UNBELIEVABLE! LA City Council Removes ‘No U-Turn’ Signs in Gay Neighborhood, Claiming They’re Homophobic (VIDEO)

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The Los Angeles City Council has decided to remove ‘No U-Turn’ signs from a gay neighborhood, claiming they’re homophobic.

In an era where ideologies should be advancing, it’s baffling that the far-left remains stuck in the past, misreading everyday symbols as politicized messages.

Who, in the year 2024, still believes that road signs like “No U-Turn” are covert directives aimed at the LGBTQ+ community, instructing them not to engage in wild sex in the streets?

I didn’t know that traffic signs were hurting feelings.

According to the LA Times:

Messages like, “No cruising. No U-turns. Midnight to 6 am” were posted around the neighborhood in 1997, with the intent to curb gay men from roaming the streets to hook up.

For years the signs remained, even as the city’s leadership changed and the community grew — until this week. In a celebration with LGBTQ community members, District 4 Councilmember Nithya Raman and District 13 Councilmember Hugo Soto-Martinez retired the signs on Monday.

“Los Angeles has a rich history of welcoming the LGBTQIA+ community, but there has also been real and present homophobia— which at times has been inscribed into the city’s physical spaces, as with these no-U-turn signs,” Raman said in a prepared statement.


“I would completely agree that we need to do more to protect these spaces,” said Soto-Martinez. “It’s not just unique to Los Angeles…we’re all sort of facing the same very serious challenges.”


Yet, this explanation doesn’t sit well with many who see the removal as a knee-jerk reaction to a non-existent issue. Critics argue that repurposing standard traffic control measures into an anti-LGBTQ+ narrative is a stretch.

One social media user expressed disbelief, saying, “How tf is a uturn homophobic? We have real-life issues happening, and these stupid fvcks defeated a uturn signal. You can’t make this up.”

Another user highlighted broader urban challenges, commenting, “There’s so much crime in Los Angeles but this is what they’re concerned about”

Another added, “Imagine having nothing better to do with your life than look for ways to be offended like these people are doing. It’s pathetic.”

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