Awful. Chris Wallace to Michele Bachmann: “Are You a Flake?” (Video) …Update: Wallace Apologizes

FOX News Sunday host Chris Wallace asked conservative presidential candidate Michele Bachmann today,
“Are you a flake?… “
Really, Chris?

This was a shameful attack.

So pointing out that there are anti-American members of Congress proves you’re a flake?
Wallace owes Michele Bachmann an apology.

Just wondering… When was the last time a reporter asked Barack Obama if he was a flake for trying to spend his way out of a recession?

Ed Morrissey has more thoughts on the real flake in the race.

UPDATE: Chris Wallace reportedly apologized for calling Michele Bachmann a flake.
Here’s video of Wallace apologizing after the show.

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  • STL Hawkeye

    Chris will never fill his father’s shoes (Mike Wallace-60 Minutes.) But he tries with stupid questions like this. I didn’t see the full interview but I’m sure Bachmann handled herself well. By asking that question Chris just got himself an invite to all the ‘right’ summer parties in D.C.

  • joscefi

    …but you understand that when I say that, that’s what the rap on you is”

    Nice dodge, attributing the insult to anonymous others, shame it doesn’t work. The words out of your mouth, Mr. Wallace, are your words.

  • StrangernFiction

    Does Bachmann know what year it is?

  • Walter

    Being both a lawyer and a businesswoman, of course Bachmann knows what year it is. Now, just what are your creds there ‘fiction’?

  • labwriter

    I just saw this and I was shocked by it. Really Chris? You could tell that Bachmann was not happy with that question, nor should she have been. She managed to end the interview with a smile on her face, but my guess is she would have liked to go for Wallace’s throat.

  • Male Silverback

    StrangernFiction commented:
    Does Bachmann know what year it is?

    You can do better than that dude… Come on, give me one example of how she is less qualified or less intelligent than the current occupant of the White House.

  • a former dem

    WTF??! What a disgusting man, he could have asked that question in so many other ways.

    Maybe Wallace needs to also ask Bachmann, that doesn’t she know a woman’s place is in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant??
    Maybe Wallace needs to accuse Bachmann of being a bad mother as well and a bad wife, doesn’t she know her place is behind her hubby?
    Maybe Wallace needs to ask all these questions. Why didn’t he?
    What a piece of turd this man is. No wonder I no longer watch his POS show. I don’t watch any of the Sunday shows.

  • sandy

    Its ok for a Democrat woman to aim for the glass ceiling because she is homely with a bad marriage but for a Republican woman who is successful in both career and marriage while still managing to look effortlessly beautiful its a no no.

  • kansas

    Chris Matthews, Chris Wallace. At least one of them doesn’t drool. Why don’t the dumbass democrats get asked stupid effing questions like that?

  • SoldiersMom

    My response would have been, “well no Chris, I’m a serious person. But are you a flak?”

  • mg4us

    She should have said,

    Chris, I know many Americans view this administration, and members of congress as flakes, like they do the media in general. . . it is a sad state of affairs the media and this administration stokes upon the American people for lack of leadership, courage and doing what’s right!”

    Start turning these media insults and bias back at them and the commie in the white house.

    2012 can’t come soon enough.

  • Male Silverback

    She needs to go full bore midevil on these guys for asking stupid questions like that. Take some lessons from Gov Chris Christie on the appropriate way to respond to ignorance.

  • bg


    stretching the wrap on that context a bit hey GP..


  • bg


    oh btw.. i absolutely loved the way he
    drove that stake through Jon Stewart.. 😀


  • StrangernFiction

    #2 June 26, 2011 at 9:38 am
    joscefi commented

    Bachmann should have just said, “and those that established this ‘rap’ profess to believe that half of America is racist. Please ask me a serious question Chris.”

  • chicago

    this is a glimpse of what RINOs will do in order to discredit Bachmann. She’s rising in the polls and is virtually tied with RINO flag bearer Romney. the RINOs need to push her aside and they are starting to do so with these types of questions.

