Who Will Replace Biden?

June 27, 2024, is becoming famous in American Political Theater history as the day the curtain was pulled back, and the reality was exposed that no one was there pulling the levers and cords to manipulate what was coming out of President Biden’s mouth.  Was this a setup by the Obama Team?

Bob Woodward, who established notoriety as one of the key Watergate reporters and longtime Washington Post associate editor, said President Biden’s debate performance was a “political hydrogen bomb” and that there was an obligation by the White House to come clean.

Woodward went on, “I think the answer here is in reporting, in seeking very aggressively, an explanation — what happened here?” Woodward said. “We don’t want it to come out in some book or some memoir in a couple of years or a decade. We’d need to know now.”

Hard and piercing words, but why now, when Woodward’s own Washington Post started the “Biden Gaff-o-Meter” in 2012?

One historical precedent to this collapse of confidence in the Biden Team was President Johnson removing himself from the Democrat Nomination in 1968 during the Tet Offensive, the Communist surprise attack in Vietnam.

However, that took place in March of 1968.  In the American Presidential Election Calendar, March is light years away from July as far as a candidate pulling themselves out of the race.  So who is the right person to take over if the Biden Presidency is brought to an end despite Hunter and Jill’s efforts?

Gretchen of Michigan?

Winning the prize for smirking totalitarian of the year, Gretchen, Governor of Michigan, is being advanced as a leading alternative to Biden.  But Gretchen has responded to this chatter with the following statement:  “I am proud to support Joe Biden as our nominee, and I am behind him 100 percent in the fight to defeat Donald Trump,” she said.

“Not only do I believe Joe can win Michigan, I know he can because he’s got the receipts: he’s lowered health care costs, brought back manufacturing jobs, and is committed to restoring the reproductive freedom women lost under Donald Trump.”

Michigan has transformed from the center of the American economy to an ailing state that ranks among the weakest in the nation.

Gretchen was the center of the dubious FBI case of a kidnapping conspiracy run by left-wing extremists that often had more FBI informants and operatives in the group than those with no FBI connection.

The population exodus from Michigan says it all: people have lost confidence in the future of Michigan and are voting with their feet.  Comrade Gretchen may not be popular with the citizens of Michigan, but China seems fascinated by her.  The likelihood of Gretchen becoming the successful replacement for Biden: low.

Gavin of California?

The runner-up for smirking totalitarian is Gavin of California, the overlord of the once great California.

Gavin has been exceeding the population loss numbers of Gretchen which reflects a fed-up population who are fleeing the shipwreck of the California economy.

The population numbers in California are being parsed and manipulated worse than the voting process.  Using “legal immigration”, the state is now saying the population is growing again – but the term “legal immigration” likely includes those who have crossed into the country under Biden’s open border programs.  Most would not call the Biden border crossers legal.

All quality-of-life factors are going south in California.  The power grid is delivering rolling blackouts with the false religion of “renewables” while Gavin’s Press Office is sounding like Baghdad Bob with non-sequitur press releases like, “Clean energy resources like solar, wind, hydro, batteries, and more have exceeded grid demand at some point during the day for 34 days straight.”

Grammatically and logically, this gibberish is hard to quantify and may be, in fact true, but for most of the “point(s) during the day,” they haven’t met grid demand, and Gavin’s happy talk team is delusional.

Crime is up, much of Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Francisco look like dystopian freak shows and real “legal” citizens are fed up and leaving Gavin’s La La Land. The likelihood of Gavin becoming the successful replacement for Biden: low.

Kamala temporarily of White House?

 The market sector of cackling totalitarians is dominated by Kamala.  She has made a career of falling up the stairs without accomplishing anything.

Strike that – she did massively increase the incarceration of people of color during her 13-year tenure as a prosecutor in California.

Her worldview is a compost of synapse flashes of unicorns and social justice, which could mean just about anything.

Vanity Fair, the leading influencer magazine among some mythological demographic that Deep Staters can make up on the fly, seems to have lunged at Kamala as the alternative.

The synchronized chorus of the breathless whispers of how Kamala “worries Republican donors” is breaking out which means the Blue Mob seems to be galvanizing around Kamala.

Good luck on this one, her first debate performance with Trump will have the Mob yearning for Biden. The likelihood of Kamala becoming the successful replacement for Biden: low.

Pandemic of X?

So where does the Deep State go for their Orange Man defeating champion?  The lack of original thought and leadership is apparent as they desperately adopt orange spray tan to make Biden more appealing.

Taking out politics and personalities, the Democrats are in a very difficult position.  None of the potential alternates are in strong positions to challenge Trump this late in the process.

Perhaps a new pandemic will be released just in time to create another wave of mass psychosis, combined with a tidal wave of untrusted, drop-off ballots and illegals on the election rolls via Motor Voter that are not 18USC611 compliant.

The reality is that the Democrats do not have a viable alternative; fear and election chicanery are their only hope now.

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COL (Ret) John Mills has significantly shaped U.S. national security policy over four decades, serving in roles from the Cold War through the era of Great Power Competition. His career includes multiple combat tours, senior civilian positions at the Department of Defense, and strategic duties with the National Security Council in two administrations. Additionally, he is associated with the Center for Security Policy, Committee on Present Danger China, and Spectrum Consulting Group, and is an adjunct professor and founder of the National Election Integrity Association.

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