WATCH: Democrat Congresswoman Loses Her Temper in Nasty Airport Exchange with Man Over Biden’s Mental Acuity Following the Worst Debate Performance in American History

Credit Fox News

A radical-left Democrat Congresswoman in a critical swing district was filmed losing her temper after getting asked questions regarding Joe Biden’s mental acuity (or lack thereof).

As Fox News reported, an unidentified male confronted Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) Friday in a Detroit airport, asking her questions regarding whether Dementia Joe should quit the race following his historically awful performance and why the White House has been gaslighting America on his mental fitness.

The video footage obtained by Fox News opens with the male querying the congresswoman over whether she thinks Biden should leave the race.

“Excuse me congresswoman, should Joe Biden step down?” he asks.

Kaptur brushes off the question as she goes up the escalator. The man then repeats his question, which she ignores once more.

Things then get heated after the male asks a different and more provocative question: “Why has the White House been lying about Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities?”

Kaptur stares straight into the camera and angrily snatches the phone from the man as he records their encounter.


Kaptur proceeds to get personal with the man after he asks her why she took his phone.

“What is your name?” she snarls, looking directly into the camera. “Where do you live?”

The confused male asks why she is asking him such nosy questions, to which she replies, “Because you’re asking me questions.”

After spinning in a circle, Kaptur again demands to know where the man lives. When he refuses to answer, she tells him she will not answer his question about Biden.

After more prodding, she finally tells the vigilant citizen that Biden should NOT drop out of the race.

But the exchange continues further as she approaches the airport doors. Kaptur tries bullying the man by asking why he is “reading questions off that sheet” and “Who owns you?”

The man responds that no one owns him and that he wants answers to his questions.

“They own you,” Kaptur says as she walks out of the airport doors. She does not specify who she is referencing.

Kaptur campaign spokesperson Alexandra Wilcox released a statement to Fox News excusing her boss’s vile actions, claiming the man got in Kaptur’s “personal space.”

It’s one thing to ask a question but an unknown man refusing to identify himself, forcing a camera in the Congresswoman’s personal space is another thing entirely.

The man has still not identified himself or the organization for which he works.

Kaptur, who represents Ohio’s ninth congressional district, is one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the country. Her district voted for Trump by three points in the 2020 election and she faces Republican State Representative Derek Merrin in November.


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