International Intrigue on a Ranch in Texas – The Angela Chao Story

Angela Chao, the sister of Elaine Chao (wife of retiring Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican Senate Minority Leader), died in her car on February 11, 2024. Angela was found in a submerged car, unresponsive, first responders attempted to revive her, but were unsuccessful. The pond was on a ranch close to Johnson City in Blanco County, Texas, about 40 miles west of Austin. The ranch was reportedly owned by a business entity of Chao’s husband, Jim Breyer, a Venture Capitalist who has offices in Austin.

John Mills: Suddenly, a Notebook is Discussed that Connects Gina Haspel with the Coup Against Trump

By Retired Colonel John Mills on Substack An October 6, 2016, Dinner, there was only one reason this retired, very senior FBI Official was in London: To coordinate the Russia Hoax with CIA Chief of Station at the request of James Comey Excerpt from “The Nation Will Follow” Chapter 4 “A Dinner in London”: “What I did know was that many of the faces I saw were Hillary supporters.

What would a “Soft Invasion” of Taiwan look like?

Matters are getting more grave regarding China’s intent towards Taiwan. Before the back benchers start bellowing that Taiwan has nothing to do with America, oh yes it does. To make any move on Taiwan, China will have to strike Japanese, Filipino, and American sovereign territory. This means that Americans will die when China moves and mutual defense treaties with Japan and the Philippines will be invoked. U.S.

Open Border Allows Chinese Special Operators to Infiltrate America

Source: CBS Across the open Southern Border, a mass of humanity is flooding America. The new phenomenon is large groups of Chinese Nationals. Even legacy media is now acknowledging the Chinese invasion across the Southern Border. They land in Ecuador by air from China, then move on bus, foot through the Darian Gap in Panama, and back onto buses after a quick stay at Department of Homeland Security Camps in Panama. 5,000 a day total migrants, equating to more than 100 buses northbound daily.

Biden’s Slow Middle East Response Enables Forever War 2.0 on a Larger Scale

B-1B taking off, Central Command on X The long-awaited Biden response to the Iranian proxy attack on the Tower 22 base camp in Jordan, which killed three Americans, has occurred. The suspenseful Biden delay in striking back was oddly reminiscent of the six months of shouting by the American Intelligence Community (IC) in advance of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine in early 2022. The megaphone cadence was relentless: Russia would invade, and Ukraine would fall quickly. Two years later, here we are.

The Revolt of the Marine Generals (2024)

In 1947–1949, there was a struggle between the Army and the Navy as they were required by law to unify themselves and a new, separate, independent Air Force under a singular Secretary of Defense.

We’re at that 1938 moment

Leon Trotsky, founder of the Red Army and Stalin’s archrival said words to the effect, “You may not be interested in war.

The War Against World Supply Chains Turns Hot(ter)

                After 20 plus attacks since November 19, 2023, on Merchant Shipping and at least three ship seizures, the Naval War in the Middle East is expanding. On January 12, 2024, with much telegraphing, a U.S.-led coalition struck 60 targets at 16 sites in Yemen and then followed up with a second wave of attacks shortly after.

Exclusive – Three Things That Can be Done to Break the Chinese Directed Disruption of World Merchant Shipping

              Not much attention is being paid to the relentless attacks on merchant shipping rounding the Gulf of Aden and entering into the Red Sea for transit of the Suez Canal and following the same route in the opposite direction. This is being done by three major groups: Iran, the Houthi elements of Yemen, and now, apparently, the Somalis. Iran is the regional proxy for China, and recent comments by a Chinese National Defense University Professor said the quiet part out loud when he remarked how the Houthis were doing China a “favor” by stopping world trade.

The 2024 National Defense Authorization Act is here

Combined Military Service Digital Photographic Files The one piece of annual federal legislation that seems to work is the National Defense Authorization Act (The “NDAA”). The NDAA is still gargantuan at 973 pages of House Resolution (HR) 2670 and the accompanying Conference Report, at 1,627 pages, that resolves the difference between the House and the Senate. However, as opposed to national health care that also comes in at thousands of pages, the NDAA is rote and most mere mortals can rapidly search, find, and see the relevant text.