Sorry Lefties… Rumsfeld Says Waterboarding Led US to Osama Bin Laden (Video)

Sorry lefties Donald Rumsfeld tonight told Sean Hannity tonight that he was misquoted and that waterboarding did in fact lead the US to Osama Bin Laden.

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld:

“CIA Director Panetta indicated that one of the individuals who provided important information had in fact been waterboarded… There was some confusion today on some programs, even one on FOX I think, suggesting that I indicated that no one who was waterboarded at Guantanamo provided any information on this. It’s not true. No one was waterboarded at Guantanamo by the US military. In fact no one was waterboarded at Guantanamo period. Three people were waterboarded by the CIA away from Guantanamo and then later were brought to Guantanamo. And, in fact, as you pointed out the information from these individuals was critically important.”

Once again… Ace of Spades put together the the timeline that started back in 2003 during the Bush years that led to Osama’s death on Sunday.

The Obama Administration is lying.
They don’t want to give Bush credit for leading them to Osama’s compound. And, they don’t want to admit they were wrong about waterboarding.

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  • save us

    CIA chief Panetta apparntly agrees with rummy that waterboarding helped get the needed information about OBL.

  • bg


    i heart Rummy..

    btw GP..

    your posts are coming so fast i probably missed a few..


  • bg


    re-posting this excellent piece by C. Edmund
    Wright via AT in case it too was missed..

    OBL’s Death a Victory for the Adults

    [Killing bin Laden was not the result of Teddy Kennedy sanctimoniously railing against Abu Ghraib nor was it the result of Cindy Sheehan’s hatred of George W. Bush. The protestations by liberals — including John McCain — against waterboarding and other forms of enhanced interrogation techniques had nothing to do with this either.


    The credit belongs the adults who put in place these interrogation
    techniques and who decided they would take place at Gitmo. That
    would be Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld. Three adults.]



  • uggy parfait

    Obama bin Lyin again! 🙂

  • Freedomplow

    CIA chief: Waterboarding aided bin Laden raid…

    Intelligence garnered from waterboarded detainees was used to track down al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden and kill him, CIA Chief Leon Panetta told NBC News on Tuesday.

    “Enhanced interrogation techniques” were used to extract information that led to the mission’s success, Panetta said during an interview with anchor Brian Williams. Those techniques included waterboarding, he acknowledged.

  • retire05

    It would seen that Secretary Rumsfeld was listening to the O’Reilly Factor tonight. On the Factor, Alan Colmes claimed that Rumsfeld had said that waterboarding did not result in any actionable intelligence, i.e. it did not work. O’Reilly called Colmes down on that and Colmes admitted that Rumsfeld had not personally told him that but he had gotten it from the NYSlimes. O’Reilly said he was not going to take “second hand” information from Colmes via the NYSlimes and that Rumsfeld was welcome to come on the Factor. I had to give it to Bill tonight. He called Colmes a policital hack or some equally truthful insult.

    Guess O’Reilly didn’t know Rummy was going to be on Hannity.

    Unfortunately, Alan Colmes is representative of the left who is willing to lie, fabricate, spin, bloviate and basically make crap up to support their agenda.

  • Joanne

    I find the timing of Osama’ death a little strange so quickly after Obama produced a fake long-form birth certificate that when copied to WORD shows pretty much just the signatures and an X and no Seal. No Seal, means it is not an authorized copy, which means it is a FAKE. I wonder if any black people out there born in Hawaii around the 60’s have a Long-form Birth Certificate labelling them as African or Negro. Anyone? I guess Obama figures the American people have been stupid so far with regards to his eligibility that he could produce any piece of garage and his stupid followers would eat it up. It seems he was right.

  • Old Fan

    I was able to scan some sports after a long work day, and it was bizarre.

    Certainly I expect some fine displays of pride for the elimination of Bin Lade – but I know for certain the production is overt, simply due to having a Democratic Partisan as President.

    One TNT production showed on sign which read “Thank God For President Obama”.

    It was not a handwritten item, but mass produced, like a campaign production item. It was no surprise to see it highlighted.

    But the reality outside the very interesting hype, is that Obama opposed everything which eliminated Osama Bin Laden. He and his Party even vilified the US Military, along with the various Bush Era policies and strategies which nailed Bin Laden.

