Ann Coulter: Obama Is So Bad He’s Even Losing the Idiot Unemployed Youth Voters (Video)

Ann Coulter was on with Sean Hannity tonight to discuss her new book Demonic. Coulter told Hannity that Obama’s even losing the idiot unemployed youth voters who are forced to speak to pollsters from their basement “apartment.”

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  • rbosque

    The bigger they are, the harder they’ll fall.

    Old saying but I;m hoping an appropriate outcome of the coming election…

  • Rose

    Ann is great – wish we had some Presidential candidates like her.

    Do whatever it takes – enough of it to get the job done – Save the Nation!

  • Pat in Michigan on the iPod

    Allow mr to be a voice of dissent here. I do not care for Ann Coulter or her books. Her stuff is like Conservatism Kindergarten Children. Plus too, she does this moronic imitation of Buckley; but has not an 8’th of the intellect. She does not impress me a bit, really. Micheal Malkin has more substance than she does.

  • Pat in Michigan on the iPod

    Make that conservatism for kindergarten children. iPods…. Oy!

  • The Reign of The Usurper-In-Chief continues…

  • JRD

    I’m tired of elitist Ann. She can go peddle her RINO books to Romney and Christie fans. I’m also calling her out for that catty woman that she is. Her Palin bashing is despicable. She even admits that she is jealous of Palin’s popularity and looks. Get a life Ann. The country is going to hell and your being catty. Take your RINO BS somewhere else. I hope conservatives see you for the hypocrite that you are and boycott your books en mass.

  • Sasja

    Pat and JRD must be part of the idiot unemployed youth to whom Ann was referring.

  • Molon Lobe

    Pat and JRD are mad because they lost their jobs at McDonalds.

    Coulter was brillant tonight. Loved her quip that she’d vote “for Charlie Sheen” before she’d vote for Obama. He’s toast.

    Go Ann!

  • gus

    Yeah I agree Sasja, did you see Pat was posting on his/her I-TARD?

  • Chisum



  • toongoon

    I don’t know about Micheal Malkin, but i sure do like Michelle Malkin.

    And while I’m here, I would like to ask conservatives to stop bashing conservatives. We need to support conservative candidates and pundits, and stop in-fighting. The primary elections will give us the best candidate but we really shouldn’t blow up the field before the battle. Let it play out.

  • gus

    toongoon, I submit that Pat and JRD are TARD refugees. They were probably kicked of of CHARLIE TUNA’S LITTLE PINK FOOTBALLS site, for refusing to sniff Charlies bike seat.

  • Chisum

    They were probably kicked of of CHARLIE TUNA’S LITTLE PINK FOOTBALLS site, for refusing to sniff Charlies bike seat.

    I thought that was the price of admission over there.

  • toongoon

    Yeah Gus but ya know I’d love to hear their opinion (talking points) about Palin, ugh, again.

  • gus

    Yes goontoon, I believe we all have it down. Palin stupid. Coulter mean.

  • toongoon

    I don’t know why I said that, I must be getting tired.

  • USMC Thomas

    Love Ann’s rapier wit.

  • maria

    @#7 June 9, 2011 at 9:45 pm
    Sasja commented:

    Pat and JRD must be part of the idiot unemployed youth to whom Ann was referring.

    I totally agree… 🙂

  • mcc

    Uh-oh for BO:

    By 45 percent to 42 percent, likely U.S. voters said they would prefer a generic Republican candidate to President Barack Obama in a 2012 presidential matchup, according to a poll released this week by Rasmussen Reports. That’s the second week in a row Obama has “lost” to a faceless candidate.

  • gus

    MCC, Obama has…Blacks,Gays,Unions/Govt employees, and idiots. 42% seems about right.

  • Andrew X

    Tangentially related, ya know what I get a sense would be a great series of “ads” to run next year…. not ads per se, but just to put it in people’s faces?

    How about a collective reminder of what utter fools people were in 2008? All sorts of video of the little kids singing Barack Obama songs (Mmm…..mmmm….mmmmm!), of college students orgasming over him (Oh, thank you for being in my presence, oh, oh, OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!), women fainting, celebrities and “intellectuals” mouthing the most staggeringly hagiographic nonsense imaginable…..

    Repeat all this, now with hindsight. Let the American people see what an election based entirely on what makes me feel good has led to, and confront them with the utter vapidity and childishness that was on display by so many of those who genuinely think themselves smarter and more moral than the rest of us.

    It would be a devasting body blow, not to Obama or his administration, but the the people who are persoanlly responsible for him being there.

  • LaFong

    In my opinion, Coulter came off terribly in this exchange. She seems to be making light of a very tragic situation–whether these young people voted for Obama or not.

