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  • Zim

    Some of my good friends are janitors and Keith Olbermann ain’t not janitor

  • TNJim

    Heh. Awesome. Of course the ultimate indignity for Keef would be cleaning O’Reilly’s set.

  • They say women love a man in uniform.

    Maybe Olbie will get more ladies this way.

  • Puggg

    Look on the bright side — He’ll be doing his first useful work since leaving SportsCenter

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  • OC Rick

    The Entire Fox News Crew is not fit to wipe his ass.

  • Gman


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  • loooooooooooool

  • MrGoodWench

    He should be made to work on the set on Red Eye while Levy and Gutfeld are hanging with Pinch and Coulter

  • bigkahuna

    OC Rick….I didnt think Keef even had to take a dump being a news god and Liberal turd n all

  • i think this hurt oc rick’s feelings.

  • Midwestengr

    Wouldn’t surprise me. They do have Geraldo & Judith Miller already on the payroll. It’s “fair and balanced”.

  • Diamond Girl

    Hilarious…saw this link to here on the Tweetdeck…truly had me a little teensy-weensy bit worried….after-all did they hire Geraldo!

  • Dave King

    Had me going till I saw the picture. Doubt olby could do janitor work right.

  • valerie

    OC Rick,

    You volunteering?

  • Redwine

    I think it’s sick. More signs of deterioration at Fox – or the threat of FCC action against them.

  • Woodshedder

    I would love for Fox News to hire Olbermann. Talk about a coup de grace. Seriously, the left would experience a permanent melt-down of epic proportions.

  • Blissful

    @ OC Rick: I’ll bet you are, and would enjoy it!

  • Ken

    OC Rick, let’s make this simple: your idol got fired. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Jim Hoft: give out OC Rick’s IP and I’ll do what I can to get him fired as well, and to break up his marriage.

  • I want Fox to hire him and plant him between Oliver North and Chuck Norris in a new pundit program called ‘Crosshairs’. First guess could by Rep. Allen West.

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  • subrot0

    Why is that man not wearing gloves? And where is his feather duster? Can’t the man multitask? Oh, I am sorry, I am talking about real people.

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  • Jet Jaguar

    Only if it’s like the scene at the end of Kung Fu Hustle, when The Beast calls the victor “Master”.

  • OC Rick “The Entire Fox News Crew is not fit to wipe his ass”

    OC, I’m sure they thank their lucky stars too!

  • waicool

    ha ha, had me going there for a second. whew!!!! ya gotta love the sense of humor in all of this.

  • Maurice La C

    Maybe he can hire Krugman as his sweeper assistant?

  • czekmark

    To wipe Olbys as first you have to get his head out of it.

  • Paul Ben

    Soros hired him already as his personal masseuse.

  • Not OC Tom

    Leave it to a jag off in Cali to defend a crybaby like Olby. Keep it up, California, we might just let you have him. Then what?

  • Warthog

    *SOB* Leave Keith Olberman aloooooooooooooonnne!!! *SOB*

  • Buck O’Fama

    It wouldn’t work out. He’d spend most of his time mopping up his own flecks of spittle.

  • Black Mamba

    OC Rick – I’ll guess he’ll finally have to learn to do it on his own.

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  • Buffalobob

    Kieth, Kieth, kieth, please tell me that the union thugs didn’t make you join the toilet cleaners local.

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  • DigitalTroglodyte

    OC Rick, can they use your tongue….againn?

  • Dee Cee

    Fox definitely needs a janitor, to clean up all the crap they produce.

  • Timmeehh

    That is an insult to janitors everywhere.

  • Mark

    To be fair, olbermadd’s one million viewers do consider themselves to be the best and brightest. For real reals.

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  • IC Dick

    Don’t worry OC, nobody’s trying to take your job.

  • chuck

    OC Rick: you, SIR, are a tool!

  • Martin L. Shoemaker

    Honestly, I wish Fox News would hire him. For real. If we could harness the resulting cranial explosions across the blogosphere, it could power our economy for the next decade.

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  • Aww – How nice. Obama gave Olbermann his Socialist mop… lol

  • Magic Eight Ball

    Keith Olbermann—the Kermit Gosnell of cable news!

