Two Venezuelan Migrants Carjack Off-Duty NYPD Officer at Gunpoint

Two migrants carjacked an off-duty NYPD officer at gunpoint on Friday evening.

The carjacking took place in Harlem around 11:30 p.m. at West 146 Street and Bradhurst Avenue.

The migrants are believed to be Venezuelan and associated with a gang from the South American country.

One of the perpetrators was armed with a fully automatic pistol. The other knocked the officer’s gun out of his hand and took it before demanding his keys.

According to a report from the New York Post, the duo then jumped into the officer’s vehicle and fled the scene.

No injuries to the officer have been reported.

The Post reports:

One of the guns in the brazen incident had a glock switch, making it fully automatic, something not typically seen in New York City, sources said.

Inside the vehicle was the cop’s iPad, which was used to track the car down.

It was found empty less than a mile away at West 138th Street and Broadway, sources said.

Police were able to locate the suspects and two guns after tracking down the vehicle.

Neither of the suspects had IDs but told police their names were Jomar Crespo, 21, and Jose Rivera, 20. They said they live together in Waterbury, Connecticut. The police believe they gave fake names, according to the Post’s report.

Each of the suspects have been charged with robbery, grand theft auto, possession of a machine gun, possession of a loaded firearm, possession of stolen property, making rapid-fire modifications to a gun and unlawful possession of an ammo feed device.


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