Sharika Soal: Chicago Needs A New Mayor And Black Communities Need Accountability

Over the July 4th weekend in Chicago, IL, over 100 people were shot, and 19 of those incidents were fatal.

When confronted by the press, the Mayor acted like the perfect DEI Democrat leader and deflected.

Mayor Brandon Johnson, a 48-year-old black man, blamed a dead white man for mostly black people shooting each other.

FOX News reports,

The Richard Nixon Foundation, and many conservatives on social media, are firing back at Chicago’s Democratic Mayor Brandon Johnson after he seemingly placed partial blame on former President Richard Nixon, who died 30 years ago, for Chicago’s weekend of gun violence.

“What we’ve experienced over the weekend is unacceptable and we didn’t get here overnight. And everyone knows that. Let’s tell the full story of what happened,” Johnson said during a Monday press conference after 19 were killed and over 100 were injured by shootings in Chicago over the weekend.

“Black death has unfortunately been accepted in this country for a very long time. We had a chance 60 years ago to get at the root causes. And people mocked President Johnson, and we ended up with Richard Nixon.”

“Black death” is a black community issue in the modern world. This is very easy to write out and should be easier to say for any black person in their late 40s like Mayor Johnson.

One of the issues our race is facing is the inability to be self-aware as a collective. Time and time again, our black leaders refuse to take accountability for the black communities’ contribution to the crime rate in America.

Black leaders like Johnson are entirely out of touch. By excusing the rampant violence within their community and against others while still playing the victim card, they only fuel resentment and endanger the most vulnerable among us.

The Richard Nixon Foundation’s president and CEO, Jim Byron, responded to the Mayor’s claim in a statement to Fox News Digital.

“Richard Nixon was a champion of civil rights as Vice President and as President,” Byron said about Nixon, who died in 1994. “The record is clear.”

“Unfortunately there are many misconceptions about Richard Nixon, but perceptions of years ago are now being reconsidered as we see renewed interest in studying and understanding his life and legacy in full. As of now, our correction of the record is racing toward one million views on X alone.”

Byron continued, “What is happening in Chicago is heartbreaking, and I imagine the people of Chicago want leaders who take responsibility and work together to solve problems rather than try and pass the blame, in this case ridiculously and gratuitously.”

These so-called leaders constantly blame systemic racism and other factors for the plight of the Black community, ignoring the root causes within their own group.

By promoting a narrative that clears Black men of responsibility for their actions, they create a toxic environment where criminal behavior is normalized and even encouraged. This irresponsible approach does nothing but tear apart the foundation of civilization and pit communities against each other.

Moreover, the mainstream media and liberal politicians are taking part in this circus. They reinforce the victimhood narrative, escalating racial tensions. Instead of addressing the real issues—like broken families, failing schools, and a culture that glorifies violence—they prefer to scapegoat law enforcement and other institutions that strive to maintain order.

It’s time black leaders stop pandering and start focusing on real solutions. This means promoting personal responsibility, law and order, and policies that support family values and educational excellence. Only then can we begin to heal our communities and create a safer, more prosperous future for all Americans.

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Sharika Soal is a former entertainment publicist and content creator most well known for her commentary on black culture. She has worked as a publicist for Interscope records, MTV and VH1. She later founded her own PR company called LadySoal PR.

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