Kyle Rittenhouse Countersues Gaige Grosskreutz, the Guy Who Attempted to Shoot Him and Got His Arm Nearly Blown Off

(Above – Kyle Rittenhouse shooting Gaige Grosskreutz in self-defense as Grosskreutz pulled a gun on the young lad.) Kyle Rittenhouse is known as an American who protects himself. He saved his own life and now he is protecting himself again. Kyle Rittenhouse made the news in a big way in 2020 after defending himself and the property of others against BLM protesters in Racine, Wisconsin.

PERFECT: FOX News Host Rachel Campos-Duffy Calls Out Feinstein, Fetterman, Biden and Lindsey Graham for Not Voting or Having a Clue What They’re Voting On

Rachel Campos-Duffy says it all on FOX and Friends this Sunday morning about the many politicians in the US Government who are unable to do their jobs. The discussion this morning on FOX and Friends Weekend started with a discussion of California Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein. Feinstein, who is 89-years-old has been out for medical reasons for some time. This is preventing the Dems from pushing through radical Biden judges onto the bench. Even Democrats are calling for Feinstein to resign.

Trump War Room Releases Hard Core Video of President Trump at UFC 287 in Miami (VIDEO)

Last weekend President Trump attended UFC 287 in Miami and the crowd erupted with chants of USA, USA… The Trump War Room came out with an amazing video of that event last night. TGP reported last week on the amazing welcome that the UFC crowd gave President Trump at UFC 287 last weekend in Miami. The crowd erupted with “USA, USA…) when he entered the venue.

Mark Levin and Conservative Media Now Reporting on “Voter Mules” First Reported by TGP After 2022 Election

This week “The Great One” Mark Levin mentioned the voter mule story that TGP broke in December 2022 after the Midterms. Multi-Millions are flowing into Democrat politicians’ coffers from unknown sources. After the 2022 midterms, TGP reported on the $24 million flowing into Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock’s coffers during the election. This money came from unemployed individuals in hundreds of thousands of small donations from around the country.

Still Nothing from Corrupt DOJ After Ex White House Aide Provides Evidence of Biden Crimes – Dan Ball Discusses with TGP’s Joe Hoft on OANN

This past week it was reported that an ex-aide of the Obama White House provided the DOJ evidence of Biden crimes in 2014. The DOJ has ignored this evidence to date. The DOJ is beyond corrupt. It spends its time attempting to take down President Trump and Christian Americans who pray outside abortion clinics but it ignores the multitude of treasonous crimes that occurred in the Obama-Biden White House.

“Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Jake Sullivan, the FBI and DOJ Should Be Indicted for Epic Corruption at the Highest Levels of Federal Power” – Attorney Tyler Nixon

Attorney Tyler Nixon calls for Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Jake Sullivan, the FBI and DOJ to be indicted for epic corruption at the highest levels of federal power. Who do you call to indict the FBI, DOJ, the President, his son Hunter and the National Security Advisor to the President?

Seymour Hersh Reports that Ukrainian Leader Zelensky Embezzled $400 Million from US Payments Allocated for Fuel

  In a recent post on his blog, Seymour Hersh writes that Ukrainian President Zelensky embezzled $400 million from the US that was allocated to Ukraine for fuel. This isn’t the first time that we have heard about corruption in Ukraine.In 2019The Gateway Pundit reportedon Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky, who controlled Ukraine’s largest commercial bank, Privat Bank. This bank was said to control Burisma, the oil and gas company that gave Hunter Biden millions. John Kerry was involved in Burisma as well. There were reports that Kolmiosky somehow lost $1.8 billion of the bank’s money. It was suspected that this money went offshore.

“The Biden Administration is Trying to Push All 194 Nations to Give Up Their Sovereignty…to the WHO” – Dean Michele Bachmann with Steve Bannon

Michele Bachmann: “Joe Biden wants us to give up our right to declare an emergency to the WHO.” In July 2022 the Biden regime was pushing an amendment to the agreement with the WHO that would give the WHO power over the US when pandemics occur. This agreement would prevent Americans from doing anything that the World government didn’t want to be done and would in essence take away all rights of Americans in an emergency like COVID.