    I think that an email blast from conservatives to Fox News protesting this type of treatment of true conservative candidates will do wonders. send as much emails to fox and make their email servers go berserk!

  • StrangernFiction

    Start turning these media insults and bias back at them and the commie in the white house.

    Not going to happen. It would be uncivil.

  • John03

    Answer should have been ” No Chris, are you Anthony Weiner’s gay lover?”

  • Ginger

    Anyone have that Jokers e-mail address?

  • Spartan

    Way to go Chris. By asking the question ‘Are you’? You have proven that YOU Chris, ARE!!!!!!!!

  • bigkahuna

    I would have said…Why Chrisy….Is that the type of question a serious journalist of any type would ask anyone ( a Senator) who has a law degreee, masters degree in tax law, started and runs her own business with her husband who also holds degrees, raised her own children( I believe) as well as took on 17 foster children ??????

    Chris are you a freaking moron? Do you really feel that is an appropriate question to ask someone with my credentials, integrity, morals, and background?

    Chris are you a dog humping lunatic who has a thing for camels?? Thats after all what people are saying with all due respect.

    When are politicians going to start calling out these jack off reporters out and put them in their place for stupid questions ?

  • bg
  • Bitter Clinger

    Just sent Wallace a note asking him if he’s going to pose the following question to Obama: “Are you a Marxist? Some people say that”. I asked Wallace if he has stopped beating his wife. I heard some people say that he did…..
    You get the picture. Terrible moment for him and FNS. Shameful.

  • JRD

    I,m sorry, I think she is a flake. She’s all talk and no action. She has zero executive experience and no leadership skills.

    Where is she on stopping the raising of the debt ceiling?

    Where is she on making sure that the Tea Party caucus voted against Pigford?

    Where is she furthering the agenda of the Tea Party?

    Why did she refuse to answer the question Wallace asked her on contrasting herself with Romney?

    Does that mean she agrees with socialized medicine and Gore-bull warming?

    This is a nightmare. We wake up and realize that we’ve been fooled again. If Michele is not “in it to win it” and refuses to contrast herself with Romney it means she’s running for VP. We need a conservative to beat Øbama.

    Michele has dropped the ball on Pigford, stopping the raising of the debt ceiling, and advancing the Tea Party agenda. We don’t have time to wait on Michele to run for POTUS. She should hand over the baton if she is not a self serving opportunist. If she cares about “we the people” she will either lead or get out of the way. It’s time for Michele to step down as leader of the Tea Party caucus but, Michele only cares about listing that on her resume. Millions of people did rise to the occasion to send Michele money when Nancy Pelosi placed a target on her back only to have Michele stab them in the back to further her own agenda.

    If she wants to run for POTUS she should run as a conservative and not a fake conservative who splits the conservative vote.

    If she wants to run for POTUS she should do the right thing and hand over the baton to someone else who can promote the Tea Party agenda. Millions of Tea Party people aren’t willing to sit around for a year and a half to get nothing done.

    Michele, put up or shut up. We have no patience for a lying DC lawyer politician traitor. In fact, we will hate someone like you more than Øbama. Your number is up.

  • kato

    The template for the Beltway media is to kiss Blowhard’s ass. Can you imagine the reaction if Bush refused to do press conferences? But Blowhard can only communicate when he has a teleprompter in front of him, and he sounds like a dope without a preprogrammed speech. Note that whenever the teleprompter conks out, the Blowhard finds himself literally speechless.

    The much-vaunted messiah is really just an errand boy for the nation’s parasites, who don’t care what he says so long as that Obama Money is coming their way.

  • DC

    He may have well asked, “Did you stop beating your husband?”. I think she handled it well & he came off as a jerk.

