White House Slips Up and Labels Kamala Harris As “Madam President” (VIDEO)

Vice President Kamala Harris was labeled “Madam President” in a video she posted on her X account.

As The Gateway Pundit reported on Tuesday, Kamala Harris posted a bizarre video of herself meeting with the cast of the Netflix series “Queer Eye.”

During one part of the video, a cast member of “Queer Eye” called Kamala Harris “Madam Vice President” but the caption read “Madam President.”

The mislabeling occurred around the 28-second mark of the video.


Per The New York Post:

Vice President Kamala Harris got an inadvertent promotion this week when she was dubbed “Madam President” by a caption on a video of her meeting with the cast of Netflix show “Queer Eye.”

Near the end of the clip, which was tweeted by Harris’ official X account Tuesday, one of the cast members addressed her as “Madam Vice President,” but the caption read “Madam President” instead.

It was not immediately clear whether the closed-captioning was done manually or if it was a software-generated error. However, the video with the botched caption was posted uncorrected by Harris, 59.

“Thank you for a meaningful conversation, for giving my office your stamp of approval, and for being fabulous,” the veep wrote in a message accompanying the video.


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