  • Brad

    I heard Olbermann got fired when he was caught sucking Rachel Maddows weiner.

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  • Dinah Kanser

    lifted from ACE…

    Keith, can I tape in your old studio?

    By “tape” I mean “nut” and by “old studio” I mean “mouth”

  • MrGoodWench

    I heard Olbermann got fired when he was caught sucking Rachel Maddows weiner.

    Olbie got teabagged by Madcow ?
    Man, how kinky IS THAT MrsNBC ?

  • Joy

    Oh, TOO funny! OC Rick, FYI, the way the muzzies do it is with their left hand – or, is it the right hand? I keep getting those rules all mixed up…

    As for Obie Keithobie, he is definitely a piece of work – they broke the mold when they laid HIM!

  • Good lord- don’t you think you’re being too derogatory towards janitors?

    I mean….they keep the palce running. Aside from running himself out of whatever cushy job he landed, I’m not sure what Keith’s skillsets are.

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  • jorgen

    Noone would hire a filthy man like him for cleaning anything!

  • Becky

    For a moment, I thought perhaps the people at FOX had a really demented sense of humor. Sadly, I must admit that I would have found joy in the torment that a multi-million dollar offer from FOX would have inflicted on the newly unemployed Krazy Keith. And can you imagine how his love sick-puppies would have reacted to such news?

  • ok you got me

  • Tom63010

    Reminds me of the janitor on Scrubs

  • NU Wildcat

    I think he’d screw this one up too.

  • Arch

    Who in his right mind would trust Obermann with a mop?

  • m

    It must be a joke. I don’t think Olbermann will go to Fox News. Fox News should have fired some of these liberals work with them like Geraldo, Greta, Bob Beckel, and more. Sarah Palin, a Republican should have been fired from Fox News, too.

  • Militant Conservative

    Operational security is a must. Hiring a known subversive
    should only be done if your trying to catch a bigger mole.
    Olberman got what his work deserved. Capitalist system worked in this instances.
    Powder is dry & Keith was fired.

  • Cybrludite

    Sadly, “This is the finger I use to scrub Glenn Beck’s private crapper.” might work better for him than his previous line…

  • Joe College

    The firing of Olbermann comes at the exact moment when Fox is under coordinated pressure to let go Glenn Beck. I question the timing.

    “Glenn Beck Fans Send Death Threats to Elderly College Professor‎”

  • raybojabo

    Methinks Olberdeush would feel more at home in a french maid outfit.

  • LL

    Socialists don’t work…not really, and not in such a way that they might be required to sweat.

  • illiniguy

    Now he can join SEIU

  • Steve

    # 6

    OC Rick commented:
    The Entire Fox News Crew is not fit to wipe his ass.

    Nor would they want to. That sounds like a job for an asswipe like you.

  • Louis

    K.O. is Obama’s New Civility CZAR !!!

  • I hope Hannity catches him in the bathroom and gives him a swirley lol

  • Andreas K.

    That’s not any janitor. That’s The Janitor from Scrubs and putting Olbermann’s mug on him is an insult to The Janitor.

  • squeaky

    “exact moment when Fox is under coordinated pressure to let go Glenn Beck. I question the timing..” they already gave that a shot by running a boycott of his show – instigated by one who was still part of the white house gang as in Van jones. when you look at the boycott attempts and the cast of characters and who they’re associated with…… and why is it not totally crazy and beyond the pale to imagine a group of bots snickering in a back room somewhere manufacturing hate letters to an old bag prof in hopes of making them look like they came from the Beck group. we’ve moved beyond the need to provide proof of guilt.

  • squeaky
  • Andreas K.
  • Joe College

    squeaky :

    “why is it not totally crazy and beyond the pale to imagine a group of bots snickering in a back room somewhere manufacturing hate letters to an old bag prof in hopes of making them look like they came from the Beck group.”

    At the moment, that describes how the executive branch governs when it is not on vacation.

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  • auntie em

    OC Rick commented:
    The Entire Fox News Crew is not fit to wipe his ass.

    Only a liberal fool would come up with that line. Grow a sense of humor, or have you already willfully given up your right to have one?

  • GrayRider

    Makeup artist for the TV personalities would be an appropriate job. Afterall, all he did at MSNBC was make up things anyway.