  • He struggled to find a proper word. So with that said, if you can’t find the right word, don’t say the wrong word. Maybe ‘that the rap on you by some out there is you’re way out there’
    No Chris she’d not a flake. A lot of Americans feel some in congress ARE anti-American.
    Does that make us a flakes? NO. Americans have woken up about congress and the beltway crew.

  • WSG

    That is a softball question, seemingly always unappreciated by conservatives. Instead of using it as a launching point to show that she represents well thought out viewpoints (contrasting the impression left by her critics), she flubs and falters thinking the question is hostile. Not good. Worse yet, she might have thought it was a friendly room and not expected someone to ask about well publicized statements she made in the past.

    This is one of the reasons that conservatives have a hard time reaching the non-committed. When they get the opportunity to rebut a commonly repeated (false) characterization, they concentrate on some perceived slight and do not take advantage of the opportunity. Better to shoot the messenger. Look at how Paul Ryan addresses “unfriendly” questioning.

    I hope she bounced back in the exchange after this unflattering edit.

  • Ginger


  • Eddie Willers

    I saw the entire interview, I thought Wallace did a pretty good job trying to do an unbiased interview & Michele Bachman parried very well. ( I like the Congresswoman a great deal Win or lose she’s good for the movement )

    The knock on FOX News is that it’s biased, the Knock on Bachman is that she sometimes shoots from the lip & comes across as a flake,

    Bachman handled it quite well & Wallace once again show he does shy away from asking the tough question & will do a hard hitting interview on a GOP Darling as opposed to say how Chris Matthews or Chritianne Amanpour would handle a favored progressive.

  • WHy do Conservatives go on these shows? No one watches them (check the ratings) and they are openly hostile. Palin’s right to ignore ANYONE who’s been rotten to her. A fair interview with tough questions is fine – if the candidate can’t handle that, it’s the candidate’s fault. But it’s the candidates’ fault to KNOW tools like Matthews are there not to interview but to expressly set them up to mock them. He has no audience, he’s just there to set up to be able to produce awkward clips that other “news” shows use ad nauseum to harm Republicans or Conservatives.

    Ignore them, go elswhere. THey are NOT here to get the message out.

  • Eddie Willers

    & JRD Not throwing Romney under the bus is a sign she’s aware that she’s rising in the polls. & is closing in on Romney’s Front runner status.
    Front runners don’t have to throw mud at anyone.

    It’s what the also rans do. Unless you’re Mike Shmuckabee & then you throw mud at the guy in 2nd place so you can make damn sure the MOST Progressive RINO in the Race gets the nomination.

  • ruready?

    Only a flake would ask that question.

  • StrangernFiction

    …she flubs and falters thinking the question is hostile.

    The question was RIDICULOUS, and the best response would not have been to legitimize it by “using it as a launching point to show that she represents well thought out viewpoints.”

    The GOP, and by extension America, is in BIG TROUBLE because the R’s DON’T FIGHT. PERIOD! Not because they see hostile and ridiculous questioning as hostile and ridiculous.

  • bg


    didn’t anyone watch & listen to the video snippit??

    get a grip, it’s not what you think you think, duh!!


  • Karinee

    Chris Wallace is the flake. Remember a few months ago on his show where he was promoting
    his young wife’s cookbook. This used to be a news show when Britt Hume was on.

    PLEASE FOX REPLACE WALLACE WITH STEVE HAYS. What a great whiff of fresh air he is. He is a great balance to Charles Krauthammer. As much as I used to like Charles, I think he now
    has a celebrity problem.

    Wallace and Shep could have a show of their own, promoting the left’s propaganda.

  • Ginger

    Cheviz..sp? is a very sick evil Bast@&d. Die sucker die! He is supposed to be in the hospital! ???? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • GrayRider

    WTF kind of question was that? Hey Chris…are you an idiot? Hey Chris…are you a minon of the flakes Stewart & Colbert? Hey Chris…what’s it like living in the prison of your mind?

