Outspoken Atheist Goes Viral After Publicly Coming to Realization About God

A once-outspoken atheist who previously argued against the existence of God did an about-face on social media on Monday, and explained she is trying to further her relationship with Him.

It’s a good start for a person who was vocally opposed to hearing the message of Salvation.

However, writer Freely Ashley of the outlet ThePublica acknowledged on the social media platform X that she had encountered a situation that had changed her mind and her heart.

She did not explain if she had been connected with the teachings of Christ, but Ashley said she had come to the conclusion that the existence of God was “obvious.”

The writer shared a tweet she posted last November in which she had declared she had no reason to believe in God during an argument about theology.

During a larger argument about the topic, one of the platform’s users commented to her, “The existence of God is the most obvious truth in the universe.”

Ashley quoted him back and commented, “It’s not so obvious to me, friend.”

Monday, the wife, mother, and avowed “former leftist” shared the exchange and commented, “It became obvious to me.”

In a series of follow-up comments, Ashley explained a bit more about her feelings about God after coming across Him.

“I believe in God. This is very new. And scary,” she wrote. “Why is it scary? I’ve denied the existence of God since I could remember.”

Ashley added, “I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this. I’ve spent a lot of time fighting against it. I’ve seen too many signs in my life to deny it any longer.”

In two separate posts, Ashley further commented on her journey with faith.

“So, I believe in God and I’m developing my own relationship with that in the ways that best resonate and guide me. And that’s where I’m at right now,” she told her followers.

She concluded:

“I’m not labeling myself as anything right now. I’m wearing the cross to remind myself there’s always an audience (God) and to act accordingly. I put it on about a month ago.

“I appreciate those with have reached out with kindness. Thank you. I probably think about this differently than you do, so don’t follow me too fast lol.”

All Christians should pray for Ashley’s journey in faith to lead her to Jesus, no matter what comments she might have made in the past.

God loves her just as much as anyone who had believed for the entirety of their lives and as much as those who have spent years loyally worshiping the Lord in pews.

However, as the scripture tells us in James 2:19, “even the Demons believe” in Jesus’ salvation, so Ashley does have a lot of work ahead of her.

Believers everywhere should pray that Ashley and those like her end up in the loving arms of the savior of mankind – the son of God who walked this earth and cleansed us of sin with his blood.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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