What Do We Do When We Win in November?

The title may be a teeny bit presumptuous, but after the Biden-Trump Debate “H-Bomb” of June 27, 2024, as Bob Woodward said about the debate performance of President Biden, we need to brace ourselves that we may actually win this thing.

We shouldn’t rest for a nano-second, and evil-doers will deluge the county Drop Off Ballot Centers across the nation.  This time it will be with the votes of Illegal Aliens registered through the Motor Voter and failures of Registrars to validate that incoming names to the rolls are 18 USC 611 compliant.

We need to put our shoulders to the wheel and swarm the County Level with applications to be the sworn Election Officers behind the desk counting the votes during the entire election season (once we take back state assemblies and governorships, then we can drive back to one-day voting, paper ballots only, hand-counted – like in Taiwan.

Behind the counter is where the action is.  Project 2025 is assembling the team to assume the Administration Appointee Positions on Day One.  If the New Republic is losing sleep over this, that’s a great thing.  But overarching – what are the three lines of effort needed to re-establish Constitutional governance?

Ensure Transparency and Accountability – conduct investigations and prosecutions to the fullest extent of the law

When Andrew McCabe said he had been “threatened” by Stephen K. Bannon, I wanted to know exactly what had McCabe in a tizzy.  After reviewing the tapes, I believe the harshest thing that Bannon said was, “We’re going to come and get you,” which was also said in the context of investigation, indictment, and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

I thought McCabe was a hardened FBI Official who had dealt with the most notorious and violent criminals and terrorists.  McCabe was only being informed that he would receive the same treatment that Bannon, Dr. Navarro, Former President (for the time being) Donald J. Trump, and the J-6ers received.  What is McCabe worried about?

The Deep Staters can capture the election process, exploit the fraud of a Chinese-made virus, silence and censor the American people, create fake stories like Russia Gate, and conduct the greatest Election Interference Operation in American History, but they can’t take a punch to the face, albeit done in a legal manner and with due process – something denied to Bannon, Navarro, Trump, the J-6ers and all American Citizens.

McCabe received everything back, including his retirement, and now is an Adjunct at the George Mason Schar School Government, a local version of Harvard’s Belfer Center.  McCabe wasn’t jailed nor denied discovery and exculpatory evidence.  McCabe is in great shape to weather the investigation.  He should be joined by Jim Clapper, Tony Blinken, and David Ferriero, the past National Archivist who weaponized the National Archives on behalf of the Deep State.  Sounds like a great first tranche to run through the legal woodchipper like they zealously and unlawfully did to others.

 Secure the Border, Deportation starting with violent criminals, and Roll Back China

President Trump will already have the resources and authority to secure the entire American Border.   In a recent trip to the Southern Border, I noticed a number of Border Patrol Bases packed bumper to bumper with Border Patrol vehicles.

This meant one thing – the vehicles and Border Patrol Officers were constrained to the Base Camp.  The motor pools of the Border patrol bases should be relatively sparse of vehicles.  On Day One – unleash the Border Patrol to secure the Border, stop all attempts to cross the border, and finish the wall.

The NGOs are the real force behind Open Borders – they receive immense largesse from the human trafficking racket.  There is nothing compassionate about open borders, but the religious and secular charities look at the misery and violence of Open Borders as a profit center.

The quivering question at the first debate was whether President Trump serious about deportations?  The media is shocked that the American People are serious about it.  The carnage of open borders is obvious to all, except the elite.

At the same time, a Grand Strategy should be instituted to not manage the existential threat of the Chinese Communist Party, but roll it back, starting with surgical strikes into Northern Mexico to make a life lesson out of Chinese leadership coordination with Cartel Leaders who are raining Fentanyl and now Nitazene like insecticide on the American people.

With only a few exemplar deportations and one or two capture or kinetic eliminations of Chinese/Cartel leadership, the situation will largely take care of itself as a reverse tidal wave of self-deportations take place.

Dissolve the 4th, 5th, and 6th branches of Government – unleash the American People and the American Economy

The Supreme Court may have belly-flopped on Murthy V. Missouri, but SCOTUS has hammered the 4th Branch of Government (the Administrative State), the most recent being the coup de grace, through the Chevron Ruling on the 28th of June.

This kneecaps the crazies and busy bodies intent on growing government.  The Weaponization of State Department and other Departments and Agencies needs full revelation, exposure, and application of criminal accountability.  This will destroy the 5th Branch of Government, the marriage of Law Enforcement, Intelligence, and Big Tech.

The 6th Branch of Government, the NGOs, have grown immense power by colluding with the Deep State.  This collusion has created a government funded summer camp for Deep Staters looking to re-charge their batteries before stepping back into positions inside Government.  McCabe and the others have nothing to worry about – they’ll receive the same treatment they foisted upon many others.

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