  • Dan

    One again Bacmann runs interference for Romney. When will the conservative blogs address why Bachmann was hiding in the bushes to spy on some gay people? That is CRAZY folks! That will not help a ticket! Raising children and being a lawyer does not qualify you to be President.

  • dunce

    A good answer might have been that “though congressman Flake and i are both social and fiscal conservatives, we are not blood relations” to show grace at the insulting question.

  • Conservative to the Core

    Snow or dandruff?

  • ebayer

    Michele Bachmann:
    “Are you a real reporter who works at a real news agency or do you work for FAUX News?”
    “…but you understand that when I say that, that’s what the rap on you is”

    She has my vote.
    The more she’s attacked,the more I’m convinced she’s right for the job.

  • lynched1

    I like Chris Wallace and his williness to ask whatever of whomever. I like Bachmann and and have no problem voting for her if she wins the primary. If I was into softball interviews I’d watch one of the networks interview a democrat.
    The question of whether or not she is a flake is charge that has been leveled and he gave her a forum to answer that charge.
    It was a question. “Are you a flake?” Not a statement. You are a flake. Stop it.

  • GrayRider

    Is Chris Wallace a misogynist or does he just play one on TV?

  • bg
  • gary gulrud

    Wallace, Fox, Rove, SauerKraut, et al., have adopted the Alinsky tactics of the Marxist in Chief.

    Beating the GOP like a hired mule is job one, replacing the WH Lawn Ornament a distant second.

  • GrayRider

    A must read article on Michele Bachmann. I’d vote for her as President in a heartbeat.

    The presidential campaign of Michele Bachmann

  • Don

    Whats up with people refusing to see that michelle passing on
    A opportunity to contrast her with mittens makes her questionable in my opinion.if she is suosed to be tea party why wouldnt she bring up the differance between her thinking and mittens unless a deal has been done with the establishment and she is a stalking horse for miitt against the north wind.

  • dnb

    StrangernFiction commented:
    Does Bachmann know what year it is?

    I think it was a sarcastic comment re: Obama not knowing what year it is and Wallace not asking such questions of him. Lighten up people.

  • neomom

    Honestly – this question doesn’t bother me that much. She will get far worse from the rest of the media as they try to Palinize her. She had better come up with good answers.

  • bg


    lynched1 43


    why it’s almost as if someone wants conservatives to be perceived as
    being no different than the hateful, bias, thin skinned, koolaid drinking
    fiberals are, and always has been, these days..


  • Bob Zimmerman

    I don’t watch Fox News much anymore

  • Valerie

    You realize, don’t you that no female candidate will be acceptable to the people who think of themselves as our betters, don’t you?

    Prejudice. Ordinary people gave it up during the 60s.

    OT: Another woman mending some of the damage done by the men in her life.

    Merely by visiting Africa, Michelle Obama has gone far to clean up the mess made by her pastor, the Rev. Wright. Some of us here recall that Rev. “God Damn America” Wright took his show on the road to Africa, claiming all the while that the United States invented HIV infection for the purpose of killing people of color. He made it very difficult for any white people at all (most HIV researchers are white) to even get the attention of blacks in Africa and in some portions of the US.

    The people of Africa and the black sub-population in the United States have paid the price for Rev. Wright’s slander with a much higher rate of HIV infection, and the resulting deaths.

    And yet, here is the wife of the President of the United States, fluffing out her hair and showing off her medium-toned skin, and on the front pages of the African newspapers every day.

    I am sure there are a lot of black people in Africa that have weighed the lies of Rev. Wright against the living, breathing presence of the wife of the President of the United States visiting their country.

    And what did she have to say?

    “Success is not about where you come from or how much money your family has,” she said in an oft-repeated line.
    “Success is about how passionately you believe in your own potential and more importantly how hard you’re willing to work to achieve it.”