Washington Post Reports “Young, Charismatic Gun Enthusiast… Searching for Companionship” and ‘Minor’ Is Behind Leak of Highly Classified Documents on Ukraine Losing War with Russia and More

The far-left Washington Post released a story last night where they identify the leaker behind the documents showing a different picture of Ukraine than the Biden Administration has shared to date. This leaker is reportedly a minor who likes guns and seeks companionship.

“THIS IS IMPEACHABLE” – BIDEN BUSTED – Removed President Trump’s Executive Privilege in Order to Raid Mar-a-Lago to Cover-Up His Own Illegal Possession of Classified Docs

Earlier this week we found out that Biden was in on the unprecedented, unnecessary and unlawful raid on President Trump’s iconic home Mar-a-Lago. Now we know that Biden was totally behind the raid because he had to remove President Trump’s executive privilege so the raid could occur. Only Biden could do that. Right after the illegal raid on Mar-a-Lago, Attorney Mike Davis went on FOX News.

EXCLUSIVE: Far-Left NGO ‘Democracy Fund’ Financed Efforts to Certify “Non-Voting Technology” and Use It to Monitor Elections on a Real-Time Basis

ALBERT SENSORS AND FAUX-CERTIFICATION OF NON-VOTING TECHNOLOGY INTIMATELY TIED WITH LEFTIST NGO Guest post from theEditor of the Estancia News,David Clements, and Erin Clements This morning we broke the story that tied the monitoring of elections to a massive censorship scheme, previously uncovered, in part, by the US House of Representatives: EXCLUSIVE: Was CIS Using “Albert Censors” to Steal States’ Data to Use in Nefarious Ways in 2020 Election?

SHOCKING: On Easter Sunday FTX CEO Releases Its Assessment of FTX’s Lack of Cyber, Financial, and Internal Accounting Controls

On Easter Sunday the current CEO of FTX released its assessment of FTX’s lack of cyber, financial, and internal accounting controls. What a mess it is. The CEO of FTX released a report on Easter Sunday of the mess that FTX was in when the company fell into bankruptcy. This cryptocurrency exchange saw billions of dollars fly threw its accounts and God only knows who was behind the transactions and who was receiving the transactions.

“I Never Would Have Identified These…in Any Audit…It’s Lunacy at Best.  It’s an Imaginary Crime.” – TGP’s Joe Hoft with Ed Henry and Karyn Turk Discussing the Bragg Indictment on American Sunrise

On Monday, The Gateway Pundit’s Joe Hoft joined America Sunrise with Ed Henry and Karyn Turk to discuss events last week and over the weekend. This led to a discussion of the broken DOJ and FBI. Over the weekend, a former Army soldier was found guilty of murder in a Texas court for an act many believe was self-defense. The corrupt Soros-backed DA in that case reportedly withheld pages of information that exonerated the shooter.

EXCLUSIVE: Was CIS Using “Albert Censors” to Steal States’ Data to Use in Nefarious Ways in 2020 Election?

THE “ALBERT SENSOR” IS AN ORWELLIAN SURVEILLANCE AND CENSORSHIP ENTERPRISE FOISTED ON UNSUSPECTING COUNTY ELECTION ADMINISTRATORS Guest post from the Editor of the Estancia News, David Clements, and Erin Clements Recent bombshell articles reveal that New Mexico’s Secretary of State, Maggie Toulouse Oliver, has illegally centralized New Mexico’s elections, exposed them to the internet, processed them on uncertified software, and lied about it to the New Mexico legislature.

EXCLUSIVE: Nina Jankowitz Neglects to Openly Share Her Connections to Numerous State Actors and Non-Profits – Is This Misinformation?

One year ago in April of 2022, the Biden regime announced the creation of the Disinformation Governance Board with a lunatic in charge. Today we can report that there is more to this lunatic than meets the eye. Nina Jankowicz hit the spotlight last year at this time as she was elevated to the head of a newly created Disinformation Governance Board.