    The US is currently in the worst economic bind since the Great Depression. Hundreds of thousands of graduates are loaded with huge student loan debts, huge credit card bills, no jobs, no prospects. Obama has been a disaster as increasing numbers surely must realize now. But it does not help for 2012 to have Coulter out there making jokes at young kids’ expense. Why needlessly antagonize a group that could swing heavily against Obama and leftist policies?

    Coulter no doubt vastly enjoys the role of attacker and is much more comfortable attacking an Obama or Clinton than defending a Bush or Cheney. She probably sells more books while in the opposition.

  • jetstream

    Ann Coulter is a fraud. Coulter: I Will Vote for Hillary Over McCain

    And Michelle Malkin is a traitor to the Constitution. She thinks that citizen constitutionalists who ask questions about eligibility are nuts. Truthers to the left of me, truthers to the right

    Ann Coulter agrees with her. (video) Ann Coulter Defends Obama Against Birthers

  • Andreas K.

    Gloves are off.

    Very good. Nice shot Ann!

  • Andreas K.

    jetstream, I would vote for Hillary over McCain. The difference between them is that one has a penis, the other doesn’t. Hillary, also, doesn’t bother lying about being a leftard, unlike McCan’t.

    And Michelle is a traitor for having an opinion that doesn’t fit with the truthers (who’re too busy distracting all of you from the real issues)? Seriously? Let’s say you’d find out that Obama isn’t eligible. What will that change? NOTHING. The money’s already GONE. It won’t magically grow back. You need to slam him for the crap he’s pulling. And heck, let’s say he’d be replaced because of that. Then Old Joe takes over, the Dems would pull everything to keep one of their own in the WH.

    Besides… habeas corpus. Innocent until proven guilty.

  • Militant Conservative

    I have been telling y’all that the master of disaster is toast.

    Watch, this is going to be one he’ll of a Tea party on Obama.

    Even good democrats are NOT socialists.

    Powder is dry.


    #26….I only hope that to be the outcome…my fear is they have so many crooked people working to re-elect them that there will be so many illegal ballots counted and the illegal judges that will rule for the mooslime….

  • Militant Conservative


    Had breakfast and an adult black wo
    An looked at me and said “do you think he is the one?”
    Her inference was that Obama is Satan. I said no but he is doing his bidding.

    Many blacks do not share Obama’s ideology.

    Most love America and this is why Obama’s poll numbers are in the

    Toilet. Only the sychophant media and socialists agree with his agenda.

    Powder is dry

  • lemonaide

    Ann Coulter is intentionally outrageously provocative in order to get a “rise” out of the left and “expose” them for who they are (Weiner, take note –right up your alley). Apparently she is having some success as evidenced by a number of posts on this site.

  • Susan

    Isn’t it competely crazy to buy yet another umpteenth book written by the umpteenth same author who is simply repeating for the umpteenth time that Liberals are crazy.

    Obviously if one does not know by now that Liberals are crazy then obviously Coulter’s umteenth “liberals are crazy” books are achieving nothing but making money for her to live in luxury in NYC .

  • Dan F.

    Young voter #1: Dude, shouldn’t you be out looking for a job?

    Young voter #2: I will man, I will. Just as soon as I get past this next level.

    Young voter #1: Obama sucks, man.

    Young voter #2: Yeah, I know. Got any more cheetos?

  • Iconoclast

    Well, no one seems to be neutral about Ms. Coulter . . . including me. Her whole shtick has come to remind me of vintage Don Rickles – highly entertaining (usually), but at its heart solely an unending stream of insults and mockery. Essentially she has settled into a routine of acerbic conservative one-liners which chews up leftists like Sherman took Georgia.

    As an entertainer, generally she is a fabulous conservative comic. As a commentator, she is superficial. The essence of comedy is a kernel of truth at the core and Ann is no exception; this is why her trenchant observations evoke such strong responses.

    This short sequence represents one of her “Bridge Too Far” moments. Yes, Øshama is losing another vital element in his base, the 18 – 25 crowd. But calling them ‘idiots’ is simply wrong. Damn few of us are intrinsically endowed with conservative perspectives. Most approach adulthood the political equivalent of newborn pups with our eyes blinded by idealism. Those who evolve past this stage of infantile credulity move to the center if not the right. The chronically gullible and naive remain liberals while the manipulative, malevolent & truly vile become dimocrap pols & union officials. Calling young folks “stupid” is counterproductive. If they hit 30 and remain progs, yeah, they ARE stupid, but cut ‘em some slack over that first decade of nominal adulthood.

  • jetstream

    Andreas K, you make the same mistake as many do here in this country. The eligibility issue isn’t about Obama. Although he should be removed from office immediately for the extreme damage he has done to the US and its citizens.

    The major issue and concern about eligibility, is THE CONSTITUTION. Our supreme law.

    If the Constitution can be ignored and abridged at popular whim without amendment, then we have no law, no country. It is THE most important issue above all else.