    There is something so bizarrely ironic about it all. A tanking Obama – ‘smart power’ failure, with the entire Middle East revolting – and one act would make all forget how bad the Democratic Partisans have been?

    We shall see. But something about karma, suggests differently. The ugly treatment of GW Bush continues to haunt these unethical Democrats. It may end up turning quite unfavorable for them in the end.

  • listingstarboard

    The guy who runs the No Quarter blog is supposedly ex CIA and he emphatically says that there was no waterboarding to get the info. I so hope he is wrong–what a horses rear end.

  • shamballa108

    Alan Colmes… Making Fox News viewers shake there head and utter, “What an idiot” since 1996.

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  • adh1952

    Was it not convenient that OBL’s body was dumped at sea, and that we will probably never see the proff. Stinks

  • retire05

    listingstarboard, the guy you are talking about is Larry Johnson, former CIA, close personal friend of Valerie Plame, and her husband, Joe Wilson, and member of the VIPS (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity).

    Johnson was long gone from the CIA when the waterboarding took place, and although he claims that he still has “connections” he has been discredited a long time ago. He likes to pretent he is still “in the loop” but he’s not. So now he’s just a blowhard that for 8 years did his best to discredit President Bush. He’s a Hillary fan, so he is hard on Obama, but he has been proven wrong on his assessments so many times I have lost count.

  • No Man

    I blame Bush.

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  • Alana

    But the reality outside the very interesting hype, is that Obama opposed everything which eliminated Osama Bin Laden. He and his Party even vilified the US Military, along with the various Bush Era policies and strategies which nailed Bin Laden.

    There is something so bizarrely ironic about it all. A tanking Obama – ‘smart power’ failure, with the entire Middle East revolting – and one act would make all forget how bad the Democratic Partisans have been?


    It is very bizarre. I was immediately taken aback by leftie friends on forums, all practically spouting blood lust.

    This was entirely antithetical to everything I’ve ever heard them say for the past few years!

    Then I thought, well, it is because they connect it to Obama.

    Then I thought, maybe they didn’t really agree with all the things they were saying those previous years. I mean, they were absolutely full of stuff like, drag him through the streets, and that sort of thing, and once Obama was considered the person who did it, then all that blood lust came out. I don’t know.

    The other thought I had was, somehow they think this means everything is all over or something.

  • gus

    I just saw Colmes. I’d kick him in the balls, but he has none. That fukktard is a fukking disgrace.
    All liberals are.

  • donh

    Alan Colmes….

    and Alan Grayson ….

    both share a peculiar physical trait that when they act out liberal lies on TV… one brow over the left eye will rise high up their forehead. Must be some symptom of psychopathic schizophrenia.

  • Oh SNAP. Bush is so vindicated.

  • Optimist

    Perhaps the “Gatewaypundit” should be tortured along with other stupid rightwing neocons and the stupid faux leftie neoliberals just so the general public can feel safe.

  • bg


    Optimistic Pessimist #20

    there, i fixed it for you you poor sweet thang you,
    touched a nerve have we.. hmmm hmmm hmmm..


  • gus

    OptiTARD, are you trying to make a point?? Let me ask a simple question that even a pimple faced teenage jerk-off like you should be able to handle.

    Would it bother you if Osama Bin Laden had been “waterboarded”?
    Pretty simple question lady.

  • listingstarboard

    Retire05–thanks for the info–Johnson is certainl obsessed with Valerie Plame and will forever
    blame Bush and Cheney. His I am CIA and your not therefore I am always right schtick is grating. The real joke is on all of the die hard Hillary supporters who think she is not an Alinsky loving socialist leftist–WTF up.

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  • k962

    Allan Colmes last night was insistent that Rumsfeld said waterboarding obtained no info and quoted Rumsfeld as saying so! Too bad Allan !!!

  • the sandman

    Im wondering if waterboarding(just a new name for CHINESE water torture) Khalid Shake Mo Ham Head might have led to this info. Didnt KSM say something once about AQ had a nuke planted in the west that would be detonated if OBL was either killed or captured? BTW, thanks Seal Team 6 for KILLING OBL. We dont need any more props like KSM has become.

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  • Billie1

    waterboard’em all then sew’em in a pigskin and shoot’em towards mecca

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  • Charles

    I wish the CIA was working for the citizens, and would start Water boarding Mr Obama, on down long line of command, since 9/11.

  • Charles

    Happy Great grand MOTHER’s Day Mr. President.