same thing.

    What a coincidence!

  • Ozark Lee

    If you really want to set Allan Colmes into a frenzy, it doesn’t matter what he just said because it really didn’t make any sense anyway, just mention Stokely Carmichael.

    Follow up question: What is Stokely Carmichael’s new jail name?


    Kwame Ture


    Danged Christians.


  • Peter Warner

    Alan Colmes said something about ’72 Americans’. What is he talking about?

    Curious, Peter Warner.

  • Rock

    Eric Holders, Home Grown Terrorism garbage is nothing more than Obama, Big Sis, and the Socialist Regime setting the stage to turn Home Land Security loose on the Tea Party and Conservatives. they now have inroads into the internet and have bought and paid for the Lame Stream Media, TSA forces owe allegiance to no one but Obama. The last few days have proven that rule of law is determined by a corrupt Congress, and a partisan Justice Department, with the aid of appointed party hacks acting as directors of departments without Congressional oversight. All the while the Supreme Court is one heartbeat away from a wise Latino Woman mentality.

  • Had It In Ohio

    Alan Combs = Moron!!

  • alan coombs like all liberals is suffering from whiteophobia. racists to the core.

  • donh

    Lets grant Mr Combs concerns , and expand these hearings to include the Florida School Board shooter, the black guy who shot up the beer distribution center on bogus claims of racism, The Van Bruner nut who shot up the Holocaust museum the day after Rev Wright said the jews control Obama, the IRS plane crash , the Discovery Channel hostage taker, Hal Turner ….ALL FAR LEFT PROVOCATEURS. We have a right to know if these many criminal acts of violance are organized by thug public sector unions, George Soros , ELF, Acorn, Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Putin , Jihadist, organized anarchists, or some other far leftist conspiracy.

  • gus

    Use LOGIC Ladies and Gentlemen. If TIMOTHY McVEIGH’s actions can be construed as ACTING on HIS CHRISTIAN BELIEFS.
    Couldn’t ever BLACK INNER CITY MURDERER (and there are thousands every year) be contrued to be acting upon his BLACK…..beliefs?

    MUZZTARDS MASS MURDER in the belief that their RELIGION and THEIR God…allah. Rewards them for acting on his (allah’s) behalf. Muzztards by the THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS AND MILLIONS AND MILLIONS AND MILLIONS believe that KILLING IN ALLAHS NAME is in fact IZZZZZLAM.

    Prove me wrong LIBTARDS.

    Alan Colmes LOOKS and THINKS like a MUTANT.

  • gus

    Peter. I must have had an epiphany at some point in my adult life. I used to be a Democrat. I believed that Democrats wanted to FIX problems and HELP people. THEY DON’T. They want power. They will SAY or DO anything to keep themselves in power. They will side with and/or conspire with any group or unholy coalition of groups to stay in power.
    As a former DEM though never liberal, I have an understanding of most of these rancid creeps.
    In the case of ALAN COLMES, he is a misfit. An intelligent man, with serious emotional and honesty issues. Colmes wants to WIN AN ARGUMENT. He wants to believe things that he knows in his intellect are not true. It’s rationalization. It’s delusion. Another poster a while back made a comment about LIBTARDS not wanting to acknowledge nor admit, what their eyes and minds and what facts show them.
    Colmes and LIBTARDS are now saying things that are MORE AND MORE ABSURD. They have come unglued. The OBAMA win, has emboldened them, and they think that they can say things that they never would have OPENLY said before. Colmes WANTS to make some MORONIC SILLY CASE that MUZZZTARDS aren’t bad. They are bad. The ones that stand silent aren’t nice nice nice Muslim nice nice peeps. They are complicit in their silence. So Alan, the MUTANT tries to draw some ridiculous inference that WHITE HAS BEEN REALLY BAD. It’s SAD AND PATHETIC.
    What is SADDEST is that the MEDIA, still pretends to NOT NOTICE either.

    THEY’D NOTICE IN SPADES. Colmes is just spinning like a RETARDED TOP.

  • Oldsailor

    Timmy did his thing as a response to WACO and Ruby Ridge Religion had 0 to do with it. That Sleestak Colmes shooting his sorry poorly aimed socialist arrows at anyone that disagrees with Obamalamadingdong, is clearly an attempt to be fair and balanced. He is a great example of the arrogant smug stupidity of the left. Left to their own devices we will be france in twenty years. Left to Oldsailors devices he would be in the reeducation camp with half of Congress.

  • kato

    It amazes me that people actually pay money so that they can watch stupid jackasses pretending to know something.

    Compared to imbeciles like Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, this clown must rank as an television intellect of the highest order.

  • Sandy

    Unlike the previous Labour Govt in Britain — New Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron had this to say regarding Sharia Law in his country.

    Mr. Cameron criticised what he called “state multiculturalism” saying it allowed and encouraged people to “live separate lives, apart from each other and apart from the mainstream”.

    “I believe that state multiculturalism is a wrong-headed doctrine that has had disastrous results.

