LAPD To Bring Charges and Expose Hollywood Drug Rings in the Investigation of OD Death of ‘Friends’ Star Matthew Perry: REPORT

It seems that the OD death of Matthew Perry may allow the Los Angeles PD to tear open the underground Hollywood drug rings, in a sweeping action that may end up ensnaring some household names in the investigation into the ‘Friends’ star’s fatal ketamine overdose.

The criminal investigation is being led by the LAPD along with the DEA and the US Postal Inspection Service, and they are now reportedly preparing to announce possible charges, which could include involuntary manslaughter.

Page Six reported:

“Aside from Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller, who has been quizzed by cops about her friendship to Perry — but has not been accused of any wrongdoing — we have learned the identity of an actress who has become embroiled in the investigation.

This B-list star was very close to Perry for many years and the pair even appeared on screen together. They also posed for a photo together at the office of a doctor who is understood to prescribe ketamine.”

According to former CIA and FBI special agent Tracy Walder, multiple people could be charged, as drug rings using mail fraud are multiplying.

“’Intent is going to be the question’, she said, ‘They obviously knew what they were doing was wrong [by drug dealing]. However, did they actively know that by procuring this it would kill him?’”

Involuntary manslaughter charges can lead to a sentence of up to five years behind bars.

The scheme many times involves someone getting a legal prescription for ketamine for $20 copay on insurance, then selling it for $10k because to an addict.

“’He could easily have been procuring drugs through friends, ‘if you give me money I will give you my prescription’, there is a whole market that way’, she said.”

Matthew Perry’s death certificate.

Last October 28th, Perry was found unresponsive in his Jacuzzi at his home in Los Angeles and pronounced dead.

The levels of ketamine in Perry’s body were ‘in the range used for general anesthesia during surgery’.

“The source pointed out LA is filled with ‘Doctor Feelgoods’ who will administer narcotics to known addicts. At the time of his death, Perry, who rose to fame as the wise-cracking Chandler Bing in ‘Friends’, was believed to have a live-in nursing team, plus executive assistant Kenny Iwamasa, thought to be the person who found him. There was also a security team.”

Perry spent $9 million in his recovery attempts, including 15 stints in rehab. It has now been revealed that Perry had left just over $1.5 million in cash in his bank account upon his death.

He allocated the remainder of his assets—estimated at over $100M —to a trust he established in 2009.

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