Victor Reacts: The Only Issue is.. his Brain? (VIDEO)

Rest easy, Joe Biden has assured us that he is in great health. The only issue is… his brain?

The Gateway Pundit reported,

No wonder California Governor Gavin Newsom avoided the cameras after Democrat governors held an emergency meeting with Joe Biden at the White House Wednesday evening to see if he is up to remaining the Democrats’ presidential nominee. Biden told the governors he was staying in the race.

The New York Times reports Biden told the nearly two dozen governors, about half of whom attended in person with others attending via video conference, that his health is fine, “It’s just my brain.”

The Biden campaign spun the remark as being a joke, in comments to the Times afterwards.

Biden is also reported to have said he needs to get more sleep, work fewer hours and not do events after 8 p.m.

Biden has blamed his disastrous debate performance against President Trump last Thursday on jet lag from two trips to Europe last month and a fundraising trip to California.

Sounds great to me. Joe Biden really knows how to inspire confidence. Nothing says “fit to be the leader of the free world” quite like a man who has brain problems and can’t stay up past 8pm.

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