    “It has fostered difference between communities and it has stopped us from strengthening our collective identity. Indeed it has deliberately weakened it.”

    Wouldn’t it be nice to hear our President say this? I guess not cause he is into punishing Americans not standing by our Constitution and its people.

  • Ellie Light

    In both instances that the leftwingnut mention the instigators were also leftwing loons.

    So maybe this loon has a point. Muslims and leftists are both terrorists.

  • Sandy

    Gus I believed as you did that the Democratic Party cared about the little guy — now I find that all they care about is exploiting and manipulating ordinary Americans so that they can CONTROL everything, we eat, drink, wear, read, drive, the medications we take and how long we live. They tell outrageous lies because they believe we’re too dumb to see the truth.

    Sadly, their need to control the agenda is more powerful than the record loss they suffered just a few weeks ago. With Republicans comes OVERSIGHT thank God.

  • Badger

    The left really loves their muzzies. Don’t be surprised. There are many similarities between these two. For example, both hate Jews and want to wipe them out. Both also hate everyone who has a different view of things, and both want to wipe out such “infidels”/”reactionists”

    Hitler and Himmler liked Islam, a lot. They had a muzzie SS division. Islam likes Hitler, a lot. Even today. Hitler’s stupid book is a top seller in the muzzie world.

  • Practical Jane

    Islam is not a religion, it’s a political system, and our political system is infected with it.

  • AuntieMadder

    Hey, Colmes. You’re supposed to say that Christians commit more acts of terror than Muslims, not some generic while males. Get your leftard talking points right. Idiot.

  • squeaky

    [throw somebody off the scent
    to give someone false or confusing information so that they will not discover something The police were thrown off the scent for a while by two of the witnesses, who were found later to be lying.]
    is colmes really this dumb or are they all working off script? like professional wrestlers.

  • navy

    The sad part, is that all these libs reproduce.

  • squeaky

    #49 December 22, 2010 at 5:35 am
    navy commented:
    “The sad part, is that all these libs reproduce.” there was a time when stupidity would get you killed. then came the social safety nets to protect people from themselves. now it’s a job description. and the rest is history.

  • JimBob

    He meant to say “72 virgins”. Colmes is bats**t crazy and spews lies every other breath.

  • jb

    A lot of wasted commentary.

    Alan Colmes is a network foil, brought in to “be the opposition” everyone loves to hate. I quit watching Hannity and Colmes almost immediately after it came on air for that very reason. It was contrived.

    Contrived arguments from either side serve little purpose beyond inflaming the viewing faithful, and selling advertising spots. To think they lend any contributions toward potential solutions to any problems redefines “wishful thinking.”

  • oldguy

    Please understand, Colmes is a paid shill of Fox News to provide balance in their talk shows. He is probably reading from the same teleprompter as Obama so he doesn’t always know what he’s saying.

  • Andrew

    What color is the grass in Alan Colmes’ world? He brought up Tim McVeigh(Third OKC bomber). That’s an Obama supporter saying Obama inherited a lousy economy.

  • Mac

    Poor Alan. That boy ain’t all there.

  • Thunder on the Right
  • aprilnovember811

    NUTS… Alan Colmes: “More Terror Plots Have Been Hatched By Non-Muslims… Angry White Americans”

    Alan, you look kind of shady? I think we need to check you out. This is the absolute sound of desperation, because their stupid argument about profiling is falling apart.

    If someone kidnaps someone, and the police are given a description of that person, do they then proceed to stop everyone who doesn’t fit that profile? Come on Alan enough of this nonsense. This is pretty much the profile of a Islamic Jihadist. Anything else is pure fantasy on your part. The TSA looks utterly stupid at the airports, patting down people they know darn well don’t fit any type of profile. How about they start looking for terrorists instead of things on people who don’t even have a traffic violation. Like five year old white males.

    This is a quote from American Thinker this morning from the marxist seizure of the internet. It is a quote from Thomas Sowell. He says it so well. It’s about intellectual types like Alan. It describes him and the old media and some DC talking heads to a T.
    Gosh Alan, just because you graduated from college, and someone put a camera on you, doesn’t make you somehow superior in everything. You don’t have to have a degree, to use your God given ability to reason.

    “Intellectuals and their followers have often been overly impressed by the fact that intellectuals tend, on average, to have more knowledge than other individuals in their society. What they have overlooked is that intellectuals have far less knowledge than the total knowledge possessed by the millions of other people whom they disdain and whose decisions they seek to override.”

  • Joanne

    Alan Colmes is such an idiot and fool. I believe he is possessed of evil spirits.

  • RedBeard

    Colmes is a fool. In other breaking news, the sun will rise in the east tomorrow.

  • BunnyOle

    Who even is that ridiculous sack of lying garbage and why would anybody believe him?

  • BunnyOle

    People like Tim McVeigh? Let’s one, well that’s ONE and how long ago was that? Effing idiots.