BIDEN ECONOMY: Commercial Real Estate Market Is Getting Crushed – Some of the Best Properties Are Selling at a 36% Discount

The Biden economy is performing as expected – huge spending leads to record-high inflation which leads to increased rates which leads to banks failing and Americans losing their hard-earned money. Now the commercial real estate segment in the economy is falling apart. The beginning of the end of the Biden economy is here. Americans are suffering under record inflation, increased lending rates, and ultimately banks failing. Now the banks have to contend with the commercial real estate collapse in historic proportions.

Dylan Mulvaney Hasn’t Changed a Bit – Star in Bud Light Commercials Is the Same Guy Who Appeared on The Ellen Show in 2018, and Price Is Right in 2020 (VIDEO)

The star in the latest Bud Light commercials, Dylan Mulvaney, is the same guy that appeared on The Ellen Show in 2018. Bud Light partnered with transgender Dylan Mulvaney and the response was as expected. Those who like and drink Bud Light may have lost their appetite for the beer after the commercials with Mulvaney.

Jill Biden’s Former Press Secretary, Michael LaRosa, Slams Melania Trump for Not Being with President Trump Tuesday Night

Jill Biden’s nasty former press secretary, Michael LaRosa, attacked Melania Trump on after President Trump was wrongfully attacked in another bogus effort to destroy America’s greatest modern-day President. President Trump’s beautiful wife, Melania Trump, and their son, Barron Trump, were noticeably absent from President Trump’s speech at Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday night. Also absent were Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner.

This Easter Please Remember The Jan 6ers and Their Families Who Have Been Severely Abused by Federal Judges in Washington DC

Jon McNaughton painting This Easter please remember those who have been persecuted by federal judges in Washington DC, especially those men and women connected to the January 6 protests. The judges in DC are monsters who align with the corrupt Biden DOJ to persecute and sentence innocent men and women for exaggerated crimes or crimes they did not commit in abusive courts in front of abusive juries.

Picture from Jan 6 Resurfaces – Three Individuals with “Civil War” Shirts Now Suspected of Being Deep State Plants

Almost immediately on Jan 6 as soon as violence broke out at the Capitol, social media put out a picture of three white males all wearing the same T-shirt that said – MAGA – CIVIL WAR – January 6 ,2021. These individuals are now suspected of being Deep State plants. A picture of reportedly pro-Trump MAGA patriots on Jan 6 was shared wildly by the far-left.

Democrats Are Taking in Multi-Millions from Foreigners and No One Seems to Care

This past week alone, there were multiple articles of top Democrats taking multi-millions from foreigners in gifts and contributions. This is supposed to be against the law for obvious reasons but no one seems to care. Earlier this week Breitbart reported that Leonardo DiCaprio testified under oath in an Obama campaign money-laundering trial. DeCaprio told the court that he was surprised by the amount of money he saw being donated to the Obama campaign.

DC Appeals Court Sides with Corrupt DOJ – Says It’s OK to Charge Jan 6ers with Obstruction Who Did Not Obstruct

(Above – flash grenades are unleashed on Jan 6 protesters outside the Capitol unannounced and unnecessarily) There will be no justice for those who protested the stolen election of 2020 on Jan 6 – per the recent ruling of the DC appellate court. Around 1,000 men and women have been charged with “crimes” on Jan 6. One example is Daniel Goodwynn, who entered the Capitol for less than a minute as seen on video, and for that faced 20+ years in prison.

The Legal Argument in Soros-Backed Bragg’s Indictment of President Trump Is Dumb But the Accounting “Crimes” Are Even Dumber (VIDEO)

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has it out for President Trump. He wanted to get the President so badly that he was willing to push forward a bogus case that is total garbage. The legal argument in Bragg’s case is dumb but the accounting basis for the case is dumber. Bragg released his case to the world on Tuesday and no one could see what the crime was. Bragg then said that he didn’t have to say what the crime was. This answer made caused lawyers across the country a reason to ask whether they heard that right.

BOMBSHELL REVELATION: State Department’s GEC, Soros’s Open Society, the EU, and UK Are Funding the “Disinformation Index”: A Pseudo-Nonprofit that “Blacklists” Conservative News from Online Advertisers

Unmasking the Disinformation Index: A pseudo-nonprofit that “blacklists” conservative news from online advertisers. Guest Post by Bob Bishop The Constitution’s First Amendment allows freedom of expression from government regulations or restrictions; in other words, no censorship.