    This is the same woman that told women in the US that, in her case, the discouragement to try for something bigger for herself came, not from the institutions, but from those closest to her. She didn’t mention Rev. Wright specifically, but her pastor has given an awful lot of speeches telling his congregation that the hand of every white man in the country, and every institution set up by whites, is against them. Michelle has been telling people that it just ain’t so.

    Barack Obama’s policies, and the Rev. Wright’s slander, are a disaster for people of African descent, both here and abroad. Michelle, because of her unelected position and the way our media disregards and distorts what all women in public life have to say, can have a very limited effect. The sad thing is, I suspect she has more sense than both those men, put together.

  • MaxTruth

    She needs to get used to it. The media has been fairly hands off so far because they hope that a Bachmann surge will keep Palin out. But rest assured Michele, they will come at you as viscously as they did Palin if they think you are a REAL threat.

  • bg


    re: #51

    always has been = always have been

    which imho is, positively negative.. 🙁


  • Valerie

    #51 June 26, 2011 at 11:16 am
    bg commented:

    “…why it’s almost as if someone wants conservatives to be perceived as
    being no different than the hateful, biased, thin skinned, koolaid drinking
    fiberals are, and always has been, these days.. …”

    Bingo. It shows up in the language.

  • Old Fan

    The other day on Special Report, Wallace was filling in for Baier. The offering was absurd, as Wallace asked the panel 4 or 5 straight questions about “REPUBLICANS” (like divisions – contradictions, etc) instead of the obvious disaster facing the Democrats. Charles was wise to alter the direction of the question, focusing on how bad the situation is for the Democrats.

    Wallace still has that internal bias. And this offering was simply ugly. He should indeed apologize.

    But I want to thank Mrs. Bachmann, for she is not afraid to appear in challenging environments. She has ability and substance. There is no need to censor her interactions – which has shown a great weakness with some other Celebrities we have hyped.

  • jzaik

    I think he’s making up for the “conservative” defense he put on for Jon Stewart. Wallace’s wife is some big time republican. But wallace is a registered democrat.

  • JimmyT

    He is why I no longer watch Fox Sunday. Talk about wolves in sheep’s clothing! He’s just as left as Mathew’s, he just has a better command of the English language which allows him to be more deceptive. I think her response should have been, “I’m a serious person, but, that was a flaky question”.

  • Joe Bean

    “Are you a flake?”

    When was the last time he asked Obama or any other candidate such a condescending question? How about a question on the issues? No, people in this country prefer emotion rather than answers on the issues.

  • Jaynie59

    Chris had to get some cred back after the Jon Stewart interview last week. Of course he had to attack a Republican to “prove” he’s not one of those Fox News conservatives.

  • unseen

    something about karma comes to mind here…

  • workingclass artist

    Another fine example of the palinization of conservatives by the Lame stream media. The MSM will do this to all of them & tout Obama and congratulate themselves on Vetting…

    Of course of Obama had been properly vetted things would be a lot different.

    Perry 2012

  • workingclass artist



  • GrandmaC

    It is all about class – Michelle Bachman has it and Chris Wallace has none.

    Hopefully after 2012 we Americans will no longer be embarassed of those occupying the Whitehouse.

  • rhonda

    its just about time to turn off Fox as well.

  • StrangernFiction

    its just about time to turn off Fox as well.

    It’s past time.


    And Chris Wallace, you are an a**hole just like your old man…

  • foxistrue

    looks like the truth-hating liberal liar trolls are back…you hate fox news because you can’t handle the truth. go back to msDNC and keep believing the lies…its obvious you two are easily led and uneducated…or you wouldn’t be democrats.

  • bg


    Chris Wallace reportedly apologized
    for calling Michele Bachmann a flake.

    uhg.. Obama took US through the looking glass, and the reentry isn’t
    going to be even uglier, what a bunch of whiny arses we’ve become..

    we’ve morphed from a cult of facts into the cult of personality apers..


