(VIDEO) Arizona Congressional Race Heats Up – Former Republican Allies Face Off in Arizona’s 8th District

As Arizona approaches the July 30 Primary Elections, former Senate candidate and current congressional candidate Blake Masters is attacking former Attorney General candidate and current Trump-Endorsed opponent Abe Hamadeh with misleading advertisements that make it appear as if Masters still has President Trump’s endorsement.

This has reportedly prompted the Trump campaign to contact Masters and urge him to stop saying he is endorsed by Trump.

The once-allied statewide candidates are now going head to head in a crowded primary race for Congress in the Phoenix area with mixed poll results.

Recent internal polling from Abe Hamadeh’s team, however, shows Hamadeh leading Tucson native Blake Masters by eleven points:

Abe Hamadeh is the only Trump-Endorsed candidate in Arizona’s Congressional District 8. As The Gateway Pundit reported, President Trump announced his endorsement in December, calling Abe a “WARRIOR” who will “always put America First.”

JUST IN: President Trump Endorses “WARRIOR” Abe Hamadeh for US Congress

Masters is trying to pass off a past endorsement in his 2022 Senate bid in a different race and different election year despite no longer being endorsed by Trump.

Though the last election in Maricopa County was rigged--with 60% of machines failing on Election day with other irregularities and fraud across the state--unlike Hamadeh, who reportedly lost his statewide race by just 280 votes, it is unclear if Masters, who reportedly lost by over 125,000 votes, would have even won a fair election. Masters went soft on election fraud, saying in a 2022 debate that he had seen no evidence that the 2020 election was stolen, then gave up after his race for Senate. Meanwhile, like Trump, Hamadeh did not surrender to the radical left election fraudsters, who stole his race for Arizona Attorney General, and he filed numerous lawsuits in Arizona's rigged courts.

Watch below:

In another ad, Masters labels Hamadeh "Amnesty Abe Hamadeh," claiming that he will not stop terrorist cartels, and dishonestly states, "Hamadeh backed Schumer's amnesty bill," citing a June 14, 2013 tweet from Abe. Conversely, the only post regarding immigration from this date on Hamadeh's X page criticizes the Obama administration's "de-facto amnesty" and calls for an "immigration plan that brings the best & brightest."

Masters also misleadingly flaunts his 2022 endorsement again:

Additionally, Masters has sent text messages to voters, using an old Trump quote to appeal to the America First crowd.

In a response ad, Hamadeh slammed Blake "The Snake" Masters for "lying again" and "trying to trick voters."

Per Politico:

Trump campaign manager SUSIE WILES has told people that she has called BLAKE MASTERS to urge the Arizona Republican to pull or change ads that falsely imply that he has Trump’s endorsement in his congressional campaign, a person directly familiar with the matter told Daniel Lippman.

Polls have been all over the map in recent months about who is ahead in the July 30 primary.

Wiles, Masters and a spokesperson for the Masters campaign didn’t respond to requests for comment.

The Hamadeh campaign gave the following statement to The Gateway Pundit on Masters' refusal to follow the Trump campaign's directions and continuing to lie to voters:

Blake Masters Refuses to Take Down Deceptive Ads Despite Directive to Stop Misleading Voters About Trump Endorsement

PHOENIX — July 5, 2024 — Despite a clear directive to cease the dissemination of deceptive advertisements, Arizona Republican congressional candidate Blake Masters continues to broadcast and distribute misleading ads that falsely imply he has President Donald Trump's endorsement.

Trump campaign manager Susie Wiles urged Masters this week to pull or modify these ads. The ads prominently display claims of Trump’s endorsement from Masters’ failed 2022 Senate campaign, creating confusion among voters. The ads and text messages boast, “Trump endorsed Masters,” with a secondary, smaller-font clarification, “in Senate campaign.” They further mislead by quoting President Trump’s praise of Masters, blurring the lines between past and present endorsements.

In reality, Trump endorsed Abe Hamadeh in December. Hamadeh’s campaign continues to fire back forcefully to Masters’ tactics. A new ad calls out Masters' deceptive practices, stating, “Blake ‘the Snake’ Masters is lying again, trying to trick voters. The truth: Abe Hamadeh is the only candidate endorsed by Donald Trump.” Hamadeh spokesperson Erica Knight added, “If Blake Masters is willing to lie and deceive about an endorsement that doesn’t exist, what else is he willing to lie about?”

Abe Hamadeh, who has received Trump’s official endorsement, continues to campaign on a platform of strong values and unwavering support for Trump’s policies. His campaign emphasizes integrity and honesty, urging voters to trust in proven leadership.

Blake Masters did not respond to a request for comment from The Gateway Pundit.

You can sign up to volunteer, donate, and follow Trump-Endorsed Abe Hamadeh’s campaign for Congress at abeforaz.com.

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