Awful. Chris Wallace to Michele Bachmann: “Are You a Flake?” (Video) …Update: Wallace Apologizes

FOX News Sunday host Chris Wallace asked conservative presidential candidate Michele Bachmann today,
“Are you a flake?… “
Really, Chris?

This was a shameful attack.

So pointing out that there are anti-American members of Congress proves you’re a flake?
Wallace owes Michele Bachmann an apology.

Just wondering… When was the last time a reporter asked Barack Obama if he was a flake for trying to spend his way out of a recession?

Ed Morrissey has more thoughts on the real flake in the race.

UPDATE: Chris Wallace reportedly apologized for calling Michele Bachmann a flake.
Here’s video of Wallace apologizing after the show.

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  • STL Hawkeye

    Chris will never fill his father’s shoes (Mike Wallace-60 Minutes.) But he tries with stupid questions like this. I didn’t see the full interview but I’m sure Bachmann handled herself well. By asking that question Chris just got himself an invite to all the ‘right’ summer parties in D.C.

  • joscefi

    …but you understand that when I say that, that’s what the rap on you is”

    Nice dodge, attributing the insult to anonymous others, shame it doesn’t work. The words out of your mouth, Mr. Wallace, are your words.

  • StrangernFiction

    Does Bachmann know what year it is?

  • Walter

    Being both a lawyer and a businesswoman, of course Bachmann knows what year it is. Now, just what are your creds there ‘fiction’?

  • labwriter

    I just saw this and I was shocked by it. Really Chris? You could tell that Bachmann was not happy with that question, nor should she have been. She managed to end the interview with a smile on her face, but my guess is she would have liked to go for Wallace’s throat.

  • Male Silverback

    StrangernFiction commented:
    Does Bachmann know what year it is?

    You can do better than that dude… Come on, give me one example of how she is less qualified or less intelligent than the current occupant of the White House.

  • a former dem

    WTF??! What a disgusting man, he could have asked that question in so many other ways.

    Maybe Wallace needs to also ask Bachmann, that doesn’t she know a woman’s place is in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant??
    Maybe Wallace needs to accuse Bachmann of being a bad mother as well and a bad wife, doesn’t she know her place is behind her hubby?
    Maybe Wallace needs to ask all these questions. Why didn’t he?
    What a piece of turd this man is. No wonder I no longer watch his POS show. I don’t watch any of the Sunday shows.

  • sandy

    Its ok for a Democrat woman to aim for the glass ceiling because she is homely with a bad marriage but for a Republican woman who is successful in both career and marriage while still managing to look effortlessly beautiful its a no no.

  • kansas

    Chris Matthews, Chris Wallace. At least one of them doesn’t drool. Why don’t the dumbass democrats get asked stupid effing questions like that?

  • SoldiersMom

    My response would have been, “well no Chris, I’m a serious person. But are you a flak?”

  • mg4us

    She should have said,

    Chris, I know many Americans view this administration, and members of congress as flakes, like they do the media in general. . . it is a sad state of affairs the media and this administration stokes upon the American people for lack of leadership, courage and doing what’s right!”

    Start turning these media insults and bias back at them and the commie in the white house.

    2012 can’t come soon enough.

  • Male Silverback

    She needs to go full bore midevil on these guys for asking stupid questions like that. Take some lessons from Gov Chris Christie on the appropriate way to respond to ignorance.

  • bg


    stretching the wrap on that context a bit hey GP..


  • bg


    oh btw.. i absolutely loved the way he
    drove that stake through Jon Stewart.. 😀


  • StrangernFiction

    #2 June 26, 2011 at 9:38 am
    joscefi commented

    Bachmann should have just said, “and those that established this ‘rap’ profess to believe that half of America is racist. Please ask me a serious question Chris.”

  • chicago

    this is a glimpse of what RINOs will do in order to discredit Bachmann. She’s rising in the polls and is virtually tied with RINO flag bearer Romney. the RINOs need to push her aside and they are starting to do so with these types of questions.

    I think that an email blast from conservatives to Fox News protesting this type of treatment of true conservative candidates will do wonders. send as much emails to fox and make their email servers go berserk!

  • StrangernFiction

    Start turning these media insults and bias back at them and the commie in the white house.

    Not going to happen. It would be uncivil.

  • John03

    Answer should have been ” No Chris, are you Anthony Weiner’s gay lover?”

  • Ginger

    Anyone have that Jokers e-mail address?

  • Spartan

    Way to go Chris. By asking the question ‘Are you’? You have proven that YOU Chris, ARE!!!!!!!!