FIREWORKS! Chaos Erupts in Press Briefing Room as KJP Repeatedly Declines to Say Why a Parkinson’s Expert Has Visited Biden White House 8 Times in 8 Months (VIDEO)

Monday’s press briefing devolved into chaos as Karine Jean-Pierre repeatedly declined to say why a Parkinson’s disease expert visited the White House so many times this year.

White House press reporters are once again battering KJP over Biden’s cognitive decline.

A Parkinson’s disease specialist visited the White House TEN TIMES going back to November 2022 according to visitor logs.

The Parkinson’s expert visited the White House 8 times in 8 months!

AP’s Zeke Miller asked Karine Jean-Pierre about Biden’s health problems and things went down hill from there.

“My first few is on the credibility of this White House when it comes to talking about the president’s health,” Zeke Miller asked.

KJP obfuscated.


Zeke Miller pressed KJP on the Parkinson’s expert: “A Parkinson’s expert who’s come to visit the White House almost a dozen times over the last year or so, including at least one meeting with the President’s physician. Could you state, like, very clearly yes or no was that expert here to participate in anything surrounding the care of the President of the United States?”

KJP once again refused to answer the question.


A very frustrated CBS News reporter Ed O’Keefe asked Karine Jean-Pierre why a renowned Parkinson’s expert has repeatedly visited the Biden White House.

KJP argued with Ed O’Keefe and claimed, “we cannot share names!”

“There are security reasons! We need to protect their privacy!” KJP shouted.

Ed O’Keefe pushed back on KJP and blasted her for hiding information from the press pool.


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