WATCH: YouTube Star Logan Paul’s First Interview With President Trump

Logan Paul released a new episode of his “Impaulsive” podcast on Thursday, featuring his first interview with President Trump.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier this week that President Trump sat down for an interview with Logan Paul and set the internet ablaze, facing off with the YouTube star his second TikTok video.

WATCH: President Trump Sets Internet Ablaze with Viral ‘Face Off’ Video with Logan Paul

Trump recently joined TikTok and quickly amassed more than 6 million followers on the app.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden barely has a few hundred thousand followers on TikTok.

“Sources with direct knowledge tell us the Maverick sat down with The Donald at Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday for an interview on “Impaulsive” … which came to be after No. 45’s team reached out and requested the meet-up.” – TMZ reported.

Logan Paul posted the following teaser clip from his interview with the President on X:

During the interview, Paul and President Trump discussed a wide range of topics, including his sham criminal trials, illegal immigration and fentanyl, foreign wars, artificial intelligence, and aliens, to name a few.

At one point, President Trump said Biden "couldn't do this interview." Trump said, "I’d actually watch that, see how long it lasted," in response to Logan Paul extending an invite to Joe Biden to come on his podcast.

Watch below:

Trump: We had the biggest fundraising I think ever for any candidate ever anywhere in the world in the last eight or nine days, and hundreds of millions of dollars, and to bad it couldn't have been done for other reasons, but they viewed the cases being so corrupt and so ridiculous, you know, every one of the legal pundits and, you know, they're great guys, when you look at Dershowitz, the whole group, you know, that whole group of people, the Andy McCarthy, Jonathan Turley, Greg Jarrett, every one of them, they came out and they said, there's not even a case here. There's no case, and when they saw the jury instructions, when they saw all the things that happened, and it's not like anybody's a friend of mine, Mark Levin as an example., they couldn't believe it. So unfair. You know, it's a very unfair thing. And because of that, the fundraising numbers and the polls with the fundraising— that's sort of like a poll anyway right, where you get right down to it. But the fundraising numbers went, I don't think there's ever been that much money raised that quickly… Hundreds of millions of dollars.

Trump: I ran twice. I did much better the second time than the first time. And if I didn't, I wouldn't have done this. But we had it going like this country has never been going before. It was really good, now is really bad. The worst border in history. The worst inflation, I think, in history, I think the history of the country. People are getting decimated by all something you can fix. You can fix it fast. We were energy independent. We were going to be energy dominant very soon. All these things were happening, and then we had a terrible result in an election. And what happened was disgraceful. And we can't ever let it happen again. But you know, we have a little expression right on that hat: Make America Great Again. And we can do that, Make America Great Again. And this guy is not going to do it. This guy's destroyed our country. When you allow 15, 16, 17, they have no idea with the gotaways, million people in, coming out of jails, coming out of mental institutions, insane asylums, the insane asylums all over the world and mental institutions. They're at the lowest levels they've been at for years. They're going to be totally empty. And you have terrorists coming into our country. We're going to be paying a big price. And we're going to solve the problem, and we're going to solve it relatively quickly. But we have other problems too with energy, with inflation, he's been a disaster as a President. He's the worst that we've ever had. The good news is he makes Jimmy Carter look brilliant by comparison. So, Jimmy Carter is the only one that's happy with this.

Trump: I think I'd have that war stopped. If I was president elect, right after the election, if I win, I will get that war stopped. I'll get it stopped fast before I get to Office. If it stunts up before then... I'm talking about Russia and Ukraine. So many people have been killed. Far more people are being killed.

Trump: When I took over, you know, it was drug infested. When I ran in 2016, I ran on the border. And I fixed the border, and I couldn't even use it a 2020 in the campaign, even though I got millions of more votes than I got the first time, I couldn't talk about the border because I fixed it, and I'd say to my people “I want to talk about the border.” I was proud of the job we did. We had it fixed. It was really in good shape. And drugs were at the lowest point in years, and you know, not only people, drugs, human trafficking, which is such a horrible thing. You think of it as like an ancient kind of a crime and it's bigger now than ever before because of the internet. The internet has made a lot of these things much bigger than they have ever been. When you think of human trafficking, mostly in women by the way, most people don't know that, mostly in women, where they put them into trucks of cars, they have compartments, it's so horrible. And I had it down to the lowest level just about I guess in recorded times.

Trump: So, what you have to do is you have to be very tough on that. We had a deal on the fentanyl that was pouring through. I bought millions of dollars worth of equipment. Believe it or not, they call it sniffing equipment, but believe it or not, the best thing to find— you can spend millions of dollars on equipment and machinery to find drugs coming through like you know, sort of finds it. The best thing is a German Shepherd born in—. Oh, they're unbelievable. They go right to it. It's not even, there's no machine-- You can spend two and a half billion dollars for machinery and the dog is much better. And we literally bred those dogs. It's a very specific type of German Shepherd from a certain part of the world. It's the most incredible thing. We worked very, very hard on that. I was with President Xi; it comes from China, and it comes in through the southern border. And I was with President Xi, and I told you, we got along great. You know, the the COVID was a step too far as far as I was concerned, but we got along great. And I said “do you have a drug problem?” He said no they give the death penalty in China, you sell drugs. I said I'd like you to give the death penalty to people that are making fentanyl and sending it over to our country. And he was gonna do that. And then we had the election result. And, of course, Biden never picked up that conversation. I told them about it. But he was gonna give the death penalty. If he did that, you would have had this literally stopped, almost stopped. But we have to be very, very strong at the border. This is really, this is a plague like, and you know the numbers they say, 70,000, 80,000, I think is probably 250 or 300,000. This is like a war. There's rarely a war. I mean, how many wars where we're losing 300,000 people a year? And everybody knows a family. I know many families where their children die and they're not even addicted. They take a pill that's unrelated and it had a little bit of fentanyl. They say you can take the head of a needle, and you just put a piece on there, and that's enough to kill like 10 people. It is a really horrible thing. And I would have had China giving the maximum penalty. They would not have been sending it, and I had to deal with that with President Xi, but of course Biden didn't follow up just like an follow up on the Abraham Accords, which would have been a great thing to do. So, we have to be very tough on the border. And that includes the drugs, as well as people, as well as people not coming in from jails and prisons and you know mental institutions which is happening now at levels that nobody's ever seen before. It's crazy. How can it be good? It's so bad. And I guess they're either stupid, which they're not, they hate our country, or they want to get these people for votes. A lot of people think that. That's the thing, they want to get for votes. But the destruction the damage that Biden's done to our country by having 16, 17 million people already in, you know, it's much more than they said, it's probably 17, I think could be even higher than that, in our country. And these are not people that are going to make America great again, these are people that have a lot of issues. And we're going to have a lot of issues as long as they're here. And we're going to get them out. We have to get them out.

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