Is Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Blaming Almost a Century of Democat Leadership for the ‘Systemic Racism’ Furthering the City’s Demise? (Video)

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson/Image: Video screenshot

Failed Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson seems to have found the reason that his city is a hell-hole of crime and violence.

It is all because of ‘systemic racism,’ and his recent speech places much of the blame on the city’s previous administrations.

Does the mayor know he is criticizing his own party?  The last republican mayor of the Windy City was William Hale Thompson, who left office in 1931.

Johnson made the absurd remarks at the announcement of his new chief equity officer for the task force on reparations during an event to raise the Juneteenth flag at Daley Plaza on Monday.

Johnson announced the appointment of Carla Kupe, who previously served as the first director of diversity, equity, inclusion, and compliance for the city’s inspector general, as the new head of the task force.

Kupe co-founded a law firm owned and operated by Black women and the founder and CEO of a “consulting enterprise focused on diversity, equity inclusion, and anti-racism colonialism.”

Johnson said during his remarks, “Chicago still bears the scars of systemic racism and injustices that have been inflicted on our committees.”

“We’ve seen them in highways that cut through Black neighborhoods. And the industries, of course, that flock to these neighborhoods, often contributing to increased pollution and poor health outcomes.”

“We see it in the trauma, of course, that is caused by gun violence. But we also saw it firsthand with the gross disinvestment that was intentional by previous administrations.”

“And so beautiful neighborhoods, like mine, the Austin neighborhood, has seen many health disparities.  The lack of nutritious food, the lack of employment opportunity.  The disinvestment in our communities has been intentional.”

“And of course, that is why it is imperative that is now the time to deliver good on reparations for people of Chicago, particularly Black people, the city of Chicago.”

“Because even as I stand here today as mayor, the legacy of slavery, the aftermath, still echoes today.”

“We saw it when previous administrations sold off public assets.  We saw the harm when previous administrations closed Black schools, and they shut down public housing.”

“When they raided the pensions, these anti-Black, anti-business endeavors that have caused tremendous harm and pain.”


Almost a century of Democrat leadership is sure to ruin any city.


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