  • bg


    re: #70

    reentry isn’t going = reentry is going

    btw, did anyone listen to this clip, GP, Bueller??


  • Chisum
  • bg


    oh please,

    A FLAKE.. if you listened to the tape @ #22 , not to mention we did
    not hear the entire conversation.. as the clip proffered was rather
    edited (short)..

    you’d note that Wallace obviously not only has a lot of respect
    for Michelle Bachmann, but thinks she’s a serious candidate..

    aah, common sense went bye-bye, so why not context,
    we’re all “sensitive” progressives now, right?? gah!! 😛


  • bg


    where’s the tape of Wallace skewering Jon Stewart??

    1) in an Hawaiian “lock box”??

    2) secreted away by the L. A. Times??

    3) under the bus??

    4) no room for good news in here??


  • J

    I would be SOOOO tempted to mention to wallace that I hear mental illness runs in his family….has he noticed the first symptoms… know, the ones his audience is noticing in him….recently?

  • bg


    Chisum #72

    it’s more like POMPASS WHIMP PIMPS!!

    imho the shoe is on the other foot on this
    one Wallace is the grown up in the room..


  • tommy mc donnell

    we should all demand that chris be fired. this kind of questioning is gross incompetence and political mudslinging. the apology is just a cover up after the damage is done.

  • L.E. Liesner

    Chris Wallace and his father Mike are both flaky liberals, so that makes the question OK. Now if this was Nancy Pelosi, his real tough question would been ” Do you think the sun will come up in the East in the morning?” Fox News is going the way of CNN. The only real conservatives we have today are on radio or the internet.

  • bg


    Valerie #53

    excellent rant, thank you..

    Valerie #56

    something about sharks jumping keeps
    swimming around in my head.. *sigh*


  • Belladonna Rogers

    Chris Wallace deserves to be fired for this. It is an unconscionable abuse of his position. The McCarthyesque
    tactic of daring to tell a national audience what “people in Washington are saying,” is beyond the pale of professionalism. It was already wearisome and despicable decades ago when Barbara Walters sought to ambush interviewees with the weaselly, “some people say that you…”

    What people in Washington are actually saying, Chris, is what an achievement it is, according to today’s Des Moines Register, that “former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann sit atop the standings in the year’s first Des Moines Register Iowa Poll on the Republican presidential field. Romney, the national front-runner and a familiar face in Iowa after his 2008 presidential run, attracts support from 23 percent of likely Republican caucus-goers. Bachmann, who will officially kick off her campaign in Iowa on Monday, nearly matches him, with 22 percent.”

    Fire Chris Wallace and make Fox News fair and balanced, rather than unconscionable and obnoxious by his presence and his lack of professionalism.

  • chicago

    #39 – “Raising children and being a lawyer does not qualify you to be President.”

    I suppose that Obama’s accomplishments of doing drugs, receiving a scholarship from questionable sources, being coffee order taker at the illinois senate makes him qualified to be president then?

    what idiotic mindset liberals have.

  • chicago

    LA times fires the first liberal volley against Bachmann:,0,7255963.story?track=rss


    it’s time to fight back, conservatives! the lamestream media gave Obama a pass and manufactured a fake persona for him to be elected. it’s time for conservatives to take the fight to the liberal media hacks!

    I’m writing every company that advertises with the LA times today and tell them that their products are off my buy list.

  • FurryGuyJeans

    #39 June 26, 2011 at 10:53 am
    Dan commented:

    Barry lowered the bar of what is required to become President to 3 feet under. Bachmann has proof of her qualifications, such as her law degree, where are Barry’s? He has spent millions to hide anyone from knowing what they are.

  • Gravelyvoice Jim

    I’ll accept Wallace’s apology as sincere. He did seem to mentally struggle to find the right words when asking the question, although it probably WAS inappropriate.