  • hoponpop

    I clicked on because I thought, NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    But then…..

    thanks for the laugh…but really, you could have spared my heart….

  • Dobby

    Hitler is very upset over the firing of Keith.!

  • jsallison

    Worst janitor in the world.

  • No Man

    Hire the handicapped. . .

  • Walter Sobchak

    Have you no decency! Oh, and you missed a spot, Keith. Heh. MrGoodWench, good idea about Red Eye, but I was thinking Keith could be the zombie on the annual Halloween episode.

  • KEGarrett

    Midwestengr, Don’t forget they have Juan Williams and Geraldo, too!

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  • Not sure he’s qualified for that job….that’s not a socialist mop is it??

  • juandos

    Oh dear!

    Bill Maher lost lost a soul mate in moonbattery…

  • TRUE

    What kind of security background check does FOX have for its employees???

    Gawd, talk about no protecting yourself from a cancer growing within!!!!

  • parker coddington

    OC Rick commented:

    “The Entire Fox News Crew is not fit to wipe his ass.”

    Au contraire!

    Cable political entertainment is a wonderful escapist experience for a tiny minority of Americans – as long as one bears in mind it concerns an alternate reality.

  • LeeVon

    Poor KO. Under his contract, he can’t get another job doing the same thing anywhere for the next few years. What’s he going to do now? Write a book that no one buys? How is the poor guy going to feed himself. Maybe, he will have to get a job as a janitor. Maybe, BM will hire him. Oh wait… KO can’t work at another network because of that clause in the contract that he signed. Guess it’s the toilet for KO!

  • Sandy

    OC Nick — It would take the entire Fox News Crew to wipe Obermann’s very ample azz.

  • As soon as I heard the news, I just KNEW that his viewer would be pissed. No we know for sure that it was OC Rick, and he was in fact pissed.

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  • Greg

    “Who’s putting their butts out on my floor? WHO’s Putting their butts out on my FLOOR?

    Whoever it is – your the WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD!

  • MushBrower

    Giving janitors everywhere a bad name!

  • JimS

    After Keith was born they broke the mold – then beat the hell out of the mold maker.

  • 68Truthseeker

    Rush Finally Asks Where Is Obama’s Birth Certificate
    Hannity – Chris Matthews And The Rest Of The Liberal Don’t Believe Obama Is Eligible To Be President

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  • Stuart

    If Fox hired Olbermann they could change their motto from fair and balanced to fair and mentally unbalanced.

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  • The Doktor

    I would think that he should have had to clean up all of those papers that he threw at the camera over at PMSLSD before they allowed him to work as a janitor anywhere else.

  • Andy

    All right – I’m liberal, and a fan of Keith’s… but that picture’s pretty damn funny. Kudos for the lolz. 🙂

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  • Chucky Wucky

    It’s common for TV to have Gaffers and Best Boys to run the errands. Fox News, being fair and balanced, must have felt the need for a ‘Bad Boy’ for balance.

  • Scooter McB

    LOL! It’s fitting but what an insult to janitorial excellence….this clown couldn’t do an honest days work if his life depended on it.

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  • carolynmodesty

    Well!!! there goes the neighbor hood……hide the 2912 votes,,lol!

  • carolynmodesty


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  • Rose

    Sorry, Folks, but after Fox News hastily hired Juan Williams in a $$$Multi-million deal, that is SOOOOOOO not funny!

    Like to gave me a heart attack for serious!


  • Debby

    I wouldn’t even trust this SOB as a janitor on Fox’s property.

  • LSB1

    I am appalled at all the racism here using the word Janitor…… all should be a ashamed. Keith is a “maintenance technician”

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  • mutant beast

    the camode in the restroom has more brainpower than Oberdunce and all of his “followers”. Dont forget, Jim Jones had folks who drank the kool-aid also,and even Hitler had friends.

  • Faust

    Makes sense to me – I’m sure the current janitor at Fox is smarter than anyone they currently have on the air.

  • mike martin

    Fox is getting sub’s by the obama admin to ..clean up the mess obama is making out of our country

  • louie

    Fox and thier clowns does that mean obermann is a fox clown too?

  • house guest

    I knew Fox is a wananabe news net work , but come on ! do something real , like say the truth for once !