Trump-Hating Pollster Larry Sabato on CNN: ‘The Race Between Biden and Trump is No Longer Close – It’s Bad’ (VIDEO)

Larry Sabato, the Trump-hating pollster who is known for his campaign ‘crystal ball,’ said on CNN earlier today that the race between Biden and Trump is no longer close and that the poll numbers he is seeing are ‘bad’ for Biden.

This interview happened before the Stephanopoulos interview (which went terribly) and Sabato conceded that one good interview is not going to save Biden or his campaign.

The reason these comments should really disturb Democrats is because if there was any kind of silver lining to include here, any single ray of sunshine, Sabato would have pointed it out, but there is no good news for Democrats.

As Sabato simply says, it’s bad.

Transcript via Real Clear Politics:

LARRY SABATO: I don’t think [President Biden] can change the dynamic with one interview. I suppose you’d say stop the bleeding and the bleeding has been bad. I mean, we’ve been looking at all the data coming in, all the surveys — some public, some private — and it’s bad. Democrats need to understand that, things are not stable and it is no longer close. The race between Biden and Trump is no longer close.

Just take the four last week, including CNN’s poll, all of them were in agreement, which you rarely see even with well-conducted polls, Biden, who was really maybe even, maybe two points behind Trump, is now — at least in unison in these polls — six points behind. That’s millions and millions of voters. And what is it that’s going to restore them? A good interview, a good rally? Come on.

Watch the video below:

Democrats are in a horrible situation for which there is no fix.

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