    What concerned me more as a Bachmann supporter was her response. Instead of taking the opportunity to at least question Obama’s judgement for hanging around anarchists like Bill Ayers and avowed communists like Frank Davis and Van Jones on a national news show, she punted and lamely acknowledged his “patriotism”.

    This is what was so refreshing about having Trump dabble briefly in the political arena – when the media backed him into a corner he came out swinging! WWTD?

  • Doug

    Why is it that Palin and Bachmann inspire this kind of 24/7 pity-party of whining and complaining about the media?

    “I will stand up to China, but really, Chris Wallace is such a meanie!!!1!”

  • WSG


    Thanks for hanging in there today on this post.

  • Tom of the Missouri

    It seems to me that Wallace is trying to restablish his “middle of the road” cred (read leftist cred) with the Drive By Media after the small beating he gave last week to the leftist media idol John Stewart. I am sure that he has been privately receiving enormous private and public criticism for daring to tell the truth about and expose the fraudulent “middle of the road” posing by Stewart. To make amends he decided to deflect their attacks on him and regain his cred by doing an attack on Bachman. Anyway, that’s my take.

  • bg


    WSG #86

    you’re welcome..

    i’m still waiting for GP to post the video of Wallace driving that stake
    through Jon Stewart’s false claims he made last week today as well..


  • bg


    well i still haven’t found the Wallace v Jon Stewart
    vid/clip, but i did find another source for the info..


    but alas, it does not have that “stake
    through the heart” affect Wallace lent
    to it.. 😀


  • ogee

    That’s not what the rap is on her. He is making shet up to make people think it’s true. That’s a ie.

  • bg



    nah, however.. the “headline” & “interviewer” certainly qualify..


  • bg


    re: #92

    re: fresh off of being informed people think she’s flaky

    that’s a lie, there’s nothing “fresh” about it, hm, hmm, hmmm..


  • tommy mc donnell

    that apple didn’t fall far from the tree. during the newark,nj riots in 1966 mike wallace was in the firehouse on springfield ave covering the riots. a police car pulled up on the apron of the firehouse. as the police men were getting out of the car shots rang out from the projects across the street. the police crawled under the police car to take cover. mike wallace seeing this from inside the firehouse turned to his cameraman and said “make sure you get a picture of those cowards.”

    a fireman standing nearby heard wallace’s comment. he took wallace and threw him out the door of the firehouse on to springfield ave. and locked the door of the firehouse. the brave,courageous mike wallace started banging on the firehouse door literally crying and begging the fireman to let him back into the safety of the firehouse.

  • Ripped

    WOW I THOUGHT THEY ONLY ASKED THOSE KIND OF STUPID QUESTIONS TO RON PAUL! Makes me think that I should be taking a closer look at Bachmann even if she is a Patriot Act supporter.

  • Tru

    This was one of the worst interviews I’ve see Wallace do. He wastes most of his time asking about gay marriage, which is not even an issue and certainly not important since this election is all about jobs and the economy. Then he asks if she is a flake. We all know that the other Chris, Matthews asked her if she was in a trance in an interview once. Bachmann should have asked him to define flake. Palin tried to do this when Charlie Gibson asked her about the Bush Doctrine. His world view? No the doctrine, you tell me what it is and if you agree with it. This is the way liberal men treat female candidates. It’s a pattern. Christine O’Donnell, are you a witch? Michelle Bachmann, are you a flake? Sarah Palin, guess what I’m thinking and tell me if you agree.

    How about Barak Obama, are you a Marxist? Socialist? Tell me about Black Liberation Theology. Who was you economics professor is college? What roll has affirmative action played in your career? Education?

  • bg


    Bashing Bachmann: A Review of Liberal Media’s Most
    Obnoxious Attacks on the GOP Presidential Contender

    eh, they might very well have to do a write up on supposed
    conservatives bashing Wallace for their misconceptions.. /s/


  • dave long

    there is no doubt that she is not only a flake but an air head.

    she should not be in politics at all