CNN Admits Biden’s Re-Election in Jeopardy

Joe Biden / ABC News

In a stunning report on Thursday, CNN has uncovered the chaos within the Biden camp. According to their admission, Biden privately confessed to a confidant earlier this week that the coming days are make-or-break for his re-election bid.

Despite this clear sign of desperation, the White House and campaign maintain the illusion, insisting that the president isn’t considering giving up.

Once again, CNN’s attempt to cover for their liberal idol only exposes the collapsing scam of his administration.

The White House tells CNN that President Joe Biden had a medical exam after last week’s presidential debate—despite the White House press secretary saying Wednesday that the president has not had a physical since his February physical.

In a recent press briefing on Wednesday, CNN reporters asked Karine Jean-Pierre whether President Biden has undergone any medical exams since his February physical.

The White House press secretary responded that they conferred with his doctor and confirmed there had been no additional medical evaluations.

CNN reports,

The White House’s explanation Thursday that Jean-Pierre said Biden had not had any medical exams since February because she was drawing a distinction between the president being checked out by his doctor and receiving a formal “physical” does not appear to explain a different exchange from the same briefing on Wednesday.

Jean-Pierre was asked by a reporter to clarify whether the president had been checked out by his doctor around the debate given that he had a cold.

“He was on the way to the debate, the doctor was with him, he had a cold, he’s 81. Does he not get checked out by the doctor?” the reporter asked.

“He did not get checked out by the doctor. It’s a cold, guys. It’s a cold.” she said. “I know that it affects everybody differently. We’ve all had colds, and so no, he was not checked out by the doctor.”

In a briefing with reporters aboard Air Force One on Friday, Jean-Pierre cast Biden’s check-in as “a conversation” with his doctor, Kevin O’Connor.

“So he did have a short verbal check-in in the recent days about his cold. It wasn’t a medical exam or physical, just want to be super, super clear about that. It was a conversation and his doctor didn’t think an examination was necessary,” Jean-Pierre said

In an attempt to deflect from mounting concerns over Biden’s health, his top advisers repeatedly promote his hectic travel schedule as proof of his stamina at 81.

This dishonest narrative fails to hide the reality: a few photo ops and scripted appearances abroad are hardly evidence of the stamina needed for a second term.

The Biden camp’s dependence on weak talking points only exposes their inability to address the serious doubts about his fitness for office.

The president’s new explanation this week that he performed badly at the debate this week because of the grueling foreign travel before the debate – despite having had nearly two weeks back in the states before facing off against Donald Trump – has undercut that argument.

Jean-Pierre did not mention travel fatigue and jet lag as factors for Biden’s poor debate performance in Tuesday’s White House briefing. On Wednesday, pressed by CNN on why she had failed to mention those issues, she blamed her focus on Biden’s cold.

“I was so focused on the call – on the cold – and that’s what I kind of leaned into and talked about, but yes, his schedule did have something to do with it. It was the schedule and the cold. And I did – I was aware of that yesterday,” she said.

When a Democrat White House loses CNN, it may be time to pack.

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