Trump Says Upcoming Debate ‘Could Be the Most Boring or it Could Be Quite Exciting, Who Knows?’

Former President Donald Trump has said that the upcoming CNN debate “Could be the most boring or it could be quite exciting, who knows?”

CNN will be hosting the first presidential debate on June 27 in Atlanta, Georgia, and has named Jake Tapper and Dana Bash the moderators.

Trump discussed the debate during his rally in Philadelphia on Saturday.

“There’s two [of] us and two of them — it’s like death,” Trump said, referencing that there will only be the two moderators and two candidates without an audience. “This could be the most boring or it could be quite exciting, who knows?”

Biden is currently doing debate prep at Camp David while Trump continues on the campaign trail, which the Republican presumptive nominee referred to by saying Biden had “gone to a log cabin to study.”

“A little before debate time, [Biden] gets a shot in the ass, and that’s — they want to strengthen him up,” Trump said.

According to a Quinnipiac University survey released at the end of May, a 72 percent majority of likely voters said that it is “likely” that they will watch the first presidential debate.

“Get out the popcorn, pull up a chair, it is must see TV and if the past is any indication, the gloves will likely come off early and often,” said Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy.

The second debate will be hosted by ABC News in September. The network has not yet announced moderators for that debate.


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