Clean up on aisle 15.

Via Free Republic & Alan Burkhart

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  1. Some of my good friends are janitors and Keith Olbermann ain’t not janitor

  2. Heh. Awesome. Of course the ultimate indignity for Keef would be cleaning O’Reilly’s set.

  3. They say women love a man in uniform.

    Maybe Olbie will get more ladies this way.

  4. Look on the bright side — He’ll be doing his first useful work since leaving SportsCenter

  5. The Entire Fox News Crew is not fit to wipe his ass.


  7. loooooooooooool

  8. He should be made to work on the set on Red Eye while Levy and Gutfeld are hanging with Pinch and Coulter

  9. OC Rick….I didnt think Keef even had to take a dump being a news god and Liberal turd n all

  10. i think this hurt oc rick’s feelings.

  11. Wouldn’t surprise me. They do have Geraldo & Judith Miller already on the payroll. It’s “fair and balanced”.

  12. Hilarious…saw this link to here on the Tweetdeck…truly had me a little teensy-weensy bit worried….after-all did they hire Geraldo!

  13. Had me going till I saw the picture. Doubt olby could do janitor work right.

  14. OC Rick,

    You volunteering?

  15. I think it’s sick. More signs of deterioration at Fox – or the threat of FCC action against them.

  16. I would love for Fox News to hire Olbermann. Talk about a coup de grace. Seriously, the left would experience a permanent melt-down of epic proportions.

  17. @ OC Rick: I’ll bet you are, and would enjoy it!

  18. OC Rick, let’s make this simple: your idol got fired. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Jim Hoft: give out OC Rick’s IP and I’ll do what I can to get him fired as well, and to break up his marriage.

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