MAJOR WARNING: If Republicans Want to Win in 2024 We Have Exactly ONE MONTH FROM TODAY to Clean Bloated Voter Rolls — August 7th Is Cut-Off Date

Today is an important date in the 2024 election cycle.

Republicans have exactly one month to clean the bloated voted rolls that Democrats depend on to steal elections.

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The 1993 NVRA law (National Voter Registration Act) bars election officials from removing any voters from the rolls within 90 days of an election (see page 8 below). This is often referred to as the “90 Day Freeze”.

The Democrat-run DOJ Civil Rights Division (CRD) has used this part of the law relentlessly over the years to defend dirty voter rolls and thwart any cleanup prior to elections.

Democrats support this law, knowing it allows fraudulent registrations to stay on the voter rolls.

The 1993 NVRA law (National Voter Registration Act) bars election officials from removing any voters from the rolls within 90 days of an election.

According to the NVRA, conservatives and Republicans have until Wednesday, August 7, 2024 for election departments to clean their voter rolls using bulk processes or methods.

It’s hard to believe jurisdictions can’t remove illegal voters using bulk methods inside this 90-day freeze and up until the November 6 election. They can’t match their voter roll database against Driver’s License records, the USPS NCOA (National Change Of Address), the Social Security Death Index, and more.

This has been challenged in court but never by the Supreme Court. It’s time to change this law and fight it.

The Heritage Foundation explained back in 2014 the law is meant to freeze “regular maintenance activities” inside 90 days. This means no “general maintenance” or similar “programs” can be conducted to “systematically” remove ineligible voters. But officials can strike registrants from individualized information. For instance, a notice that someone has died, a voter requesting cancellation, or correcting a mistake, etc.

When this 1993 NVRA law was passed, voter registration was done entirely with paper forms completed by the applicant, often mailed to the jurisdiction. If info was missing or inaccurate, a letter was sent to the applicant. If no response, the registration was sidelined. This paper registration process was critical to the integrity of our elections. The Democrats knew this, and changed how we register voters in the country.

Arizona was first in 2002 to allow online VoteReg. Most States adopted it after 2010, which exactly coincides with efforts by leftist David Becker and the Pew Charitable Trust to adopt changes in the system. Their two-part “Voter Modernization Project” was pitched to all States in 2010-2012. It required they join the non-profit ERIC and most importantly, implement online VoteReg. This online access allows activist groups from anywhere to bulk submit registrations.

Some states and counties care less about the 90-day freeze and remove no one. They know the DOJ CRD will have their back if sued.

In 2022 the Texas Election Network, founded by Melissa Conway, filed affidavits challenging 6,000 registrations in Harris County, TX (Houston). Another 49 challenges came after Aug. 10 2022 deadline for the freeze. Harris County didn’t remove a single one from their rolls.

Mike Hassinger, a spokesman for Brad Raffensperger, said federal law bars purges of voter registrations within 90 days. Those not eligible can only be removed on a case-by-case basis. This thinking allows corrupt election activists to flood our voter rolls up to election day, with no repercussions.

The Civil Rights Division of the DOJ is made up of 11 different sections that include Housing, Disability, and the Voting Rights Section. It is staffed entirely of people working on behalf of the DNC and left-wing activist groups. It’s rotten to the core, just watch this stunning interview with Maureen Riorden, the last Republican employee in the Voting Rights section, now retired.

Years ago, the DOJ CRD did not want the removal of 180,000 noncitizens from the FL voter rolls, so they sued Florida in 2012. Florida fought this case and won. But it was appealed by the DOJ. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, with a 3-judge panel, overturned that ruling in 2014. Two of these judges decided it was illegal to clean voter rolls within 90 days.

In 2014, Florida argued the “90 Day Provision” would not bar a state from investigating potential non-citizens and removing them on the basis of individualized information, even within the 90-day window.”

Florida won the case. But it was appealed by the DOJ. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, with a 3-judge panel, overturned that ruling in 2014. Two of these judges decided it was illegal to clean voter rolls within 90 days. True the Vote and Judicial Watch tried to join the case back in 2012, while the RNC did nothing.

Common sense would dictate we bulk clean our voter rolls as long as voter registration is open.

But that is not the case.

Republicans need to act now. We have less than two months to report the fraudulent registrations and demand their removal.

If Republicans want to see President Trump in the White House in January — now is the time to act!

Do not delay!  The clock is ticking!

Here is more on the topic from a previous post.

Republicans Must Confront the Democrats’ Fraudulent Voter Registration Manufacturing Operation and the Bloated Voter Rolls to Win in 2024

Without a doubt the key to the Democrat voter fraud is bloating voter rolls.

This was crystal clear when the Biden administration dispatched federal agencies to collect registrations.

And in February the Biden White House held a summit exclusively with far-left "voting rights groups" to execute plans to 'register' voters.

Democrat lawmakers and Joe Biden also fund suspect far-left groups that write up tens of thousands of voter registrations and turn them into county clerks in battleground states.

Guns, Burner Phones and Fake Registrations – The Buried Michigan Voter Fraud Scandal: GBI Strategies Director Gary Bell Had 70 Organizations Operating in 20 States in 2020 – TIED TO JOE BIDEN CAMPAIGN

Democrats also need these ballots mailed in so they can be completed and collected without scrutiny.

Once these ballots enter an election building or dropbox, it’s game over.

Again, it is safe to say the Democrat strategy is two-fold:

  1. Bloat the voter rolls with millions of manufactured registrations
  2. Mail in the ballots of the manufactured registrations

The suspect ballots are then basically 'legitimate' ballots that pass audits. Stopping fraud should focus much farther upstream.

The bottleneck for Democrat fraud appears to be getting the collected ballots back into the system, in bulk. This was made evident in 2000 Mules. Republican efforts should look at ways to prevent bulk ballot delivery. Because registration is now done almost entirely online, they face little vetting. Demanding registration vetting might be a longer term strategy. It must happen.

There are several groups today that can identify likely fraudulent registrations. Check My Vote and Omega4America are two such organizations.

Catherine Engelbrecht's is another excellent option!

These groups are able to identify fraudulent voters and fraudulent locations on a much broader scale than the GOP. It is not clear to this website if the Republican Party even has this on their radar?  If we find out the GOP is concerned about this issue we will update this report.

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